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Beat Jumper: EDM up!

Beat Jumper: EDM up! for PC and MAC

Is a Music game developed by AMANOTES located at 470 NORTH BRIDGE ROAD #05-12 BUGIS CUBE SINGAPORE (188735). The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Music game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
it would be much better if there was more than just one music to play with. Also, the levels are to short throughout the game disrupting the joy of playing. It would be much better if the levels were continuous rather than having too many ads in the middle of the game. It would be wiser to put the ads after finishing or after dying in the game. These are the two,stars its missing. The game play is nice though.
This app is terrible and even when I restart my device I cannot hear the music that goes along with the level. I do not recomend this game it is a complete rip off.
Played two songs. Not bad. Come back to play random. Get ad and then after ad the app shuts. Do it again, same thing. Decide to use coins to play a song. Click song. Spend 80 coins. Immediately get a "Cannot Play Song". Money is gone. Do it again. Money is gone. Get your app fixed.
Tiles Hop (by the same company) is the same but better. Bouncez has added a terrible levels system that stops you ever really getting into the music (which is surely what's great about the game). Each "level' is only a few seconds long. But really, it's just an excuse to have an advert every "level". Play Tiles Hop instead. Same songs but better.
Okie, I'm confused. I finished playing High On Life and clicked the "Next" button (or whatever u call it) and it made me play Unity - TheFatRat except a bit different. Instead of the usual thing that happens when you land in the exact middle of the landing zone, it makes yellow sparks on the platform like a firework and the diamonds were glowing... what's up? Anyways, I love the game. Just, explain to me what just happened!!
I'm sorry but there is to many adds in this game, also could you add a wider song selection. The game is very fun to play though so it deserves 5 stars 👍
Seriously want to play this? Here's a tip, when it asks if you want to watch an ad to continue just click yes because if you click no it will show one anyways! Stupid game.
I would give it a five star if a ad didn't pop up every time u die in this game. But the quality of the game is very good and I am sure you will enjoy it if you get less ads on the game.
All these games copy copy and copy the same game over and over I would give it 5 stars if it has my favourite song till its over by Tristan. Plus I play piano tiles 3 so if you could add it on there I will absolutely play every day.
The game is better than fortnite because fortnite is mainly about killing people. This game is about winning music very good with controllers very good 10-year olds children and younger children so good even baby can play and it really really good music old town road.
The game is so good but in the ad they type songs but if you really install the game you can't type songs so I rate it 4 stars
This would be a LOT more fun if I wasn't just watching the game play itself for more than half the time. I just leave the ball in the middle and it just plays itself. Maybe you should make it so the tile things aren't so close to the middle that I'M NOT DOING ANYTHING FOR MAJORIY OF THE SONG!!!
I liked the idea of this game however there are some issues that really bug me and should be fixed. First of all, almost 50-80% percent the game plays itself. Putting the ball in between will it play itself, but you don't get good accuracy for it. Secondly, when you decide to choose your own song for playing, I would like to see the full title of the song at the option to yes/no. Finally, all platforms really need some kind of middle dot to see the middle. It's hard when you try to play.
Loaded with ads before you start a lvl after you finish lvl. No fun with all the adds don't waste your time
It was horrible, the songs were garbahe and when u lag, ur ball doesnt jump high enough... Never again
I would like it more if there wasting a frickin boom or snap everytime I jump on a beat it just ruins the music 😐
The best music game ever but one downfall is that there is an ad after each completed song pls change that
Just started the game like 5mins ago played three games already and I really like it , I'm also usually the type to delete a game as soon and it get fed up of it but I just want to unlock all the songs and enjoy them
It says i have to watch an ad to unlock a song and when i tap on the ad to watch it,it says the video is not available. So what's the point?,its only an addicting game when we can actually unlock the music.
It's a fun game but the more you play it get stupidly hard and sometimes when the ball bounces it doesn't bounce high enough but all together it's a great game, Also it says you can get themes but where are they or how do you get them, Also there should be a pause. if every thing i said or put in or fixed I'll change my review to 5 star.
I dont like that we have to watch ads to upload new song..i just want to use my gems for it...please change it~~~~ i want to use gems for uploading new songa
I used to absolutely love this game, then the creator completely ruined it you used to be able to play whatever song you wanted with loads of ads which i don't mind too much, now it changes the song after every single time you pass a level and now it's frustrating because of that.
