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Beast Quest - Ultimate Heroes

Beast Quest - Ultimate Heroes for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Animoca Brands located at Unit 417, Level 4, Cyberport 1, 100 Cyberport Road, Hong Kong. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Updating review since the error was corrected. So far the game is pretty fun, good mix of tower defence with card collecting. Towers are more and less effective on different enemy types so some set up thought is required.
It's a pretty basic tower defense not bad and not all that good either now the part that made me uninstall this was after the second tutorial the game told me to tap an empty space and since during the tutorial you have no control the game is officially soft locked and the enemies death sound needs to be changed or removed because wow its annoying
Can not get past load screen. Keep getting the same message, error unknown. Have uninstalled the game, restarted phone and reinstalled the game. Still getting the same message. Very disappointed. Update: Finally, got the game to update. Gave it 4 stars, should turn into a pretty decent game.
Totally dissapointed the first beast quest was amazing game a very exciting stoy line amazing gameplay cool graphics and was so much adventurous and challenging this beast quest ultimate heros totally ruined the fun. i completed beast quest 1 full game was very impressed with it... But this one sorry totally waste uninstalling righy away extremely sorry.
,just like the other, stuck at Tutorial Box. There's a hand stick to tell me get the box after I finished tutorial but nothing there. Couldn't go on but you can watch ads. Edit: update solved the box problem. Look like Developers are doing their best, 1 - 2 updates per day.
I was hoping for a better game, but the game is poorly planned, from the 4th level the difficulty became hard, and it is clear that chests are not something you are going to get often... and there is no filter or separation between towers and units and abilities... too bad a game like this is poorly planned
I legit can't get pass the point where I'm meant to collect the tutorial chest. I cant click anything and I can't do anything. Please fix and my review will change but beside that. I won't play
Ugly death sound effect, expensive vip points/paywalled feature, even tutorial is bugged, you can't even play after completing tutorial quest 4/4. Simply can't click anything to continue. After restart, can't connect to server again.. i'm done
I love beast quest . its my favorite game because of graphics ,story ,villains, Location and because it is an all around game but this one is worst. I preregistered this because i thought it is like beast quest
Its a decent game - its in early phase so yes folks, bugs exist. Hope to see it progress more, but alot of things that are in tower defense games are not in this one. Hope alot more is added and would be glad to give this a video review in the future if/when that happens.
Even if you can work your way past the glitches the game is a mess. Blobs that are supposed to be enemies swarm accross the screen and none of the equipment, towers, hero or enemies abilities are explained anywhere. Your heroes charge out of position and disappear into the swarm of enemies. Its a frantic clickfest mess of a game where victory is based on repitition, luck and a bad gacha, not skill or careful tower or hero use.
Can't even get into the game. Fails to load config data. Can not contact you via in game channel, because the app doesn't get to a point where I have any control. It fails at the initial load screen.
Haven't even finished the tutorial and the game is glitched. Just 'rescued' Rai and I'm supposed to open a equipment chest, but it keeps saying not found. Tried restarting the game, now it wants me to pay gems to buy the otherwise free tutorial chest.
This game is not bad, still needs to be polished. It's about tower game, you can get more defender and spell by summon. The gameplay itself is pretty much the same as tower defense game. The art is ok for me. Pros: the game will give you epic defender. Cons: the UI animation it isn't that good. the gameplay is bad, sfx and bgm is needs to be more polished, i cant see stats of my defender before deploy them. There's plenty better tower game out there than this.
Seems OK. But once I completed the tutorial it tells me to claim the chest and a finger is pointing at a blank area of the screen and can not do anything else. Uninstaller, reinstall, complete tutorial and still same error.
This game doesn't seem like it was ready for a full release. So many bugs. First bug after the first tutorial battle it's not possible to press continue after the rewards screen I had to reload the app. Towards the end of the tutorial it asks he player to tap the tutorial chest. However this tutorial chest doesn't even appear. The screen just has an icon showing a chest you can watch an ad for on the left.
