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Beast Quest

Beast Quest for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Animoca Brands located at Unit 417, Level 4, Cyberport 1, 100 Cyberport Road, Hong Kong. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
why i can change my map to epos. alway say connection failed even i use wifi connection. and for more why does my level get back into level one when i play sepros stage. it give me creep.
Excellent Game But when I Try to open another world I can't load that It show connection lost But 1 year ago I tried to open I could open it But I don't understand what is the problem? Please give us new update and fast.
Hey guys you create such an awesome game i play this game from 4 years and i have no issues with this game . But after completing nanook world i received quests every day and i tried to open the second worl but it is not opening or please add more beasts and more worlds in game like you beasts of this game in beast quest books please add them Beasts plzzz
I love the game and the aim of it but I think it's too laggy because it stops when I'm on da middle of the fight or on a quest It's a bummer
Nice game but add another world in beast Quest from ps4 and also solve the main problem of not opening of other world such as epos and sepron...and add music in sepron world as it used to be in previous version
I like this game the most even I have ppsspp games but this one is my most favourite.It's like a story game where you have to free innocent animals.there was a problem at first when i downloaded this the two worlds were nt working but now i re downloaded this game and it worked good job the games brand keep it up and make a story mode games
Game is very interesting and all quest are very interesting and good too but a problem is that only 3 world is in this game and after we complete all 3 world quests we need to reset data so you need to add more world and the game will be more interesting
Wonderful game, I can't believe that this is an offline game. Super graphics amazing controlling it may be work odd on the mobile which had Android version 4.2.2 or below.
Loving this game always. But why don't you add more adventures. Fed up with the other episodes. Playing again and again
It is a very nice game. But i cant play the other worlds!!! It says connection is lost??? Earlier, i was able to play the other two worlds but now it is just impossible!!!
Unbelievable game, even I am ready to give 5+ star to this game. low MB High graphics more interesting game to play... Waiting for a long time for the update version of this game
The game is good but the only problem is that we cant download map and it shows that there is an internet issue and even my speed of network is 4mb persecond so please fix this problem other wise the game is good
there was a problem in opening the app.whenever ill try to open the game the app is stuck on the loading page and still stuck ......that is so irritating
Due to the new update the game is hanging so much. I can't even play the game. It takes too much time to load but still it doesn't loads
THIS game is nice.The frist day i downloaded the game i finished the game in just like one or two minutes and i deleted the game.then the next day I downloaded the game again because it is the best game I have ever seen before in my life ever in my life so people listen to me because this game is nice.And also rate the game and give it five stars. I am telling you download this game i beg of you xoxoxo ppppppppplease i beg of you xoxoxo xoxoxo xoxoxo xoxoxo xoxoxo xoxoxo xoxoxo xoxoxo thank you
A very good game ever i played. Very good graphics and i was able to complete all the levels. Hope there is a new release of part 2 of this game. So excited...
I would have given five stars but the problem is that I cannot play the other levels because they need internet connection please fix this problem
Awesome game please make more games like this please 💓 l love this game Bur the only problem when i opened it after couple of days. I dont complete it loading and all my data is lost Please fix the problem
Super game. But limited stages. I have waited for new stages. But developer stopped the updates. I really want this game new stages. Developer please create new stages. And update the app please.
It won't load I get to an ice berg and then the app closes. I don't know what to do or why this is happening but I really wanted to play and this frustrated me so it only get 1 star. Sorry. I've tried re installing it and it got me one second further into the game then it closed repeatedly. I give up on this app.
Great game with incredible story. Not a very big game but the maze like map makes the game time taking to clear. Beaten the game 2 times still I didn't get any of the achievements. So many buggy places. Dodge mechanic sometimes works so slow that you take damage. Graphics is awesome. Controls could be better because only one button is there which is to run looks stupid. It would be great if you add more chapter, more bossed like epos, nanook and serpent. Overall game is enjoyable.
I really like the game but i want to watch an add for gems to spend on potions to kill the ice maroder captin but it doesnt let me do that anymore also i bought sepon and cant get on it because of a message saying ive lost connection ive seen a lot of people making a review on that when their connection was fine
i was not playing for a while and after some days i again opened the game but all my progress has lost!!I have to start it all again .frustrating
WHY is the Startup Screen floating on the Epos and Sepron maps?? it's annoying!!! how to make it disappear??,
I had been playing this game from a long time in other devices but in this one when I tried to download the other maps it didnt. I tried it several times while having a decent internet connection but still the same thing happened.I thought it was a bug but neither did the map got downloaded in my friends device so I got annoyed and deleted it
One of the most best games. The quality, controls and features are really good. loved it. Its a very tough game.
