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Beat Roller - Music Ball Race

Beat Roller - Music Ball Race for PC and MAC

Is a Music game developed by AMANOTES located at 470 NORTH BRIDGE ROAD #05-12 BUGIS CUBE SINGAPORE (188735). The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Music game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It takes sooo much time to load please do something If the loading would be fast then I would like to rate it as five 🌟
This makes me fusterated from the "tink tink" and my phone vibrates when it's wrong and also I now have slow wifi
The game itself looks good but I'm having a heck of a lot of problems like I can get into the game no problem but when I'm looking for a song to do, it constantly freezes up on me and when I have finished choosing a song to do and once it finishes loading and before I even get a chance to start it, it kicks me out of the game automatically and I don't know why it keeps doing that to me.
I liked the game at first but then I got on the game to play and all my gems were gone and all my songs on there were gone as well 😠
Really good app but 1 star because it doesn't let you pick your favorite song it just says watch an ad to get the song it would be great if you could let us actually pick our favorite songs thxxxxxπŸ™‚πŸ˜Š
I could not even get in!!! Everytime I tried it would log me out!!! When I finally got in and chose a song it LOGGED ME OUT!!! I'm uninstalling right now!!!
I love the game but there are to many ads and the game sometimes lags but I will give it a four stars
I suppose it's okay. I mean it's TRUE it's fun and has good music but I'd like the endless mode to be optional . It's not as fun when your favourite song is constantly ruined by constantly speeding up! Also I wish the music had some more recent songs too the ads are also annoying but other than that it's a good game.
I already made a post but after I unlocked a couple songs it stopped working. It's really fun but I can't play Renegade, Surface, or Pandemonium. It says Song Load Fail. So I can only play songs I've already unlocked and can't unlock anymore.
Came back to play my own songs and the game can't even detect them now.. The game is alright, responds to songs very accurately but that's where the compliments stop. I don't want to play songs that are preinstalled and can't cater to everyone's tastes and needs, plus the included song library is kinda short and there's no way to remove ads. you can't play this offline there is only 4 songs that are offline the rest require internet and diamonds to buy.
So like about this game, it kinda makes you feel relaxed like, it's a really fun game for when your bored and stuff, it has music! That's the best part about the game. It Helps you get better better and better, like the song bad guy it was hard for me, but now I got better and beat it. I suggest you download it you don't have to though 😊
This game is world best game Music Plus award in the very good so much of good pictures in this game is best in you need to download the game and this game is best game in the world you must for this game thank you
I like it but when you coplete the whole song a voice shows a b, c orsomething and says ok or fine but I still like it
I really love the game but the problem is ads is everywhere, everytime when I played.This app may losing ur data so I unlocked only 15 songs. In another time maybe I unlocked all the songs. K n of the problem so THIS GAME IS AMAZING(4menot4youiguess)But plz DESTROYED the ads(lol)Some of people desc the game 'I want to continue' then it's stuck but it works on me. So,end then(lol)actually there's moreee :) *noted;maybe I get the same problem as u guys(rated on 1>3*
Love the songs but warning to all that play everyday the reset all your songs I beat them all straight s and right after I beat last song app resets and all songs are erased second it says there's 1,000s of songs try 50 that's it crappy
This is the best game I ever played and the endless mode is just gorgeous πŸ˜β€οΈπŸ’™ each and every thing about this game is amazing . I love it .If I start playing once I can't stop. This is the best game ever.One more thing the fever mode is also so nice.
I am just fu***ing fed up with the ads. Can't even play a full song without ads. Don't know why this app keeps on showing stupid ads. Just irritates me the most. Beat Roller needs to improve in shortening the no. of ads. All in all its a very good app. But what's the point in just seeing ads and not playing the game?
This Game is awsome! it has an amazing list of songs. and lots of them are really popular. but when you go threw a gate there is this 'tink" sound that really disturbs the song. but other than that this game is great!
Such a smooth game!WOW!AMAZING let's try it!by the way that was in my head. In the ad I got said that you can type whatever song! I was so excited but it was false and plus I can't even enjoy the game for a SECOND! It keeps showing up ads!ARE YOU SERIUS? LIKE COME ON! by the way it's a really smooth game so that's one star if it wasn't then you get a 0. (I know you can't rate 0 but still their lucky it's a smooth game) I hope you guys/girls understand and read the reviews before you play.
