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Beggar Life - Clicker adventure

Beggar Life - Clicker adventure for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by manababa located at Gasan Wcenter, 181, GasanDigital 1-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Its very fun,i love the graphics thank you for making this game i really love this game, i will give a 5 star if they have a 10 star i will rate it
It's good devs your update helped me download it and I've gotten very far. Thank you for your update and also I like the features you've added. Sincerely Christy πŸ™‚
I'm unable to sign in to the attendance to get my reward for today which is supposed to be the gold potions today and I'm going to lose that reward tomorrow if I'm unable to sign in for the streak this is shenanigans it allows every other option to be clicked except the attendance tab
Honestly best app that I acctually play and don't forget about 2 days later so what I'm saying is addictive (not sure if that's good or bad)and really fun to grind the stuff in the game but the only thing wrong is that it's too in my face on mobile and I can't click on slot of things
Really good clicker game! The only thing I dont like about it is the discounts you REALLY want us to buy them
Perfect for someone with severe ADD/ADHD who needs something to focus on during all waking hours, I can hold a serious discussion, pay attention, can do most things where paying attention and/or concentration are a must while fiddling on my phone. Im glad i found this, all i gotta do is tap tap tap my way to the top! (Literally & figuretivly cuz lil baldy mc beggar here gets loaded from my taps and i am more apt succeed if i have some mundane or mindless thing to occupy the add/adhd)
Good app. The grammar is a little bit bad. Not all. Please make a free coins by watching ads. Also the potion. Please 5 or 3 potion per ads pls. Thankyou. Your apps is good. Edit: TY for reply. Hm I also want to ask if can you please make a button where we can on and off the thing below the trainer, i mean the option. So we can play it full screen. Its hard to click when phone is small. Please. I really really love your app. Im willing to watch ads to support you guys. Hehe. Staysafe!
I love the stories, both in game stories and on YouTube connected to the game. I love the sense of humor and I could not stop playing for the first 2 days. What I don't like is that the game forces the player to use an autoclicker because idle bonuses are too low and clicking rapidly hurts wrist. Anyway, I love the game, I hope it will be more developed or Beggar Life 2 will be published.
Great game just not really what i was excpecting once ypu have made a lot of proggres making more proggres becomes really hard to do but it is a great game
I don't see the point. Get to level 300, revive 100 million times to just do the same thing over and over.
Pretty basic idle clicker. I'm giving 5 stars because the developers did a pretty good job and they don't force you to watch ads. You can choose to watch ads for decent rewards which I do often to support them. I even made a .99 purchase to help them out a little, which i RARELY do. More developers need to be like these guys. I'm about to go install #2
Amazing game! I've spent about $45 on it and I have to say it was money well spent. The grammar's a bit off, but I believe it's the translation. It's a tapping game, you can earn potions to benefit you (or buy them), you can hire people once you get enough coins to get money for you, you can customize your character, the background, and that's all I can think of off the top of my head. Overall, really great game!
This game is fun but you progress way to quickly but otjer than that it is fun but something you could add is a siffuculty system where the hard diffuculty makes it harder to progress
Who wants to click that's fun for say like 45hrs the next 46hrs it starts to get boring who wants to break their arms and fingers into this maybe add a auto clicker for 4 us dollars plz maybe add like mor stuff to buy like for example galaxy's solar systems
Its a super fun game theres a lot to do. But its mostly clicking. I love how you can change the backgroud its the best clicker game in my life.
This game is the best i have had no bad review on this game its a good one you can tap and it gets anger out of you from anything
I would rate it five stars but the auto kicker is pretty good but it almost messed up my game then I deleted Auto Clicker
This game is very good and its fun well i wish i was this homeless man i will be rich.Well you need to download the game its very good and i have a idea: it will be like a shop that you click it and you can buy sony xbox and Nintendo and other communitys like that it will be good.Btw its really good game
Does this game ever sync between devices? I've installed on two different devices with my same google account and the latter device starts from fresh.