Good Game. Needs Basic materials to level up for upgrades in later part of the game. Doesn't Promote Items that can OP a newbie with money. Purchase Items are really good to play game further more, they are more of a utility than OP items. Free Movement and Controls are good, can avoid low level beast unless they near the Boss area. Overall a good game.
I don't actually hope you to read my comment, but if u do can u please guys add controller support so I can play this optimized masterpiece on my very low end android TV!? c,:
Can you make a part 2 to this game in which it features the other 3 beasts that were not in the original one.
I was playing this game since i was 9 and it is very good it is lot more better than the beast quest on ps4
This game is realy cool. But after the last update there is a picture of the map at Sepron world and at the Epos world the map is on the sky. Pls fix that I even can't see fire bats.
I love this game at first i couldn't get it to download then i found a application called game booster this not only took care of the problem it even helps this game run smoothly and not im enjoying a great game so to those who have problems with games on your device get game booster and try this game again you won't be dissapointed ! Great job on tis game guys !
I have downloaded this game many times now and each time it freezes after opening it for a few times. Please fix this.I still like the game though.
I love the game so much but now it's to enough ever one here are having the same problem of connection lost and you all are not fixing it and not replying also. I am just going to uninstall this game because of the connection lost problem it's to enough
It's good but the only problem is that I have already defeated all the boses so in the next update add more.The only reason I have given it 5 stars is because it's awesome
I would have given this game a five star..but after i defeated Nanook, the other two bosses sepron and epos they don't see to be working...it keeps saying "connection error".. please i dont understand why
It's fun for what it is I suppose. Will play offline just fine, and the graphics are nice. It doesn't let the player character level up enough, freezing it at just enough to defeat the first boss, but I couldn't get past the next. Disappointing and boring after that. Grinding does you no good.
This is very adventurous game. I have cleared all three parts EPOS ,SEPRON and BEAST. I think you need to release a naw update of this game.
Please every one is saying please fix this bug it was not before i have completed the other 2 maps many times but now it is very big problem 😩 My all friends who are playing this game please delete it. They will fix this problem either it could be bann.
There are some bugs in this game and it won't let me play the game because it won't let me play and i know im repeating myself but it just won't let me play(when i press the arrow the screen gos black and i can only get out by pressing esc short for the escape button) That is why i'm writing this complain.
How can i defeat Nanook now... Becuse when Nanook do a snowballs with my potion i use it when i tap the snowballs! Please fix it so i can rate it five stars (i only go to sepron once im done with the first wolrd...)
This game is very good they have 3 levels and there levels are so hard and there graphics are too good ,fantabuls and they quest is very amazing I love this game 👍👏🙌😋 .
No question it's the best. I am saying to bring game like this with higher size like 1 GB and with more realistic grafics and. Add controls like joy stick jump, animation like killing effects cool moves , riding horses, rowing boats, large maps to move more characters to meet. Hearder task to solve I mean to say make the game cooler hearder . I know you can make you developers. Please there is no adventure game like this in the play store so bring some new with a large size. It will be great.
I don't like the controls. You should be able to look around and move with a joystick. It's also frustrating to constantly lose to enemies, because you lack health and a stronger sword. The sword constantly needs repairing. Diamonds are scarce and watching an ad only gets you one. ONE!!! Also,you have a partner. She should assist. The game is offline which is a plus.
I really love the game but recently I've reinstalled the game and after finishing Nanook quest, I purchased the Sepron and Epos ones. However, whenever I try playing either of them, it says 'connection lost' and restarts, even though I have high speed Internet. Please fix this, I really want to play the game. Thank you.
Fantastic game, far better then any game based on a book series aimed at seven year olds has any right to be, excellent genuinely challenging and skill based combat. Weird persistent bug: the loading screen remains as a large collisionless plane presumably at (0,0) at base camp in Sepron's world, and replaces the skybox in Epos' world, not rotating with the camera. The Epos one is far more intrusive, please fix this one. 5/5 because excellent game, best of its kind I've seen on the play store.
The subject and content of the game is very silly and, unlike the book, with repetitive missions, it only spoils the nerves گرافیک بالاست اما موضوع چرت و پرت با ماموریت های تکراری و حال بهم زن که کاملا مخالف کتاب نبرد هیولاست
There is no sky in the epos part instead it has a huge map which make me really uncomfortable please fix as soon as possible and there is less option i need options to jump sprint
Nice game. But there are so many problem which makes this game so irritating.I can go in all three worlds but in sepron world,the loading screen is at spawn and in epos world the sky is made up of the loading screen and it lagg too much in both sepron and epos world.I checked the reviews and Everyone have this problem. So It should be good for you Animoca brands that you fix this issue otherwise anyone can't play and this game will only get 1star reviews
I really like the game but when you complete the first and the second world treasures on 100% it glitched and on the 3rd map it doesnt allow you to open the secret treasures
when i played this game it was awesome but when i went and tried another level, the game closed and didn't load again i need help because this game is the best
Ok the concept of the game is cool the graphics is quite below average what u will see in the description of the game is not full same ok now come to the point that why 2 stars cos its get stuck suddenly or it suddenly quite the game so thats the main problem so the developer should fix this problem...................