The game is honestly a rip off. When I first started playing I thought it was cool. Controls were nice and smooth but as I got to the second song I realized it sounded off. All the songs are not sang by the original artists and after 3 plays they want you to watch adds for the rest of the 20 songs listed. Honestly ridiculous...the only reason you get 2 stars is because the game play was pretty smooth which is rare with games like these.
I think this is great! I love the quality I definitely recommend that you install this IMMEDIATELY!! ITS AMAZING 😍😍😍😍😍
FRIG,I'M ADDICTED!! πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚πŸ˜… It's probably because i love music so much but,this game is lit! I didn't even know you could import your own songs until,i started playing Michael Jackson! 100% ,Get this game! If you love music and,minigames,you HAVE to try this app! So fun! πŸ‘ŒπŸΎ
This is probably the weirdest glitch I think. I want to restart my game but it reset my progress every time I leave the game. Can you fix this issue please. I want to play this game
This Game is actual pretty Amazing for me I have to say. The only problem is that I keep on lagging and I was even lagging the first time I play. But the only reason I give this 5 star was because the background and music were so good and I fell in love with it because not so many ads like the other! So keep working hard on it cause I really enjoyed it!
there is one problem everytime i win or lose this annoying thing keep popping up it keep saying this is song leaderboard you can compare ur score with other players here and then I have to log out and in to play what is that about 😑😑😑
This game really is great! I like to play it when I'm bored, and the fact that you can import a song is great! I used to have some issues with this game, but the developers kindly fixed the problems I had before, so now I gave it a better reveiw as promised! :)
Its good aap but it not contains more songs i was finding seΓ±orita,baby and somemore but there are not more songs i hope it will be improved πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡,otherwise its good game
Thank god i clicked no i dont watch a 30 second add and still automatically get sent to watch a 30 second ADD WITHOUT THE REWARD FOR WATCHING IT i was so worried that this was gonna be a good app 🀣 thank you for reminding me why i dont play games on my phone cause 90% of phone games are just grabage adds that have nothing to do with actual game thats advertise if you want a good game try peach blood no adds great game to waste time Thats Peach Blood have a blessed day β€πŸ™‚πŸ–•
Worst beat game i ever EVER played. I conplete a round game shows a leader board sign and it dont go away, i try to play my songs and none even load! W T F
I have had this game before and it is really fun to play I am so happy about this game and I like the songs to I know them all by heart and I love to hear them and I really like this!!! ❀️😁
Very hard but very fun do not recvomend if you don't like when the songs don't end when the game ends.
There are so many ads that it is just not worth playing anymore. I will get 30 second ads back to back without the option to skip everytime I die, finish a game, start a game, etc. Even when I click that I don't want an ad to continue it shows me two. I know that ads are important but so is making the game fun enough to want to play again and again. It also glitches out time to time and makes the ball very laggy and hard to control.
I would rate this at least 4 star but it's so glitchy, and I tried importing a song but every time I try it kicks me off the app and I tried clearing storage, restarting my phone, and uninstalling and reinstalling the app but it still won't work.
It always cruses my ball why through the gate very disappointingπŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜” when I'll put endless mode it will go very fast any crases always through the gate very bad 😠😠😠😠😀 I cannot download this anymore
I love it,so fun,thank you!,im never deleting it because when im bored i play it then im not bored anymore!!!!!,THANKKK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUU SOMUCH,Its perfect for meh,Im so happy there’s no add’s,cause if it did then you will have To Waste your money to get rid of Add’s,Thank You For WhoEver Made This,It’s So MUCH,MUCH FUN,Your Welcome For The Five Star’s For WhoEver Made This,It’s Just Amazing:)))))))>>>>,Never Deleting It Like Never,β€”Neverβ€”Ever,For whoever is reading this or the person your Yw!!!.