I LOVE this game (sorry because i cheated) also, Its SOOOOO Detailed!!!!!!!! Not only that, its also F. R. E. E! anyways, if you see this (the one who made the game) THANK YOU FOR PUBLISHING THIS GAME! - ishi gaming playz
Deserves a 5 star because it is so fun and they are still updating it. (Response to response from owner- I think you should increece the revival bonus for getting all beggers as it is now harder than getting all the builds but still gives less)
This is an amazing game. It's beautiful, touching, and absolutely hilarious. I absolutely love the rocker part-timer. His guitar music is beautiful. You can watch ads to get stuff, and it's really rewarding. I think that more people should spare some time and play this amazing idle clicker. I'm glad Bijuu Mike played this because that's how I found out about it.
This is actually a pretty good game. I thought it would be a stupid game. But when I played it, I changed my mind to the opposite. The more the upgrades are cheaper the more fun it is :)
I love this game but it rapidly hurts my hand from clicking please fix this and make a auto clicker option that gives you 75% of the money but it clicked every 0.000001 seconds for you that would be greatly appreciated.
this game has been made so poorly. and lacks the feel of quality. it was so awkward, plus earning money is... even harder than gta online. like oh my god
game play is good for a clicker game. i probably would have given it 5 stars but when i quit game and returned my purchased assests and most hired help were gone and most of my money. for a second i thought i loaded the wrong game. thought maybe i loaded the 2nd game by accident so i reloaded. when i got same result i uninstalled both games... you do have a decent game to keep peoples attention for a minute but lossing assets during down time is a no brainer uninstall imo.
It's an awesome game but I don't like the second game as much because the price to upgrade is way too high and the restart button which would upgrade you in the first game I would like it a lot more if it had that feature
It's ok but I feel like there should be a tutorial or something liek that to tell you a little about the game. If you can get this added that would be amazing for me as for being new :D.
i never leave a rate but this game is a very incredible awesome game. it so much addictive and fun and i cant stop playing and most of all everything is so exciting.. very interesting game at all... thanks devs keep up the good work and keep adding more features in the game..
This is a very good game. With a auto clicker you can get like mills and bills(Millions and Billions)
Please fix this problem I'm watching the video and the video kicking me straight out and it says the game says not responding over and over and over please fixed is fokking please fix it your game
The game itself is a nice time pass, but past a point, it's really difficult to progress. Even with potions, it's super hard to progress, so it gets repititive and boring :( I wish I could finish this and see the ending, then I would definitely give 5 stars.
I was blasted with an ad as soon as i got in to the game also i kept getting blasted with ads and alot more.Super annoying that auto clickers are allowed in it every person ik just keep using auto clickers. :/ ,-,
Usual mobile BSwhee you watch a ton of ads or pay 100s of dollars to level up for a game that is not worth 10 cents.
Great game, I would put 5 stars but I've been on the rich tower for a while now and Elon Musk is a bit hard. So until they make the tower easier it's staying 4 stars.
It would be 5 stars except if you dont close out aplication you didnt leave I couldve gotten trillions but i didnt. Also I can't turn off the battery saver mode.
If you use a auto clicker it will make your fingers not tap alot its a great game and good for practicing clicking fast because its a clicking game
This game is stupid incredible funny the english is so funny i choked on my own spit XD its super easy and relaxing i fall asleep when im playing it the music is great. The best tapping game every
You need lots of money for everything. But, it's really easy to get money so I would definitely recommend for another person. If y ou are looking for an idle game.
Great game. It made me mad to see someone judge their english even though they do not speak english as their first language.
I love it because it's so fun and and you can like get Auto clicker and it's so fast to get money that's why rated five stars. And Auto clicker and like the the bigger Masters so easy get money it's like the easiest thing on earth. The game so fun
I wish the english was better, that the font the text/words was larger, there's way too much tapping making my fingers hirt. Please, fix this.
this game starts off to quick, they basically add the level number of the upgrade your stats plus it's some weird Chinese company that probably just wants to steal your info
I don't even need to have a review, all I can say is that it's a GREAT,Spectacular game ,and I would definitely recommend this game to other people. :)
This game is fun but is litterally a joke because you get alot at the beginning with just one upgrade
Epic game I really like it and there is no ads which I love and I played the second one it was so fun plz make a third one plz I beg you
Itd be neat if there was a button that stops the story slides every time you reset Also (might be my phone not sure) I cant always access the leaderboards Also I think the pets and or backgrounds shouldnt get repeated unless having multiple give some boost another thing it would be nice if master beggar stayed active or paused or maybe like half speed when you go over to other tabs rather than just not letting you go to other tabs and a master beggar upgrade that costs gold potions would be cool
I'm not that kind of video games and freeze for war since my troop of legends 2nd attack be a great animr stuff to get the rtx cricket app for me it is a lvl pekka and freeze for war since my troop of legends 2nd attack be a great anime episode in korea.
