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Beach War: Fight For Survival

Beach War: Fight For Survival for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Horus Entertainment located at 3205 - G3, Vinhomes Greenbay - Me Tri - Nam Tu Liem - Ha Noi. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
played 1 level I feel tutorial not that great also online instructions should be there for what to do and not to do
Just started playing this game. it reminds me of a game I used to play on the PC. some of you might remember that. the graphics on wonderful. What was the update my review as I played a little bit more and see what else is to come
Love this game! Easy to play. A little too easy though. Finished all levels in 12 hours. Need to add more levels or even more modes like career, tournament etc.
Great Battle game , fun and intense at times. But most importantly I had lost my account while performing a device change, I sent an email to them and I had it back within two hours.
Great game except when you're trying to upgrade weapons and it tells you "Upgrade Failed", but still takes your money. And got some reason I can't fire the bazooka. Pushing that button only fires the machine gun.
Excellent used to play arcade version with the half bubble you stood under and able to turn and move to shoot. Best game i have downloaded so far
It's a good game but it's quite hard to control with your fingers is better playing games on the Xbox one X if you haven't got the new Xbox
I mean it kind of good but it makes you watch and ad because the upgrade fails and it takes your money
I would have rated higher but there is a glitch in the game on PetroCoast V. I've killed everyone and it shows that I still have 2 enemies remaining and I can't progress to the next stage. Can you fix that bug soon. Other than that, I really enjoy this game.
I like it but it's so hard to get all of them i need you to add some more defense like i need to buy more defense moretarets and you know some people on the ground to defense
This game awesome.. No need to headache move to many area.. U just wait there and waiting for enemy to coming back..
Ads are not terrible compared to most free games nowadays. The jets are terrible, they start shooting from one spot then disappear and show up somewhere else up to behind you making them hard as hell to shoot down. I was unaware that jets could faze in and out of reality. Other reviewers talking about money on wins are true, I got 68k for the last level, watched the ad to double it, went back to main screen and was rewarded 11k total.
I completely changed my opinion of this game. I absolutely loved this game until you get to a certain level you don't get the money you win and I have screenshots and I have email the company several times to no avail and I've spent money on this game do not waste your time it will steal your money and not give you the rewards you win. If they fix it I'll change my opinion
Excellent gaming experience. One glitch, when i upgrade a weapon, if upgrade fails due to network issues, even then cash prize in game is deducted. Fix this and its world best
Gameplay is ok,but the aim sucks,cause when you're aiming and shooting the crosshairs on scope goes all over the place,i found it unstable
Somebody pinch me tell me this is real I've been looking for a game like this and couldn't find it and here comes this game an all out f War
So far so good maybe stronger guns bigger clips/rounds. Just really started to play wait an see though
I realy e joy the game. Quite fun.. Looked like American soldiers landing on the beach at first. Dont like that... Seems to have changed
WAY WAY TO MANY ADS!!!!!! Fun game, but hate how you are FORCED to watch ads to upgrade weapons. Play one game watch one ad. Would be way more fun if we didn't have to spend more time watching ads then playing the game.
It would be nice if you could move around on the beach instead of just being stationary. Its great though
When you begin to play its ok,later when you finis a mission dont get any money so you can NOT upgrade weapons to max.
I dont' normally play these types of military war games because you have to be running all over the place to find your target!!! Plus you have to follow all these dots on radar!!! And that is downright confusing!!! I love stationary games like this one! Because they shoot back and hit you!! Your not the only one getting shot!!! And it's realistic!!! Keep up the good work!! And please continue to make more games like these!!!
Have looked all over for this type of game and this is it 100% amazing game so if you like shooting games then this is a must have app you should get definitely 5 stars
Gays very exciting first time but this game level up in then this game is problem start the biggest problem is first time level 1 2 3 4 easy but level 5 6 7 8 heavy that the biggest problem this is the very bad game
Great war game..it's realistic, but I'm just figuring out more and more..please developers, tell me how to upgrade my magazine reload..it takes very long and I take hits during reload time.. Otherwise, great game
You can max out everything on this game in about 2 hours. Also, just because you won a lot of money on a mission doesn't mean it will register. Must be a glitch.