I would recommend this app because it's fun although there's adds each tumecyou finish a level and you have to past so many levels to decide your own song.
I like the game its really good but the songs that I thought would be in this app are not but it still is a really good app 😁
I'd love to say that it's a good idea but it's not even remotely close to guitar hero fakes. The song plays indefinitely it doesn't matter what you do, sure it stops when you don't hit the next tile but there is no rythm going on, the idea might be something to work with but this attempt wasn't quite the result
Is awesome get to unlock levels a bunch of music to it's so good how do people not like this game it's so much graphic we have a lot of music which I also like thatI mean who doesn't like it if you don't like it then why did he even download this game :)
It is realy fun to play i could blay this all day and the music is good so please play this its fun!!!
i like every thing about the game execpt that there might be to many adds also i read some reviews and it says that you put stuff that is kissing and violince in your adds if you haven't fixed that yet please fix it kids play on this app
This game has beautiful songs to any can jump needs your fun, but. I think you can write your songs, I don't know it's so funny. 🥰🥰🥰
I love Beat Jumper, I play it when I'm bored, Or when I'm in my room or when I'm driving, I give it 5 star
I gave it 4 stars because of lagging and also plsssss add some more kpop music other then that...........its great:)
This is a great game I highly recommend you to get it it is like tiles hop but your going up instead of forward
This game is a lot of fun! It has good music, somewhat tricky gameplay, and beautiful graphics. If I had one complaint, it would be that songs don't go on long enough.
it is easy but the game has way to many ads and it mostly gives you one whenever you complete a level
I love this game it is amazing it is just awsome . I gave it 4 stars because I searched for a song but didn't come up. But it is awesome
Game you like music just like me because I love music cuz but this game is so easy to do and it's fun! 🤘🤘🤘
The game is very interesting. Timing is very important. Preesure and finger movements take a big part in this game. I like these type of games.
this is one of the best music play-along games I have ever tried! It's legitimately free! and also the song choices are good :) over all this is one of the best games I have ever played so far. Continue with the great music choice and amazing graphics! 👍
I love this game too why these games are so so cool 😂🤣 other people should play too I know the I said these a lot of times already but people really should play it please ☺️😜 I hope other people like it too I hope they don't raiden one star cuz it's fun! And that's it bye 🤣💕💕💕🙂 I saw one girl or one boy didn't like it and that makes me mad: (you just didn't like it cuz it didn't have the songs you liked that doesn't mean nothing!
Way to many forced ads after a lvl there is a ad like the idea but the ads ruined it all I play games that has no ads I hope the people find this review useful
This game I like because it has so many English songs and it is intresting game for playing 😍🎮👏🏻👏🏻
I love this game soooooo much there are not many ads like that just a few and it's a very fun game I play it all day
I love this GAME... Well I love all the games produced by AMANOTES to be honest. I like the music and the fact that you can play the music in your device in the game. It's easy to play but hard to stop playing.... It's really worth my time....
Game is fun. But bought the no ads and never received it. Stole my money and contacted them but never received a response
Great app love the game play.. but the reason I'm eating 2 stars is because I had gotten to level 76 and it restarted me!!! Please fix
Why the hell would you change the way you score and level, yet the stats for trying to win are still shown on the old way. Wipe out progress of all the songs I already earned and not able to hit scoreboards because of changes to scoring. DELETED!
This is so awesome and lot of music level fun to play an unlock new colour ball you guys have to play this game and enjoy it every time new level unlock diamonds and hops music new level fb friends joining and online levels amazing background pics new new levels growing with diamonds like the all animated series games lots of fun to play every time day night afternoon morning play with your friends and change them when lots of new levels love this game much (。♡‿♡。)(^3^♪(ʘᴗʘ✿)(◕દ◕)(◕દ◕)(◕દ◕)(◕દ◕)
Ridiculous! This game never acknowledges my jumps / moves so I die and either have to watch an ad or start again! Also, there were points where the next platform didn't appear because it was offthe screen, making the game impossible to play. This is just a waste of time!!
This is a great game, but after a few minutes I noticed something. in the corner, there was an admin button. I clicked it, and saw a bunch of stuff on. now I didn't want to abuse it and cheat so i turned everything off, then, it closed automatically and the button dissepeared. after that the menus looked a bit different and more compact. I'm assuming this is a glitch but I tried not to abuse it and I just thought you guys would want to know.
