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BeatEVO YG for PC and MAC

Is a Music game developed by X.D. Network located at FLAT/RM A 21/F, NATHAN TOWER, 518-520 NATHAN ROAD Kowloon, Hong Kong . The game is suitable for Mature 17+ (Strong Language) and required Android version is 4.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Music game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I'm going back to play again, I love the game but the way it's now updating is so... slow. It's more slower than a turtle. Like I've been waiting for almost a day now. It doesn't even move to 1% and I keep on retrying even that I already converted space just for the app.
used to play on my old phone and works really fine. been stop playing it years ago and after i changed my phone, since i miss playing so i installed it back and i just keep getting black screen or somewhere stuck before or after play and somewhere else. i thought i'm the only one having those probs so yeah, please fix these probs :(
The game's actually very good and very fun to play. The issue is that it lags everytime I play a song and causes me to miss notes. There's also the ever so wonderful Black Screen Glitch that, you guessed it, causes the game to freeze on a black screen when I finish a song causing me to close and restart the app. Every. Time. Other than that, I love the game.
Good app, i'd been played this game since its release and it is still the best music game for me. I hope there will be updates regarding new artist and new album from the artists soon.
It has a great gameplay. The game is really challenging but it has a LOT of bugs. I've already reported 2 problems on the game after almost 1 hr of playing. Anyway, it's a great game.
I played every single day for 5 months last year because it was so good. But then I got the galaxy S9 4 months ago and haven't been able to play a single match without it glitching at the end of the song. I tried changing game play/app settings, many updates were installed, but it still doesn't work. Really takes the fun out of it if I have to exit the app every song and can't advance up the ladder.
Love the game and design and the music. Yet, there seem to be some bug that causes the screen to freeze up 2 out of 3 time after each play and it is frustrating to have to constantly exit and restart the app. sometimes the game is lost and one would have to replay it. also the update message keeps appearing even though its an old announcement. Please fix the bug. else the game actually deserves 5 stars!!
I loved the game and got pretty far into it... but now it freezes after every song and I have to completely restart the app after each song. It's been like this for ages. I've tried uninstalling and re-installing it multiple times over the last year or so still no fix. It's a great game, but not worth playing when you have to restart it every 5 minutes. Please please please fix the bug
3 stars because the game keeps crashing.If I finish the song it will suddenly crash.I like this game because Blackpink my favourite kpop group is here. So please fix this game I would really like to play it if you fix the crashing.
The gameplay is very good. A unique tackle on the typical rythm games where its typically one straight line of buttons to press. But here its shaped like a semi circle with 3 buttons to press. The only issue I have is that after playing a song, it just goes into a black screen with nothing happening. I have to restart the app just so I can play again. I hope this gets fixed soon. Overall, a good game.
The app suddenly stops after playing song one time. The problem is not the internet. I don't like when the app starts to stop in the middle of a song. I hope this thing gets solved as soon as possible.
I've downloaded it again after more than 2 years of not playing it. I love the nostalgia that it gives me whenever I play old songs but there's not much improvement to the game. It's just the same as before. I also looked at the manager clubs and there are still lots of people who play it. Hoping you guys will update and develop the game as soon as possible.
You removed some of your artists as they left YG which I can understand but why isn't Dara there?? She is still with YG. And you haven't fixed the black screen issue or the freeze after the end of each song. Why can't your programmer do something about this. There's been so many comments about the system bug but you continue to ignore the main problem making the game so annoying to play. This has been going on for nearly 2 years now.
the game is great. great story line. great graphics ext.but their is one problem, and that's the black screen. pretty much every time I would finish the level the screen would turn black and I can't touch anything, So I would have to restart the game just to go onto another level. besides this bug everything else is good. please fix the bug. I would be grateful.