Ok now I play a lot of games but I also spend a lot of time on tik tok and YouTube. Now the games I play are more PvP like, per say Minecraft. This game is so inspiration and calming. It is a great app. I spent days trying to beat (let it go) that then I was like duh just sing it. And it worked so if you know the song I would recommend singing the song if it helps. Over great app. There's not much more to say about the app it's just a really good app. πŸ™ƒ
Adds are a lie, disappointing selection of songs(not even the full song) i could find better songs on Guitar hero. Just an awful rythem game, Why am i giving it 2 stars instead of 1? Because you can download songs, but even then that still sucks, you can't download the songs you actually like rather than being forced to play the games poor options of "songs". I would like to see actual good songs on this, like imagine playing Through the fire and flames on this, that would be insane. Pls add dis
I used to enjoy this game but now it doesn't even port all my songs or let alone play the right song at all now
The amount of advertisements in this game is abhorrent. Here's a list of all the times that you pay these money grubbers! 1. Unlocking new songs. 2. Unlocking skins for balls. 3. Starting a song. 4. Finishing a song. 5. Double gems button at the end of the song. 6. Free gems button. 7. Tapping on the present. 8. Continuing from a lost life during the song. If I could give 0 stars, I would. The amount of effort put into this game is MINIMAL. STOP REWARDING THESE TYPES OF GAMES.
It's a cool concept, but the execution is ghastly. First of all, the game gives you two ads after you fail a song and it gets annoying. Second, the feature that lets you import songs you have downloaded on your phone is a cool feature, but it's not executed well. The songs you import don't take too long to load, but when you play them they are so off beat that I bet I could make a better version.There is much more I would like to add to this, but the word cap is 500 so I can't.
I saw the ads for the game and wanted to try it. When I opened the tab I started playing the game but it was super laggy. I closed it and reopened it. It gave me the song choice. I chose the song and played it. I failed because it lagged/glitched and I couldn't move. It said continue and I hit the button. It kept saying unsuccessful. I would like to know if it's my computer or your game. It shows you typing in the song which is a lie. FIX THIS.
As a music lover, I enjoyed this but a lot of problems made me dissatisfied. Very first, it has a lot of ads, even most of the songs are unlocked by ads, which can said to be ok though. But the most dissatisfying thing was that the custom songs only read my internal storage and not the memory card. And everytime an ad is needed to be seen to add a custom song. Further, most custom songs do not get completely synchronized with the gates, I don't know how it works but it needs improvement.
Honestly a pretty great game I didn't expect it to be as fun as it is. Does it have ads, yes and probably too many. But here's where the app gives back. Don't like their music selection for the app? It allows you to upload your own music from your phone! And it really does work. It takes no longer than a minutes for the game to create a unique level for your specific music. Amazing app. 10/10
I love music. It hypes me up. This game, takes really good songs, ones you like, and ones that you know know youll like, because the only way to hear a whole demo of the song, is to "beat" it. (IrEgrETNoTHinG!!) EDIT: I absolutely HATE Frozen with a passion, but this game showed me Let It Go, which used to give me a migraine, is actually a pretty good song, since I could actually hear the lyrics. The movie is still trash to me though...
Thank you so much for fixing the bug but how ever i am uninstalling it because it wont let me in the at first when i reinstalled it because that bug was fixed but now it wont let me in the app im going to leave five stars because i love the app but i am uninstalling it maybe ill reinstall it another time
I missed one note, it immediately killed me and gave me the option to watch an ad to revive. These are the WORST types of rhythm games. As soon as I died, i uninstalled. I doubt this game does anything super crazy better than the other garbage games that kill you for not 100%ing the whole song. There's too many other games to waste your time watching tens of ads just to have a little play session. Goodbye forever, game!
This game is very laggy and doesn't have a restart option when you make a mistake there is only a continue and you have to watch an add for it
I would have given this game a higher rating because I've loved playing it, but I've had my progress reset like three different times. I had a lot of songs I played that I now have to replay, had a bunch of balls and trails unlocked, and a bunch of gems saved up.
I liked the game but it kept freezing so i would lose a lot cuz of it freezing and i didnt want to keep watching videos cuz of it freezing and me losing it would mostly happen in the beginning of the game or in the middle of the round
It's not 'cuz it is a bad game just it lags so much that i can't even move AND the song doesn't even really start. So I hope this is helpful for someone weird like me lol. Edit: OK I HATE THIS APP IT IS SO BAD I WILL NEVER GET THIS APP AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It takes so much time in loading the game that's why im giving only two star to this game i have never seen this much worst game in my life .
