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Be a pong

Be a pong for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by MondayOFF located at 604, 6th floor, 180, Gunja-ro, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, South Korea. The game is suitable for Everyone (Alcohol Reference) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
sure it looks good but i feel like it would be best suited for a 5 year old that just wants to look at the funny screen. the controls are bad even though all it is is drag ball and every level is rather trash with it all being just drag to a spot and then watch it work. i wouldnt recomend playing this game.
i am a fan of it i dont love it as much as i thought i would so if i wore you i wouldt get it if i wore you and you can also get it to try it but if you dont like tell yourself that i told you so :) love the followers on SMULE if you have it follow me on it please i need more followers alot more abd if you dont have it you should get it cause all you do is listen to music and add peopls abd sing with people so its basicly a singing game and i love that game alot more that anyother game i have so
I'm an angle guy. This app has it! Moving, through the levels. Only 2 levels I've had to pass on. Love this game!!! On level 179 some of the levels seem impossible but love this game.
It is a great game overall, and I would like it if a points system were added to increase your score per bounce. I love the fluidnesof the graphics and the simplicity of the design.
I hate it there is ad's everywhere every 3 levels I complete. By the way im at level 173 its Impossible, that I skip it, Monday OFF please make like level 500 impossible please :(
Too easy for me. The graphics are ok for a cartoonish game. Gameply is easy too and controls are simple, but the game is really easy.I just kind of wish that there were really hard levels.
Too many ads after every game I can even listen to music while playing the game when a stupid ad pops up😠😠😠
I love the way you have to judge the angle of the balls trajectory and also use some amount of guesswork. Also the level where you have to detonate pets by hitting a detonator switch is pure evil genius!
Nice game to aim and put in the glass ,but in some levels i felt difficult no problem joyfull game 😍😍
so bad after evrey level a 30 second ad and the game is just so bad u just tap and wow ad and tap and then wow big suprise another ad
This is a amazing game that is fun and relaxing it's also satisfying like I love this so much I keep beating levels it's a amazing game I dont play it all the time though it's still I nice game it's just about the fun and joy and dont forget the hope which I guess you can say the best of these So you should keep playing not all day long but for a little long like I won't stop I will keep on going with this game it soooooo fun so so have fun out there and play games like I play those games byee
Love how the game is set up challenging and easy at the same time and it makes it really fun :No suggestions for upgrades at this time.
great way to spend time between breaks and free time, i have a screenshot on level 77 where honestly it looks like the most epic play ever, and id totally be down to do a "noob vs pro" post with that clip
I feel that it is a good game, but without that much challenge it's kinda boring. If you make it more challenging you might get more players thank you and good luck in the future 😊
I like this game because I played this game before & I am thinking that this will work perfectly. So you have to throw the ping-pong ball into the cup into different types of ways. Sounds easy enough so I'm going to play the game. Bye!!!
This game is fun, but way too many ads. I had to restart the app for 30 times because it's showing blank ads. I need you to fix that. If is not fix, I'm uninstalling the game. Also, some levels are little IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!
Would like some gameplay with this Ad app. Seriously. An ad after every 2 level and sometimes 1 level
I love this game it is super fun and addicting. 😊 But.... the only flaws that are here were that on one level I saw the lines in the cup but it bounced back. Other than that it's a really GOOD game.😊😊😊😊😀😁😊😀😊😊😁😊😀😊😁😊😊😀😊😁
the game is fine. it's not great. but it's fine it's rathee easy and the only way to loose is if you put your finger on the wrong part of the screen to correctly Miniver it the only problem i have is the fact that the mechanics are backwards down means up up means down left means right and right means left and it can get confusing. but like i said this game is fine ok even
Some reason why i love it: 1. Some balls are too much big also it was fun 2. I did a magic trick on a ball 3. They even recommended that there was a new clenter here, Un2P game. That's all
Wonderful game it is pakka time pass game even I completed 200 stages with 30/30 stars in every levels
I like this game because I played this game before & I am thinking that this will work perfectly. So you have to throw the ping-pong ball into the cup into different types of ways. Sounds easy enough so I'm going to play the game. Bye!!!!!
Cant get maximum shot distance on certin levels, because of orientation of the screen wont allow you to get maximum distance needed to beat a level. Disappointment.
Great game needs more creator levels from actual people and has way to many ads enjoying but needs alot less ads
This is DA REAL beer pong game! I love that you guys made some platforms look like certian things, like the Facebook logo and a red Solo cup. You should put in more ball skins and cup skins and more stages.
This is really fun game! Gets hard has fun levels, and is pretty much amazing! But there is one drawback there are 5 second ads after almost every game. But there is nothing else bad about this game.