So I've been playing for 520 days and I dare to say that I'm the most active player here. I love this game, it's unique in its own way. Man I would do anything for you to make Taeyang's Eyes, Nose, Lips available not just in Ranking Challenge. Also, the game is full of people who exploit the game, they cheat and hakc the skill challenge rankings and score ridiculous amount of scor ein some roadshow rankings. I hope you guys fix this, I want you to know that I'll play this game til the end.
When this game first came out, I thought it was amazing. I got to play an official YGE game--this was over a year ago. Now the game crashes after I've played a song and the screen goes black while the background music of the app is still playing... (EDIT) The game is STILL having the same issue for me. I'm fairly disappointed. You would think that any product of YG would be of a high caliber...guess I was wrong. I'm going to be uninstalling the game once more...such sadness.
It's so laggy and unmaintained. I'm better off just playing the other superstar games (sm,jyp, etc). No wonder they have a bad score.
I love this app better than ssyg. The only downfall of this app are the bugs that they never managed to fix. But I hope this would still be running. This has 2ne1 and old yg songs. With yg family contents and jinusean.
This is really fun, but for some reason the screen goes black after completing a song, so then I have to restart the game. If you fix this issue then this is an easy five stars.
I really enjoy playing this game, I can spend at least 2 hours a day! All features are working, I am using a Samsung Galaxy A70 with Android 10 btw. One thing I just hate (yes, hate) is the background music wherein I cannot see the option to turn off? It's kinda annoying especially when you are just in the lobby doing manager stuff. I hope the said setting gets added if there will be an update. Overall I love it!
The blackscreen issues is killing me. Like literally after each song it shows up and i have no other option than just to restart the app. Also, the lagging issues. Oh my God, it annoyed me! I tap the button, any button, and it's not responding! Please work on it, fix it immediately! I love this game and would give a great rate but it dissapoint me...
The fact that ever song I play it crashes and I have to wait for it to get fixed Like that's pretty annoying and I love this game and how it's made Also wish they where probably more songs? Idk seems like they are done with this game sadly
I love this game so much, but whenever I finish a schedule the screen goes black and I cannot do anything. This also happens when i try to pick up rewards, or comeplete a task. I used to play the game all the time since it came out untill this thing started happening. I eeported it a few times but nothing changee so eventually I quit playing. I hadn't played for over a year and a half, untill i tried it again the other day, It's very disapointing that no one has fixed it yet.
Hi~just wanna say I loveee this game so much cuz the music is so good!*BTW a VIP here. But a problem in facing is it stucks everytime after finishing a song(after seeing the results) and could you please fix it? It would be so nice. Thank you! *android user
This game crashes almost every time so I quick for 2 years till now the game still the same don't waste your money in this game for those beginners this game will just waste your money and luckily I not wasting any money in this game(this is the first game I ever played with so many crash and this bug never fix till now)
This game was fun and challenging, but the screen is always black after I played the game... And also after Seungri and Hanbin's issue the cards was removed pathetic, it's not fun anymore.
The screen blacks out after a game or two. And now, im on my 2nd day of not being able to connect to the server. I even sacrificed my account. Got the app uninstalled and reinstalled then tried running it again but it is still not connecting to the server. I have been enjoying and even loving it till yesterday when i didn't get my daily dose of YG artists and songs. FIX IT!!!! 😀😠🀬I
So I re-downloaded the app and I can't even get in the game unlike 2 years ago where the game is still smooth. It kept saying that the connection is lost even though it's strong. Then it doesn't load. What happened with this app?
I don't know what is wrong with this game, I already tried to play it on so many devices and still is lagging and it make me miss so many notes, I use to play it a lot, but for 2 years it started to dk like this.... I'm very disappointed. It used to be the best game ever, now I can even play a song without my screen getting stuck
There's a lot of glitch on this App. I used to love it back then because I'm a big fan of YG Family. But now I'm starting to hate the App. It always black out every time i try to collect the rewards and sometimes it just buffers. Please fix it.
