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Be Her Hero: Anime Girlfriend Game

Be Her Hero: Anime Girlfriend Game for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Genius Studio Japan Inc. located at 東京都千代田区神田佐久間町3−23 スタウトビル4階. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Sexual Innuendo) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Good storyline, but it could have a lot better when compared to your last "Death School" storyline.As a Superhero genre story I expected it to have more intense storyline& another One man army MC like in "Protect My Love",but it never felt serious not atleast during the face-offs.The ending feels kinda rushed too.Developers I still wish you give us More story endings where we see the glimpse of MC& his Girlfriend happy life in future like in"Devil Beauty&Animal"cuties storyline
The story was good but you should have made a longer romance ending for each of the characters. The endings should have been at least as long as the ones in My Video Game girlfriend. I was so dissatisfied and disappointed by the super short ending.
This was such a good game every time I got another ticket I would immediately use it and the music is really good 10/10 I hope there's another game like this in the future
Fun and extremely enjoyable. The only real complaint I have is the premium choices with the story tickets. I feel the game would be better with just one or the other. I had to play the minigame a lot to get all the gems for the choices I wanted. But I loved the game and really enjoyed the game.
I didn't game the last star because I was not satisfied with the ending. It could be a little better. Everything else was perfect. Thank you. Make more like these. I love to play them. And those who feel problem with rubies. Search like this in google(Be the hero mod apk) Access the first link and download the mod one.
The story is good! I just don't like how the ending feels rushed and I don't like how the gems cost so much. I suggest like only use 10 (or lower) gems so you can pick the premium one. And I wished Luka found out that the player was DA. Well other than that The game/story is good!! Can there be like a part two? Maybe...... Mostlikely not.......But there's hope!....... Not....... lol I don't know what I'm even doing
Why are the final beautiful drawn photos not at the end of the stores anymore?! I played a couple of games before this and all of them been acting the same way. The drawn photos you have to get by unlocking something it's not fair to the readers to see their pick not be beautiful at their best. Why not have the photos show up once in the story then again at the very end for who ever you pick! So 3 stars until you can fix the ideas with the beautiful photos.
Ok game but diamonds are too hard to get and almost every choice needs it. You can spend days or weeks for one chapter or whatever.
The game is good the story is pretty good but I don't like that you have to pay real money to buy joules to get the full experience if you can change that to earn the jewels in the game by doing missions or whatever to balance it out that would be great
Really rushed ending and the story was alright but not great seemed like you could only really form an attachment to luka. Sarah basically harassed you the whole story and Maggie pretty much gets jealous everytime you speak to another girl. Also seems like the premium choices are getting alot more worthless without having no real impact on the story you used to get a fair bit out of them now your lucky to get a minute of extra story.
I think dark apostle is an idiot for not using bulletproof protection and i kind of like the wait time it fills you with suspense and makes sure you dont finish the games too quickly so you dont get bored of them, please make more.Here is a suggestion have the setting be like you are on earth and there is a girl who is your childhood friend and have there be a demon who comes from hell and an angel who comes from heaven for a reason i cant think of but im sure you guys can think of something.
Good but flawed, good story but rushed, not enough character development, not sure why *SPOILER ALERT*................... .......................................................................................................... Not sure why Luka never found out about the Dark Apostle's identity, I found that an odd decision in the story writing.
While the story was immersive and fun, it seemed like the ending was very half-assed. Throughout the whole game you're given options in favor of a certain girl (the options you pay for). However, in the end it doesn't matter because you just click which ever girl you choose to go with and it'll skip to a scene where she confesses to you. A gary-sue MC and a poor ending are my only complaints. Otherwise, I enjoyed it.
This was certainly different than what I expected, the intro for this game was nice.... Switching it up? Keep it coming. Ended a little soon, I was waiting for a surprise I though the chief Lauren had something fishy about her but that's wasn't true. Still pretty entertaining 👌
It's a pretty decent story. I just wished the ending had more lines. Like some sort of clarification for the other two girls that they continued being best friends and partmers in crike or somewhat. (Btw I chose the Sarah ending)
The ending is so lack luster. Also, your choices don't really make a difference. PS: I chose Luka, you should too.