I really enjoy this game it is like a nice adorable game of like shooting hoops (basket ball) but you just have to like aim it correctly an you try or attempt to make it in the little plastic cup of water so I really enjoy this game
I love the game but... some levels are unnecessarily difficult. The game is fun but sometimes you'll get stuck on a level that is ridiculously difficult. and not to the point that its challenging where you want to figure out how to do it but more or less like you need to shoot the exact perfect shot or you'll miss. I am stuck on level 160 and it is practically impossible. Otherwise its fun
Honestly the ad showed a drunk feature when you missed shots and it doesn't happen kind of makes the game easy not challenging and gives no incentive to try and hit shots
The idea is fun and so far the levels i have played are fun. But the UI is terrible. The skip (whoch forces you to watch a video) is stupidly in the way of normal game play so you are forced to skip the level or play the level in a very very awkward way. And THIS is like the 2nd level.. when its still in tutorial mode. So yeah the UI is so annoying that I cant stand it for more than 7 levels
I like the theme, I love the sound effects, gameplay is smooth, and I'm not bombarded with ads. 👍!
The game is way too simple. Most levels are just straight shots to the cup with no incentive to even play. There's no point system so doing anything aside from just throwing the ball directly into the cup seems like a waste of time. I get that it's not supposed to be a big crazy game, but anything to make it at least a bit more engaging would help.
I used to have this game a long time ago and I loved it alot so i,m going to give this game a five star review of course
Mostly great game, but there are some glitches. level 198, the sliding block immediately tips cup over before level even starts so you automatically fail. It's like the cup has clipped through the block. Please fix
great simple concept. but the level design is terrible and repetitive. alot of these so called puzzles are solved by simply tapping the screen and the ball falls into the cup. theres a weird gem collectable that does reward anything and isnt even counted anywhere. great for when you need to distract your toddler. edit; there are multiple levels that are just the previous level flipped.
Boring! The ad made it seem challenging and even more with the being drunk animations but it ended up being nothing more than a disappointment. I got to level 30 within 10 minutes or less hoping it would get hard but nothing changed. Some of the levels are soo easy you just need to aim the line at the cup and done. I can't believe there's a reward for playing 7 days. Who can play this for even 2 days?
Absolutely fun from the very start, of course. I love how the bounce feature is actually very accurate to a real ping pong ball. Still challenging too. An all-around great game.
Simple yet somewhat challenging. Thankfully not frustratingly hard (not yet!?) i cant think of anything to suggest for an improvement to the game. i especially love the reset button.
Almost everything is great. There's simple efficient controls to manage the game and the graphics are amazing. I think the gameplay is wonderful, but the ads are very repetitive. The ads wouldn't be a problem, but they are since there quite bland. I think that if the ads were a little more interesting then I would be able to rate the game 5 ☆'s.
It is really fun! But sadly I compleated all the levels a bit too quickly wish there were more levels but really fun
It's amazing and cool because it bounces and does tricks and it hops all over the place and you can do levels on the game and I love it because it's like ping pong ball and it's inspiring because you get to throw the ball all over the place and it bounces super high and I like the color of it and I hope everyone that has this game likes it and you can throw the balls far whenever the cup is far and the cups are short and there's like orange slime in the cup which is cool and awesome and it's cool
its fun but when i beat a level it does nothing. and there us a glitch at 101 and i just go through everything.
Good game but the aiming is kinda bad but overall fun game good graphics I definitely would have given it a 5 star if it weren't for the aiming but I will still give it a solid 4 star
THERE ARE SOOOO MANY ADSSSS like jeezzz i cant play with this like it pretty amazing the trick shot but my god wow to many adsss plz fix this creators thats why am giving it 3 stars
actually it is just like the basic game. As the levels are increasing more hard it should be there but in this game more and more easy levels are coming
so boring and easy i wish the levels would get harder as you go on but they dont they are all pretty much the same level as each other
ti is coooooool_____________________ | | | 0 0 | | | | | | ______________ | L___________________] ✊ ✊ \_(°_°)_/
Great game lots of fun level 198 is broke the triangle that moves over the cup keeps flipping the cup instantly
I used to love this game, but now its the worst, ya want ads??? Yea this games got em every time you restart or get your pong in the cup BOOM ad
be nice if there was some kind of point system real easy game but what makes it fun is trying to make your own trick shots
Neat idea, but nearly unplayable due to amount of ads. Would consider removing ads for a more reasonable price.
There are some levels that are just impossible to pass whatever you do, you have to watch a video to pass ... Also too many ads. Over all not bad
its good i like the colors and the graphics are good as well but put more challenging levels so people can have more fun with it 😁😎
Only 200 stages. Took me 2 days to finish and unlock everything. Really wish the developers would add more stages and options for epic/legendary cups and balls that add different boosts or perks. Also chill out with the ads, after every stage is an ad.
This game is amazing you can get to 102 levels get a chance to win the game as a pro like me LOL no just kidding but still get the chance to win the game is at the end of the line play offline it's for free so get a chance to win the game ok
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It's good to kill time sadly finished the game already so I have nothing to do now, it would be cool if there was a leader board world wide of the amount of level someone has completed or smth, otherwise it just gets boring over time
The title sounds like how someone from boston would say beer pong. "Hey, man, you wanna play some Be a pong?"