The game is unplayable and very unstable, finish the tutorial with two stars because the game lagged so damn much it was ridiculous. Then I got to the part where it said we've given you a free legendary chest clicked on the chest and then it refused to open, because the game froze up. Had to force close the game three times just to be able to open one chest. And before you ask me to contact support don't even bother trying already uninstalled the game that update did noth to help gameplay.
It's a nice idea ans concept. I like that it has first person view if you zoom in and for me it's a first. The game needs further work. The waves are really hard while the towers are not as powerful or you don't have enough credit to upgrade them. Maybe an increase in amount drops would be nice. I liked it and the pre-register rewards were good.in conclusion, I like the idea, i like the characters, some extra work for the graphics and maybe a buff in the towers.
The game is bugged, frequent connection errors although my internet is fine, I had to restart the game everytime i try to proceed through the tutorial, and now I can't go past the point where i need to open a premium chest but i don't have the gems to do so, what makes it worse is that i can't do anything unless I open a premium chest.
4th part of the tutorial tells you to buy a chest for in game currency and if you don't have 50 of those it leads you to the currency shop menu so you can buy, if you don't want to buy or can't it will just lead you in that circle until you buy to proceed, very bad design or just plain greedy so 1 star
This game is very buggy. I lost my first battle which is the tutorial because I am unable to place towers fast enough to defend the crystal. There is also the part where the tutorial telling you to press an empty space and you have to quit the app and re-enter for the option to pop out.
I like the storyline. The graphics could use some work. The dying sound of the goblins isn't exactly pleasant. And the game just sort of crashed after i finished the second level but all together i definitely look forward to updates and will keep playing! :)
.This game is start crushing when I don't move that means when I don't tap anything Review 1) This game is awesome & fun also fantastic design made me happy 2) but one thing is to disturbing in second tutorial a note saying tap on an empty space that means their no options but when I close the game and reopen it shows upgrade system of characters. This means something else happened in this. At last this game is so good and fun to play but it needs some more updates.
**Review based on initial launch version. Oh dear, oh dear, the poor Devs really messed this one up. The most basic test of an app before launch, the tutorial and they manage to add in a bug that blocks the rest of the game from playing. Now like all of us, you complete the first 3 tuts and when claiming the chest it becomes unplayable. Clearly some bad coding happened that has blocked the screen and makes everything unclickable. Sadly the game might have just undone itself because of this.
Can't even start the game. Every time i get to the title screen, i just get "unknown error", or i get stuck at said title screen. Would love to be able to play, tower defense games are really fun, and this game looks extremely fun/addicting. I hope you guys can fix it
Haven't had such a bad experience from an app for ages, unplayable, such a shame... ~ Response to development team: Firstly, I couldn't start the app for one whole day after downloading it, downloaded new patch, started the game, played through tutorials, crashed while getting rewards, restarted the app, frozen since. Deleted.
game is playable now, too grinding especially for the gold. we needs more way to get type of tower and a list of them (maybe a book listing all tower and collecting part daily to unlock new tower). video still problematic, sometime after i watch i still cant get the reward. my tower randomly gone missing from the stage and cause lose. the game also heat your phone so fast
It seems like it would be a good game, but keeps freezing to the point that I have to completely exit the app and start it again. If the issue gets fixed, would be a fairly solid game
I played Beast Quest and I was waiting for the part 2 where I can defeat the evil wizard Marvel. Then I found this app I thought it would be second part but I was wrong . This game isn't good cause the graphics are not realistic as Beast Quest. Please Aminoca brand develop Beast Quest 2 . I'll be thankful to you.
Still hasn't been fixed....... Every update it breaks something. I bought premium $2.99, $2.49 starter pack and $9.99 in gems. I've lost all that. Ever update it rolls my character back. This game has so much potential but nothing is being fixed.
Kept running into a unknown error everytime couldn't get past the loading screen. I can't even get into the game as soon as I open when the first screen appears it says unknown error.
Still can't play the game though I can get father then I could before I still get stuck in the tutorial part of the game, and it seems to lag when I play the adventure part of the game, but the game is still a work in progress, so I still have high hopes for this game.