So sad that they leave a great game with cool gameplay to the death. No update, no fixing black screen. I play superstar yg now but I see this game is still much better. Really sad
This game is so fun but there are some bugs to fix... Sometimes after playing the game my screen turn to black and i cannot continue to play... I hope this will be fix.... And please add the Treasure group also...
here's the tea 🍡 every time i finish a song, the game stops working. the gold colours only keep flashing, and the game wont go anywhere after that. i hate this, because this game used to be my favorite game. i was planning to get it when i got my new phone (samsung galaxy s9+), and thats when it started happening. i had no issues with this on my previous phone. my sister has the same phone, and she has the same problem. my best friend has a different phone, and it's not happening to her.
It's really good but when I go to roadshow and complete the song it's just opening a black screen. Just make an update.
Same here for the problems: the game bugs after only playing one song, (black screen with music playing background after pressing the confirmation button) and while playing it there is always one bug that would freeze the song and make you loose at least one beat! Please, we are a lot of players experiencing the same issues, can you do something to fix it?! I really love this game, in fact I was one of those who had pre-registered before it's official release, but it's not fun anymore! Please!!!
After many years of playing this game,I've bored it due to not constantly updating which it makes it so boring.I wouldn't suggest it for people who search for a similar game like this.I would suggest YG Superstar!
I used to play this game a lot and I really loved it. Now after a long break I downloaded it again and I'm just disappointed. My gosh there are so many bugs this just screams for an update. And with so many great artists and so many great songs gone it just got boring
Please, We all Love this games, we support our beloved artist. And please to developer, can you fix the bug and care to this games? Because We have so much fun playing this YG rhythm games. And the gameplay of this games is different from any other rhythm games. And there's a lot player that care and loves this game. Even with the glitch/bug we still support this games, but don't know when will we keep support this games if the problem doesn't fix immediately.
This game is an overall success except for a few bugs. When starting a song, the game seems to freeze and makes you miss a couple steps in the beats. Also, when you end a song in a district, the screen goes black while the music still plays. I have to close out the app and re open it again in order to play. Fix those 2 issues and I'll rate it a 5!
A good idea, but it often says the note is missed even if pressed at the right time. And that happens really often. So annoying πŸ™„ also at times gives you so much notes at all sides of the screen to be pressed that it impossible to do them all
Hey there! I just bought diamonds for the first time yesterday and am supposed to get the first buy reward but nothing came in. I didn't get my diamonds too at first until I restarted the app twice -and still none of the promised reward-. I tried to use the in-game user center, but it doesn't allow me to type my question, so I figured that I'd just post my question here. I hope you can help me with this problem. Thank you.
What really sucks about this game is that it doesn't have a lot of songs in the game especially the really popular ones. It is also not regularly updated like your competition (Superstar Games). Don't even get me started on the event missions. The way you make people pay for diamonds just so they can get the reward/card is just as insane as the number of songs that you can play for free.
i loved this game, played it almost religiously every day, even paid the platinum subscription for awhile. but now same as others, i get the black screen and have to restart the game to work, sometimes it shows progress sometimes it doesnt. i have since unistalled the game. I keep coming back to see if its fixed only to find out all our complaints have still been ignored. this by far was a superior game to the others ive played so to have it so buggy and broken is disappointing to say the least.
I re-downloaded this game because I love playing songs on expert fast. I didn't experience any glitches but my rating is mostly because it hasn't been updated for new artists and their songs. I feel like this game would be more popular if they did.
why suddenly i cannot access the game? Everything is fine until yesterday. Since yesterday, verytime I tried to log in, it always appear at the log in page that "you could not access the server, you have to check on your network". There is nothing wrong with my network since my other application is running well. I even tried to re-install the game but the same problem still occured.
Is this game even still being updated or managed anymore? The glitches are ridiculous. I find myself feeling anxious everytime I finish a song because sometimes, it'll glitch as soon as the score is meant to be displayed, and when I close the game and reopen it, it shows that I haven't played the song. I also cannot sync my touches for the life of me. A waste of time in its current state, which is a shame because I really love this game.
