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Beam of Magic: RPG Adventure, Roguelike Shooter

Beam of Magic: RPG Adventure, Roguelike Shooter for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Space Horse located at Russia, g. Novocheboksrsk, ul. Naberejnaya, d. 17. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Very interesting. However, so many bugs. Please fix it. Such as can't open chest, it crashes as well during the game thus time wasted. But this is very cool idea
The game lags too often. Crashes too often. I lose 5 energy attempting to enter a dungeon too often. I can deal with the enemy health and damage just fine, but the lag that prevents me from moving and that allows them to do 800-1,000 damage to me during is ridiculous. I checked my connection. My wifi isn't the issue. STILL, I wanted to make this review about the game itself, and not the connection. I had high hopes for this. Really cool, fun game. Nice worlds. Too bad it has SO many problems.
Pretty decent game so far, and having multi-player is nice. Had an issue with a purchase not coming through, but the support was quick in responding and resolved the issue fast.
It's a fun game but you guys made it way too hard to play alone and win. You need people to play with but you rarely see anyone in the same game as you.
It's a really fun game,I just don't like the stamina feature and the spider boss,you need to add more delay to it's jumps
Games needs more improvement After an update my game. Suddenly all the enemies dies but they weill not give you any experience. They just die then poop! Nothing happen. No level up no nothing. Please fix this. Remove bugs. This really has a potential it just needs more improvements.
Tells me I have no internet connection when everything else works fine. I really enjoy the game but I cannot play it
Tried this game for a bit, at level 9 i couldn't kill level 7 mobs anymore since their health started regenerating faster than i could do damage hardblocking me from progress
Keep disconnecting, and everytime it disconnect reconnect, need to wait for the loading. It only happens to this game on my phone, so should not be a problem of my network
another flop from zillion whales it could be a good game but the lag rate is beyond sad to the point you cant play and there is no joystick lock option so if your playing with a thumbstick controller its useless. you need to listen and to what people are saying here and improve the game
I downloaded it because of the promotion from mushroom wars, me and my friend we live in different states and we play co-op frequently. We downloaded this game after mushroom wars changed their guidelines for 2v2. Long story short we can't look each other up and play on the same world, and how many levels are there? I keep beating all of the bosses on castle but I don't progress. Fun game to pass the time much like archero but I like the layout of B.O.M. wayyy better it's so much more convenien
The game is good i have been searching a game like this through my whole entire life but the loading screen has some problems The loading screen is taking a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng time to load.
This game is very fun, reminds me of risk of rain 2, I recommend you add a friends list function and inviting friends to lobbies because I downloaded this with the hopes that I can play with people I know but it seems random as to who's in your game, please consider this as it'd bring a lot of people in. Otherwise it's a lot of fun
i like the game but the un that area which has 4 bosses i wont level up by killing monsters and first boss didnt appear when i stood in that circle and the loading compeleted. please fix it. the gameplay is awesome.
Since it takes ~100 minutes to get another play (and maxes out at 4) it would be nice if the game didn't lock up or lose frame rate at random and kill you.
This game would have FIVE stars if it wasn't for the horrible FPS. I have an excellent network, I've tried clearing cache and reinstalling game multiple times, yet it freezes and lags consistently, to the point of losing and all bonus from Jinn, on top of losing life due to inability to play. Fix this, and you will make MONEY.
It's a fun game. Would give 5 stars if we were able to play more than just a few games a day. Wish you would include energy refill at level ups along with higher energy level.
I like the mechanics of gameplay but it's not very interesting. Dont like the sell requirement for most items, it's just dumb. And it laggs alot with certain perks and other times as well. Making it hard to see enemy fire.
It's a nice game. Nice graphics too. Stylised. But the 2 stars are because: 1- controllers are the worst. After a few minutes my thumb starts to really hurt. It feels like the control is too hard and heavy. 2- Plus, why the hell cant i pause during battle?? 3-when i level up during battle it should auto pause so the player can choose a perk without worrying about getting killed. 4- being able to sell some items only when you unlock maps..i mean...why???It would be an awesome game if u fix this
First of all its not ofline its online as well there is no progress saving option..but game concept is really amazing, good graphics as like mashroom wars 2😍😍😊
The game is amazing, but my review is low for the loading problem, i would probably give 5* if you solved that issue
Good concept but too glitchy and pesky lags.. The framerate drops too much and still lacking various game settings... graphic quality adjustment, fixed joystick, multiplayer lobby so you can invite friends. Too much bugs. I can't sell items even when I'm already level 3
really liked this game at first but then noticed it didn't have a login feature, so if I buy into the game and lose my phone, everything I bought is gone! also don't like how big maps are and how movement controls direction of shots. either auto fire when stop moving, or control direction of fire with attack button. Please create a Google login cloud save if you want me to continue playing, if I lose all my progress I'll just end up hating your game.