It was good until it crashed ads are too long, the frequency is ok, just the length makes the waiting irritating, but I like the actual game play 😊
Its very challenging and hard and addictive the only thing is you cant add more than 1 songs of your own otherwise its amazing🙂
TOO MANY ADS!! just a waste of time, I keep dying and I can't focus. I HATE THIS GAMEE! THIS IS just waste of time, I'm trying to jump and I die, I wish I gave it 0 stars this is just waste of time. I done, TOO MANY ADS, everytime I die, a ad pops up any second and when u go to a new level it shows you how to play 🤷‍♂️ after they already showed you in the beginning I'm like "this is dumb, just dumb" and just waste of time, DONT DOWNLOAD, and the game freezes alot on my device. im deleting now
I did not like this app because in the add it said that just type you fav song and then you can play it but i started playing but I did not see anything like that.
This game is lots of fun so I play it and I'm nearly on level21 and I recommend it to you kids out that have been looking for fun gamrs
I love the game because it is fun for and you don't need to pay but the adds is making me mad because it is putting the same adds like every time
ummmmmmmmm sometimes the ball disappears and the screen moves but it doesnt move you know what I mean? but it causes me to have to exit out of the game and then I have to watch an ad just to continue eventhough you guys made my ball disappear 😭😭 but otherwise a fum game and I've only had for maybe like 20 mins at this point
There is some problems with this game after I finish an ad it just crashes and if I'm playing it crashes pls fix other than that it's a great game I reckon people play this when they fix or update it
music is just to the base beat, nothing to do with the melodies or anything, much better alternatives out there
I would give this game 5 stars but everytime you die you get a ad and sometimes swipes dont register, resulting in your death. Other than those minor yet major problems i give this game 3 stars bc it utilizes a upload song feature which is very cool considering it is actually done right, also the actual levels are quite challenging qnd replayable along with good music and easy coins👌
This game is like the best of all games it's like your a DJ and I think this is the most fun game ever
Ultrasound the game is to mostly hit every Square in the center where there's a little. To aim to the music and my opinion is it is fun to play and once you get past the limit it's a little bit hard and this is amazing game and you can collect stars in this game it is like a easy game but it's kind of hard and you get to pick your music so you only can get 4 stars and I think it's a great game because I think it's relaxing to the music so I go on this game at night and I try to go to to sleep
the covers of the songs are terrible why can't you just use the actual song. Overall it's a boring game and the covers and unnecessary ads make it even worse
It's an amazing game music you like it's still fun how to move a bubble around it is so much fun because she gets song can you get to play get play now
way too many ads, after every game I get am add! litteraly makes it impossible to play , i get you do it keep the game free but come on , do you really need that many adverts ?? edit: I forgot to mension but the game makes it sound like its going to be like piano tiles hit with a ball instead , but its not , it just plays music in the background
This app is soo great but I think on Cheap Thrills The beging lyrics are wrong well the "C'mon c'mon turn the radio on" is correct but it doesn't began like that and theres 2 UNITYS and could you add a new Sia song but Chandelier and Cheap Thrills aren't the only Sia songs there's also a song named Snowman
Brilliant game really addictive i started it at 08:00am this morning and im still on it at 01:26 in the morning 5 stars all the way
It wont even let me play it becasue whenever i get into it and click play on a song it says unfortunately beat jumper: EDM up! has stopped. so that's why i gave it 1 star.
DIS GAME IS SO COOL YOU SHOULD DOWNLOAD IT!but ads/ OM I was on level 60 and a went to level 273 in a few mins like wow and no ads even if you press the ads to continue their no ads,If you play it and finsh then try play it again you dont have to play it just relax!!!!!
I love this app a lot but there's something that most of the things are just like the diamonds and the watch the video I tried to do the puppet but nothing happens but download the app it's so much fun and also this is the funnest game ever played oh my gosh it's my favorite game now it's so it's so cool and if so it has all the songs I can play I tried some of the new songs when I like♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♢♧♤♤♧♢♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♧♢♢♢♢♧♧♧♧♤♤♤☆☆☆☆☆☆☆♡♡♡□○♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♧♧♧♧♧♢♢♢♢♢♤♤♤♤☆☆☆☆☆☆♡♡♡
The best music game OF ALL TIME! You can play songs that have LOTS of hard bits WITHOUT STRESS! And I have played A LOT of music games, trust me. I normally don't put reviews on ANYTHING either! there is a minor glitch of not needing anything to add your own songs if you press the disk, but that can't stop you from getting the game!
