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Beach Cricket

Beach Cricket for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Nextwave Multimedia located at Nextwave Multimedia Royapettah, Chennai - 14. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's been so long and no new venues have been added. No efforts being made from developer. Please take this game to new heights. Have installed and uninstalled so many times now.
This game is so much enjoyable and casual game such as this is a treat. Just one thing is a bit surprising for me and that is that this game hasn't been updated for ages. The developers should update and bring betterments to this game. This is the desire for thousands of people worldwide. A great cricket game.
I played this game in another phone . But I can't even open this game in this phone, please help me to open this game in this phone. I like this game very much , i love this gameβ™₯
Nice game good controls nice graphics . It is like wcc but grapics are change. U have to login with Facebook to play online or with your friends
I like this game. but i bowling i not touch it going wide i moving it not move that going four . I like bating so much. But bowling some times going out and run out.I gave 4 stars. one star i not give why means because bowling problem.
Good timepass game .But no challenges very simple to play .easy to score any figures .2 field options .no extra features .
It's game is very nice πŸ’ . Perfect shots,bat,field,over, etc. This game is graphics mieadum. I hope futured this game is good graphics. ➑ beach with river, design, music, interesting subject etc. πŸ˜† All the best ( Beach Cricket ) . 😍
I like this app very much but sometimes it gives wrong decisions. Apart that this is a very good game.
I am giving four stars because you should make more updates like 1 there should be more teams and we cannot put the name of the players more than 6 letters and also there should be DRS for both teams . There should be manual fielding and there should be run cancel button because sometimes the ball is going to a player in the circle and we don't see it and we press the run button then it will be runout for sure so please include run cancel button .
Super easy and easy and fun and easy for the best to make you jesUs and Sisters aM a great thought and I hope that the best way to get it Hurts my son was using his hands to get me in the world and Sisters in my Heart to be able for the best and Sisters and Sisters to yOu Kodal and chest pain so plz prayer for you to be happy and happy marriage is not the best thing you could be sir for the first day of but he kya will not have a problem if year round or G.pay and I have to go out reasonfor with
The first time good game and the very interesting game to see you this played and the very very good game and the very me since know the general not this interesting game depending game bowling and batting interesting
It is a fantastic game according to its size Wonderful experience with this game. It is really Mind Blowing πŸ‘†. Boom Boom πŸ‘βœŒπŸ‘ˆ
Phenomenal time killing concept..πŸ€—my reason of way rating just 3 stars is because of the bowling strategy..πŸ™„which needs a bit attention of develope[email protected] recommended.
This game graphics , controls and gameplay just same like wcc but I request developers to ensure this main points 1. You have only given two team names and leave more local teames like colony kings, local heroes and etc teams 2. If wicket gone or batsman hit six or four in match please show the replay
Very very interesting game. I love this game.But if you added multiplayer mode and so more maps so it becomes more interested and more people like this game. Plz add this so we can enjoyed it more.
This game is very good but the issue of this game there are only two teams.This game is awesome and good furst time i play this is good and iam play this good and there was please update this good luck and good bye thank you
Great game but improve graphics and add more option for spinners to throw ball like gugly, leg spin,etc.
It is the worst cricket game I ever played.The bowling control is very poor and made me angry we can't choose our bowling style .You will score a century while bowling by putting wide . Don't play this game it is very worst .Instead of I won't like to give the 1 🌟
in this game the teams are but you need to put more teams and grounds in this game this game like real game for boys aur youngs . you need to improve that more !!!
This a good game but needs some upgrades. i.there are only two teams. ii.you cannot select do manual field settings. iii. if a player is out you cannot select the player you want that should come on the field. iiii.you cannot select overs more than 30overs or you cannot also select 2overs, it will only start from 5 overs.If these things are improved then it is a superduper game
This game is realy good i see but no series and no multiplayer have in this game if u add these things more and more people play in this game
Nice game ever your cricket game too good so please add more cricket stadiums and cheers leaders and add day and night cricket support or add six distance meter reading system types interactions etc ...
This game is good but their is any broblem when player so we cannot choose which player have to come in bating Or bowing so improve in updates. Keep it up.
Great game and graphics are very much great to play with my friends and I am very happy to play this game and enjoying it.
