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Beat Hazard Ultra

Beat Hazard Ultra for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Cold Beam Games Ltd located at Suite 4.5 Empress Business Centre 380 Chester Road MANCHESTER M16 9EA. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
1. Great game, that's why I bought it. 2. For some reasons, some of my songs didn't work. 3. Please please please add a controller option. It's really frustrating playing this game with on-screen control. 4. Oh yeah, please add a search bar, because I have like a thousand songs :b
This game is probably the ONLY game worth purchasing on the app store. Words cannot express the energy I felt when I blasted my music while blasting enemies. 20/5 stars, not even joking.
I have owned the game on galaxy s4 I just got the note 5 and got it again I love the game and really want to play it but at the loading screen after selecting a language it crashes everytime please help or fix the issue
This game is great with dubstep it's like a firework show at the rave all wrapped into 1 great game gets the heart pumping if you don't have it I recommend getting it. And to the developers of the game,update the game add more stuff more weapons I've been playing this game for yeeeears now it time to freshin it up a bit with new weapons and new bosses and enemies like the steam version pleeeease
Dubstep + beat hazard= mind blowing experience... only issue I have is when I'm playing a game mode other than normal my next tack won't load and the game freezes...
I normally hate onscreen joysticks, as most aren't very accurate or flexible, and just lead to frustration. This game, however, nails it! It's amazing how good the controls are on here! I already have the PC version, and love it, so I expected the Android version to be a letdown. However, it is just as fun as the PC version, which means it's really fun enough to be worth the money.
Works great, although it is clearly designed for use on a tablet as the controls are small on my 4.5 inch screen and there is a lot going on in this game in such a small space, which does make it more challenging than it would be on a 7+ inch screen. Needs Google play added with achievements and cloud save.
I never leave a review for apps, but my friend showed me the PC version and I found it here...thank you for a fantastic game sir(s), you are fantastic
I love this game a lot, beat a song on suicidal difficulty without dying and some reason it deleted my high score, luckily I recorded me playing through the entire song and posted it on youtube... wish I still had my score though... any way I can recover it? My youtube channel for proof of my score is: Matthew Weiss
At this point, it's very confusing why anyone would develop an Android game title which requires twin sticks and not support gamepads. The graphics are great and this port functions almost exactly the same as the PC version, but on-screen joysticks are frustrating and difficult to use in games like this where precise movements and timing are everything.
I have a new phone, and the app was very laggy. So the music/visual experience was lost. Had to give 2 stars.
The reason I didn't put five stars for this game is because it does not support the music apps that people pay for and this is the premium version of the gamd that you also have to pay for. I'm a music junkie I love listening to my music but playing them on this game would be amazing if I could but I'm screwed that way.
The only game i have actually bought, I regret nothing! The controls can be customized and so can the intensity of the lights. I feel that the best experience is on a tablet or large phone. I play it frequently.
Downloaded demo and loved it, but now the full game won't even install. Hangs at 18.72 out of 19.98 megabytes every time. Frustrating!
I used to be able to run this on my smartphone (4.2.2) with no issues. Now every time I want to install this all I keep getting is this error. To top it off I can still play the demo fine but not the full game. Is there a fix for this or could I get a previous version? I'd hate to be locked out of the full game due to incompatibility.
When I open the game it goes to the beat hazard logo then shuts off and goes to my home screen. Please fix I enjoy playing this game!!!
I've been a fan of Beat Hazard Ultra since it came out on iPhone, I can't get enough of it. I do have a question, if I own the gold ship and have it turned off do I still get more points?
I'm having issues with the pc version i purchased this game years ago and love it but now it opens the title screen and then closes on my pc ... since ive never used the pc version before can you help please
I love the feeling of Hearing my Personal music with the sound of phasers and explosions as i dominate the AI in this game very addictive as you can see
this game is basically the best time killer. a cross between the music you love and old school arcade games
I've been playing bh1 every so often for 9 years and its certainly become a timeless classic. Amazing game, doesn't get old even after I've unlocked every bit.
Bought this app back in 2011/12 on my Nexus 7, which broke shortly after, and just got my first smart phone to find it is still logged to my account. Still as fun as the day I got it.
I have played a lot of beat hazard. I'm at elite 457. Superbomb trigger is inconsistent. LG nexus 5. Please add a leaderboard and Pandora support!
On screen controls are killing me great game but would be better with physical controls. Also noticed that a lot of the music that was in the PC version is missing here.