I don't really like this game a lot so I give it three stars I don't really like this game like so I gave it three stars because it always gets me out of the game when I know the Beats all the time and even when I try to get in the holes it doesn't let me so I'm just going to uninstall that game and probably rate one star or maybe even no
Annoying voice telling me everything. Annoying sound effects that I can't turn off w/o turning off the music. Multiplayer Leaderboard. Balls no longer being purely cosmetic. Still not able to play mids. Yep, you ruined the game Amanotes.
Definitely false advertising! In the ad it showed you typing in whatever songs you wanted, which is not the case. This is not okay to do in order to trick people into downloading your game. And then you have to watch an ad just to get any other songs.-_- And ads are outrageous! I lost a level and it gave me an option to watch an ad to continue, or not to continue, I chose not and I was still bombarded with an ad. What's the point of giving us the option if you're still gonna hit us with ads?!
The app wont let me import any songs of mine. I dont like pop a lot so i choose to import my own music into it. But the problem is that it just wont let me. Whenever i import one, it constantly loads and i dont ever get to play it. Please get this fixed this is really annoying
i really like the concept its really fun so thanks and kudos to creators and everyone involved i just kinda suck at the game heh but i still play and love the game 🀣
The game was good and easy......it can be preferable for those who are playing the game for music 🎡......but very nice game.....if it had access to more songs it would be great...πŸ€©β€οΈπŸ™
I would have given this app 5 stars... but it started being laggy and wouldn't let me control the ball and I had a fav. Song on this app but they deleted and put in different songs as my favorite this is why I put in 3 stars in. when I installed This app I said ima put a review and 5 stars that was before they made a lot of changes and the updates they added would make my experience not great . It would be amazing if they put back in more of the old songs back in.
Amazing that you can insert mp3 songs can you make a level builder plzz make it more amazing making levels with mp3 songs
This game is kind of cool because you haf to roll the ball to the hops but its kind of hard because if you touch the lin on the hops you dye
The best game EVER it isnt too hard, i love all of the backround(s) and all of my fav song are on it! 10\10 i love it. If i coild i would download evry single game you make. Great game. 5 stars.
It was fun at 1st but keeps popping up 'watch ad failed' just about every time I tried to watch an ad to unlock anything. Also kept glitching so wasn't smooth and finally caused my phone to crash. I had the app all but 10min before the crash happened. Deleted
This game has ads and there's so many ads that I die. Like the IT. And I play my song. And ad play for 9 sec ad. I hate this game SO MUCH. 🀬🀬🀬
Tbh, it's a really fun game and all, but whenever I mess up and choose to click the continue with add button it doesn't let me click on it and doesn't explain why, and then when I go back to the home button it makes me watch an add right after I wanted to watch an add to continue playing, but then doesn't give me another chance. I would like that fixed, but other than that this game is amazing! Its super fun and is a great game to play when your bored!
I played this game before and this didn't happen last time I played this but it just was glitching so much I have to turn off my tablet reset my tablet and whole thing And I was trying to quick when it said you can Click this to play with multiplayers and blah blah blah but Like so crazy I couldn't even get out of it that Of the game I'm So sad because I really wanted to play this game it's just so glitchy so can you please fix that like I don't know how you can but If you fixed that thx! 😁😁
Terrible, It said on the ads to pick any song you wanted to play the beat to (lie). The ads in the game are ridiculous I tried to watch an ad to continue the level and it took me 5 minutes to get off of the ad and back into the game and by the time my phone stopped freezing up I already failed the level again without doing anything. 1 star from me I would rate 0 star review if I could .
This game is soooo bad like I opend it played 2 games then it kicked me of and this caried on untill I uninstalled it
It's AWESOME! I couldn't figure it out at first but if you have power director and have downloaded songs then just go to there. It's really really cool. I was looking for this type of game! It's pretty easy on some songs b/ it goes with the tempo. You really should get it thoughπŸ˜– you just have to watch one add and it doesn't need dimonds or gems! All you need is the music downloaded! I recommend this alot!πŸ€— Bye!~ lil cuppy(gacha tuber)πŸ˜‰
It can't play any music, there are glitches due to me reinstalling the app, and plus, it's too slow. Please fix this app so that I can play it again.