been needing a update for years need to add more story. at least add a story every 2 months. Y'all have got alot of books so don't know why you can't keep this game going. one of my favorite games great controls and graphics
This is faboulious playing in any time. playing this game anyboudy did not felt bouring. And its have 3 magicle levels but its have vert expensive cost of dimonds. So please lack of dimonnds and give up free daily reward. Which is plays felt better than conditions.
Oh mh god... I've been looking for this game because i loved it when i play it... I searched in the Google "How to beat the yeti to obtain the bag in the tree" 😅😂, now it says *Beast Quest" and i knew it was that... Now that i found my favorite game when i was 14, I'll play and keep it forever lmao!
It is a veryyyyyyyy awesome game. But it is also addictive game. Anyone cannot stop him to play this game. When we start this game, the tune which plays, is mind blowing. You should make it's second part with more beasts and more difficult tasks. In short, it's a superb fantastic, mind blowing game.
excellent+++++++++++++++++++++++++++ I played this game first time on my birthday date 5/4/2017 I like this game so much please explain how to go on epos world 2 island and make part 2
Alright, yes i admit i can enter all three worlds. But its really laggy and sometimes doesnt register my dodge and sepron world has the loading screen hiding the base. Epos world has loading screen on the entire sky!!! The only unplayable one is epos and everything else is harder than it should be.
Game is superb. But sometimes it will be difficult to find out the mission's clue so there should be a hint option..
This is my no. 1 favourite game.. amazing story line and graphics but controls needs to improvement.. i am waiting for 2nd part... please release second part..
Really Very Very good game but the reason is to giving 3stars because when I fight with difficult enemies then my energy gone low without any reasons.
Your app has and problem when I open it it does not let me play Nanoks world please restore the problem I am giving it 1 star
When I completed the nook world then when I entered the Second World the game does not open I won't be able to understand that why the game is not opening
This game is pretty good as it has great grahics and controls. I think that if this game includes many more beasts and challenges, this game will be awesome. Tom and Elenna have to track down many wolves and fight them so it is fun.
Its a best game to play its having an amazing background tune that makes you to gett fully vanish in the game gets outstanding and exciting feel to play amazing characters to fight with them feel horrible since i am playing this game from one month and it became my favourite game i am loving enjoying the game its give us the feeling of a real hunter i can't show that how much i am loving to play this game i recommend this game to every person who love s to play hunting game this is the best game
dear developer your aim mostly through out game earn money so that any gamers dont installed this game because atfer few stage demand for money so we can say that not a offline game and its requires payment mode through out gamil,patiym, debit card its exta so you are understand
Last time it was a great game with great graphics under 100 mb but this update is a heck of a waste it lags and I can't open the game waste update please fix this problem or your game will get lower rating
Every single time, it says connection lost. The same thing has been happening every single time. I have a very strong connection. The developers aren't doing a single thing abou it either. I'll improve my review when the issue is resolved, and not a moment sooner!
It is the worst game in the world . It always give us stress. When we defeat from some monster I advised that if you want to spend your life happily than never download this game in your mobile😠😠😠😠😠😠.
This is amazing & superb game I really enjoyed this game...! But only one reason I complete first chapter but othe chapter are not opened what is this I am very shocked I completely complete first stage but other stage it's not opened 😡😡😡😡😡😡
Base on the game about, it is an offline game, so WHY ican't open this game many times if i dont have load... Ilove this game but, wbat happen... Can u fix this f****k problem in this game?? ..
I don't like this game I had opened the remaining two worlds but that are not opening there is coming that connection problem but you have written this game is offline so why there is that coming connection problem 😡and main thing is that my connection is full than it load to 90 percent and there come connection problem so please fix that otherwise i will delete this game as well as my all friend also will delete this game at least 100 people will delete this game
Please fix this issue when I download another two world it's saying connection lost but internet is very good . Afterall this is very good i am very satisfied with this game.very enjoyable. If you are searching for those games who have nice story and actions , grafics than you install this game.
