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Beasts Evolved: Skirmish

Beasts Evolved: Skirmish for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Reality Squared Games located at Flat/RM 18 26/F Tuen Mun Central Square No.22 Hoi Wing Road Tuen Mun NT Hong Kong. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence, Sexual Innuendo) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game doesn't actually work. The screen with the start button says something with Asian writing and has a button that says tap next to it. I tap it and it does nothing at all. The start button also does nothing at all. the other buttons work though, like the announcements, just not the buttons that seem like they should get you into the game.
Very unique game. Artstyle is awesome and it's not as pay to win as other games. Basicly you can have everything through the gameplay. If the game is fun and fair, I don't mind to spend some money to support the developer.
This is a good game, but battles take too long as I want to do fast check-ups and I'm having account problems and can't access my account, aswell as not being able to make another account to try and get the other back. Controls are not the best and the abilities are annoying to try to get activated before the other team attacks (activation delay (Mainly with Genbu I find)). A good way to stop this would be for the teams freeze so the ability can activate without any interuptions. 3/5 star.
Hey Dev's and creator. I played this game a couple years back. Absolutely loved the game, I sadly uninstalled it due to storage reasons. I reinstalled it last night and when I open the game to play it, it kinda just buffers on the pre game loading screen before the screen of what server I choose to play on. Please do your best to fix it. It was a great game and I still think it is.
game is so underrated. has good amount of customization in terms of team building and needs analysis to make a good one
Okay game, interesting combat and creature ssystem, I just didnt like it much. The excessive use of smiley faces in dialogue is terrible, as is the writing and personalities of the characters. It is like they were all written by the same 11 year old.
Welp considering I just came back from a break and just to find out I can't get pass the start menu which is sad. And everyone is saying there are no more updates GJ for taking our money and just dipping. Google needs to fix this type of BS.
I don't know why but it won't let me play I'm stuck on the loading screen and it is just buffering it might be my phone type or my internet any please see what you can do
Beast evolved is a good game if you, your devs put some extra effort, time and attention on this game. I've been playing this game for 2 years but still there's no changes. Only new monsters. Now, the event black market is not accessible for players. Still waiting for my Christmas skin. I don't believe that BE is a dying game because I still hope that you put an effort on this game someday.
Good game but birth monsters should be also nerfed or buffed. Like fable, he is very weak. Balancing monsters should be prioritized.
Really not enjoying it, its a cute game but every time I log on I try catch up on the "lust" missions and by the time I do that and daily goals I'm bored, also evolution parts are rather scarce. Could have potential I guess if things are ironed out on updates
pls allow player to play this game even though we have moderate internet connection. . this shouldn't be a heavy internet game, theres tons of games like this but not abusive to our internet connection. .
My sack full of useless thing, like birth crystal shard that i already have the birth monster. You have to add event that can convert these useless crystal shard to another one, like remodel event. Or at least i can sell it. Otherwise nice game
It's our fault ! This game was a masterpiece but we didn't give this a value. I think the company are shutdown not only the game i hope you will give us hope to play this again pleass
ONE OF THE BEST GAME IVE PLAYED! why? Coz u can be strong on the game w/o using credit card and thats the best😊 although i have 2 issues on the game.(1) The item Sack-its so fast to full,tho u can buy 5 slots i suggest if the glyphs wer socket on d beast it will remove on the item slot. (2) The Pillar of Infinity-Its not Fair.why? im lvl 45 & ive been match on the player with Awakened beast means its lvl 65+ 😒 pls fix to become fair on same Lvl. & the rest was Great 😊 Pls, see my issues. TY
Best game. More updates expected soon. Keep it up. I wish youll add more on ways to strengthen each beasts. Thank you so much
GAME IS SHUT DOWN. It used to be a really amazing game years ago and now it's completely discontinued. Stuck on a loading screen, don't know why it's still on the play store. Rip.
This is my first rating even thou I've played countless games from multiple genres. This game is absolutely fantasic, good leveling and not too money grabby.
Please fix the loading screen, how can I play the game If I can enter it... It takes me 10 tries to exit the game and enter it to make it work...and you guys keep just adding things go It instead of fixing it and won't reply to my mails
I really really really love this art style , where is it from? I played another game with the same art style and also some of the monsters and it was like the only game I loved as a child.
not as good as previous games, only downloaded it due to the old game closing, as after spending a lot of money on the other game and getting nothing in return here i do not feel i can trust them, im not spending money on games where you just close them
With this game dying, and Flash on PC also, this looks like the end for all of NT Creatures. I'll miss this game. It made the latter part of my childhood
i am incredibly inlove with this game !!!! however it would be nice to have some canadian servers possibly 3? and also it woiod be nice to transfer charecter data to another host on server like say from lollerskates to bornhub and charecter deletion option would also be very much accpeted
Really nostalgic game. Idrc that it shut down and i lost my old acc. Its really fun and i hope it gets even better or even get a rework. Highly unlikely tho lol
It's actually a good game with lot of potentials. But it seems like the game is abandoned now as there is no new update or development since 2017 lol. Such a great pity!
