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Beek - Familiar Spirit

Beek - Familiar Spirit for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Studio Klondike located at 51 GOLDHILL PLAZA #07-10/11 SINGAPORE 308900. The game is suitable for Teen (Fantasy Violence, Suggestive Themes) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Can't connect to Google Play Games when launched. After a few launches all text became white rectangles. After reinstallation and a few launches, had a message that the save file couldn't be opened or something similar. Also the notifications seem to be delayed, got a bunch of them simultaneously for some reason, but that's not too important. Android 10
Good novel but I wish we had more visuals to go with it! I like two characters (bear and werewolf) but I'm sadden we don't get to see enough of them. I want more pics of them. We need more furry boys in our lives
So I really like the real time concept of the game where you have to wait minutes or hours in order to find out what happens next. It really makes it feel like you're talking to someone, like the game wants you to. My only criticism is that you (the person you play as) has VERY little options to say and even though Beek bonds with you, it really feels like there is almost no connection on the players part due to little options and how Beek does 90% of the talking in the conversations you have.
Its a very good game. Ive like it very much. It has a very good felling as if im actually talking to someone else. However their was a time were i had to restart over 😑 because i wasn't able to message him back.. but other than that I enjoyed the game. Can't wait to see whats instore next
Extremely fun and unique fantasy game!! The chracters look soo nice in the pictures the music is relaxing and suits the game soo well im tryin to get all endings now after just getting the true ending it made me shed a tear it was beautiful :) can't wait to see the rest and get all the badges and endings games soooo fun!!! (But the thing with my notifs even tho im not in vibrate these notifs still do? Cuz i don't want it to vibrate my phone alot especially when he texts a ton of messages
Would be better if you didn't have to buy the pictures and instead of getting the whole pack why not just let the player receive one at a time as they are taken/sent? Like a normal message? And also it would be great if the message actually responded like a normal message so the player can say their own thing and then the game respond or not based on what is going on so it isn't too drawn out or revealing to fast.
Great game,loved the story, although a bit weird at the end,it was pretty Good,if there is a Break 2 to continue their story I'll play it no doubt,I recommend playing this text novel
I enjoy the story a lot. The real time aspect is a nice touch to the game. Of course most games can be done in 1 day if you have the time. But the real time part is quite enjoyable it's like watching an anime, where the producer releases a new episode every day. There is suspence everyone hates it, we all do but that's what keeps us wanting more. The one problem is you pay for the CG art, but the producer has to make money some how right, so ill let it slide. So in conclusion it's a good game.
1.The protagonist is not a very good character. I get that we're supposed to direct the story by advising him, but he has hardly any agency, even in life-threatening situations. Gets annoying quickly. 2. The mechanic is interesting, but hurts the story. Beek messages you at inappropriate times. If you're being attacked by monsters, why would you waste time and leave yourself open by texting? Breaks the illusion. 3. About as funny as an episode of the Big Bang Theory. 4. Art is alright.
Game is fun,it's like a visual novel type but you're the character in it too! Love that they actually give Beek time to reply like he's doing the actions. Thanks for creating this game! Love your art too uwu!
Sure it has its moments like everyone is saying, but this is a one of a kind VN and as cheesy as it sounds, I've fallen for it! Sometimes the charm of works on us, and I like the bite size storytelling. A furry fantasy isekai that's a must try.
Horrible decision for the picture i get you gotta mame money but needing to buy pictures ruins the story why not pay for faster response anything that dosent ruin the story by the time you get the photos for free yojr done with the story therfore forfieting any value that had but side note the story is short lived as well as feels rushed but i do like it for what it is.
Oh man. I just completed my first playthrough. Im crying. This made me too emotional, but in the beat way. Pro tip for a good ending? .Just have fun with it. Dont try to pick what option will give you the best ending. It works out best this way. It was such an original story and unlike most text style games, i didnt feel super panicky and rushed. My only complaint is i need more! Pt2 maybe? Especially after that ending.... You guys know what you did...
Interesting game idea, but the story is kind of straightforward, and too hard to make a good ending, for me I made BEEK died only just I'm brave (I don't care anything about recovery pack, it's OK not to have it) I think it is quite better if you can make all decisions a good ending but different ways, especially in your target consumer, so that statisfy them.
Beautifully written! A heartfelt story and gorgeous pictures along with it. I've only played once so far but I plan on going for full completion.
While the idea behind the game is cool I think that hiding everything behind a paywall (even when it's not that expensive) is just awful, it feels lacking. I'd recommend you guys to rethink that part and think of a method to encourage people to pay for the game (like allowing people see the picture just once, because the image would "corrupt" after that) and "paying" would fix that and allow people to revisit them at a later date. Good luck!