/i can't even access the other areas I've downloaded them but when i tap them i get an error couldn't connect every time it's been a month it's not working/ edit: so apparently the areas were not even in the game I've just started the sea area and it's back and just as great
I really like this game it have good graphics and game levels are very awesome overall great experience. I cleared all stages and now I am looking for beast quest part-2.
boooooooring.....at the first place you are roaming like a geek and making no impact at all. you have unlimited sources and coins all you have to do is roam and gather. what's the point of adventure in it?
this game I played abot three years ago I found this game first in my society when I played it for the first time I was amazed th e graphics were mind blowing and it was an exploration of new realms as well then I advicrd my friends to play this game . After about 2 months my whole group started to play so you can guess that how good the game is and I requet all the gamers to play this game and rate and review like me
Have played it multiple times... Installed it recently again only to find out the big logo all over the sky in epos world.. Very irritating and unplayable.. Dont install unless the problem is solved
Amazing, great, the best mobile rpg game I've ever encountered with only a little megabits required. I hope it will get more update coming! There are also no ads and offline. Amazing!
Stupid game.... don't waste your time downloading it. It lags a LOT!!! And it also blacks out when i try to play. Really dissapointed.
Barbie the only things I that us to be a good time to get the latest flash player is required for video playback stopped because this was a great day and I will be in the future of our games are based on the phone with me and I will be in touch with me and my family is doing a lot more to the same time as I am a little more than a week or two of you and your team and the other hand t shirt and tie in with you and your family and I will send you the best way to the same time as I am a little more
The game is amazing .I played it for a long time .The whole thing is a mighty creation.I really do not have any complaints but it could be more fun.I finished nanook's world in 10 days and sepron in 12 days now i've reached epos but it whould be more fun if there was more chapters as 1.ferno 2.arcta 3.tagus 1.fernos area should be filled with The forest The river The dome 2.arctas area should be filled with The canyons Sky high mountains Northetern warfied 3.tagus will be in fernos jungle
Boy am i angry Finished nanooks world and then i save up gems to open seprons world, telling me about about poor connection whennits perfectly fine, i shrug it off. Decide to check for an update Now i get an update and my whole progressed was erased!!!??? What in God's gracious is that!!! Im giving you a one star review for ruining my game. 😠😠😠😠😠
The reason i think 4 star its because that you made seprons world have a poster at spawn and eposes world made it the sky and you made shark eye hard!!!!!!!
When I first downloaded, what I was struck with was NOTHING like the book series it was based on. Believe me, I have read EVERY book in the series! ALSO, Half of the series is MISSING! And I'm not even saying the second half or anything! The books that are in the game are numbers 2, 5 and 6! And this is all just relative to the books! I haven't even mentioned the fact that it won't let you go the other two areas! It ALWAYS Says "Connection Lost" Even if I have a perfect connection!
Earlier, it was so good. But now the change of cost of other worlds from 59 and 89 to 5 and 9 have ruined the whole game. Idk why but I used to love this game, but now.. 😕
After Swordigo this is the only game that I loved to play. But controlling isn't good when I try to evade enemy I cant do that though I tap or hold the button.P lease d some thing for that
wonderfull game cant stop to me during playing this game good animation ,monsters,quests,daily challenges etc. also we get interest while we play with monsters like nanook, serron, epos and many more to tell
It is the best game avialable in play store...most of the other games are just trash...but this one is unique I wonder after how much time this game would be deleted or be shown as a different game as it has been done with other games like swordigo...why play store deletes such good game i dont know just why??😠
a very nice game , but dear developers, try to make the movements of the sword and it's power more real.
I absolutely loved the game, however when I tried to unlock and download the other 2 maps, it continually said connection failed, I have no idea what the problem is but I couldn't find a solution. My network is completely fine and a strong one. This is a disappointment, not worth my time. Oh, I just found out what the problem is, it used be owned by miniclip, but not anymore, devs changed. New devs want money. That solves the problem.
The controls honestly sucks beyond words seriously this can do alot better if the development team can change it, IF they can change it that is. Graphics is not so bad and for the game overall is not bad for kids who want to experience an mmo for the first time. Not that I'd very recommend it to anyone. I'll download the game again in 2 to 3 years hopefully this game changes ALOT by then for a better review. It's honestly a 1 star game any higher is an insult to real game developers.
This game is in the top position of my favourite games 👌😍. I have installed it 2 times the first time I can go to the other worlds but in the second time I can't it always says connection lost. But I really loved it 🙂😍.
Other 2 worlds cannot be downloaded. It is the wonderful game. Please leave version 1.2.1 as it is very comfortable one.The background music of Sepron and epos world is not appearing. The battle music of sepron is very nice and it makes us fight. The other 2 worlds cannot be downloaded and gives as connection lost evev though we a speed of 8MB/s. Please correct it. I beg ur pardon. Please........... I love this game.