Ads ads ads everywhere even if I dodnt click on anything. The music, it's only pop music or other electronic stuff, but where is Metal and rock and stuff? But the music beat are on time with the ball, that's why I gave it 2 stars
This game is so fun ! I like that you can unlock the next level by watching ad and by diamonds but that's okay because you can get diamonds everytime you finish the level. The gameplay is also fun and quite challenging because you need to move your finger quickly sometimes to match up the tempo of the song. Another cool feature that I like is that you can also play with songs from your song library... But in my case, there are some song that I can't play even though I have the song in my library
This is such an amazing app! The game is very simple and self explanatory and very easy to use. There aren't many ads which is great. I rate this a 4.5 star. Amazing.
I like this game! But I only have two complaints/problems. Number One is that whenever I would try to import in a song, the game would kick me out!!! I hated that because I would even try to restart my phone, and the app itself in order to play it. My second issue is that there are too many ads! Please lower down the ad count! It's a common problem with free games and apps, so don't worry. But please try and fix it! :)
Absolutely incredible game and great if you're bored! There are also some great tunes on there!! My favourite song on there is bad guy by Billie EillishπŸ˜ƒ.
I downloaded this app bacause I usually like music games and this one was a little different than the others I've tried. Despite the many, MANY ads, I was having fun, until the game decided to throw an unbeatable bug into a level. No matter what I do, I always die on a gate that's a few seconds into the song. Same gate every time, even if I hit it perfectly. As such, I can't progress and that's too bad.
Funny game to play a hand or 2-3, but the ads are ao draaticly much, like its enjoyable but the ads after every game are just 1 star less, atleast give adds after every 3 games its just too much to be honest imagine having no wifi, how much internet would it eat... But the gameplay and songs are just great love the game but for me its just 4 stars atleast untill the adds spawn time change
I am starting to feel like this game is not fun eversince i saw it i have being looking at the review they have been giving it 2 stars whatever is wrong on this game fix it
the game isn't too bad. at least it doesn't force as many ads as other games and it has a good selection of songs. the gameplay is alright, nothing revolutionary but it's a good time-killer. 3 stars because i just started and it crashed, erasing three songs worth of progress. not a big deal, but a little concerning for playing in the future.
I really Loved😍😍😍😍 this application!! I even loved that feature of uploading our own song and then having fun... This is fabulous.. Keep it up! πŸ’―βœŒπŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ». Loved it! πŸ˜€πŸ˜
The game is really cool but when I try to play one of my songs on the app it needs ads to laod and when I have internet connection the game tells me that the reward ads are a fail, they should fix it.
i find it really fun, but the problem is the ads. People say it's fine, but I have countless games that people say have to many ads and I find those fine, but this, you can't do anything without five adds! Normally I turn on airplane mode to help, bur this app wont load the songs, because it says you don't need an ad to get it, but it won't let you on it if you don't watch on. Those free one's only account for like 5% of the songs too! All the others need ads or gems to unlock.
The only song that actually played was the song that they start you out with. I tried to play two different songs from the selection they gave and neither one of them ever played. It would get to around 70 or 80 percent and then stop when loading up the song. I tried to play one of the songs that's on my phone and the song that played wasn't tge right one. It wasn't even another song on my phone just some random one from the game. Just a waste of storage space.
I like the idea of importing my own song, bit there are just so many so many ads that I can take it anymore. Whather I pass, I fail, I revive or upload a song
This is the second best game ever next to Minecraft. But I downloaded songs to use in the app. And it kept showing that I didn't had the songs in my library. I restarted the app several times. The problem is the same.
The game was soooo laggy to the point where I couldn't even play. I tried restarting it, even restarting my phone, but to no prevail. It is a cool concept, but very poor execution.