Been playing for a few years, but I just realized I haven't given it a review; Fun and all, but for some reason, after I play 2 rounds or sometimes even 1, the game screen goes black and won't load, so I have to restart the game after, and sometimes, the progress saves and sometimes not, but still, a great game, and therefore, you guys deserve 5 stars!!!
I've been playing this game for a year already. But past two months, I've been experiencing bugs. The screen turns blank after playing one song. Because of bugs during my ladder game, I keep losing my stars so I cannot progress at all. I have to restart the game from time to time. I really used to love this game. It just frustrates me that my in-game bug reports were all ignored. I dont know if this is also true for the other users of this game app. Please fix. Please.
I was so in love with this game, bcs there are most my fav songs and artis in. Even if in the end of songs it'll be freeze, i will restart and still playing. But now, it going worst. I can't event get through the game. Idk why, its been 2 days since i cant get in. Any body can give me some advice?
I've been playing this game since 2018. And I'm having issues with my new phone now. That's the reason why I stopped playing since after every game, the screen will go black. Can you please fix this issue or bug? I miss playing and collecting cards. Please!!!
I love this game so much! My sister told me about this game and I love it. But there is one problem, it is sometimes laggy when I am playing a song. But apart from that it is my favorite k pop game
Game worked perfectly on my previous phone, attempted install on the new phone a few months back and the game wouldn't open. Have now reinstalled and it works, except the screen turns black after a song finished and cannot be fixed without restarting the game. Very disappointing as I loved playing this game and its now essentially unplayable.
I love the game and it's very fun to play but it desperately needs an update to fix the bugs its had for the past few years. Everytime you try to play after one song it says the server is unavailable and to play I have to close the app and restart it which isnt worth it. I'll download it again when it works better hopefully it gets fixed because I love it.
I love the graphics. Smooth!! But the problem is, I keep failing to update in-game MULTIPLE TIMES and took me almost an hour to finally complete it, even though my WiFi is in a really good speed. The other problem is, everytime I complete a song and press confirm, the game shows black screen. So I can only play 1 song and I need to re-open the app to play again. That's really annoying so please fix this.
Used to play this game on my old android phone every day when it first released and even spent quite a fair bit of money in-game for around two years. After I've switched to a new phone (upgraded from android 4.2 to 9), the game keeps crashing/shows black screen after every song, but works fine on my old phone. Honestly disappointed that nothing is done to fix the bugs/glitches to optimise to both old and newer android models after so long. This game used to be good, from 5 stars to 1 star.
For those who encounter black screens after each song, look for the version 1.1.39 APK online. It's the same version but doesn't have the bugs. Krunk dorm is NOT available. Turn off your auto update for bug-free gameplay. Also, game devs PLEASE add ALL the songs of the artsists esp BP who only has 7 ingame. The iconic KTL, DKWTD and D4 aren't even there to add to the hype
I really love the game, the 3 chord lines concept is really great. But there's a problem whenever a song is finished playing, the screen will be just blank. Please fix this issue so that i can recommend it to my friends.
I loved this game for a long time because I was able to play my favorite YG artist songs. But after the issues with Seungri and the game removing him and others from the lineup, I'm never playing this game again. I spent so long playing this game and spent a total of 200$ or more trying to earn Seungri cards (was and will always be my fave) and rank top 10 on his songs only for everything to be removed? It feels like a slap in the face, a spit in the eye and a "Thanks for your money, dumba**"
I like this game. It has many YG songs including 2ne1! But it keeps crashing after I play just one song. So i need to keep reopen it. Please fix it juseyoo
This app was great when it was released in 2017. After an update in December 2017 it started crashing to a point playing was impossible. I spent so much money on this game and I am devastated that this keeps happening to it. There is no hope for this game to be fixed or news songs to be added. I've been reporting problems since January 2018 on Facebook, Play Store, App store and even Instagram yet still nothing. If you really want to play it, download an APK from August 2017.
