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Bed Wars

Bed Wars for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Blockman GO Studio located at 中国广东省珠海市高新区港湾1号 港10栋 3楼. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
the game is good but 2 problem how do you get golden gcube you only get diamond gcube because you can watch and last one is the lag you cant play with lag when you try to kill enemy it doesn't die and his killing you you can't kill enemy and when you try to destroy enemies bed like it doesn't say blue destroy yellows bed it doesn't
Perfect game, I always wish to play bed wars. Love this game this completed my wish to play bed wars. And it'd fun to play. I love the option like you can play solo or 2 players or 4 players love the game 😘. Keep it up👍.
this game is really fun but I am a little bit confused I don't know how the stuffs and tools are used the red team always throw something really weird and stays as a fire and I don't know how they buy things sometimes my screen scratches and then I can see the tools that I can buy! And I don't have folds and silver's that time and I can't buy things without any golds or silver but I'll try my best to find out how can I buy stuffs thanks bye bye!!!!!!!
I love this game. Its my favorite game to play, but there is one problem. When i have to log back in i put in my info abd it says its wrong and makes me make a new account. Pleaae fix this and i will give you 5 stars
The game is pretty good. It's good to play in free time, but there is one bug that is extremely annoying, when you fall down and use the slime sometimes it dosen't completely ricochet you, only a little bit, also whenever you are fighting someone the "quickly build blocks" Option comes in middle, which is annoying. The third and the worst thing is that in this game many people spend a lot of money and get good runes, flame enchant etc which is very unenjoyalble because the devs are money hungry
This game is pretty good but the reason why I gave it 1 star is that whenever I play 4v4v4v4 I loose, the person in front of me had silver armour and gold sword and I had diamond armour with enchanted diamond sword,yet he killed me, this motherfcking game makes me cry and do rage whenever I loose coz my controls don't work properly, I have played other bed wars and I win pretty easily but this bed wars Is the worst, I'm not noob this game and the players are noob but they still win.
I would like to complain that THIS GAME AIT WORKING,When I go to lobby and press the 4-4-4-4game It Doesn't work.Plz fix it otherwise I won't be able to get my challenge Rank on. If you fix the bug I would definitely give it a five 🌟 Rating (。・ω・。)ノ♡ And Also Anyone Plz Tell me If there is a slot machine Okay?
Game is great, but i have one question, everytime i play a game i see a bed defense thats exactly the same with the other teams defense, So is that a thing that you can buy in the store or are everyone just bots. Please Answer
Over all its great but..i have 1 concern..When buying the clothes and hairs and other the cubes cost real money and it should'nt be like that you should have cubes when you win 3 rounds not real money to get cubes and please do that i am not complaining that i am not getting cubes..for like example someone really liked the hair and you need cubes but they dont have enough money..so please..so i am giving this 3 stars but its great but how to earn cubes is hard you have to pay real money
This game could be good, but its pay to win, some people have swords that deal fire affect and that is overpowered, this game could be really good but its pay to win like most games, which is why I'm giving it a bad rating
Add report because my team just break the wool where i am standing and enemies cheat and i was using in the lucky draw all my keys and they just said disconnect to the severs and i lose all my keys for nothing .When i am having a good game they said disconnect to the sever. Please fix this and i will give it 5stars
After looking at the reviews, I saw that around 40% of people are saying they are getting hacked in the game, I'd recommend to download it but just stay more careful, like, leave the game if someone is hacking and you notice, and leave the game if someone in the chat says there is a hacker in the server, thanks.
I absolutely love the game . good graphics and items. But this idea is ripped off they took minecraft and made bed wars with it. I do love the game though so keep up the good work
Really fun game it's online and it doesn't lag out at all barely I have terrible internet and it doesn't even lag out you can play solos you can even play duos and even where you have four players on each team you can build and it's just like Minecraft you fall out of the world you die it is so fun I am probably level like 200 right now and I just got it yesterday 👍👍❤️❤️♥️♥️
This game is awesome and very fun to play. I really liked it. My one of the favorite game. It's very easy to control and the bestest thing I found is that there are real players, no computers, real people play the game. Really this game deserve five stars. This game is very challenging also and I love challenging games. But one problem I found is that it takes a lot of time to start and ya we have to click manier times for starting the game. But pls download the game, this is really Superb game.