I had downloaded this game after seeing an add for it on youtube. I was super excited, i love these types music games. However, the game failed to load. Every time I opened it an error would come up saying "loading failed please try again later". This continued for hours until I gave up and uninstalled. I'm no expert but I'm pretty sure this is caused by bad programming.
In the ads of this game it was shown you could type out your favourite song and it will play. But no its just giving a playlist of songs and I played a song and it just stopped loading on 72%. I waited for 50 seconds but no it was on 72% only. I just deleted it in 2 mins. I don't know that it's a game or a ad show Clip. Horrible Game..............😱😱😱😱😡😡
Fun but sumtimes freezes up some times annoying but the music makes up for I really like it I would say go ahead and try the game out for your self can't go wrong with it
The game felt really relaxing and when I did it loved hearing the songs when I played the game. It is an amazing game!
I just wish that I could turn off the sound effects. The sound effects mess with the music and I don't like it so I hope that you will make that possible if not I'm not playing anymore because it screws the music.
I vote this out if five because this game is super fun a extremely hard but what makes this game amazing is that it plays the hard loud beats and the soft beats and what makes it better is that you can choose witch song you wanna play so from all the games this one was the funest game 😁
I love this game but the reason why it has 4 stars is because when I want to import a song the song I want to import doesn't show up. I've tried reseting the game multiple times and I even uninstalled and reinstalled the game but it didn't show up. Fix this if you can please.
Game is great. But the most frustrating thing after the "Leaderboard update" is that, after playing the first song and you go back to main menu, the tutorial is stuck in "This is the song leaderboard". It doesn't let me play on another song unless i exit the game and relaunch it. So please fix this bug. (Ps.Please add a button to on/off for sound effects)
Ts not opening it tells that we need internet connection to update it but when i open my network it stucks in 0% even if my network is very fast
Game literally spams ads every 5 seconds during songs and if you hit no tha ks it insta fails you and sends you back to main screen. Save yourself the trouble and do not download not worth your time
My experience with beat roller is AEWSOME I love the game and it really helps me calm down and have fun.πŸ˜€
Just why the hell do I need to have connection on to play this game? So that you can show ad every time I start a game? I'm giving it a 1 star only because I cannot give minus points. Will update my review with a 5 star when this game becomes available offline
I would give this a higher rating but I honestly can't, first the binge thing whenever you touch the circle with the ball is very annoying, I've noticed that in other games like this it's quiet and let's you enjoy the song but in this one it doesn't, second the ads ,they play the second you pass the game or fail it,and whenever you touch a song you wanna hear,other then that the game is sorta good,I guess
I really wanted a relaxing offline game to play. But thats not what i got. I got this game only to see a screen where it wouldnt even load. It was on the home screen, and would NOT LOAD. I hate this game.
I really enjoyed this game, I unlocked many songs and a few balls which just disappeared the next moment.Yes! My diamonds, all the songs that i bought, the balls just shows that I need to buy them again! This is so annoying! I spent 200 diamonds to unlock a ball skin and now it shows I had not unlocked them!
The gameplay itself is pretty fun. You can listen to (albeit terrible in myopinion, my tastes are different) some great songs while rolling your ball and even import your own songs from your phone to play along to. However, my experience was killes by the thing we all dread the most... Ads. I played for maybe ten minutes and watched almost as many ads. You die? Ad. You want to get a new ball skin? Ad. You win? Ad. Want to import a song? Ad. Want to play one of the songs already loaded? Ad.
I have downloaded and tried this twice, yesterday I was about to play this game but it was not responding. This time is worse! It look like it almost killed my phone! Please fix this!
Yeah, like most people say, it is a good game, and also like most people say, there is so many ads. When I play it is fun and challenging, but I die quickly and even if I do not click to watch an ad to keep going, it makes me watch an ad that most of the time is unskippable. So it is kind of annoying. All games from this creator are like this as well
It's a great game! The only problem with it is that one song on my phone refuses to 'download' so I cannot play it. If the ad did say that you can search up songs, then that is a lie. But other than that, you can heart songs and I've had a great experience! I'm hooked and would reccomend this to anyone! Controls, graphics and gameplay is great.
I can't even play a song. The game instantly kicks me out. My memory and storage are all fine and it is extremely laggy just in the menus.