This game is pretty fun! Out of all of the games here this one has the most potential for a sequel. That's why Super Hero stories most of the time get sequels, because Super Hero stories always have more to tell than 1 story. The ending was a little rushed though. Also the villain should've been a recurring character instead of only showing up at the end. I'd like more stories like this from this developer, Super Hero stories are my favorite stories. 4/5
I like how the game us going so far but one BIG problem for me is that the relationship choices cost gems. I cant spend my money on gems for ONE choice. And i can't do the other stuff to get points for gems because i have other stuff to do. I cant waste time or money on ONE choice. Thats why i usualy dont play these types of games. Sorry but i can't have fun playing it because of that.
The story is good don't get me wrong. It's better than the stories where you start off a wimp and cowardly ,BUT the endings where kind of lackluster like they worked hard on the rest of it the copy and pasted the endings. "I love you. Will you go out with me?" then you go "I feel the same". Like in other stories you get unique dialogue. Like take the Sakura Tree one for example. Poppy still jokes with you while Raven and Willow went different routes showing there personality.
It's got good story characters are nicely developed, however needing points for certain options makes me upset, plz get rid of it I think it ruins the game. For example in a middle of conversation you come to a choice and you have to pay 20 point to say yes, like why. Other than that I like it.
the story is good and I'm ok with getting diamonds for special choices...but the mini game is soooooo boring and it takes a very long time to get enough diamonds... at least make the game fun please
The story was okay. To get good scenarios you had to grind the minigames and the ending felt rushed. Overall it's ok.
I liked that the story of the three girls all comes together well. The characters are well-written and the story is good enough to hook you. The superhero aspect of the story is as cool.
You're too money hungry. People WANT to play your games, but they CAN'T. People should WANT to spend money to support your company. Not HAVE to spend money just to get through each part of the game. I write this knowing you won't change and you won't care. The images are generic and you reuse them through each of your games as if you just pick from a stock album. Not original. Not worth it. Boring and a waste of time
Not a fan of the MCs personality at all but the story was interesting enough and the LIs were decent. Shame the endings were just like three lines of dialogue tho.
It's a cool game but could you please shorten the reloading of the tickets and remove the gems for options
I can't even get into the story because I had to spend hours playing a Mini-Game to get points so I can buy gems so I can interact with the characters I want to I don't mind waiting a couple hours for the free story tickets but we're playing the mini game I can't watch ads to triple my points which takes up more time and I nearly forget what's going on in the story it completely takes me out of it and makes the game a lot less fun and makes me not want to play it I really hope they fix this.
I love all of these apps they always make me happy. even though it was great I have to give it 4 stars because the ending was a little bit disappointing
4/5 Beautiful characters (some event like field day should use sport uniform as character's costume and some scene characters don't act matching facial expression). 3/5 for story (good story until rush endings of all routes which are no different : girl confesses to him,then he will tell her that he love her too and go out with her )(rush endings include ther are no more after-story of the last scene in the night before confession , ex. Luka still don't know he is DA.
The ending was a bit too soon and too short (at least Luka's ending), but otherwise, it was really fun!
Like I have said it's a great game and i really enjoy playing it but i wish the had more chapters and and I wish you had more keys bit I understand that you have to make money. Ok lets cut to the chase I like the character designs and the storylines I just wish they were different clothing for each event but it does not really affect me adventure wise i would really like some cliffhangers as well as plots but overall it's a great game
My biggest problem that annoyes me is that you need Rubies to choose certain choices and how hard it is to earn points to get those Rubies frustrates me even more and they do not give you like a little Rubies everyday as a daily reward or something and that goes for all of the games that was created by this games company and I am sure anyone that has played it will understand and you will too if you play it and you are that type of people who don't or can't buy gems or diamonds or Rubies
Like all of the other dating sims it's very good but, you probably heard this already, the premium choices are really annoying. If you don't want to spend $30 just to see an animated girl say "I love you ", you have to grind the minigame for hours.
The story is very interesting but the ending was way too rushed, like the other games you can feel the character development but here there barely is any and you feel like this isn't true love. Last thing, are you ready to spend a month playing this? Cause I did since the coin roulette is bugged and can't triple them, but wait there's more! More you ask yes there is the roulette has a limit on how many times you can use it! Yes folks there is a limit and I've gotten it. So be prepared to wait.
It's a very amazing and beautiful game the ending was quite sad cause I would pick all of them but u can only choose one - 1 star It's a bit laggy when I finish one chapter and I go to the other chapter it exits this keeps happening to me alot not sure if it's my phone or the app but I still would recommend this
It's sad I have to give this one star, and both this review and rating goes to all their games since I've played a couple, but they've become outright greedy. Formerly if you didn't want to spend money you can do a roulette mini game for points, then triple those points by watching ads. Now it just says ads not available. So you're getting at best a bit over 10 points at a time when hundreds are needed for gems for decisions. They have tripled the work for players for no additional gain.