The game is good for players who can't afford minecraft or to those that dont have a good signal to join to a bedwars server in minecraft just like me,the graphics and gameplay is good but can you please change the music its kinda annoying and I know that you can minimize the sound its just that the song is so lively its annoying and can you add multiplayer,I want to play with my friend in bedwars
AWSOME!!! 🤩🤩🤩🥰🥰 i have been looking for game for MONTHS i cannot find ANY game as good as this 🥰🥰 It's like a miracle that happens once a year!!! This game is better then 2021 that's for sure!! Btw I don't know why people think that 2021 will be better then 2020 not like COVID-19 is gonna fly away in 2021 and dislike this if you want. But that's my saying. But anyway. Good Job with the game 🤩🥰
I used to love this game but since the update where you can like shove and have random things happen some people started to get things fire aspect and that really annoys me and it's really overpowered so can you guys make it a little less overpowered because someone just need to hit me one time with a diamond sword I'm done or at least put an enchantment where you can make your sword have fire aspect make a fire resistance armor enchantment now that make the game a little bit more Fair
I love this app so much me my brother play all the time but if I playing alone I always lose when playing my brother we always win it super fun you get to play with a bunch of your friends if they have the game. To be honest the graphics are a little bad but it's mostly just like Minecraft bed wars.
It's a great alternative if you cant get the real bedwars on your device and it's fun itd be better if it was quicker for the games to start aka include bots and maybe make the coins come in faster so u dont need to wait so long to buy certain stuff like a bow and arrow and also instructions on how to play because I was rlly stuck to start with
Ok so I got this a few days ago and have already seen hackers and people braking the game. Although it's a very fun game and you will have alot of fun playing. It would be better if it had the creatures or ender pearls(preferably both). And make to where it's one of those games where its you die in the first 3 Minutes of the game. If you fix some or all of these issues I will raise my rating. Other than that I enjoy this game very much so. It is worth downloading.
A pretty nice game you can download it the only 3 problems i have is 1.the game is bit laggy 2. You should upgrade the grapics and last is 3. There are hackers around in matchs and a last tip i want to say is you can put a kill chest instead of dropping the items. A pretty nice game you should try it if you want to play bed wars like real minecraft i like the game.
If you play blockman go (blocky mods one) and get irritated by going to lobby again and again to choose 1player team mode and to view your runes and others effects like sword effects and others quickly get this app. This app is good.
I don't know what has happened to the horn event it is just not working the experience level of the horn is just stuck 700. I want all the items in horn event but this has happened I am very sad please fix this
what is this u just let people die or what I just lost ally diamond >:( can u just add a safe place in the base I just buy a diamond sword and I am mad in this stupid game >:(
First, this game is a copy of Minecraft bedwars. Second, doesn't even have a good gameplay. Third, I always get kicked out with a duplicate login message.
This game is awesome because I have played bed wars of Minecraft, it is not having things like castle or wall or rescue platform and many things. I think we should not waste money on minecraft bedwars. Play this.
I give it 2 stars because I was the best player ever but now everyone else has awesome knock back and when they hit me I lost a lot of hearts and I can't even play because other people will hit me and I die right away. So I will uninstall this and try to find the real bedwars because I really want to play bedwars.
It is a very cool game! I would rate it 5 stars but it IS pay-to-win. When the round is gathering players you can open cards and get some items but you can also buy keys and get more and there's other pay-to-win concepts so yeah.
This a very good game . But there are two bad thing number 1. that green saving platform dose not work at the time of falling and 2. U need to sell the obsidian in iron ok update that two bad points ok keep it up
I like all the game series you have made and bed doors is the best mobile game I've played and keep going the updates that you make a big difference on my part anyway I think other people could say the same anyway yeah eventually you have the best top of five-star rating bed war games out there if you make some improvements performance and graphical and that's all I think other people could agree on that one too anyway keep making the updates you make oh and new versions PS Noah speed demon
I loved this game very much. But there are SO many ads coming in between and crash my game play. So I would change it if they solve it. Thank you for listening.