Great game only down fall in the serpent part, and the fire part the beast quest logo is in the actual game part you play and its very irritating, its worse in the fire part, but over all great game. And you never get to fight the evil wizard you should add that,
the game is fun... but i finally open seprons world.....and guess what??it keeps telling me connection fell ....and it wont open!!!!!!after paying 59 diamonds it wont open....!!!!!😣😣😣please fix it...🤔🤔🤔
Worst game!!!!!,I am feeling vomiting now😵😵,I recommend not to play this game,infact there are lots of glitches and bug which are literally uncountable😵😵😵😵😵😵.It's for kids under 8 years, I think so.sometimes It also crashes🤣🤣🤣,infact when you are buying something,it will take your pennies and will not give you anything😂😂😂😂,It's a gold digger, I heard it from other reviews,I highly prefer not to play this game, if you wanna play than you can I will not force you,lateryou...😂😂
It is a good game but really it is difficult to find anything please can you give a small map for free it really difficult to find anything and I just get fed up by doing it and yes I can't even open map any other called I really hate this.i have very good connection but I do not work
I really love this game, I could have give 5 star but no. I once played the other two world before but when I install the game again I couldn't play saying 'connection problem'. I tried with net connection but it's the same. Otherwise it's my favourite game if the other world were playable.
3 star only,, the game is so awesome but how can i save data .. i already acrossed the bridge but last time i quit the game and i played again it start from the beginning..
Hey,i love this game......but the thing is about 2 years ago i beat it but recently i downloaded it and i litterally beat it again in 2 days. Edit 2 more years: if there was another update with another beast to free, I would play again but if you have never played, i'd recommend it.
Its a good game with good graphics.I upgraded everything.I deafeted nanook and the wolves but when I went to unlock the new worlds.Ok I Had diamonds to unlock the worlds.Unfortutanately kt showed Downloading and said internet connection lost.Though the internet was jolly good. Also I reccomend everyone to dowIoad this game as it is not so bog in size. I will gladly change the rating once it stops.My humble request to the creators of the wonderful game Beast Quest 😀😀😀
It was my most favourite game. I have installed and played it several times. Even completed all three worlds once. Unfortunately, the game has lost all credibility now. The game forces you to stay in the Nanook's world. YOU JUST CAN NOT GO TO ANY OTHER WORLDS!! Everytime you try to load the other two worlds it shows: "Connection lost", even though your connection is fine!! And what is more dissapointing, inspite of reports from many users, THEY DO NOT FIX IT!!
this game sucks, when I downloaded the game it started well and when I clicked the play button the screen blacked out. l tried several times to get it play but got the same result
I downloaded the other two quests and when i tried to open the game it froze , couldnt open so fraustrating i had to restart the game, lost all my progress (ANGRY)
I have completed the quest in just 3 days I think it should have more levels but the game is otherwise very good I love it thank you for creating it
Other maps aren't unlocking after spending gems on them. It is showing connection lost while I have no connection issue. Although I want to explore more, I can't do anything about that connection lost issue. Please fix that bug.
Fantastic game but you make the game very boring because you add a new update in which the game is very easy because you make the world's only few diamonds to open them when I first play the game it was very difficult so it's so fantastic but now it's going boring,boring,and boring
Herbs only heal a fraction of your life, fighting controls are unresponsive a lot of the time, movement controls are weird, and resting in a tent or campfire takes away a too much gold in my opinion. To me, it just feels like it nudges you more to spending money. Perhaps if you add different difficulty setting, it would be more fun to players who just want to experience the story.
Is is a very good game....But now I face a problem. Though my data connection is on, when I try to play Sepron World or Epos World it's showing data connection is lost..why it's showing as it's a offline game??
Not happy at all. Just about to clear nanook level & the game resets itself to the very beginning so lost all upgrades etc. Do not download.
Very adventurous and I like the graphics and nice story but I give two stars because after downloading the game, I played it a couple of days but one day it refused to open up, and this has not only happened once but twice when I have done that It usually happens after downloading a new land of quest
The game is great but when i fight the enemies(particularly the epos world) that summons back ups and about to give the final attack, after those back up foes are defeated the controller suddenly disappears and i get stock with the main enemy which does not attack me as well. I'm willing to give a five star review if this problem is fixed because i really love this game.
This is the best game I've ever played in my mobile.. I don't know why it's so overrated.. It deserves 5 It's so adventurous, fun, graphics are amazing.. You should definitely try it Please make more games like.. I'm bored of searching good games like this but not finding any😢
The 2 hit attack from dark fang is undodgeable and never says prepare to block unless it's actually dodgeable cuz I don't think the game will let you dodge that fast also the dodge mechanics are really stupid cuz they say if it's a left attack then dodge to the left and the right same so they should more complex attack for enemies , you also have to do lots farming to defeat bosses and you lose health while farming then you rest and that costs money and the cycle continues
I spend a lot of money on this game and almost completed the game when I decided to unistall it and put it on my new phone when I did that the game just started from the beginning and all of my progress lost forever it doesn't save your data to the cloud so once you've lost it it's gone forever
This game consume too much battery and Overheat the processor. Graphics are average but this don't matter they overheat even redmi note 7pro too... even pubg don't heat too much... Developer should improve in this app...
my favorite game i just love it i have played it a year ago and now again i am downloading it its too addicted the graphics are damn cool! i suggest everyone to download it as its really good for time killing if you're bored tho.