I have seen the story and I love it!The ending was stressful to choose between Sarah or Luka though the story was amazing there was something I did not like but its only 1 so don't stress yourselves out!The problem is how much we need for minigames like it costs soo much when we got small amounts but the story is great infinity/infinity sincerely by me!😊
To be honest the story is great lots of cool choices but the gems man. You have to have 20 - 30 gems to do the fun or important stuff and you make us wait hours for the the free coins or make us do the unreliable minigame, or of course actually have a payment system, it's hilarious how bad the dev's want money.
This game is really good..... I really loved it....I loved playing story game like this one I already finished one of your game...the story about the Boy who was accidentally broke his leg by his opponent in soccer and go to the rosewood ospital and Now I already finished this game too.... I really loved this game I choose Sarah to be my one and Only because she is so cute and kind.... Keep it up Genius Studio I will play all your games!!!
Despite needing to wait 2 hours for a story ticket,I really love the story because the premium choices didn't affect the ending at all...Also nice character design. Keep up with the good work!
Got a little disappointed by the ending of Maggie's it's very unfortunate and you didn't add the ending picture it's similar to your some other game... Luka and Sarah had one but Maggie doesn't have one... I repeat.... Luka and Sarah had one but Maggie doesn't have one... also Angel girlfriend had the same problem sadly... I feel better
I love the fact that you finally made a game where.you can save them and you have a more wide range of choices that don't involve rubies that are still good choices, and the fact that you are the one that can actually do stuff to save yourself and Sacrifices u have to make for other people. If this was a restaurant I would rate this a 5-star on Yelp
I loved the story but the endings were a bit quick unlike the past games but overall I'm satisfied with game, carry on making these great games! Oh also there is a problem with a few of the games with the mini games not being able to load ads to triple the points the most recent one is devil beauty and animal cuties, could please fix it when you have the chance to fix it お願いします。ありがとうございます
This game is pretty great in all honesty I think there should be more confidence in the main protagonist in all of the up coming future of thess types of games like in protect my love the potagonist knew how to fight and talked more freely and not much shyness oh and it shoud also have some of that boldness from Spellbound in my unprofessional opinion i like those games a lit more plus in my rental girlfriend i saw a guy model Matthew looked Great in fact seeing that made me happy[]good work[]
I love your game especially there's some sound effect keep it up Genius I giving you a 5 star rating as always
I like this game, it was fun and interesting but (SPOILER WARNING) The ending was kinda unsatisfying, i choose Luka and i thought that you would be able to tell her your secret, but you couldn't.. and also i fell like you were spending way more time with Sarah and Maggie than with Luka
I don't know why I even downloaded this game (I found it MANY months ago on a YouTube clickable advertisement), however, I liked the game. The plot was good, the ending was [okay] (I picked Luka) and uh... Yeah. I don't want to spoil anything, but the game is decent.
This game is great when you read this it feels like your in the story and makeing all of these choices and every time this game makes me smile and the gem problem just play the mini game every day for 5min and you can get plenty of gems so all of you stop getting your jox in a twist and just enjoy the game
Not bad but frankly the story needs work. This is surprising to me because it seems like the quality of the writing has been slipping with every new one of these. Choices are either hit on the girl/spend time with her (premium answer) or look like an idiot/let her down about 90% of the time. The ending in this was also really rushed and not very satisfying. The artwork and quality is phenomenal but while I like visuals, the story is what's gonna keep people.
I absolutely love this game this is the best so far and I like how you did my suggestion of the whole hero theme and if you didn't then that's heck of a coincident but beside that I like it but could you go a little easy on the spin game and let it be a little more leanest and make it easier to get the diomands and not wait several hours just so it can refresh and give me 4 chances of getting a lucky 7 and the other ones that gives you 7-9 points
This Game Is Awesome Nothing Wrong In This Game But Sometimes Gems Are Annoying And Story Ticket Time Also Annoying But In The End Greate Story And Character I Love This Game...
this game is bad. the fact that you have to pay to get good things is bad and the story is mad boring and one choice is to save some one from being shot and the person you play as has hero abilities and you need the games money save some ones live. all around the game is bad and im suprised because yall have some good ones.🤦