Bed wars...kind of fun game but I only have one problem from the game. The joystick, when I always walk on the bridge (The one with wool that players can buy from game) it always go to the right side of my joystick!!! So I fall down when the joystick let me go to the right. Please fix this bug!!!!
Everythis is good . But not smooth .WE WANT SMOOTH CONTROLLS . add partickels when a player got hit . And smooth . This game needs lots of internet . Or we cant hit anyone . CHANGE THE TEXTURES . AND SPEED OF PLAYER . I WANT ALL MINECRAFT SETTINGS. PLS
I have been playing this game for a long time now it's fun and I enjoy it but there is few problems 1.this game needs ender Pearl's that we can BUY also egg brigde 2.if there are hackers in the server they should be kicked or banned out 3.some people take forever to die even with NO ARMOR and I have full diamond armor and flame sword >:( Fix this 3 problems I have in this game PLS other than that I love this app
The only problem is there are so many hackers ingame and you cant addfriend some people and this game is pay to win you i hope yall could seperate mvp on game cause when we have an mvp enemy they are so powerfull and thats just unfair. I love this game but theres so many needed to improve if yall fix all the problem ill give it a 5 star
Don't get me wrong, this is a good game, but in the beginning, it forces you to choose things that you may not want. I get that it is trying to help you, but cant it just explain how to play before? After getting through all of that, it is really a good game. It's fun and creative and I really enjoy playing it. I do recomend this game to anyone.
It's like so fun you should always give this a 5-star rating like I don't even know what to say that's how good it is you can play with friends and it's really easy you can work on your character there's a few different modes and it's like super fun you can play anywhere any time
I had given it 5 stars because it is a brilliant game and i love this game but it is a problem in this game i can't play multiplayer.i play with random player but i can't play with my friends in this game. Please solve this issue.Well this games is very amazing.
First i don't understand why the people who made this game thought it was a good idea to put in auto jump with no settings to turn it off. Second who thought it was a good idea to make the ender pearls only shoot a meter and not a long distance it's so ANYYOING but other than that the games great so i rate this 3 stars
Awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If i could i would rate this 10000 stars but... Everytime when i go back into the app after doing something... Well... I tried to log back in but it saus user doesn't exsist but when i register with the same name of my character it says that name has been taken. Can you fix it please. My character name is PrestonTheImp and my name will always be familiar to that. thanks, Preston The imposter of among us.
Really cool app but can't say it is better than the bed wars on the real minecraft servers. But still pretty cool, the only thing i want to say is whenever i login to it there is an annoying full tutorial on how to open login and stuff without being able to skip it. Just so annoying maybe a little skip button could make it great. Also wanted to say that i sus some plyers which i say are bots cos they play in a way bots play very easy to defeat, anyway I don't care alot about it.
Good game....but when I open it it shows login status has expired which is really irritating..you should remove the real money things bcz whenever I do something it presses on something like quickly build block or something..it should have more maps and we should get to choose in which map should we play and some people place rescue in middle of the body of our character bcz of that we lose health and die that should be cured...all over the game is good I give it 4 stars..
I love playing this game again and again but there is onething i don't like in game its horn event if you don't have gcubes u will not get anything so need gcubes everyone should have same i think it will be good if u give vip+ some extra keys than others but horn is like discriminating and i finished my horn event in 1 day and some hours like 3 or 4 u can upgrade horn fast by playing solo and i love killing enemies with my sword ○====[]::::::::::::::::::::::>
I love this app and download it right now. It's very fun to play this game. I would rate it Infinite star! I can give you a Idea please add anti-hacking system because some guys fly over the sky. And like get everything they want everywhere. Destroy everyone's bed while on their base!