The story is great. A slow-pace game that you check it from time to time. Well one thing I find a bit bad is how you open up an app and it come with 10 paragraph of text and quicktime-event already started, make it hard to read and under stand situation before you choose your choice. But other than that I really like it. And the artist did really good job!
The overall story is nice along with the endings(good/bad) at the same time IDK of it's intentional or anything but the games pacing feels quite slow but quite enjoyable enough. If yer on for the story that is, tis a good recommendation. If yer looking for the the art here then perhaps think about if ya want it or not since this also gives you a choice to either support the artist or not. Tis a good game. 4* though, still going through it again in case I missed something.
I absolutely LOVE this game. This is original, fantastic, exciting, and thrilling. Each individual message (choice) excites me. I've been at this game with an increased heartrate for weeks. I would recommend this game to anyone! This is well made, though out, and really shows how much the gamemakers care and dedicate to the player (consumer). I am truly happy, thank you!
Bug Found! Beek's last text were "alright then. i'll get back to you when we've finished talking." But i've been in this text and when i close the game for about 15 mins, it start over from the "i'll show it to akro and veeph and see if they know anything."
Nice. IF ONLY I could watch ads to open up photos sent to me, that would be perfect. Edit: I didn't even have the app open but the story moved on its own lol. Beek never messaged me again, it said-- cause I never "replied" when he/she was at church surrounded by mages. Have to restart everything. Can't even skip to the parts where I can just answer.
I like it. Though with not much content to give. The time between texts is unrealistic in many situations too. You have 3 mini problems in this micro novel. That cause a big problem for what you might be trying to achieve. Not enough content, not what people are looking for, nothing to show worth than a story that even so doesnt convince me to pay for the photos sadly. Need to take it to the next level. More story/content and make it a app to buy. Give us more things to see so we want to buy it.
A very original game (of those you do not anything alike anywhere AFAIK), telling the kind of stories I really love, featuring the kind of characters I really love, trying to build a relationship in a way I really love. I have not been far in the game for the moment. There does not seem to be many different musics (music looping as ambiant track) but the few ones never get me tired. The first pics I have discovered so far looks goddamn sweet. I would like the story to last forever so bad.
while I like the story so far, the timer on answer is really getting in my nerve. I get back to the game with ~30 new messages and only a couple seconds to read them, get the context and answer. I get more annoyed by this than I enjoy the game and I hope there will be change to the timer in some future update. as of now I don't see me enjoying the game.
It's a really great game well-written. I had the game for about 3 or 2 days now and it has a great story. The only thing I could complain about is they're not being a save system. Anyting like a save and reload, checkpoint, or autosave function would be nice, because if you were to die, you'd be able to reload your save file, instead of restarting from the beginning and playing the game for about 3 or 2 days again, just to get back to the part you were at before you died.
Honestly its a very quick game from start to finish and does not offer much more after you finish the story mode, with other games offering more pictures, characters, and side quests.
While I do think this idea is very fun and 'fresh' I still can't give this game more than 3 stars. I'm a big fan of their previous game Nekojishi which pulled me into the story in the first 5 minutes and didn't let me go until the end, still doesn't. This game on the other hand... didn't do it for me. So many things felt disconnected and I was just waiting for all of it to click at some point, but it never did. My biggest issue with the game, the one that simply ruined the experience completely, is the annoying timer for a reply that serves absolutely no purpose. I guess they are trying to go for the whole urgency and real time type of a thing, but it doesn't work. Not when I can ignore Beek's texts for hours before I open the app to learn that Beek waited for my reply during a crucial moment, for example while being under attack or something. Or how Beek types during moments when no one sane would be able nor capable to type a message. Now insert the annoying timer, I open the app, the timer starts instantly and I have to catch up on 15 new messages from Beek, with each one being the size of a small essay. So I have to skim through the texts just to get to the question I'm supposed to reply to and hope I got the gist of the situation. My advice, throw away the timer because it makes no sense and add a button to ignore the message if one desires. That timer just killed the game for me. I didn't have any issue with the one time purchase thing. I think it's a decent method for modern day mobile applications. Just don't do this for a PC games. I also didn't reach the end of the story just yet, played it for a couple days before I got a bad ending and currently have no desire to continue. Maybe at the later date. It's a real shame because I honestly wanted to enjoy these characters, sadly nothing worked for me personally. I didn't care for Beek. I didn't even care for his two main companions because they are simply there and I hear about them through Beek's words which are not enough for me to care for any of them. At least this game hyped me up for more Nekojishi content with that hidden info. And more Nekojishi is always a good thing in my book.