I was gone for 4 hours with 7 million per second should of earnt 100.8 billion instead only earnt 4.25 billion
It's so fun using my three fingers on my right and two fingers from the left on the same time. Try it! You will have five times click of what you got
The grathics are completely horrable but i cant say its not fun it is in the middle for me my biggestproblem is how u get millions of dollers from saying spare change i say if u want a fun clicker try 9 mouths or idle human long but rewording
The concept of it is really nice, but that being said, it has a pretty complicated layout. Very hard to control and the graphics could be better.
Can you please add a way to collect revenue instead of selling and buying again? Also, maybe add buying same apartment multiple times.
I would rate the game 5 stars because its really fun but you give way to much information to play the game. Please fix tha.
Im experiencing a ptoblem, after the update yesterday my timer for god beggar froze at 2 seconds and its still like that now i hope you can fix this
Amazing game, the things I wish most is there should be a bank, so you can invest your money and it'll increase. I also wish I could go inside the houses and interact with some stuff other than just tapping or just doing nothing, and some mini games, that'll be awesome! Thank you for reading my review
Very entertaining game with a really amusing storyline. The inverse of the RoI with optimal choices -therefore the time needed to get back your investment- increases too sharply in my opinion which makes progress in later phases too slow. P.S: I loved the "ring of words" interpretation and I would inmensely apreciate it if I could be shown where to get it.
I don't know if this is a glitch or not, but some account that is in some foreign launguage wants permission to kinda control my account, it even asks to see my personal info, view my email adress, create, edit and DELETE my google play games activity, and associate with my personal info on google. I just can't let anyone see my personal info (Like my house adress) or delete my hours of gameplay, with that out of the way, what I'm trying to say is that this "Glitch" is insanely personal.
It was fun for the first bit but once you get to buying cities the game slows to an absolute crawl, basically forcing you to rely on golden potions if you want to make any sort of progress.
This in my opinion one of the best idle game on a mobile or PC platform it is a very good game it needs more 5 star ratings
this game is so cool but if I press something I not road too many money as much THIS GAME IS NEED TO UPDATE But each Coin I can't get rich So Fix the Update Every 5 days
It has a lot of potential, but it just seems to throw you into the game. It confused me when I first got it, also- as someone else has mentioned- the text should be proofed, there are mamy mistakes and it goes off of the sceen often. Please fix the menus, add a tutorial, and fix the text. If that all gets fixed, then this game will be extremely enjoyable.
This is the nice clicker i have ever played! The most nice thing in the game is the cartoon cards keep it up m8's!
Decent game with good upgrading opportunities, does become repetitive though. Annoying that the treasure beggar is 100% for all levels but still often gives me a "Sorry" or a pet that I already have & so makes sitting through an advert a complete waste of time
Perfect game but also you have to press the screen somany times but that's not a prob anymore i have auto clicker now i am a legend at this game im gaining so much money now its a easy game and you only need 1 app to click for you and it is auto clicker its a low mb app so you don't have to waist alot of mb and its freeπŸ˜ƒ
Great game. Should download. Only reason I'm giving it 4 stars is that after you reach a bit higher, the game becomes incredibly slow. We have nothing to do but wait. Otherwise great game
Very creative on the devs part! It is a little less variety of things to do than the 2nd Boss Begger Life but still a good one!!
Eeekkk!!!!this game is the best!what bout you add like a story and like it a open world do mission like finding his father and go shopping and what ever.i wish you add these thing i write! :)
Good, but takes long time to get in any progress. It needs more money making things that cost billons/trillions of money so you can make money faster, and when you get billions per second, you just wait until you get quadrillions, which takes forever, so make more moneymaking things to help you get to trillions per second please, and also make it easier to get golden potions, and make it so you can buy coins which would be really great!