I will give 5 star because it is very very very very very very very very very nice game I update my but was it was really cool when I play first time I thought that it it would be easy but when I play three more time more then I know it is very very very difficult guys download this game it has multiplayers this is my experience
It's really Fun game! But I have a problem.. it is, I have Wi-fi connection but most of the time I can't play it! Because It says your internet Connection is abnormal! Seriously I can play other games in online. Oh and can you please add Free Gcubes. I know you need the money... Just 60 or 30 Gcubes in one month? If you update it I will give it 5 star! Have a nice day or night!
This is a very nice game in the real Minecraft it's cool but this one is more easy and simple I have no problem with me...I hope there will be more amazing updates keep on the good work👍and please make amazing games like this one
This is the worst rip off game I have ever played. Frickin Controls are so weird you can't even jump or do anything the controls and the moving is so weak and weird. I had lots of difficult time on this dumb game. AND ITS JUST THE SECOND DAY. I didn't even have a long time and I already have lots of bad time on this rip-off.
It's a great game actually but it's unfair because you can buy all this powerful stuff in the start of the game and then you're gonna get wreck when the opponent got that powerful stuff i just wanna say i wanna play fair and square
This is a very good game but there is one problem the tubes are of the real money thegubes should be not of the money beacause the players haveing tubes are haveing a good aporchunity to win beacause they can use the VIP itamse so when a player starts this so he should have1000000000gubes so pleas do it for the players
I wanted to write a review for a month, and im glad i didnt because it has worsened. The game is a pretty good rip-off, but the english is not the best. I would understand the issue and just use another language, but you cant choose that. Has a lot of ads but i can deal with that. The problem is, i have not played this game for like 2 weeks, and when i returned, it just wouldnt start. I could open chests change my skin etc. But when i chose a mode it just would not load.
Its pretty good and I dont really have any complaints other than every once in a while it will say login session over or something and I have to reenter my login info, but I put in my username and password, and I know for a fact I didn't miss-type, it says user doesn't exist. I have to make a new account every time and I have to start over. Please fix this, if its fixed I give it a 5 star rating, its a pretty solid substitute for minecraft bedwars.
This is the best game ive played thus far. It has everything I like, and has good graphics. The only issue I have is that recently when i've been trying to play, it doesnt let me in the game and just keeps me the loading screen. If any other people out there are seeing this and have the same problem let's make this blow up so the devs can see what is happening.
Great game but I continue to get a glitch where I slide to the right and I can't control my character. This issue has led to me falling off the map multiple times as the only way to stop the glitch is to die and this really frustrates me when I have great loot but I slide of the edge of the map. I can't even open a chest whilst I am sliding and this elimnates any chance of me still having my items unless I use those cubes which I don't have.
I love the app! Its really fun. The only problems are that it takes SOOOo long to load. It also completely exits the game whenever you blank the screen or click on a notification, etc. You also can't revive w/o a bed unless you pay money. Its really hard to win when all the other teams have players who pay for it. Its unfair. But its a good game.
I Was Very Pleasured By Playing This Game...But The Reason I Am Giving 2 Stars Only..Is Because Whenever I Tried To Log In The Game It'll Only Says "Failed To Load Resource Map" And I Tried Logging In Many Times It Just Kept Saying That Words...Is It A Bug?..Anyways Try And Fixing This Game Please I Loved Playing This Game But I Want To Play It Now It Cannot Log In...
It's a good game 🙂 and I am so happy that I found this game 🙂😊🥰.But there is a thing that I not liked one thing that if you die you not get your things back if you have diamond 💎 enarald you do not get any thing only you get your shears , picaxe, axe only wooden not of iron gold and nothing
It's extremely fun and all but some people on this game use a chromebook like my friend and I and the controls are more complicated because we have to use our mouse to move the joystick or click the buttons. The invisibility potion also won't hide you items in hand it also won't let me hit anyone invisible which I find very annoying.