Horrible update. 6 crashes in an hour and 20 minutes. Before this update, the game only crashed 3 times in one month. That's a disgustingly, exaggeratedly, ridiculously DRASTIC difference and change in performance. I can't even play now. I restarted my game, cleaned the storage, uninstalled and reinstalled the game, yet I'm stuck in an unrendered plain and I'm stuck in place so I can't even move my character. Too mad to say more. Goodbye progress. Goodbye game.
I don't hear music at all, even it's enabled. Besides that, it is fun to play, easy to understand if you've played similar shooting games. It has multiplayer potential and I'm looking forward to play this with my friends. Can't invite them coz there's no friendslist.
Was good till all of a sudden I get connection issue caused by not using WiFi. Now it won't let me play anymore and reset my character items.
Its very nice game, just need some bug fixes, regular content updates, bug fixes, n some bug fixes for good measure. One for example could be about stamina. To be precise: I pay 5 stamina for a map, map doesnt load properly I cant play map and I loose 5 stamina, if this happens 2 times in a row its 10 out of 20 stamina, its not nice!! I give more stars after few patches or something.
Decent concept, its borrowing a lot of features from other games and it doesnt have anything original on its on unless you count the map i guess. Your fps drops MASSIVLY once you get more perks and more effects start showing up with all the abilities, im talking about 5-10fps. Needs more original perks n abilities and fps tweaks.
if the game is 'offline' why I need connect to server to play? Can't play because I can't connect to server and burn energy, long black screen after initial loading, could be better
kindly improve your internet connection with this game. its so cool but it seems that it will take too much internet data to play your game
Lack progression I have had the game for like 2 months now and still no update with a new chapter and it has only 4 so far
Was a pretty fun game, I even spent a little on it, but now there's too many connection issues.. I haven't been able to even get on the game in over a day!
Remove energy system to make it a good game. If your that desperate for money just make it so u can double rewards for watching an ad or make you watch an ad ever other entrance then do an ad free version for 2-5 dallors. But not an energy system. This is not pre 2012 facebook. Move on allready
It's another version of archero. It's a good game. I was hoping for more of an open map dungeon crawl, go to a city to sell your goods game. Pve just isn't the right title for this game.
I downloaded this game from the offline area of Google. So tell me why random people join my game making it so I can't pause the game. And no option to disable it.
This game is good, its just that it lacks on some features and bugs. I suggest that u put a lock for controllers cause it so hard to move when the joystick is moving. Also, a friend list feature to make it fun. I also advice that you should lower the damage of spider and crab boss because it is high and so hard to evade.
Good game, wish there was a friend list to add people. By that note, thanks to the IGN FowlGame or was it GameFowl who helped me beat the castle last 2 bosses! You were great man!!!!! Especially on aggroing that crab boss! Hit me up on discord Hex0r#0767 wherever you are and of your reading this!!
Freezes during game when attack and suddenly I am dead cause I can't move .. the whole game freeze .. need to be fixed ..... Other then that I like the game
The game seems to have improved since the last update. Connection is better. Game runs smoother. So far so good. I can't wait to play other worlds. My only complaint is the very slow progression. I recommend increasing the amount of upgrade materials gained by 200%-300%. I know it seems like too much of an increase, but I've been playing this game for a little over 2 weeks now. In 2 weeks, I was able to have 3-4x the amount of items and materials that I actually needed in other games like this.
You know cool idea. very bad execution. for one energy sucks beyond belief, like most games dont use energy and if they do they have reason to, secondly the game doesent WORK yeah it works when you alone because everyone else got Disconected but if you are with any other people like the game advertises FPS and insues.
Good game but lacks progress saving option and no in game support page. If anything was to go wrong and items or character wiped then thats just money down the drain for nothing. Cant support apps that wont save your progress and have no in game support.
fun but frustrating amount of lag. Lag makes it almost implayable, i only just downloaded the game and have already died multiple times due to the game freezing. The game also is basically single player. would have given it 5 stars if not for the lag. If the lag is not fixed ill probably just delete the game
So so. Great idea but dumb execution. Why is there a shoot button? These games should have auto fire. My screen is broken and the character is often unresponsive. Games should be made with this in mind. Stupid grind wall was hit in the first map. After second boss it was pointless to play. No thanks. Minions op in order to force you to watch ads. 3 star Max. My life has more meaning than to play this dud.
Please increase FPS, at least as an option. Also not being able to save progress is a huge downer.. I put a lot of time and a fair amount of money into your early access game to have nothing to show for it
Great game but somehow i cant play with my current progress on other devices. Like all others said, FPS issue is really bad. Overall is a great game IMO.
I played it for awhile and just quit after awhile. Random ability upgrades really hurts strategy and gear is too painful to upgrade. I'm bored.
The counter seems to have a bug. You reach the max (200) of things you can get in the map, but at the end you only gets 160