Absolutely love the game, hate the ads!! but I do understand that adds are for a reason it just stinks when you're trying to play a game LOL.
It is amazing even though I just started and has so many tik tok adds I don't really care because I love tik tok anyway. Best music app in the world it has a couple lags every now and then but that doesn't matter . Install this app if you want music in your ears!
it wonderful!!!! I love it sooooo much i cant stop playing it its to musicful... anyways its rleaxing and cool because i dont know they have poperlur songs like/7 rings/old town road or somthing like that but i love it its wonderful. ill play it more it misicful🎤🎤🎤
Very good game! The beats sound great, the musics all our favourite songs, gives tired thumbs tho. 😅 Would recommend this game for any age!
wayyyy too many ads like you on god dont need that many ads to make profit, can you please minimize the ads by a bit? untill then ill sticking with i 1 star rating
Its a great game only one thing will make it so i play it more: Make it so you can jump to the beat of it because A: it will make it more popular and B: it will make it so your not thrown off.
I love this game, and if it wasn't so fun I would be uninstalling. There are ads before every level, I have to stop playing for a while because I simply cant deal with how many VERY long ads that you can't skip through there are. At least other games gave me the option to skip half way through, but this one doesn't, and every ad is 30 seconds! Please understand that you don't make any money if all your customers leave and don't pay for diamonds and privileges, so stop bombarding them with ads!
Really fun game and it is easy for me to play even though I only can play one song but still I love the app.
It is good and all but the thing I don't like is the ads. Most of the ads have tiktok in it that is not good for kids playing this app
I like all this kinds games so I love it, I always play this game when I am bored or when I am feeling good and it's satisfying but, sometimes there are problem in some of your games so if there is problem from others... I request fix it if there is problem...I am not having any problem☺️😊 I promise! So, no problem for me I have five stars🌟🌠⭐✨💫🌌🌃
It is so good i love it. The only thing i dont like is that every time you play a new song you have to wait. But other than that it is my fav app. Make sure to download this app
I unlocked some of the new songs with the diamonds and it says it cant download it because there is no connection...but i do have a connection. can you fix this please?
Omg this is soo good and it also didin't need me to disenstall anything!But.. i have my stuff to say whenever i get a song from an ad ir just crashes so plzz fix it
It has lyrics and some of the other tile games don't, so I love it very much and I think that u should all instal this game
Really cool but theres to many ads on this game every single time an ad comes up and I dont like it but its still really cool
This game sucks when I first played it was ok but then I click on the next song and I see a loading screen and I'm like ok but after like 5 mins of waiting it doesn't load the song so I'm stuck just playing the same song over and over and when it jumps doesn't even match the beat it's like they got lazy with this product oh wait no that's most of their products I played a similar game like this and the game was better than this one but when I closed it because a song didn't load it never opened
I like the controls :)) But can you maybe add something by Kenshi Yonezu? Like Lemon or something? He's my favorite artist- :^
you have tried so hard so I think you deserve the five stars and it is really good has really good music and it's just really quick and easy sometimes it is pretty hard I personally I keep falling off the Edge and yeah it's just a really good game so I think you should go and play if you haven't 😁😀
The app is mediocre at best and the levels go by way too quick. Not to mention there's WAY too many ads - you get some every couple of levels and with the levels being so short you're almost spending more time watching ads than actually playing!
It's is so cool with the new songs in it and it's fun to. The most fun thing about it you go up insight down.
The game is just so satisfying how you watch the ball just go up on the next tile and I love to play it when I'm bored or I just play it for fun to make me happy
Now that the beats are linked to the song its a great game! I mean it was awesome before the update but this made it even better!!! I wish that the ads i get for it had the songs you can get not songs that you need to add yourself. Other then that its a amazing game!
How can you rate this as a 3year plus game when the adverts coming up on this include extremely scary movie trailers. My 4 year old is now having nightmare and was screaming and crying when the add popped up!!!! Do not download and let anyone under the age of 18 play this unless you want them having nightmares for ages!!!
Game is good but every single time got out there's 100% showing an ads so really annoying. Thumbs down.. ADS ADS ADS!
Cool game but it broke suddenly. The ball disappeared and I can't finish the song. And it happened twice in the song Club EDM Version. Please fix this soon.