This game is still far better than Superstar YG in terms of gameplay but it is such a waste how you just let an awesome game to rot. If you could've fixed some of the bugs and added new songs, this app should had the potential of being one of the best apps but you are like YGent forgetting that they have artists while you forgot that you have a game. You are just wasting money
Hello. The game is really good imho. However, there are some bugs . The first one is the black screen appears everytime I finish one game. The second one is that sometimes the buttons don't react on my touches no matter how hard I tap on them. I hope you fix it in the next update ^^ And I'm definitelly gonna change my rating to 5 stars as well. Fightin'~~
Love the game, but its very limited. I purchased a subscription but the game wont connect to the server. Its been three days. Im hoping I'll get a refund.
I already played this game a long time ago and it was awesome and very addictive. Then I changed my phone but when I installed it again it always crashes and stopped working, it freezes up. Hope you fix these issues thanksss.
i mean it's fun and stuff (i don't have the problem with the screen going black like some reviews say yet),,, but i was very disappointed that not a single treasure song is on there i mean, yes, they "just" debuted, but they're my ult group and that kinda ruins the game for me they're now a part of the yg family after all yk :c
There are so many bugs that need to fix . Everytime I play a song , the screen turns to black . So I need to restart the game every single time . I love the game but thats the promblem . fix it . FIX THE BUGS
There are so many bugs that need fixing. After I play a song, the screen turns black and I still need to restart the game every single time. I saw that your last update was still from 3 years ago. I think you've abandoned this game. And what bothers me is that you even ask for Gold or Platinum Membership that requires actual money but then you don't give the players quality interface.
I really like the game so far but the screen keeps on going black after I tap confirm on the screen after completing a song. I really hope you can fix it as fast as possible At first I thought that this was the forced update but after reading the reviews I realised it was not. I don't want to deal with this problem. I am using samsung s9 and this was the only app that has this problem. I tried all sorts of way and those did not work
Hi. First of all i used to play this game since it was released. I stopped playing this for a year or so, and after updated i tried playing it again & realise that it keeps being blacked out. This is not fun anymore. If you dont wish to update/fix the issue since the last update was 2017, i suggest u just terminate this app. :)
I played this game 2 years ago and it's really good. I love the songs and i almost finished the tour. Now, i install it again, but it's not working. After the download is complete and logged in, the screen is freezing. I restart the game, but it's freezing again. Please fix the game. Thank you for the great game, but please give more hard work to this game. Many people love this game. Last year, i have been sent the complain on the game app, but it's not fixed yet.
This game is so entertaining. I used to have with this back then when it is still working smoothly. I just hope that the developers would maintain the smoothness of the app because a lot of people really love this especially YG Stans. Thru this app, at least we get to have fun and reminisce that time when the original YG Family is complete and strong.
Why does a blank screen always appear after I play 2 songs? Please repair it. I really want to play it, but it crashes a lot.
The game is great but it keeps freezing it makes the game less enjoyable for and I really hope this problem can be fixed as soon as possible
GAME KEEPS CRASHING πŸ˜‘ THIS STILL HADNT BEEN FIXED? COME ON. PLEASE? I jusr reslly want to be able to play again... i love this game and uses to play it all the time. for some reason it always freezes up and crashes. not in a way that i can ignore and play for a while either. after a song ends it will just freeze. if i can manage to get past one song, it freezes at the next screen and i cant go back or load any other screen. i keep trying it again hoping it will be fixed but i guess still not.
