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Beauty Idol: Fashion Queen

Beauty Idol: Fashion Queen for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Animoca located at Unit 411-415, Level 4, Cyberport 1, 100 Cyberport, Hong Kong. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I absolutely love this game it's really fun I just wish I was able to unlock more outfits and stores in the mall.
I hate this game like seriously there are a bunch of reasons to hate 1. One time you uninstall this game then you won't be able to backup your account 2. You cannot promote yourself 3. There are so many hackers in the game 4. There is something wrong with the votes it is like insanely too much 5. You developers never update the game or at least not even fixing the bugs/glitch || Now tell me what's the point of playing this game... I will never play this game until you fix this damn game
One of the best games for girls 😍 I totally love this game πŸ’• Almost every girl dreams of being a fashion model, well u came to the right place here 😊 U just need patience and save up your diamonds so u can do ur best at the fashion competition ❀ I recommend this game to everyone πŸ’— ( The game developers need to update this game 😒 It's my favourite game and it hasn't been updated since like ages 😒 Please update it... otherwise THE BEST GAME 😻😍😍 )
I Love when I was 4 old I play all I want to tell you when is the update Cool is look just like star girl
It is my best game. This game was installed by my sister but she uninstalled it cuz she was busy in sinchan. So i installed it. It was her id. She had not reached any level. But now when i am playing i am having fun and my levels are increading. I suggest it cuz its the best.
so boring , there is nothing new , i played this game in 2012 and until now it doesn't change , you still say " cooming soon " and we still wear the same clothe !! change please
Please update this game. It almost forever you updated this game. In fact this graphics is a lot better than star girl. Why don't you update it? Add new clothes and features just like you did in star girl and I believe this will be a lot popular.
It's really great playing this game again after such a long time. The clothes and contests are really gorgeous just like from what I have remembered. But still, it can be really annoying because most of the time, the game suddenly crashes out of nowhere. I do hope the developers put more attention in this game, because I really used to love this game alot.
Please update the game when you update I reinstall the game The game is different so i can't find this type of game in play store and i like these type of game If you will update the game so the downloaders of the game will be double because many users are waiting for new update when the new update are not giving so they deleted and also me
Still Love this game! I hope animoca will update the remaining stores in the game. MY ID Is BISZUHP ❀
This is an amazing game it has so many beautiful dress and if you are downloding the game so make sure to save your diamonds because of them you can take most beautiful heels and gowns
Loved a lot this game. This is amazing because so many dresses are there and every thing is awesome but I don't understand that when the cosplay legend, star dazzle and Elizabeth's secrets will be unlock.. Tjis thing only I don't like... And another every thing are superb...and one thing more... Plzzzzzz tell when the cosplay legend, star dazzle and Elizabeth's secrets will unlock........ Plzzzzzz tell....
I lost my damn account because I was trying to un sync the Facebook account from a different account, for some reason it was not working and I ended up losing an account that had a lot of items, The name was Mai Waifu and it was level 43,I want it BACK
The game was running smoothly until one day it couldn't synchronize the game progress, as a result I couldn't do things such as buying promotion and backing up the data. Please help.
I'm enjoying the game for now, it's fun and it's possible to progress without actually having to pay. However, it's getting slightly boring because stores and bar floors aren't being updated at all. Now it's reduced to completing jobs and waiting for contests to end. Probably will stop playing because of that. But the game is fun for a while.
"Quick info for the people who are going to install this game" 1. It doesn't have any new update for almost 3 years. 2. There are many vote hackers in the game. 3. After getting more than 600 to 700 votes your votes starts to freeze. 4. This game always help vote hackers to win. 5. Last but not least do not install this game and waste your time, money & your data. Hope this helped you to understand that this game is just a waste of time.