It does it's own thing even no one controlling it, especially in battle mode. There is a delay in command and somewhat glichy. Having trouble in mini game mode where u swipe the control. It doesn't always obey control. Having to die unnecessary because of glitch. But then after all it's a free game. Please fix it I will give u 5 star.
I have played Beast Quest before and it is by far the best adventure game on Apple Store the best to offer. Love you Beast Quest oooo.
I loved this game but it has a problem is when I open sepron or epos world it's showing loading screen and and its tooo laging please fix I really like this game 🎮 If you fixed it I will be give 5 ⭐ stars please fix it
This "Zelda-esque" adventure is brilliant! Even though the controls seem too easy, the gameplay is exciting, as are the Graphics. It is a fun game & well recommended for all 😁
This is AMAZING!! But the only thing is that when I try to evade the attacks it takes a little bit long for him tok do that Otherwise I think this game is worth downloading. Please make more games like these please.
O love the game but 1 more thing 2 add 2 this already awsome game 2 make it more awsome add a ton of more beasts and I'm talking like ferno the fire dragon tagus the night horse arcta the mountain giant zepha the giant squid claw the... jungle monkey thing Solara the uhhhh... alien stone thing arachnid the giant spider trillion the three headed lion vitro the two headed snake all these beasts would make the game more awsome and more time 2 play it =)
Worst gaming experience ever felt! I don't even want to recommend this type of game play to anyone! Everytime I try to unlock a new world it shows me a connection lost message even though my network connection is fine! I didn't expect such type of game from miniclip! Please fix this bug as quick as possible!
It is a very interesting game....... I have played 5 times but this time I could not open the other worlds of Sepron and Epos..... They are the most adventurous and Sepron is very strong in fighting....... In the final battle we have to swim in the sea and get to Sepron...... And in Epos-The Bird 🐦........ It is a fire 🔥🔥bird and very strong and there are wolves also which are also of 🔥🔥🔥
Good game but only 1 (nanook) of the 3 worlds is playable. Like everyone else I get " lost connection" error when I try to load the Sepron or Epos worlds. Guessing they likely not completed so they put in a bogus error message.
BEST GAME EVERRRRR!!....!!!!its a really addictive game... ......2 cousins of mine luvs this game a lot.they even buy books .......i would really like to thank th3 creator of thisngame....and advice them ro make many other interesting stories like this...
The game is perfect, but when I used to have the game, all attempts to get to the other worlds were a failure, but now that I have re-downloaded the game just today, I have gotten into all worlds at the same time , that is the reason for the 5 stars, KEEP IT UP, ANIMOCA BRANDS, ROCK ON. The "Arctic Herbs "really help me with difficult quests. The controls are very good and active. There is one thing I need you guys to fix . Why is there a giant map in the background of Epos' world?
Man I loved this game mostly for the nostalgia factor of being able to play my favourite childhood series. I want to give a higher rating, and probably would, if the game would be updated more often so I could play the rest of the first series.
i have a problem with epos when you are fighting a eternal knight when they have a lesser monster at their side when you defeat the lesser eternal knight the game freezes and you can not attack or evade or block can you fix that but otherwise great game
I love this app it has a lot of levels and you can't stop fighting if only it was a bit easy to play anyway l love this game 😘
I simply must implore the devolopers to fix the gigantic map and loading screen in Epos' World. It has been there a while now and makes progressing very difficult, to the point of impossibility. Apart from this, I have no suggestions. It is a very good game, great concept as well.
I love this game somuch , but I have a problem I Completed (nanook) world 100% (achievement +treasure+equipment) and then I download speron's world. but it says connection lost.(miniclip) please fix this .i can't enter any world.
Thank you for making a game that is so stacked against the player that it's impossible to beat a 3rd level boss. This game has potential, but it ends up just being frustrating.
The game was one of the best games that I've ever played. But now when I play epos or sepron the sky turns to loading screen and the land looks normal. Please fix this bug.