The pauses between contact are understandable, but it makes it harder. All of the sudden, I have 12 messages I need to read and am frantically hitting pause. I would prefer just getting one message and then the plot pausing until the app is opened. Although the current system is more realistic, it isn't a good kind of realism. I love the story and characters, but not the real-life headaches of texting.
People complaining about having to pay four bucks to see images need to get some perspective. That being said, this game has me hooked. It plays out via texting between you and the main character, with 'photos' thrown in now and then. It's not exactly a "Visual Novel" since it's mostly text, but like any VN you make choices along the way to help shape the story. As you play there are breaks between texting 'periods' that help to make you feel like you really are texting with someone, and I find myself biting at the bit at times wondering 'where are you, what's going on?' and forgetting, at least for a moment or two, that it's a game. I think a reason that is..is because texting is so fundamental to us all now, a way for nearly everyone to communicate, that at a subconscious level it bridges a gap between the game and the player. It's so simple yet so effective. I'd say give it a try. If you don't want to pay to support the game/devs, you don't have to, but a few bucks isn't much to ask.
Notifications *would* have been nice, if it'd just send ONE. I did not enjoy a few weeks of waiting between messages to reach an ending sequence with no save point, having to start over completely. Annoyingly, story can proceed when closed, as others have mentioned. Even IF you buy the pack (I haven't), you cannot "bookmark" without clearing it. For being text-based, the grammar/etc. needs work. It's a creative game that I want to love - unfortunately, the execution leaves much to be desired.
I was interested in the story but the fact that you have to pay for the visuals really killed it for me.
The time based interaction is a nice concept with poor execution. As one with interest to the storyline, I found myself have no time to respond appropriately because of I read the many text he sent (I'm kinda slow reader for this case) so I had to give some random response without understanding what the context or it will time out. On the other hand, it took to long for him to give some response, and when he do, he will send the msg in the most annoying time, like in the middle of the night.
I ADORE this game. It's fun & simple. I saw others thought the time between sets was either to long or short but I thought it was fine as I could get back to it whenever I was ready, and mostly, was able to pause to catch up. I only had 2 glitches. The first was when they're attacked in the library, it didn't pause so I could catch up before it decided to ignore so I missed a story chance. And at the end, when they're trying to send Beek back, it froze. Price is also a bit steep for not a lot...
The game is nice in concept, but the game in action is poor paced that involves little to no actions except the ability to check your text messages. With how you proceed through it feels like your choices have no actual impact coupled with the slow inconsistent pacing of which you can progress you're more likely to put this game down and never pick it back up. On the other hand the game has a good story and the conversation (that's incredibly one-sided) is fun and quirky. But really that's it.
I love how a certain amount of time needs to pass before you get another text, so that you can't just blast through the game, or get bored of it. However, while I'm reading the texts, there's this decreasing bar. What is that for?
This was honestly...very fun. I know the waiting can be difficult when you just want to continue the game, but it adds immersion on a whole other level. Simply, have loads of free time to play. However, I have to be critical and say it needs a pause function of some kind for serious stuff like work and sleep. Don't wanna ruin your experience cuz life right. It's a choice. But if it means more Nekojishi style games...well...my choice is clear, happy for a break off work. Time to play.
This game is ok, but I really doing enjoy the texting aspect. I hate just sitting here waiting for Beek to respond. I want to be the one exploring all these places. You are basically just an advisor, and that makes this game very boring, especially when you are just starting at a text screen the whole time.
This game was really fun to play. I just finished it and it was a super fun playthrough. The ending was incredible. It gets a little stressful at parts, but other than that a second game would be super cool!
It was a charming experience, especially near the end there, the ost really brings out the magic. But there's really not much going on, with the content, the conversation between you and Beek, the characters, and the writing. It's a loosely threaded story at best, there's little snippets of the characters here and there, but too open ended to be immersive. The guys who did the art and soundtrack are pretty good!
I love the concept, and generally like the real-time events. What I am not so fond of is having a timer ticking down when I come back to the game, and upwards of 15 messages waiting to read through. The other thing is Play Games integration still seems broken. Would also like it if there were an option for some indication of which choices were picked in prior playthroughs, to ease finding all the dialogue and endings.
After 5min of "playing?"..."reading?" And starting to get immersed in the story just to suddenly get hit with a micro - transaction is really off putting. Also confused about your "multiple endings, and CGs to unlock!" Then scroll down "Note: CGs are unlocked with a one-time payment", elaborate please? Also I feel you should atleast show the first CG to show off what people would be paying for as well as to just not be slapped with the prompt 5min in. Just a suggestion.