This is the worst game ever I have never seen a game this bad in my life and yes btw my boyfriends packing bags to go and kill the people that made this game OK ok just joking but I wish I could do that though any way it is full of adverts and it's glitchy AND it says that I'm dead when the game didn't even START witch was annoying and OMG I thought that it does not belong on my phone so I deleted the game and I'm never going on that game again its just going to remind me of how bad it is... Ty
It is too good game some times the song is too soft that any body can sleep I always love amanotes game🥰👍😜. Keep it up
All cover songs- even faded by alan walker was had a cover singer! D:< Also wayyy too many ads- always before and after a song, I'm just uninstalling.
It's fun and all, but the music selection is too limited. None of my favorite songs are on there, not even last stand by sabaton.
To many add and you don't get to pick the song the the ads about it say just a lie not even fun keep this in mind if you are thinking about getting the game and whatever you do not give it your email and password it will give you a vierse if I was you I would not get the game I also wish I can give it 0 stars
Lol I literally get every single game of yours but one thing I think you could improve is maybe add some more songs bcs in your other games like tiles hop and piano tiles all of the music are the same
I just wish you could get all the songs for free or at least 5☹️, that would make the game epic!, they only give you like 1 song for free ☹️
It's ok but everytime you die there's an ad. I mean seriously not even a radio has this much ads. The game freezes a lot so when it unfreeze I die immediately. Some songs are just completely broken. You cant hear the music nor can you play it. I bought some songs with diamonds and I cant here music or I cant play it!
I love this game it's the best game ever and it's so fun and it also has really nice songs 💖💖💖😄😄
Who even cares if the music in the background, i definitely don't! Anyway the game is awesome and nice and easy; first try im on lvl 8! I recommend to people who like/love music! Compatition for me is Bouncez or tiles hop. Hmmm 🤔 DEFINITELY THIS! I told my dad that I got to lvl 8 on my new game, even he thinks its cool! A MILLION STARS! ✨
This game is really fun exept most of the covers of the songs i love are really bad. Also, there are ads every time you finish a song, which is really irritating.
Horrible, when you reach for a song it says there is none. I tried every song I know and NOTHING came up. I went to gerne and it was the same NOTHING worst game ever
Nice job following custom music's. Kinda annoying after each music you get an ad. But I'm fine with that cause I use custom music's thats long.
I died near the very end of one segment and I watched an ad for a second chance. However when the game restarted from where it had ended, the ball continued to jump on the pads for a few more seconds and the screen suddenly changed to the final trampoline jump with the ball disappeared from the game. The game was stuck there until I closed it came to write this review. Please fix it. A good game to stretch your mind!
It's not bad once you get the hang of it. Especially since am new to this game. This is one of the easiest to play and have fun.
Hello! I really like this game and music as well! I would like to find this version of Charlie Puth's song "Attention" that is inside this game but I can't find it anywhere. Could you help me to find it, please? Thanks in advance!
I'm really happy with this game it just perfect 👌 but the ads is not really my thing I don't like the ads but it's still great 👍.
It's mentioned as ah ofline game but to download song it needs net if we r ofline the game won't let to move to next level.. So stop mentioning offline game
This app is the best. because when you want to listen to music you can just play this game its really fun but i fail sometimes but if you fail it dosent matter if peoplo make fun of you it dosent matter ad well at list you tryied your best
it was good, but i was recording something and played the game. then i heared the song stop! and this breath sound came. it freaked me! the song was the fatrat, say yeah if you agree that its madey some thing
Seriously why can't not have a two player mode where you at the bounce your fault faster than your opponent and you can use items so slow them down I'm just giving you a great idea are people seriously they got to stop using asset don't even look interesting anymore works one day you decide will be obsolete if you're getting this this is King wolf or 44 signing out
I hate how this was updated. Before there was only some Lily pads that you could only jump on once, but now it all of them. And they don't disappear after you jump on them and that makes it really confusing. 2 stars cause the music is good though.
Ummm it's great but the problem is I've leveled up so much then all of a sudden it wouldn't show my level and it was upsetting so I deleted the game sorry :/
Dont get it i have an iphone 12 and when i went to play the game it wont open there was just a black screen of a hour or two and i tryed it rebot my phone it still would not work
I love this game! But the reason for 4 star is because the diamonds that you get all you can get is the different balls that you can buy. Maybe also say that you can buy songs with diamonds. Could that be the next update pls. But still live the game
It feels like your taking all of my files from my phone for other reasons. I cant play the song i want to play from my files.