Ok. So I want to recommend a few things you should add to the game. 1. A water bucket in the shop. 2. Enderpearls in the shop 3. Iron golem egg in shop 4. Permanent armour so when someone dies, the armour is still on. 5. A timer so when to much time passed buy (like 10 mins) all the beds will be destroyed. 6. Knock back stick in shop (10 gold). 7. More blocks like sandstone (24 iron) and glass to be bought in the shop for 30 iron. Hope you enjoy the recommendation.
The game is awesome it is my childhood for half a year already. But one problem I feel like this is not my WiFi because I always see other teem mates of mine lagging in front of my eyes 👀 please fix this.
Good fun app but the graphics are not good and some times i load in a game i get kicked or i keep falling in the map but a new update finaly and im very greatful because i dont get kicked or fall in walls i like the new update good work just a little more work on the graphics...
I give this game only 1 star because when i play they hit me three times i die even if i wear diamond armour they hit me 5 times i die and also when i play i have a super lag like mattsun he had a super lag and i have too and also they cannot see me they cannot hit me and i cannot hit them and when i fell down i stay for 10 minutes i stay like falling and falling and if i go to someone house i am not getting damage too and i can even break unbreakable blocks and things too but i like ths game
Super fun game play it all the time! It's like the game in mincraft but you dont have to earn it. I would really recommend this game because if you can rarely get min coins then you can come here and play bed wars without paying min coins!
When I try to enter the game, for example it is 4V4, nothing happens and it endlessly start a music and didn't say anything like Map Resources Loading, Connecting To Server, and Checking User Data. Plsss fix it now or I will report you, Blockman Go. If you didn't update it until February 13, I will report you. The modes turned grey only. Please fix it so I will have treasures.
This is a really great game! Me and my brother are so addicted to it! Now the reason why I am giving this a four star is because after every 2 days of playing this, it logs me out and I have to re-enter my password which I think is annoying. Please fix this bug and if you do, it'll definitely help my rating get up :)
I rate this 3 stars cause it is so very annoying that when your going to play is always logging ang it load so long like I can't wait like we will never play so please fix this problem so I can give 5 full stars okay!!!! And otherwise it's fun to play. But I just want is fix all the problems!
I love this game but after new updates it stops working in between and controls also don't work properly and when I was In the lobby and was going to recieve reward I don't know what happened I clicked start game revice award but it didn't started or showing any option I hope this will get fixed soon.
Very good game but when you are new in this game you will served as a guest but we you played it for a little long it will show you that it had some network problem or some you disconnecte from server. I think bed wars had to fix it afterall it's a good game and had very much fun
My experiences is so great but when it comes to fighting more and more players use VIP it's so hard to play at the start they come to the base block the bed with obsidian then trap us and kill farming us until we left we did not even get to explore or build were stuck dying i know its a strategy but can u guys add something like an option in the game called VIP allowed on or off i know it stupid but it may help though oh and 5 stars for a free multiplayer fighting game i hope it will improve mor
Pls add challenges from where we can get gcubes the challenges may be very tuff some idea for them are:- Destroy all enemies beds and kill them before your bed gets destroyed by any of them. Another challenges may be like use repel stick in matches forever. Hope you edit these things and give b cubes for keys also. Thanks in advance bedwars team. - Rudra ( your child user) BTW love ur game
Why I rated 3 stars?: Everyone has the same problem, logging in over and over again is irritating, annoying, time wasting. Fix this. Other problems: When I exit the game the music still plays. Lacking: Needs to be ranked based on runes, people got powerful runes and they ruin my game.
Good but glitchy I was playing and the thing that lets me move my camera got stuck and made me get killed and when I press the tabs button on accident I come back into the game but an unskippable add pops up and I get killed ;-; oh and can you need to pay REAL MONEY to get pets and other cool things, other than that its a good game, also for some reason it keeps logging me out of my account, and it says it never existed, please fix this
Its a great game! Why 4 stars you ask? Well, I just dont feel right when everything Cost's so MUCH money! I feel left out! I know this might not be a problem for others and Im complaining but im not! Im just saying to Make SOME COOL things to atleast be Free or we can do challenges to get Them! Like example If we complete a challenge we get a free pet! I know this wont really Reach out to the Devs themselvs but i just judge myself for having no money😭! Just imagine how Happy players would be!!!