I'd give it five if it wasn't for the "i can't download another part" thing even with strong network... oh and according to the books there r so many beasts soo y not add some more in this game...too bad the sky turns to load screen wen i play the other parts and the freezing really messes up my combat please fix this
It became a nice game "After update" now i can play sea serpent. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you are reading my comment than subscribe unknown game man youtube channel.
game is so osm must download. But their should more improvement in game like more weapons, more moves, more ability, and main character of the story should be grown taller. thank you for making this game
Wow. What a game. It's an open world adventure. Not too hard but definitely gets challenging as you go. The first part is free but you have to pay a small price to unlock the entire game. There are a few inexpensive IAPs but nothing major & not necessary to advance. Its definitely a game that was made with heart rather than greed. Gamers like me hunt through the app store looking for games just like this. Kudos to the Devs. Its games like this that keep me from abandoning mobile gaming entirely
It was a good game, it had some flaws but it was good back when it was owned and run by Miniclip. Now the colours in the game have changed, everything is abnormally white and its uncomfortable to the eyes. Just because a company bought the game, it's stupid to change the brightness and other minor changes, yall just ruined it.
I've been trying to find this game for YEARS I'm not even kidding. I liked this game on my mom's phone, then I got my own phone 2 years later (currently) and couldn't find this game, but now I've found it.
wowwwww! its a good game but you are giving many beasts in the game. whenever I am going to fight with boss beast you allways give a powerfull beast. I dont like this thing. But your games are very good. I want to install your all games. thanks for making this type of game
Best gameplay,worst starting it is not starting only it just says 'beast and quest is not responding'
I love this game soo Much! The control are so easy and the puzzle are soo great! Please make more game like this this game are soo awesome small mb and the graphics are soo fantastic! And the gameplay! And FREE to download i thought it was premium! But its not! Download this game right now! It makes you smile and you cant erase it FOREVER!! Trust me!! It soo exiting!!!!
I really love the game now that the problem is fixed! Thanks a lot for fixing the issues which us gamers faced! Thank you!!!
It is very very very very very very bad game it is so tough and hard game. The beast has 3,2 energies and our hero 1 . We should have atheist 2 energies. Please add these features.
It's a really great game it should have a remake. With better graphics and more bosses. So plzz make a new grand update your games are the best
It is the best adventure game I have ever played . It's offline too best grafic under 100 mb. I request the developers to lunch a game like this with more good modes controls it may be online and it should be under 2 gb. So please . I have completed this game like 4 times all maps. I can't download the 2 maps sea serpent and epos why. Connection lost why???
Instead of this new version being offered as an update, I had to uninstall the version with all my purchases and progress and replace it with the new one. In the current version when getting the sepron and epos maps it is all wrong. The background for the epos world is the loading screen map and sepron has a giant map in the middle of the camp area. This is very frustrating as I cannot play the other worlds properly and I lost my money and play time. Please fix the game as I used to love it.
As a friend plz do not download this app or it is Showing errorsnow. screen becomes blur and dull after playing almost 25 days . My time, efforts and money is wasted because of this game .do not download it .I strongly recommend this to you
Would rate the game higher due to its quality and mechanics, but progressing leaves something to be desired. Whenever I try to go into the other world's I've unlocked, the game always hits me with "connection lost" and throws me back to the title screen. If these are the type of problems that are in this game, it should at least be forewarned in early access or taken care of. All in all, not a complete waste of my time but, I could've done much much better doing almost literally anything else.
wow, amazing.this is the first I have ever play such type of interesting game. it has best story where I enjoyed so much and the grapic are also good.
i have spent money on this game on three different devices over the course of 3 yrs trying to complete the game in its entirety and you guys cant even bother to fix the glitches with the treasure chests in epos. i have OCD and have desperately wanted the thing to say 100% but it cant because it doesnt acknowledge 3 chests i opened. thanks a bunch for driving ne absolutely crazy.
It's an average game the story isn't much good and the game is hard i meañ i need to level up my character too much to beat boss and it's getting boring
I used to love this game but now that Ive seen the comments about the game being sold to new developers,and seeing myself that it takes forever to load (even when being downloaded from the store)I don't think I would look forward to playing it more.I'm downloading it now and it is taking around 15 mins to download.Unusual.
Worst game don't download it,Other worlds is not unlocking,it continues said, connection lost so you only play 1 chapter in this game and not only me,many people report same issue but they don't fix it
dear sir game graphics and animation is cool .best time killer. very enjoyable many many thanks... dear please add more stories in this game.please please.
Best adventurous game I have ever played but there is a difficulty in downloading worlds but I did it then In Epos world the Download page as the sky and in Sepron's world it was like a wall we can go through near the base camp.... But that's okay Can your'll make some more worlds like Tagus Arcta By the way keep it up
It is a Very good game with a immersive story And after updating it has 3 open world's to play on and each and every creature is Very powerful. So try this game at least one time. So for the best gaming experience I have rated it 5 stars. The developers can add more chapters of the beast quest like arachnid world ,nagra world and many more in other,other apps. Like beast quest series 2 etc.