I see all these bad reviews because of the bugs the game has, well it just came out and we are the first to play of course their will be some bugs to get worked out. How about talking about how fun the game actually is and how generous they are with the extra stamina you get every time you lvl up allowing us to lvl up faster and the events are not impossible to achieve so now is a great time to get legendary equipment for free. They are not money hungry just trying to put out a fun T.D. game
Game is heavily bugged that it's unplayable. Tutorial arrows pointing at nothing on screen. Clicking button does nothing. Vanishing of legendary chest, restarted the game, not even a reward. Waste! Edit: update but still unresponsive button. Unplayable!
This game is totally amazing! It may have just been released but it's a really great game, bugs here and there, but I'm pretty sure they'll be fixed later. I've also been a Beast Quest fan since I picked up the books when I was little, so this is super nostalgic and amazingly fun! Great job guys and gals out there who worked and are working on this game! I also love the simplicity of it, its such a simple and satisfying game. I recommend this game to anyone who wants to start a new adventure.
New game so many bugs . At the gold dungeon the freaking mini cart cant even be defeated the hero cant even hit them they just push them . At the advanture the monster is more too overpower than the card we got for the first time also its so laggy .
Its a fun game but doesn't let me do much things. You're supposed to drag your characters to towers but it doesn't work so I skipped the tutorial. Then I got the free chest and spent 1 minute trying to open it. I loved beast Quest books and was excited to play this but all I can do is admire the backgrounds of everything. Please improve the game please, I REALLY want to play this game.
Has potential to be fun... Tutorial is broken, hard to rate something you can't play. Step 3/4, open the chest after obtaining Ria, error about chest loading with spinning circle. Closed game, reopened, seems to be same prompts via tutorial but instead of the chest I earned, it now wants me to buy one with real money. Cannot play any further on this account. Wiped cache and data, went through the tutorial. Will retest game when it is more stable.
It's already a miracle if I can connect, Request time out and not connected to the internet have been the majority of what I've seen so far, both on data and Wifi networks. When I do connect I'm stuck on the main screen, it tells me to "claim the tutorial chest" but there is nothing to click on and the game doesn't let me open any other windows so I can't see in my chest inventory if I already claimed it or not. That's like literally 5 minutes into the game and having a game breaking bug.
the game sort of broke i think.... after the second or third level, I am being asked to open a chest for Tom but when clicking a 'no chest found' pop up is coming. And after restarting the game, i am being prompted to open the chest using gems.and its not letting me exit from the screen.
I don't usually like TD games but this one seems very unique. I have run into a bug quite early in the game where every time I claim the pre-registration reward it pops up again and after claiming it a few times the game crashed and now when ever I reopen the game the hud is gone. I am willing to wait a bit for this to be oatched as I am already liking it quite a bit.
Played the tutorial, and couldn't mute the voices of the goblins dying, deleted. Terrible, terrible noise. Didn't even consider the gameplay or graphics in this review. Such an annoying death sfx. Stupid
Ok point proved. Once i got the starter pack, game was doable and fun. So min purchase needed to play this game. Edit: now cant load, unknown error. Can't connect. Funny how it stopped working shortly after taking money.
It messed up at tutorial chest. I got all the missions to 3 stars but it bugged and then lead to only have choice to quit game. Even though it showed all three stars it said there was 15/18. I am sure it is an easy fix but still just another clash royale. Even has resource as mana like other games. Just another rip off of other games combined into new one. Overall, bugged right before/when tutorial ended. Pretty boring and unoriginal. Honestly, very disappointed.
When I open the app it tells me that there's an update available and to go to the Google play and update it. But when I click that takes me to Google play, it doesn't show that there's an update. It just shows uninstall or open and with all the comments below I really don't want to uninstall and reinstall only to still have the same problem. I'm trying to consider whether or not I should keep this game or not.
Hmm , okay first impression in this game are quite addictive , the control are very simple , easy to learn. There is a bug that when finished the second adventure i cant click anything. But its not a big problem for a new start of this game. And the sound of the died monster is quite terrible, you need to make it more smooth . Hope you can fix the issues.