Had it for a few days now. Excellent game play! Exciting n challenging! Pretty realistic with the reloading of ammo. Reminds me of the old Beach Head II game for PC back in 2004.
Loving it! Waited a long time for defense game that, not a sim pet say, but semi realistic game play. Great job guys!
Warning:very pay to win!!! The rewards seem OK until you realize they nickle and dime you for everything. And the ads..ads,ads,ads,,. As usual, a promising game ruined by the devs that made it. Uninstalling immediately.
Brilliant Shooter Game, Perfect for passing time. Would be Brilliant if they bring out a Second version based on a City/Town. Definitely Recommend Playing.
I am excited about this game! A seemingly great arcade shooter.The graphics are delightful,the sounds are there.It loads quick.No annoying adds.I would like to control with the gyroscope.Implement that,and i'll give you five stars.
Great beach shoot em up, plenty of targets to keep you busy. Early days but looking like a great enjoyable game.
It's about 50% there as a game but there are quite a few problems with it the controls are to be polite not great no sorry they are atrocious and although you seem to get rewards I did not find it easy to get any decent upgrades also after about the first few hours it was just the same thing over and over again on the beach head shooting at the boats cars and soldiers I won't go on as i know how hard you people work on the game just to give us a gd one
I generally love this type of game. But these soldiers dont wanna go down from my 50 caliber, thats frustrating when they are coming from everywhere and ive gotta spray em twice!
I really like the game the only thing I would have to say if I'm using a 50 cal machine gun it should take down a man with one round
Pro : Simple game. Shoot anything moves. No need to spend money. We know the finish line. It is achievable. Cons : Bad control Repetitive enemy attack pattern. Overall. This is a quite good game.
The graphics are acceptable, but could be better, as well as sound effects. Could use more realistic sounding sound effects. I swear, I aim right at the enemy but it requires a direct hit in the center of the body, otherwise the enemy cannot be killed. There are other FPS turret games that are much better.
Overall a good game and Not pay to win. Thats saying a lot these days. Could be a lot better if you actually felt like you were winning something. Pretty much play the same map a lot and it just gets a little harder each time for some small upgrades. Not really any story or direction for the player to follow to keep things interesting. Hope you keep working to improve this game.
It's a nice game, but when its time to upgrade i still pay for the upgrade it when it says failed. Fix it. 1 star b/c its the only way to post this. but I rate it 0 stars
Hi I'm playing it for the first time my experience is excellent waiting for more options in fire and damage and first aid and war machines and war scenes to like it more .
This is a pretty good game! Not many ads, just a few, and also, pretty easy to learn how the controls and everything works. I only have one complaint. After 2 levels, I watched and ad, then, the game crashed.
there are not many combat games where you defend the beachhead against landing craft and enemy troops using machine gun it's something the German and Japanese troops would have experienced in World War II against us kind of fun it's a mixture of half modern half vintage material and troops which is kind of odd
Way to many ads. When upgrading a gun. You buy a part and may not get it. And have to watch more ads to get percentage up to get parts. Come on
Way too many ads. Tried to open a Platinum chest and it made me watch 5 different ads, each one 30 seconds
I like the perspective change in the game play. I hate shooting at troops that usually represent the Allied Forces, but I've always wanted to know what it would be like to , in a video game, fight for your life with the powerful mounted turret gun, and make it rain Hot Lead!! I was glad to find it was tough hitting the guys storming the beach, even though I had that weapon, Good Game!
Excellent game. Probably this is the only game that I finished completely. This game is addictive and you wouldn't leave it unless it is finished. Nice updates in weapons as well.
Pay to win game. The rewards are terrible, you win a cent but need a thousand dollars to purchase and upgrade weapons. And even upgraded weapons are weak.. you have to keep purchasing to win . Other then that it's an ok gameplay
***FIX THESE BUGS*** Every time I am going to purchase something and it shows upgrade failed but the cash gets deducted. Now at city level games whatever cash I am earning through winning the battle, that doesn't get added to my cash section. ***FIX THESE BUGS***