I like the game, but i can't buy newspaper for promotion cause whenever i touche on "Buy" it starts loading Synchronizing game process and keep doing it, it never ends loading and at the end i have to touche cancel without purchasing anything
I can't buy newspapers or load my data back!! I'm begging you please fix that asap!! I have made a lot of progress and I don't want to start it all over again...Please fix this!!!!!!!!! I would've give this game 5 stars if that problem didn't show up😭😭😭
Uhhh... I think it would be more interesting and more fun/competitve if the creators update or add rankings in the carnival like who has the most highest highscore in the games. And open the coming soon shops and other coming soon things. In other words, please updateπŸ˜….
I would give it five but I have issues with how you get Diamonds you have to download another app. or game to earn Diamonds or compete in the competitions against other players which limit how many Dimonds you can obtain other than that good game be better if there was an easier way to get Diamonds and more of them other than that no other complaints I give this game Four-Stars!
Its a good app cause it has levels ,different shops for clothes and also we can earn through jobs buy clothes....the only i didnt like about this app is we need. Friends to enter parties but everytime i try to type some names nothing hapens after that bt after all its agood app
The game is sooo awesome i just love it so much even the graphics are pretty amazing. I suggest all the girls to play this game, once if you play then you will fall in love with this game ❀❀
It is a good game despite the fact that there are a lot of hackers and the same people keeps winning. But this game hasn't been updated for 3 years and that is kinda disappointing. I really hope you would continue on making this game a lot more better in the future because this game is loved by many people.
I used to be an active player but now they took away my old id . I progressed so much in my prev id but they took it away without reason. And now in my new id the app crashes frequently. If I try to visit my friends the app crashes. I try to vote anyone the app crashes. UNINSTALLING IT .
We are not able to promote ourselves. I've been trying it for the past 3 weeks but no use. It's already so difficult to get a decent rank in the competition. I mean, the people who score the top 50 ranks are somehow fixed. There's no chance for us to come up in the ranks and now we are not able to promote ourselves too. Please fix it.
i really like this game. but im so sad when there is no update from the developer since 2017.. please do update, i do hope there would be more clothes 😊 and add the boyfriends too also.
After a long time I started playing again and darn it's still the same old fun game! 😊 I can't complain about it but it would be good if it gets updated and the game screen gets a little mkr bigger cuz I have a new phone and the black things on the side are kinda annoying but still. The game is fun!
game is nice and all but I can't add more friends now my keyboard getting disappear when ever I try to enter ID
Hello developers of this game I hope you're fine and doing great. You created this amazing game and it's too shame because you're not updating this game anymore it had such a nice graphic than star girl and more cute,pretty because it's an anime. I hope you"ll update soon We are waiting for the update thank you.
I vote 3 stars because it's hard collecting money you have to wait for few minutes then you can collect. All the dress and accessories are expensive so I can't afford them
Pretty good game but I wasn't addicted because to me when you go to the club and win it says fail and I hope you understand
I actually downloaded the mod of this game and it turned out to be good but I leveled up quickly by completing jobs and it made me lose my hair styles, outfits, shoes, etc by showing sold out. And I checked if they were in my closet but there was none So if u could fix that....?
I had to login to Facebook three times losing my game progress and starting from zero. And here I can't even have friends 🀦
I love this game. 99.9% it's same as star girl. I like its features very much,and I love its HD quality. This is the best game that I've been playing. πŸ˜†πŸ˜†.loving it
I love this game so much!πŸ’• The clothes are very very beautiful and elegant!!✨ The clothes really have a class. The contest is wonderful. Please update. I will be waiting for it.πŸ’•
It's a good game but comparing to star girl I think it deserves 3 stars cos beauty idol and star girl are pretty much the same but in star girl you already get enough of clothes but in beauty idol, you just get 1 top and 1 skirt, and star girl has a lot of varaties of fashion and looks but beauty idol is pretty much the same in fashion and looks.