I love the app and I downloaded it back when it was first released because it seemed fun. Back then I would've given it 5 stars without a second thought. However, last year, the screen started blacking out after one play. I've lost so much exp, diamonds, money and time playing just for it to crash. This doesn't happen to everyone so don't worry, users that don't experience this. As soon as this big issue is changed, I'll give it 5 β˜†s
this is a great app. too bad it has never been updated again. It looks nicer than other similar applications. Maybe if it is updated, it will be greatπŸ‘‰πŸ‘ˆ
Update: this never got fixed, and I even have a new phone now and it's still doing the same thing, so I'm dropping my rating to 3 stars. Can't really enjoy a game that needs to be reloaded ever 2 minutes. Great game. The only issue I'm having is that after completing a song, the app freezes on a black screen. I have to close and reopen the game after every song.
gameplay itself is good but i deducted 1 star because of the black screen glitch. i had to download an old version to prevent the glitch. i cant use the dorm but its a small trade off. this game is not for people who want updates for new songs, but are content with the current songs and gameplay style.
overall its pretty great, fun game and stuff, but sometimes when i pause the gameplay, and later on resume, they will score me with a '0' , even when i scored all perfect... please fix this , thanks!! it caused me to lose alot of manager reputation
The game is very funny, but since my phone updated to Android 8 I'm having this black screen issue that everyone's talking about and the game is now unplayable. For what I've googled, this issue is like this at least from February. As a developer I can't understand why this wasn't fixed in a matter of days, I'm sure this little bug made you lose thousands of dollars.
I really enjoyed this game, it's very addictive. However, upon finishing a song and pressing CONFIRM once I received my score, I would be shown a black screen with the background music playing on repeat and the game would freeze. I had to restart the app every time I finished a song, and it got tiring real quick. If this were fixed, perhaps my rating would improve. On another note, the graphics took a little getting used to, but were nice, and I absolutely loved the concept. The game in itself just really screams YG.
I love the game, but there are so many bugs that I can't enjoy it at all. YG should've partnered with Dalcomsoft because their games are much better, plus no bugs (at all). The black screen keeps appearing whenever I finish a song and I have to restart the game OVER AND OVER AGAIN. This game is so disappointing, it takes up a lot of space but it's just trash.
As much as I love the game, I've encountered an issue with a few levels where the goals are unattainable. For example, a couple of songs have goals to get a certain combo. Even when I all combo the level, I still don't hit the number. For example, the game wants me to have a 600 combo for a song that only has 400
Unable to play the songs. Whenever I want to tap on the coming things(excuse my explanation) it just doesn't acknowledging me tapping at all. Menu, management, everything is fine, but the actual playing. Maybe it's unable to recognise higher level Android phones? Xiaomi Redmi Note 9/but it wasn't working on my previous Huawei P Smart as well.
used to play on my old phone and works really fine. been stop playing it years ago and after i changed my phone to new one, since i miss playing so i installed it back and i just keep getting black screen or somewhere stuck before or after play and somewhere else. i thought i'm thr only one having those probs so yeah, please fix these probs :(
I like this game alot but the randomly goes black and I have to keep closing it and reopening it, it gets very annoying please fix this and I will rate it a 5
The game is fun and all but everytime I finish playing a song there is a black screen!! I can't press anything or do anything and I'm forced to restart the app just to play another song. It's just annoying!!! This problem has been here for so long and there has been no updates to fix this. I had an apple phone before and the app was honestly perfect. Now I have a Samsung S8 and it isn't working anymore! My one star rating will stay this way until you update this app. FIX THIS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!
The game itself is really fun and I enjoy it a lot. However, the game keeps crashing when I play through a song. If it doesnt crash directly after, it crashes when I try to play another song. It's incredibally annoying and the ONLY reason I don't like to play this game. I'm not sure why it's an issue but PLEASE fix it. I would really like to enjoy playing the game..
I think there is a bug or something 'cause after getting the results/grade in the end of the game, my screen goes black and nothing to display. But the BGM is still playing. So, for the mean time, I am re-starting the app to continue and enjoy playing but I don't want this everytime I play BeatEVO. Please fix this issue. I am using Poco F1.