Bedwars is so awsome! Not gonna lie, bedwars has been my childhood game for 1 year already! But my problem is. The ones who has powerful leeching runes laugh all the time. Which makes the players who got spam killed many times angry, sad or nearly depressed. I've got spam killed many times before. Just because of the ones who never dies because of their very powerful leeching runes. But all I want to remove is. The laughing pose. Which makes players rage, sad or near depress. Hope you remove it.
Its so annoying that you save your keys for a chest but you get a double exp even tho you don't need it because your max level, please fix this that if you open chest and your max level you won't get any double exp privilege, If you fix this stupid problem i would rate your game 5 stars
This game is very good 👍 i like to play this game but it has one problem that we do not play multiplayer. So please 🙏🙏🙏 also make multiplayer mode in next update. Thanku
This is the best best game ever / but there.s a problem 1 it take so much time to load and there, s also a safety slime glicth if I had a excellent network there are 80 . /. chance that the slime pull me done
This is pretty good. You should also add shields for real PvP. Something I like is that how you don't get much knockback and don't die from falling. I recommend this game because it might seem bad, but don't let the looks fool you
it's the best game I ever played. But there is a little problem, whenever the players are over crowded at one place it glitches out for everyone it's seems to have been a problem while programming, but it is a great game
I only tell honest reviews. This is mine for this game: This game is probably one of the best games for android outside of Minecraft for blocky graphics. It has a very Minecrafty feel to it and I really enjoy playing this. Congrats to the developers. It has every basic weapon that ordinary BedWars has and then some. I also enjoy that everything works like it does is real deal Minecraft. Definitely a good pick.
AMAZING GAME. The only thing that would want in this game are the flash pearls in the item store for 3 emeralds. would make the game better for free to play players like me. other than that I love this game. Keep doing amazing work blockman! 👍👍👍 Edit: I now have a pc with minecraft java edition. I can play the REAL bedwars but this game is still so much fun!! And tbh the minigames in blockman ar better. Thank you BlcokmanGo for giving me a magical and fun gaming experience no other game can!!
I love this game!!!! it's soo fun..in the real Minecraft bedwars the swords,fireball and more cost ALOT of iron ,gold , diamonds and emeralds and it's harder to PvP so this game is better!!! please make more game's I love this too much!! I hope everyone is doing well and happy in carona virus (covid 19). 🙂🙂❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💗🤍🤎🤍
I like it but i dont like it because u play with people that are more stronger than u pls fix this i wish u could play with people that are noobs cause wene ur new at start u play with players with hacks or mods or op player pls fix this wene u start playing firstime must put the player in noob sections and noot incloud overpowered peaople/players pls pls fix this i would love it and give like 1000000000 raiting stars if its possible pls fix this :{
A nice game which we can play when bored best game for timepass i ever saw but many of noob player which do not have cubes easily dies from pro on the other hand hackers kills everyone esely so i tell remove hackers or give some cubes to noob players pls .... The game is good but because of hackers we can't play so stop hackers 🖐🏽🖐🏼🖐🏾. Some of players delete this game because of problems like backup app or hackers
I like this game so much i couldn't resist but there is one thing to add in this game. 1. Please add an enchantment table including repel and flame enchant here please. 2. Add more kinds of wooden planks. 3. Add Ender Pearls worth 50 gold/10 emeralds. Thanks.
AMAZING GAME. My only complaint Is it requires u to login again and again,Which is stupid!I got so manys good things last month.I had to login again yesterday.NOW ITS ASKING ME TO LOGIN AGAIN TODAY!I've never had this happen in any other game.Please fix this Blockman Go.Love u guys!! P.S Add more maps and 3v3v3v3 and if you will I will give 5☆ rating to your game And there are some bots in 4v4v4v4 only Please remove that I know because they act like bots they build extra bridge Thanks!!Bye!