People are having problems that they get to start from a new account πŸ˜ͺ but here I WANT TO MAKE A NEW ACCOUNT AND IT IS NOT LETTING ME TO DO SO. Also, the syncing option is really bad. Takes forever to sync and sometimes the progress is also not saved πŸ™„. I WANT A F***** NEW ACCOUNT
This app is great ... But one day I uninstalled this game accidently and now when I try to open it, it simply throws me out of the game. I tried reinstalling it many times but the same thing happened . And when it opened once it wouldn't give my previous account back to me. This thing is irritating. I made so much progress and now everything is vain :'( ... Please kindly solve my problem ... Three stars cuz it is an awesome game but I need my previous account back
I love this game but I can't buy newspaper or load data. I played this game 2 year's and my level in 25 😞 but my rank in 1,000 and I have 200 like and many money I can't stop . so please fix that 😒❀.
when are we going to get new updates for this game there no new shops and new fashions it's like you completely forgot about this game why have shops says coming soon if you decided to leave this game behind .....?
It won't synchronize ! I'm having the same problem I had with Star Girl ! I put money into this game , know what don't worry about it , I'm done ! You won't get another dime from me ! Good Luck !
Enough is enough animoca . I tried 1 other game of you both are horrible. Please Pls fix them . When i start the game soon after it closes. Pls fix it or my all progress will go.
Please update the game, the Elizabeth secrets Must be done by now, but overall I enjoyed the game... Again please update the game
Very best game. But right now this game not function. Cant update and also cant buy some newspaper to promote myself
you are making progress in star girl but no progress in beauty idol. In star girl there is star travel ,star wow, wings, a lot of boyfriends, new shops,new games,new quest,new contest title and you reduced the days of the contest from 6 to 3 but in beauty idol NO PROGRESS AT ALL!
I love it,it's so cute and the animation is so good. I will look forward for the new update. ΰΈ…'Ο‰'ΰΈ…
i give 5 star if you update this game is boring now because no new cloths,no new store, no new hairstyle no UPDATE PLEASE UPDATE NOWWWW!! HUHUHU
New content is not loading. When it reches to 95 or 97 percent it stops and restart again and again .please fix this problem fast
I try to put promotions but I can't I lost my whole game progress I had the 3 crowns and I was on level 120 and I lost everything I can't get it back it starts me in level one and I have all my friends still but I can't buy promotions I've been an active player and I've been playing this for 2 years please fix it I need it back. I lost my 3 crowns and I'm disappointed. I would have give it a 5 but I can't please fix this. PLEASEEEEE!!!!!
This game WAS good but it has never been updated. Hell, when I log into my Facebook account after I haven't played in 2 weeks, my CLOTHES, DIAMONDS, and EVERYTHING are gone. It made me start over a NEWBIE account! Been playing for 6 years and there are hackers in the game. Animoca doesn't care anymore (the owner). Edit: If you uninstall this game for 2 weeks, come back, and it will load forever on "existing user" btw
Whenever I click on friends button or the settings button it always crashes the game, I'll try uninstalling it then reinstall it to check if this was a small glitch. Either way I played this game ever since I was younger and decided to get it again because it was pretty nostalgic game.
Nice game...playable...time killer...nice graphics...but it should be better to add more new stuffs...like clothing, stores etc.
This game was actually fun and I like it because its anime. I've been playing this since 2015 but paused and continue playing on 2017. Until now, there's nothing change. No new outfit, some of the shops are still close, and no new boyfriends. I hope this game will update and became more exciting. I'm sure lots of player would agree that this game will be updated because this game actually is the best game ever I've ever played. I hope they will add the BTS and EXO members as boyfriends. That would be great! ❀❀❀
This game has become so boring. In fact you guys are just letting hackers to win the game and the other players who are trying their best to be the winner your just freezing there vote out of nowhere. I am so done with this game so I had no other choice than uninstalling the game. But the players who are trying there best to win why don't you just let them why are you letting hackers win this game. The only thing I want tell is you need to ban those hackers and let the real players win this game
I love this game. But why aren't you guys updating this? Also, please add a security system, there are many hackers and chearters. They are not playing fairly.