Wait, this game updates from 2017??? And still there bug like black screen??!!! I think this is new. Feels like they abandoned this game. I will stop playing until the new updates. This is terrible.
I didnt have any issue with this app when I installed this last 2019 on my old phone. Now I have changed into newer phone and obviously it is a better phone in terms of gaming than my old one, but when I installed this app I encountered many bugs and blackscreen issues that i didnt have before. It gets worse and worse!
I love this game but after i play a song, the screen turns to black and i need to restart the game AGAIN AND AGAIN..PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!!
I love the game very much but, the only thing that keeps me from wanting to play often is the fact that after I play one song and try to go back to the roadshow menu it always just goes to black and never advances. Then I have to close the app and start it back up again just to play another song which gets really annoying really fast. Please fix.
I had to delete the app momentarily but when I re-downloaded it, It won't let me log into my X.D account. I paid for both monthly subscriptions so I'm a bit frustrated. I don't want to miss out on my daily bonuses. It keeps saying network error but I know that its not my internet because everything else seems to be working just fine. I really don't want to quit playing the game but if i can't get into my account that ive built up for so long, I don't plan on starting over. Please fix this
The game experiences black screens after one song play. My phone just got released very recently, the Oppo F11 Pro. The whole layout of the game is messy in my opinion. Take a look at DalcomSoft's games. It's very organized. Also, menu animations are very slow. Make them faster in the next long-awaited update. I recommend this game but only if you're very bored. I can't see the appeal to play it daily..
I used to love this game when it first came out, but it's pretty glitchy now sometimes. I loved the memories the songs brought up (especially all of the ones from the 2000s), but now that CL, Psy, Lee Hi, Epik High, and others are gone as well as their music, I'm not really into the game. I also lost my gold CL card with the update. I understand that artists didn't sign, but I feel players should have been compensated for losing high level cards.
Everytime I finish the game, the screen turned black and stuck. I have to close the app and launch it again to continue it.
This game always crashed when I get a full star and when I opened the game again it doesn't record my score so I have to restart it again. Hopefully you can fix this problem and I'll give you a five star. Thank you
Used to love this game. But right now after installing it in my new phone, i keep having issues. Like after playing a game. When you click confirm after it shows you your stats, the screen turns black, yet the background music is still playing. And when I clicked back to go to the main page, the screen froze. I'll have to exit the game, force close it and then reopen it to play another game. Please fix this issue. Once the issue has been fixed, I'll change the rating to 5 stars
I really love the game. Nonetheless, there's a lot of bugs to be fixed. Some that I came across with were the screen turning black and I have to restart the game. Most of the times I can't play to songs without after the first one having to restart the game. That's really sad because this is a great game, graphics are perfect and the gameplay is really well designed. If it weren't the blocked screen and the crashes this would be my favorite game. Hope you can fix this issues!
I really enjoy this game, but the speed of the notes is too fast and out of sync! I keep trying to fix it in the note speed settings but it doesn't work. Please fix this, so I can enjoy it even more!
I love the songs, I love the thrill but the thing is that it freezes everytime I win. It also takes a lot of memory which I understand but it also means it will take so long to download. As I can see, you last updated it way back 2017, there's a lot of new songs. What is wrong with the developers?
Every time I try to log in or sign up it says "Server connection failed" or something related to that. I've reseted my device multiple times and disconnected and reconnected my wifi multiple times and nothing works! Please kindly work on this error! I would've loved to give it a 5 star but with this issue I'm sadly giving a 2 star. I will edit this once things get fixed up. Please help!
There is a huge bug in this game and I was so frustrated it. Whenever I finished a mission, the page will turn black and could not press anything at all. Therefore, I need to shut down the game and restart again. Besides that, whenever I play ladder, after finishing a song, the page will start blinking and lagged which made me could not clear the song even if I won that round. Please fix this. Overall it is quite a nice game.