A good game. But its pay to win in some point. people build faster than an average people. Runes make people to be stronger than those pay to win. I really hope you guys balance this game. Some starts off with an Diamond Cuirass or with an obisidian block which is very unfair. Other than that the game is good.
This is a very good and interesting game but thu best part about it is that when you play you have to destroy other beds and protect your own at the same time .That makes it more interesting. It sometimes has network issue but otherwise it is a very good game. So go ahead try it.
This game is Amazing! But one time I was playing, they teleported me in the starting "Join the Game" thing even if I was in a middle of a game! And it really sucks when your own teamate kills you, which what happened to me, I had so much keys and bought stuff and then I died because my teamate killed me and got all my stuff and wasted my keys, I really hope that won't happen anymore. Other than that it's great, I recommend it!
Loved this game. But there are some things that we want (maybe): 1. Ping indicator just to check our signal. 2. New places. Yeah we are tired fighting at the same map. 3. 10v10v10v10 battle royale. For more thrill but make this an event or this mode will be chaos.
This is a very good game I play it again and again it is like skyblock I gave it 5 star because when i kill anybody who is from another team his spirit is going to sky with a sad face i see that thing so i laugh This is a very good game update it again and again.
Sometimes I wonder why this game is still up. I can't even count how many people I see hacking, breaking the game, and more clown moves. And the game producers have done nothing to fix it. So it is really annoying playing the game. But I can't stop beneath all the stuff I listed it is a really adictive game which is why I didnt give one star. But if these things dont get fixed I would rather play something else.
Nice game, all good but just a moment ago I saw a hacker or modder with immortality, I lost the game. All you have to do is add report system for hackers or modders or solve this problem.
I really like this game I very fun and y'all have to play it but there are some problems so I wouldn't give five stars. Also pls make pixel painters. I hope you see this comment!! (。・ω・。)ノ♡
Ok, I've been putting up with this for a while now. Every 2 weeks or so it will say log in session over. I put my username and password in. I know its correct. I have to make a new account everytime and I lose all my stuff. PLEASE FIX THIS!
I used to like this game. Infact I used to love it, but all of a sudden one day when I went to play it just stopped working. I tried everything. I reconnected my Wi-Fi. I turned my phone off for a few minutes and I even waited a few days for it to start working again, but it just hasn't worked. Now I have to delete my favorite game and loose all of my progress that I had. I have many many skins. Lots of keys and most of all my levels and quests. Now I hate this game and never want to play it.
I like the Game but It's so Hard to get runes And The enemy's have a strong runes which is it's hard to play but, the game is Nice but Inbalance so it"s getting Hard if this keep updating and please, bring back the 12 keys if your 1st I will wait for that and if you back it i eill rate it 5 star i swear, 6 keys? So Cheap and If you buy GCubes Cost a lot of money 60 Gcubes for 1 Dollars? Or 50pesos were in philippines so it's 50pesos to us. And can you please make an Server, Example: Ph Server.
It is a good game but please remove the hackers in the game and please add an option to play with friends and make a party by gcubes and the main thing why I can't buy the red shoes for gcubes remove the glitch of building a wall on restricted area if you put a wall block in any maps on restricted area 5-6 times It gets put if you do so I will give 5 stars
The game is good,the problem is there are too many ads thats why I rated it 1 star and it always crash when i play it .Please fix this
The first time i played this i thought "i'm going to lose" but when i played it it was amazing i don't care if i lose or win this game is amazing and i'm glad this don't got down by Mojang. Here's a bit of advice at the start of the game farm for bows and blocks that way if someone is building up to your base you can shoot them and make them fell. Ok back to the main topic, so yeah this is amazing game and play it, there are some problems with the game but i'm running up with words.
Can you please explain how to make a account. I'm trying to make a account but it is telling that "Failed. Try again". What to do now. Please tell🙏. The game is best by the way but the only problem is to register or login please fix it. Thank you 😊
This game is perfect and accurate to bed wars in minecraft and for the ones who can't buy minecraft like me, and if your favorite games is bed wars you should try this game because it's pretty fun and accurate but 1 problem when you play, sometimes it's lagging so you have to join again.