I can't get on the app because it says some weird name in a different language wants access to my Google play account and if I select no then it will just pop up again
Great game love it but a weird thing happened when I first opened it a Korean name popped up it said they where trying to access my account I was wondering if that was your games doing or not but fun game
It is an ok idle/clicker game. You can use multiple finger tips and each count as a seperate tap. Even with this however, progression is slow. Edited: Nothing wrong with the game. As far as I can tell there are no forced ads and no need to purchase the premium currency, though it does come in handy. This is a great game for someone who wants to feel like they worked for what they gain and doesn't want to finish the game in a week or two.
First of all,they barely blast you with ads Second,the gameplay is enjoyable and easy Third,don't complain about ads in this game because it's free and they need to get money somehow 10/10 gameplay,story and other basic factors The perfect mobile game
Well I did not get to play it like some random guy is able to see your google pass and other things it says that as you load it up and not gonna take any chances so I just deleted it I'm not saying the game is bad I haven't played so don't think the game is bad cause of this
I haven't played it yet but I saw that there was good results so I did downloaded it and I decided to give it a 5 star for no reason
It's kinda fun but you get an insane amount of coins first hand. But it has funny jokes and it's a fun little game to play.
It's a really easy game although the prices are really bigI mean what's the bigger level I have which is 300 I'm getting money like no prob I can get 100,000 in like a minute it's really easy and you can really just get a lot of money in like 5 minutes at the beginning please make a second game
This game is a good example of how games should be designed. Fair advertisements and you have the option to not to watch them at all. Graphics are hilarious. Story line is funny and entertaining. I purchased a small amount of potions to support the developers. And again, graphics are really hilarious.
This is obviously such a sh**** game, but is has some naive charm to it. It's also not intrusive with ads, which is a real nice change. It's a mediocre idle game with some charn to it.
It's a great game I would rate five-star but sometimes you get like nothing from a the grammer's little bit off but ads are more 1m-30sec gud job
Gr8 game its just the reason that i gave it 4 stars is cuz 1 no backaround music and 2 once you move on it the game it becomes really really slow. Other than that gr8 just gr8 all around
Ok but doesn't collect the right amount when game isn't open. Edit/Response: if I leave the game screen open I get more than I do if I close the game for an hour. The gold/sec amount doesn't seem to work while the game is closed.
I used to love the game but now not really because i lost all my progress and can you please fix the bug? -_-
Really poor translation, makes buying upgrades and other things confusing because it's difficult to discern what they actually do.
Something is wrong with this game. Almost nothing works and I can't even tell what most things are supposed to be. There are no instructions. No labels on buttons. I was able to find a few buttons that did something among all of the different screens but that's it. One dramatically increased the coins per tap. I then tapped for quite a while to see if somethijg, anything, would happen. Nope. Especially frustrating as the buttons do behave like they are working. Art style is nice, unique.
It's Amazing and fun but err I got it like 5 mins ago and I've already got to level 310 and got over 300 mill Sill it's a really good game
Fun little game I'm really confused how to get the help treasure bonuses though. I'm at around level 60 for all my guys but I still haven't got any. What level do you need to get to to unlock grandmas scarf, thick brush, firm gravel etc?
It's a very good game i recommend it. I'm playing it on a j7 2016, English language, and i have some suggestions to producers. 1-not all the texts have background so some of them are hard to read. 2-many of the texts are misaligned and go out of the page (unreadable or hard to read). 3-with such a game there should be a dark mode cause i may want to leave it open on my desk while i work but i don't want to strain my screen or empty my battery. Tnx for good ideas in the game tho they r awesome
This game is just AWESOME, I recommend you to download the game it's funny and there's a lot of things you can buy in the gameπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜€
This game is so fun and easy to play. I installed this to entertain me on a long car ride and I am now addicted. So easy and fun. Well done. I recommend and there are very few adds.
I like the game so much but i have some issues,i was earning 9 million per click after i acquired ttesla it got to near 6 million per click and the cost of beggar and partimer upgrades are so much costly other things are a little costly
Its sooo funny I love it I completed doing everything then I deleted and downloaded but this time I wanted a speed boost so I did with auto clicker at very fast speed I was getting coins like a hack
I thought this will be a nonsense gameβœŒπŸΌπŸ˜‚. But actually Im spending hours and hours playing. Maybe you can improve the game with better simple UI, better dialogues and designs
I love this game but theres one problem,When the bar fills up can you make the characters the same size its very annoying. But only the sound bbn is annoying
It's a good game but gold potions are to hard to get could you make if like watch 10 ads for 1 golden potion?