Its the best game ever and I would like yuh all to play this game too cuZ itS so amazing that yuh will just love it once yuh play it And also pls add and votE me and also like me I will vote yuh back plus like yuh....My ID is BIAEX52
Had this for a long time now, when in the world is the new outfits that say "coming soon" coming? I been playing since it came out on and off and not one update.
The shops are not available yet like star dazzle; elizabeth secrets ;cosplay legends and happy cafe 5 ; 6 friends and also in flirt in first sight please make sure to put them available in the game please please animoca then everyone will have fun in playing the game -
update the game...pleaseπŸ’•πŸ˜­ I bought everything ... and there are no more things to buy..thxπŸ’œβœ‹
OMG! Animoca I love the game verymuch since 2 yrs ago! but the game needs support from you it's because it has no new updates and I'm asking if you can add wings on it. And also Make a Local List of winners. It can be there both Types of Contest either they can join LOCAL contest or GLOBAL contest ex: they can join contest GLOBAL if they are lvl 30+ and join LOCAL lvl 5 maybe you should make this opinion RIGHT NOW the game will be more enjoyable THNX!
This is a much better game than STAR GIRLS. Also the clothes look more pretty and cute and not to mention the hot guys😍😍😍 But i would also like if they update this game to open more shops like Victoria secrets in STAR GIRLS and many more. Otherwise,overall performance is πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ
i love this game but why did'nt i get many shpops... many shops are saying coming soon... but seemed it will never comes πŸ˜• plz fix it
Well,i like the game but there are some problems,.first of all-they Don't update the game at all. I cant buy the promotions for the contest. It takes 100000000000 years, πŸ˜‚.the game does not saves at all..πŸ˜‘i Don't even think so that they would ever update the game unless there is a miracle.pls update the game and fix the problemsπŸ˜₯ To, Beauty idol ownerπŸ˜…
I love this game cuz I can get many friends and I'm very happy when I win. But its too difficult to get 4 star boyfriends.. 😒
i love this game... please developers make more updates... i really want to see the full game... this game is also successful and yet you just kinda abandon it... please developers make more updates
I hope this game will be updated soon and wish that there's lot of clothes and costumes and hoping the crown will be better in the next update
UPDATE ITπŸ’—πŸ’—PLEASE Listen this is one of my fav games and im loosing interests because u wont add more stores get rid of the EXPIRED THING dont have to just if want but add more stores including more things to do MORE DRESSES and stuff in LEVELS if u just up dated it more people would downlod ir and keep it because ive palyed this game for years not muh changed once it does then ill play for SUREπŸ’—πŸ’—
it's so cool, and the characters are really like anime, i really like it! this game is really a big thumbs up to me!🀩
Used to play the game, but then the company did nothing to change the stores, the players were hacking to a point where they spread rumors of others to keep them from winning the game! Won't be playing this game ever again until you fix all of this and remove the players you know are hacking!!!!
i have a lot of experience and i think this is the best game please download it and a big thanks to your team .😍😍this game
The developers abandoned the game but still rake in money from it. No new updates for over a year, nothing to keep people playing. They get new players to download and possibly spend money, then when the content runs out they just hope someone new downloads it and repeats the process. Don't waste any money on this game.
This is an amazing app I really recommend to all of you. It is so good and it is better than any dress up game you'll install and it is pretty easy to play even my 3 year old niece knows how to play it OMG!! I am so going to play it everyday but make sure not to develope gaming addiction alright? Okay (I know this is helpful)
I love it ❀ star girl is so good and beauty idol is not bad ❀like and vote me on star girl(87QX94) and i'l do the same ❀
ilike beauty Idol game because I like fashion and beauty my first game by any games which game is wonderful wonderful game is my best beautyπŸ‘†πŸ˜ŒπŸ‘—