Thanks for new update in this game.......now this game is play smoothly in starting.... But after some levels.....the butten of sefty weapons is not work properly....and sometime leging issue is come in this game...so please also optimize this game(in all levels) Thank you...
this game is great.. ..but I need to ask a question...I beat the snow beast and the water snake beast and I beat the fire beast bird, then you had the update and I installed it, ..but I can't find anything new or any boss beasts... what am I doing wrong wrong?
- Go beyond Nanook's icy plains and explore two new worlds! Journey to the coasts of Avantia in search of Sepron the Sea Serpent, and delve deep into the depths of Stonewin volcano to do battle with Epos the Flame bird The two maps are not unloking it correctly said connection lost please try again later I try no of times 😥😔😔😔 but the two maps not opening Please fix the problem
I have completed this game once but now due to some bug I am unable to open other two world it's showing that network lost though I have full network and my internet is very fast so it's my sincere request to fix the bug other than this is a very nice game
I know this game for so long time. I wanted to play it again because I know I liked it a lot, but this company has ruined it completely, the 3rd map has the loading screen as heaven for some reason ... it was much more ok when it was owned by Miniclip, I don't know what happened. I just hope they fix it.
I'm playing this game since from few years repeating the Nanook's world by installing and downloading again and again to get into the next world but still m facing the same problem,I can't get into the next world why,can u suggest any! Dear developers?
I love this game! However in Epos world the background is loading screen and in sepron world the whole loading screen is in front of the base. Also it would be much more exciting if it had more worlds. Please fix this issue and make it much better. Otherwise it's one of the best game I have ever played!
hi sir epo quest is too bad because fight controls work too late (control buttons not support properly ) and in epo world filled like close room.
I love this game very much but there is one problem that I can't enter in other worlds .I will give this game 5 Star if you Fix this bug.
Well, i really like this game. But I can't enter the other worlds ,it says connection lost, please check your internet connection. Why? Why? This game should be the best but only if other worlds are there. Devlopers please don't add payment for these worlds if you are planning to do so. And please fix the bug quick.
The controls are way too bad! You can't evade while your guy is attacking! Your reaction time is useless in this game! That ruins the game! Hey devs! I know you're not responsible but plzzzz improve it, I really loved the game but the combat mechanism is bad... :(
I really like the game but some bugs ruin this game like the sky on the third map and also the evade botton that is delaying it keeps attacking while im pressing the evade botton so i attack slowly to evade on time and I cant access the account that i saved on google I cleared the first map on that so I saved it and now i cant access it I earned many gems and gold in it but it is a waste bec. I cant open it ☹️☹️
What the hell happened to this game?? it used to work great when I played it back then but now i can't even go to other worlds it says "Connection Problem" there's nothing wrong with my connection it's perfectly fine and i see everyone is having this problem too developer please fix this i really want to play the other world! :(
The game is fun, and the story is amazing. But there is 1 problem, when my gems is enough, i buyed epos and serpon world. Then its downloading, and i waited. Then it says please check your internet connection and try again. I tried it again and its done. But serpon world still not yet opened. Please fix this, because my internet is the best.
This game has been really addictive for me, the story is interesting, the gamplay and mechanics are fun and the worlds are interesting, but now I can't access the other worlds! I really wanted to play more but everytime I select a world besides Nanook's it says that the connection was lost and it seems everyone else is having this issue as well, please help.
Game is awesome I love playing it I've had it before I deleted it becous there was a level I couldn't beat .
Hi I am abhinand this is my fav game from my childhood. As a good player my completed the whole game inside one day i saved the 3 monsters so i like I am the best in the game so i think I should give an review of this fantastic game I also think I could get a world record in this game Thanks
RPG for 12 years old, with unlimited money to spend. At least give em somekind of medieval clothing and fix the combat system ...no fun leveling. Wasted 12$....
i used to play this game back then when miniclip used to have it,now it is too laggy while miniclip ones was very smooth.I tried downloading the one from miniclip through google play games and it was still smooth.please fix it.Also i forgot to mention my progress also lost even i linkefed it with my gmail.
Great, but if you can cloud save that would be 5 star worthy, this is my 6th time starting on a new game.
pls how can i dodge the snow balls which the snow monkey throws at me,i am at the verge of uninstallment.apart from this issue d game is great.pls fix this issue.
The best Adventur game on play store. Treasure hunting , nanook worlds, epos and sepron world . Full hd 3d graphics. I love it
It's really difficult to understand the conceptof the game but it is a intelligence game and I stopped the game before 4 years but I never saw any game like this but I am not saying the this is the best game in my life an best game of adventure and intelligence😎😎😎😎
hello sir, this game is very enjoyful. I have completed all the levels. So sir can you add more bosses please, then it will be more fun. Please accept my request and add more bosses
its very good game but after installing olter stages it take internet to start but after starting it became offline ,however it is the best game in my life ,you must install it