Good game. But you have have to add series in it and also you have to add that Multiplayer. If you add Multiplayer, more people will play this game. You should also have to add more teams and more jerseys. So, I given 4 stars .If you add this things which I said, the game will be the best game. The game is good.
Supertonic for work related stress and tiredness booster. Try 1 game after 3-4 hrs of consecutive work, Will feel refreshed πŸ’«πŸ’«πŸ’«πŸ’«
Very good games but I have given 3 stars because there are 3 problem in this game that is it is not updated till now ,2 there are no Drs feature in this game and 3 no manual fielding setup
After playing 5 games , the game stops playing and u have restart all over again and still facing the same issue.
The game is very good but I suggest you to add more stadium venue to see more realistic experience. Thank you.
This game is really nice and have great potential . the game doesnt lag and have good graphics. Works smooth even in 512MB ram and nice gameplay. The game should have included team jersey customisation. And series must be included. Then it would be cool
It is a good game I ever played. But it has two problems. 1.it has no DRS 2.its bowling controls are very poor if you fix these problems it also will be a good game
This game is good but a few things are really bad.1.If you are playing and you leave the game for a few minutes it closes all progress and opens the teampicking and overs.2.The field set pls add manual field because its so easy for the batsman to score.3.The umpire in my opinion the umpires are useless because if the ball hits the leg of the batsman and hits clearly the stumps if he didn't keep the leg the umpire says not out. Please change these
Very very........ Fantastic game. I feel very good experience during playing. All the controls are very good and you can play very easily and well.
The ads are everywhere! I get you have to make money, but just give me more fast forward options. The game itself is cool.
Great game!! I just love it. But i want some improvement like 1. Pausing and play again from there 2. Add difficulty level 3. Include series or tournament 4. Add more stadium like field on hill top beside sea or field on an island sorrounded by water 5. Add graphics like birds on field or flying birds.... Plzzzz upgrade it...πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
Best cricket game under 35 mb I found, but please increase the difficulty level of balling as I can all out them before 30-40 runs🀣
Nice game ,super cool game , I like this game very much thera are 3d graphics in this game all things are very gooddddDdddddddddπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
Really nice game animated the animated but the we cannot play very types of shortsonly two teams from which we can Play it is hamara sandva fishes so we have to remove it and we have to put another
I love this game.But in my opinion this game needs an update.I want attention of developers.Please update this game.Add some new playground. ( Add special chears for 50's and 100's.This is must for a cricket game: )
I'm really loved this game... Because of graphics and playing process. But my request or opinion is update the team chasing method..all people's are most interested chasing score... ☺
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The Game is good, but it should be developed more into challenging mode to attract customers. Into Tournaments and many more modes
The game is awsome, no doubt. But I think auto play option should be added. Because there are a lot of people who wants to play the full match without bat or bowl including me. So, it's a proposal for Nextwave.
Very bad bowling settings. You can't able to set where you have to drop your ball. Very bad experience while Playing this game. Don't ever install this. You will waste your time and only get irritate with when you have to bowl.
This game is very entertaining and good time pass for mind fresh after study and work. I liked it very much. You have to try it one time then you will also can get entertained by this game.
it is a very good and faboules game it has good batting time as one of the user said it has good bowling but i am not insulting that user who said that bowling control is bad all of us have differnt mind set so it needs some minor changes.
This game need huge update!!! 01: Needs auto save mode because when you quit the game for emegencey reason the game will lost all of playing data and start a new match.. 02: Needs 3rd umpire Review and bowling tracker for LBW wickets 03:Fix the player skin change bug.. when I name someone in black skin next time I open the game and start a match that person have white skin πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.. 04: Please add beach cricket tournement mode..
An amazing game for cricket lover but no reaction on 50s and 100s of batsman do change like editing tournaments mode also
it is a really giod game. The controls are fairly simple and it us really easy to develop a muscle memmory for the controls. Graphics are also really good but the fielders should be able to run fast, jump to make a catch or di e to make a cqtch or stop a four. Overall great game. Really enjoy playing it and most importantly it is a time killer which i think is one of the key purposes of a game that the player enjoys playing it and he can pass hus time. One of the best cricket games.