The loading screen has a problem it takes forever to wait please remove the loading screen immediately
I loved Patapon and this game takes it to a a whole new level. Excellent game with excellent support with very quick replies. Keep it up. Although I think I'm having 0% chance on getting birth monsters in the loveshack. Lol anyway best phone game I ever played!
I gotta say they definitely uped there game with this one, if you don't know this game came from Kongate which is a flash game. I didn't play it in my younger age but i must say it's sad to see this shutting down. My list of reason of how this game differs 1:nice with the gems & doesn't ask for money 2:simple yet hardish gameplay 3: the stuff you earn is dayily & you progress easly with each day Overall great game it's what all APP games should've been, just hope they'll make a sequel.
Hi,i've been a player to this game for a long time n i noticed u guys created more n more new birth monsters. Its a good job but i think for now, i suggest u guys to develop more various skin especially to birth monsters, instead of popping up new monsters so quickly. Its a great game but i'd like to see these changes. Thanks!
I had this game on my old phone but when I got my new phone I can't play it now, when I pick my server it just shows a black screen and plays the in game music
I'll miss this game, I've been playing for a good 2 years and that time is about to go away for good and I can't enjoy it anymore. I wish this game could've been here still or shut down temporary and not permanently
Bring this game back. Even if you can't use the same exact characters as patapon.... just bring this game back. This game has such a passionate community and I feel as if there has been a void since the servers shut down. There is nothing like this game and we just want it back.
This game was good now it's completely trash because of the one issue as told before it's stuck on a loading screen
I really liked this game but left. Now that I came back.. I cant seem to play it anymore, is there a reason why we can play this game? We're just stuck in the loading screen. Please fix it, this game is really good
I was really excited for this game but it just keeps crashing on the load screen after I press explore. Im not sure how to fix it.
I've been stuck on the loading screen for like 30+ mins and it won't let me play all I want to say is can they fix this? The best I can do is give 2 stars
I can't get my old account cause it was in my old phone but I have the Facebook account and I can't enter my Facebook account
The game is almost two years old. I have played daily since it came out. The game is stale and dead. No new players stay around long enough to compete. We either don't get weekly events that are advertised, or the devs are too lazy to update them and they give out the wrong rewards - this week's Soulja event gives out Wingman lachryma because the event was not updated from the last time when it was Wingman. Support is inept when extant. Find another game. Your free time is precious.
Like this game, art is unique. But one day, i cant play this again. Server maintenance or game is over???
I takes a long time to do anything. As im sire youre aware, you dont invest large amounts of time into some crappy game. It takes too long to get to the somewhat good stuff. Giid concept, still boring.
Don't like that once you link up a Facebook account to it that it automatically adds your profile picture as the avatar and there's no possibility of changing it afterwards. I don't want my picture displayed like that. Otherwise the game is pretty fun
Good game and a bit of humor and not too p2w imo. Overall its better then must gatcha games so I say give it a try. I know I enjoy it
I got this new birth monster(Kara) and she is in her awaken form now but the problem is, it seems like her 5th skill is not working on her ally and her stats doesn't increase unlike the other birth monster. Is this a bug? I need explanation.
I had once played a few years back then uninstalled, now that I come back it doesnt seem to work, just a loading screen for at least 20 minutes. I can't get it to load. Hopefully you can see what the problem is if there is one?
It was a pretty good game. Sadly, it was discontinued last year. Although, I don't have any idea why this game is still posted.
I lost my 2 year progress. I connected it to a google play account yet it says nothing is bound to it. I guess I'm gonna start over.
I really love the game since 2017 but i left for a while.. and now come back because i miss it. Dont shut it down , it's really sad due to no game can compare to patapon like this.
I really like the game but I have a small phone with very limited space... I only have this game and webtoons... that's it, but the game still doesn't run smoothly and it continues to crash when I'm doing the smallest of things, when I fist did the loveshack, when I try to merge things, when trying to collect daily mission awards.... even when I'm just trying to play the game.... I'm on the verge of uninstaling it.. if there is a way for you to make the game take less storage and space while still keeping it the cool game that it is I'll keep it and give 5 stars..... plus I'll change my review.
Don't download it doesnt work I've tried for days to get it and i just cant to choose servers it says tap but that doesnt do anything and the start button just restarts the main menu animation and says to tap again or start