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BBTAN by 111%

BBTAN by 111% for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by 111% located at 서울특별시 강남구 역삼동. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Great app. Love the concept. Not too many ads to disrupt game play. Howevrr the lag becomes unbearable by the 40th level. Which is not hard to get to at all
The lag is horrendous. I loved this game but this lag is horrendous what did the devs do to it?! It didn't had it in the earlier versions.
On my OnePlus 6 once you have more than 4 or 5 balls the game starts to lag really badly... It's a shame because I love this game so much! Hope you manage to fix it!
I love this game so much, and I did purchase so I don't see any ads. However, it just seems like I keep getting the same 3 balls from the machine that I already have. Kind of annoying. I don't feel it's right to have to pay for additional "special" balls.
Dear BBTAN game developers, once upon a time, I saw a couple of my friends playing this stupid game then I tried it for myself. I played for almost 2 years and I reached almost level 1200. Today I wanted to see my score and I accidentally pressed home button that ended my 2 year streak. With no possibility of recovering my score, my disappointment is immeasurable and my life is ruined. With a heavy heart I uninstall the app. Cheers, Random Alien!
I totally love this game! But...sometimes it won't allow me to watch the ad when I bust. I press the ad and watch the ad and it does not allow me to try to restart the level.
Unplayable on higher levels. FPS drop to a one-digit number when too many balls are on the screen (like more than 30). This is an issue that started to occur not long ago.
Everytime I score 100 and click on the ad button to make the shooting line visible, it shows 'no ads, try again later' even if I have a good internet connection. Please solve this issue ASAP.
The games great. No too many ads. But it runs poorly on my Samsung S20. Very laggy when lots of balls on screen. Please fix
i could have given full 5 stars but the only problem is Ads. so, i just have to stop my wifi for playing this game. otherwise the game is perfect.
I'd love to give a five for the gameplay, but the fact that I've got replicated balls when I used Coin Ball to do coin farming is pretty annoying and unnecessary for the game in general. Why wouldn't just let people collect all the balls?
Game itself is ok but the lag get unbearable and the controls being inverted make it it feel strange and encourages me to stop playing all together
One of the best time pass game. You will never get bore from playing it. The best part is you can play it anytime and anywhere without using your data or Wi-Fi.
Wanted to re-download this game after a couple of years since I last played. I don't know why the game lags so hard the more balls are involved. I used to play it on an iPhone 5c years ago. Now I played it on my Samsung S10+ and don't get the same experience with the performance. Because of the lag, I cannot enjoy the game as I first played and am disappointed with the change in speed.
It was better the way it was before, 100% f2p but now even the ones that were free are now pay to get... so sad to see a game do this, specially when I had them all in my old phone...
I've been using this game for years. I've contacted them about glitches that still have not been fixed, so honestly, I don't think they ever will be fixed! They have moved on to other games. That being said, it is a fun game! I will still play it.
Good replayability, but far too many ads. The rng on the gacha also seems to have a poor spread despite the large number of available outcomes.
A blatant copy of existing brick breaker games except this one has a banner ad displaying the whole time whereas others don't. Also starts getting real clunky (slow) with around 13 balls on screen. Just play one of the better ones that came before this copycat app
(I really love this game but I have a suggestion) needs a refresh in design to accommodate for larger screens in later phones, additionally maybe add further cosmetics like a 'first, middle and last ball trail'? Hey if your feeling wild you could just remaster this in a new app, that would work too!
I've been playing this game for a few years without issue, and today out of nowhere, it won't go past the 111% loading screen. I guess that's it, huh.
The game is simple & fun, but you can't get half the balls in the game - I've been trying for over 2 years to get new balls back but ever wince they added the star & candy balls they seem to have taken others out. If they add them back I'd be happy to give it 5 stars but as it stands this has been getting on my nerves for too long
Overtaken by ads. They even cover the clock and if your signal strength isn't full it won't let you continue. Sad because it use to be really fun to play.
Very fun and worth it if the game actually worked, Everytime i use the one more chance and close out and open it up later, it wastes the one more chance and makes me go back to the level i lost. Please fix or i will stop supporting this game.
The game was absolutely perfect addicted to it but it says "what happens after 30Min" I've played with excitement and after 30Min it's saying "So What" . So why to excite and disapoint the players, now I've lost interest in the game and nothing happens after 30min it's just a showoff in the game
The game is really good over all. However, it is the only game I have which lags significantly. It must be the game itself as I can play lots of other demanding games with no issues and really smoothly. This is the one game which lags. PLEASE could this be fixed!
I was stuck waiting for the "spraying" feature to appear to get me out of the loop but unfortunately because they were hitting the laser every time, it didn't work and I had to reset the game.
I regularly have issues where the game gives me a "no ads, try again in a couple hours" error while trying to get my pointer back. The game is displaying banner ads like normal and if I start a new game it always has ads to play. If the game doesn't have ads to play it should give you the pointer for free, because without it the game is basically nonfunctional and I always feel cheated out of a high score by a stupid error message. Or I stop playing to wait until the game actually works. Not fun
I would like to give it a good review but my OnePlus 6T (a 2018 flagship) drops frames every time anything more then a couple balls hitting something happens and it makes the game unplayable. My old OnePlus one from 2014 used to run it just fine btw.
Great, addictive and simple game. The only complaint I have is that I can only seem to unlock about 1/3 of the balls. It's been literally years since I got a new ball out of the nall dispenser
Horrible performance. Even on high end Phones, the game suffers from HORRENDOUS lag. I used to play this on my old (super low end) phone, and it ran fine. Now it's absolutely unplayable from a certain point.
good fun addicting game. BUT. I have been playing the game for probably a month or two. The biggest ossue with the game and it completely ruins the game is getting new balls. EVERY TIME I GET THE SAME TEN BALLS. The only reason to want to play the game is to get a new ball right? Well too bad all you get is duplicate balls.
This game is a good game. It can be a better game if there is option for 'cloud save'. And please do not make this game ask us (players) if we are handsome or not. For those who haven't played this game: This game continues from where we left. Note that I am not talking about cloud saving.
the shop wont open, it just says "restore successed" which doesn't even make grammatical sense so as far as I can tell the shop has been closed. the only balls you can from this game now have to be bought with money. Completely ruins the point of even playing.
Very addictive game and used to play it while watching TV series :) On 9th Android (Galaxy S8) it worked normally. Now on 10th (Galaxy S10) ir really lags. CPU and GPU are not used at all, but bals are moving very very slow. Reddit says that it's already more than a year. Really bad that developrs are not responding to it. Will look for something else..
I love this game but i think they should add a ×2 button which could speed up the game cause when we reach above 100 it really gets exausting. The second part of this game also hase a button
Really good game but what would give it a 5 star review from me is if you could fast forward through so you don't have to wait 5 mins for your next move. Also, if you could have a couple of games saved. Sometimes I'll be on one game for weeks and I just want a quick, fresh game without losing the current game.
There are heavy frame drops and lagging on my huawei p30. I used to play this game on my previous lower end huawei devices and there were no problems at all. My device face no issues while playing heavy games such as pubg and cod so I hope there will be a fix soon.
I don't mind the commercials, but due to high volume commercials, I'm removing this game. I had set the game to be quiet. Loud commercials not tolerable. Let me know if policy changes.
I really love this game. So much. But with the android 10 update on my phone, it starts running really slow. Please fix it, it makes my free time a lot better
I want to get rid of the ads, but I have to waive my rights before any amount is presented, i.e. a blank check. I think not.