3D Mobile Cricket Game For the cricket enthusiast, the game can be adapted to suit any surrounding. In this version have a go at β€˜Beach Cricket’ and get a taste of the sun, sand and the sea while the willow smacks the cherry! The usual 11 players comprise your team; batsmen are predefined but you can select your bowlers from the players available. By winning the toss you have the option to bat or bowl first. After finishing one game you can start another. You can play a 5,10 over match. **f
No celebration on half century or centure,no victory celebration, no edit option,no tournament, no caption, needs to update
I have played this game many times . I love this game . I m able to score a half century in 10- 12 balls and I have scored half centuries more than 100 times and centuries more than 60 times Overall I love this game but 1 problem is that , that the fielders are not working good please fix it
Good game. But I can't setup the field manually. It doesn't show the replay of what just happened. Most important thing is that there are only two teams in the game.
This is a good game but this game needs some improvements like 1. The man of the match should be decided. 2. When we play this game, unfortunately the game is closed due to internet connection or any other problem,then when we again open game, we have to play a new match. It can't save your previous data. 3. When we edit the name of player in first match like Roger, he appears to be in pink shirt in first match but if we play new game, Roger appears to be in green shirt. Pls improve these rules
Game is really fun but needs some upgrades and there should be a cancel run button because if you accidentally hit the run button when the ball goes to a fielder in the iner circle or to a slip and you accidentally hit the run button you cant go back and you will get ran out
I like this game. Nice control. Nice Graphics. quite a few options. I recommend this game. it has types of difficulties. ☺and for the cons it is that you can't set fielding. it has many options for fielding but u can't h can't make your own otherwise good game.
Wow very nice game . IN Beach cricket game scene is like real .but there is one mistake in the game review is not available. 😁😁😁😁🏝🏝🏝
This is a very good game very. Much experience when play this so very enjoy this game that i also write in the box off spin right arm fast and has sayed you have minimum five players in your team that was an error
Please make some improvements in this game. I love this game a lot. But the only thing is that the bowling part. While bowling the pointer doesn't move freely. It only remains in one position. If you can make it like wcc2 then it will be a 5 star game.
It is a good game but 2 complains the first one is that can the character run faster and jump because it is not fair if our character can't run faster of jump and the second one is can the character look like it can be in a beach because there clothing looks like if they were like in the park and if they wear like beach clothes then the game can look like they are in the beach that is why I gave it a 3 stars.
Nice game but one problem is the player donot move hand in half century and century and we want more tournament.
Game is Good but bowling controls must be improved and features as in wcc2 must be given in this game as well like tournaments, t20 matches like that
This game has only two teams and this is not a modern game. This game needed changes because this is not very interesting. I think you should change the game settings.
Plz new update upload , and lonch a new version plz ,( example:- so many team add in this game) and plz fix a opponent team power play Fielding and a new Fielding option are power play overs , middle over's , and last over
This is very good game but there are no other teams instead of two teams.I reqeust you to make a MSL(Mzansi Super League).
Very nice game but some changes needed in this game. Game me kuch naye Updates karo and players ka name 6 Se jyada Alphabets ka update karo.Please Create the new Awesome Update of Beach Cricket I tell you 3 times
It's good but the controls of bowling is very bad. I'm unable to keep the correct pitch and batting is very good, graphics are very good. The umpire who is there he is somewhat bad when we had a lbw he tells not out. One time I had made a score of 322 out of 8 wickets.
It is not such a game like the others made by Nextwave Multimedia. Because it is some bugs. The bowling controls are not proper. The fielding is set such that we get out. The fielder misfields a lot. And last the wicket keeper always misses the ball and it goes for a four.
All of your cricket games are fantastic instead of WCC3, it's just worst.😑 Difficulty choice before the match start must required feature in WCC3.
This is a mind blowing game, Its very good But if they keep that logging in or sign up it would be good, but there's a fault in the game we can select only 2 filders at the boundary, but the opposite computer keeps 5 fielder at each and every boundary, and they gave only overs and teams, if they give singles and tests, it would be a more effective than RC,WCC and all games. Please bo this to this game players. For 30 overs team total is 837/1but my one player score is 798,sixes-69 fours-74
This is the mind blowing game but one issue in this game hang problem please dismiss the hang problem thanks for you
It's give us Real feel of playing cricket with our friends 😌.. And Nature's scene in these game is so mesmerizing πŸ’–πŸ₯Ί
β€πŸ’‹ beautiful game i like this game because i have hit the slow shot but its go to out of the ground