An Amazingly fun and visually stunning game and even a great visualizer for your music. No joke buy this and before you know it ...you have had so much eye candy that it's too late to even think about a refund.Buy it now! Update..since 2013 this has been my go to game and I am still in love. They keep it updated to the newest version of android and that is amazing.
I love this game. Easily one of my favorites. If you love music and shooters then you must get this! Endless fun! If I had to give some criticism I would love to see Moga controller support and the ability to modify the radio station list.
Great game and idea but i keep dying because my contols won't work while I'm playing. Fix controls please!
Hasn't been updated in years, no new version on the android market, significant audio delay rendered unfixable. Do not buy this until the developers either make a new one or update this one.
Sadly I can only play Beat Hazard for about 10 minutes at a time or risk getting a headache. And yes that's with the strobe effect intensity turned almost completely down.
needs updating (or just BH2). Still fun if you have music on your device to play. Would like to see a vertical option for gameplay (one hand mode?) the option to have stick and powers on the same sode would also be nice (also one hand mode?).
This game took up countless minutes and hours on my XBox 360. Now that it's mobile, I forsee a downward spiral of profuctivity. And I could not ne happier. Amazing casual game.
Hello Dear Cold Beam, I've Paid Multiple Times Throughout My Life for This Application. Everytime I Lost My Phone or Renew My Bank Account, I Would Never Have The Chance to Redeem My Google Accounts from Broken Phones. This Was In Fact, My First Mobile App That I Personally Bought for Both The Entertainment & The Visual Pleasures., It Is Easily An App I Can Forever Enjoy ! . Although Through All The Years, The Application Has Remained The Same, Which It is Indeed a Good Thing but I Do Hope That The Developers Do Not Give Up on Making This Application Much Greater. I Was Playing This Probably When The Couple of First iPhones & Androids Were Coming Out & My Memory Isn't Sharp But I Am Sure Everything Still Remains as When I First Experienced This App, I Truly Love It. I Really Do, This App Brings Me Old Memories of Just Me Kicking Back & Playing Tunes Through This App . . I Am Not Requesting for Refunds or Redemption for Previous Accounts That I Can't No Longer Prove But I Do Hope That Cold Beam, Acknowledges This Comment & Understands . . That They Truly Built a Unique Application & I Do Hope That They Do Return & Make The Experience More Unbelievable. It Truly Feels Astronomical, I Love Metal & Calming Melodies . . I Bought Minecraft as Well & I Have All of Their Melodies In My Playlist . . When I Switch from Rock to Minecraft Music . . It Feels That I Just Came from an Epic Battle to Exiting The Storm . . I Don't Know, I Guess I Just Want to Be Heard & Say That This Application Has Truly Left a Fingerprint on Me. Please, Please Return . . & Make That "Game" Much More Fine. Many Years Have Passed . . I Will Be Thrilled to See An Update for This. I'll Support The Name
Pretty much the best way to experience your music. It gives me a great game to use my music on, now I just need to stop downloading dubstep (it gets really hard). I would like to get in-game money when I kill the enemies, but the game is perfect even without that.
I highly recommend this app for everyone. Although I love this game and all, its annoying that it erases all of your progress if you uninstall it. Please add a sign in option so it will restore the progress you've made on other devices. I'll give you a 5star rating when you add this option. I hope the developers read this and take my idea into consideration. Thank you.
Fun game. my only gripe is that you guys need to work with google play music, cuz otherwise I can't play this with my music, which sucks. So please, find a way to connect to google play music.
My problem is I want my newly added music to come up without losing my score. Is there a way to do this? I'll give five stars if so
I really love this game but it makes it kinda difficult to play when the controls bug out so I stop moving and shooting, and because I play only on insane or suicidal difficulties, it causes instant death. I play on my Galaxy S6 edge+ Please fix this issue for a full 5 stars
shuts down during the cold beam Logo. please fix. love this game and I want to play what I paid for. Will rate 5 stars when fixed
The fact that it doesnt let me play any music i have is stupid. I dont understand why u cant just stream your music like from spotify or something. I dont know how to be able to add music either to the game. So far this game has been a waste of my money. Please help me or fix these problems.
Don't buy this game if you plan on using music you've bought off of the Google play store. The game won't use the music from there.
Gameplay is fine if you can get past the terrible on screen controls. I always seem to lose track of where the center of the analog sticks. And it cant seem to play songs with accents in the titles, which takes out most of my Finnish and Swedish bands.