This game is awesome! It has good grafics and loads and loads of different things you can unlock! There's always something to do and it's normally very fun! I apsoltly love this game and play it at least 1hour a day!
It's fun to play at start but it seems impossible to reach city buying, even with cheating. Story is fun.
Amazing gameplay I love this game it's awesome and I'm not joking just to play this game and trying to get send feedback but I do love it
It's an amazing clicker, I literaly can't put my phone down! I'm laughing because I'm pretty sure the king starts to beg for money as Well! I will finish his game and then get the second one to this! Because I saw a second game and really want to try it out!
I'm on my PC and when i try to open the app, it doesn't work for some reason, i don't actully know why, i think you maybe did it so later in the future, the PC addition will become arrived, if you are reading this, this is NOT false information, instead it is true, anyone comment for some suggestions, i need a few because i'm actully starting to get annoyed, i've already downloaded it on my tablet, but i can't on my PC, creators, when it is 15 days, make sure you add the PC version or addition because that would be a bit helpful, if you can't, i'll comment again if there is any more bug's to fix and what the idea is, i hope you add PC addition or version, because i really really want it now or later, i hope it's a bit early, because if it is early, that would really make my day, i hope you can see this, developer's but also, make sure you add a sandbox to it, well it does sound a bit bad, though if you add a sandbox, new player's will enjoy it so really, do it because it'd be so nice if you did, i hope it will be in early development because that would be nice, trust me when this hits 300 words this will end, lets talk about the PC version or addition, if you actully made a baldi or roblox planet, i'm actully going to be so jealous, so please add it soon, i would appreciate it so please add all the features i explained, it was worth it, was it because i hope so, well my brain will explode soon but it wont actully, just a joke, i am not making fun of you developers.
I mean it has some nice comics most of them have bad grammar and a bit of bad spelling which makes it cringey and annoying in my opinion. Anyway if you like "Funny" and "Addictive Tapper" Games then this is for you. Anti.
This game is super fun other than the fact that to become good u need to but potions or play for hours... it's super addicting tho fun to play and look at the story i just think u should make it easier to get potions πŸ˜€.
Good game except some English&some buttons not working.For example, in the achivements section,my total gold potion number is stuck at 8 and normal potion is stuck at 57 for almost a month but I got much more potions than such numbers.Sometimes clicks don't work for some reason. There should also be tutorial.e.g. when I should I try the "revive" button?Should I sell acquisitions at some point?I have no idea. Part-timers should be able to make more cash. To the Developer:thanks.stay healthy&safe✌
Really cool game. Only problem I have seen is that the Assets stop generating money if you close the game!
Accidentally deleted this post so here's a summary of what I said: the numbers are glitched and it says I'm getting a billion a second when in reality I'm nowhere near there.
The game itself is just ok. The big problem is it takes waay too much time tapping to get anywhere near enough money for anything. Not worth it! Also the offline earnings are a complete joke! I could make more money with the game open for 3-5 minutes than I could with the game closed for 12 hours!! And that is not tapping for money any of that time (just using the beggar friends' income). Make more upgrades and make it easier to earn more money quicker!
I really love this game Soo much!!!! But if I go to the settings and clicked the save they are something that's called save to the cloud if I clicked that if I uninstall the game And if I download it again will it continue? Like without the game restarting? I'm scared cause sometimes my phone kinda delete some apps itself and I'm having trouble saving it, it takes a lot of time πŸ™‚
Its a really fun and entertaing game my only problem is how when u get to the middle of the game it gets really hard to andvance
I realy love it but some things are a little to mutch money mabye lower it bye little bit but then again good game :)
This game is amazing, for those saying its bad grammer its because it makes the game more funny it was on pupose. The only m problem I could find in the game is its kind of slow otherwise great game. Please make another one!
Its a pretty good game just i wish if u turn off your phone it will still keep the buildings income coming/all the other things