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BBC CBeebies Playtime Island - Fun kids games

BBC CBeebies Playtime Island - Fun kids games for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Media Applications Technologies for the BBC. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
How do you get back the version of cbeebies with the car and balloons? My son is distraught with the changes and we had no warning you were going to change it.
Great when it works but a bug renders it unplayable. Things become blocks of colour on the main screen and nothing can be done to remedy it. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling but to no avail. This is on a Huawei MediaPad T2 10.0 Pro.
To play a second time the game crashes at loading & white screens it needs to be unistalled, downloaded & reinstalled to make it work again Full of bugs or a genuine Spectrum simulation?
A real shame. A lot of potential but incredibly frustrating on older devices. Running on a freshly wiped Nexus 7 that I let my son play with is a nightmare. The software is sluggish, unresponsive and many games have load times that are far beyond my patience as an adult, let alone a preschooler. Finally, the battery drain is phenomenal. I'm sure it is fine on the latest devices, the very same ones you would be certifiable to give to a child that age to play with.
You really have messed this up. My son used to love this, we have it offline most of the time, but things that aren't installed aren't greyed out, which is very frustrating when he selects one. For him to understand to go to the treasure chest and select something is too complex. Accept you screwed this one up. Roll back to old version! If you are the designer of this version and are reading this, understand you got it wrong, maybe stick to non child orientated apps!
It was great until recent update. I've deleted it and reinstalled but still can't select games. The arrow buttons work ok. Others seem to be facing the same problem. I have a Samsung tablet also
Keeps crashing and doesn't download if you press the screen whilst it's trying to download not all the games work very frustrating for a 3 year old who doesn't understand!!
its a good gsme, and my little one loves it, but it has some serious issues which affect the entire device it is running on (either my phone or our Kindle Fire 7th Gen). As soon as some of the subgames are loaded, it takes over control of the system volume and turns it right down, this then affects any other apps (Netflix, iPlayer, etc) until I force kill this. it also keeps randomly causing the screen to wake, even if the device is locked (verified from adb). I've had to remove it!
Brilliant - so much good quality entertainment here. Our kids love all the CBeebies apps, and the fact that they're free is amazing.
It doesn't work, terrible, don't bother wasting your time. Running it on S10 and the touch screen won't work??
this game is awesome i watched cbeebies since i was young i love cbeebies and this game to! well done bbc!
I love this game but what game can u get my pet and me and and topsie and Tim on I used to have a game from u guys which had that I'm wondering where it is if u had those 2 games it would of been a 5 stars from me so yeah if u could please add these back
I hate the new layout alot because my son is missing choosing his own boat and seeing the houses to also he gets confused because he can see the game there and I haven't loaded it on because it's to many to load on then he gets upset so yes the new layout it's not good
my child loves this on her phone and since getting a chromebook she no longer has this app avalible as i look on the reveiws i see that its not supported by the answers but id like to point out that CBeebies go explore works on chromebook and sugest that it not that it wont work but the coding team are too lazy to copy and paste settings even though they change games on here all the time
Very good game my toddler enjoys learning shapes and the other games, however I found that the Biggleton game is very glitchy the broomstick gets stuck and so does the the food however apart from that the app is very good
The new update is great but I find it rather annoying that I need to keep putting the sound on every time I put it on. The old versions sound was automatic. That's really my only gripe, other than that, my daughter loves the new games 👍
This app was great and now none of the buttons work my son cannot play a single thing now. He is heartbroken and doesn't understand why it won't work anymore
My boy loved playing this app but after the update nothing works at all! Tried uninstalling it and trying again but nothing works...
This is an AMAZING app, we went on holiday and my 3 year old behaved so well and just played this. There is a huge range of activities and they are all excellent!!
I like that the app has no adverts and that it's a secure educational space that the kids can use uninterrupted. There are a range of activities but some of them are limited. Whilst others are excellent. Was attracted by the multi- cultural aspect of the app but these characters doubt speak so again limited use.
I had previously rated this as a 2 due to problems with the new version. However, glad to say that the issues have now been resolved and the app works again! This is a great app with all the CBeebies favourites. My nearly 5 year old daughter loves playing the Waffle, Swashbuckle and Peter Rabbit games. Keeps her entertained and the games are challenging enough for her.
Using pixel 4a phone and the app doesn't allow you to enter the code to download games, therefore you cannot use the app!
Terrible UX buttons are too small and there's too many of them. Too many stages to click through to get to a game child is bored and frustrated by the the they get there and sound doesn't work on twirly woos game.
Can't play half of the games because it wants us to rotate the device, but it is rotated. We've tried rotation settings off and on, it still has the problem
The kids love this game, but can the Bits and Bob Rocket level actually be completed?? They've tried and my partner and I have tried repeatedly, to no avail! The meter doesn't go high enough to send the rocket - there's also no consistency with it's range - could be a glitch? The game seems impossible 😕 but all other levels are fab!
Not sure if it is only optimised for touchscreen but won't work on Chromebook with mouse, can't select anything from menu. Developers have respond, a good sign.
It was great, but for some reason although I've downloaded all the games none of the play buttons worked my Samsung Tab S6, so I don't know if it just doesn't work on this, or if they've broken it somehow, both using stylus and finger isn't working
This app is great but before Xmas it stopped working see all other one star reviews. I have been talking to the BBC about this doing everything they said till the final email which told me the app needed an android 8.1 to work. After looking for upgrades, which I was told my tablet couldn't support, or a new tablet (no tablet under £500.00 has anything higher then android 7.) I recontact the BBC they sent the same email most of you have got. Not good enough BBC sort it.
Really unreactive on screen, have to push over and over for it to react and then when it finally does work on one screen, next one does the same. Very frustrating!
Update in reply to the reply: After you've installed all of the games for the app, BOOM that's it, you can't get rid of them. I am really confused because nowhere do I see a 'button' to 'delete the games' and I feel absolutely BEFOOLED because the BBC are such great devs, it's just that now the island is absolutely OUT OF CONTROL, there's nothing I can do about it. Also fix the Hey Duggee game ( THE NEW ONE) where it says it's loading but it NEVER LOADS.
It is very fun and even I play it to because it is very nice and you should keep up with that and I love your games and I watch you every single day bye you are the best
Love it. I liked the Christmas wonderland. It was great. It was easy. I rated you 5 🌟. It was a easy Christmas wonderland. It was tricky Christmas suprise.
Use to work brilliantly and now it doesn't do anything. Have tried uninstalling and re-installing again but still the same. Such a shame
Really?! So bad I have this on my iPad and Ur allowed to go in it and play lots of games my favourite one was a hamster and a cat and cookie monster restraunt Wow😬
I have had to give a one star rating as I can't give lower, I think it's awful that you have to have mobile data and can't use any of the cbeebies apps on WiFi!! I tried downloading these for my son as he loves watching cbeebies but will not allow me to use them on my WiFi
We're having the same problems with selecting items to play in the main menus as others report. I've got a Nokia 6.1 and I have to push on the picture of the characters, not the ">" Play button with my big fingers, the kids have no luck. Miss the old 3D car driving bit it used to have too. UPDATE: This issues appears to be fixed now, my daughter can now use it without my help, much more responsive.
This is so good I can't imagine how good it is like 100% good 100% god it's good for the children who came here to word when I play of course I want some really don't want to be on it when I like it thank you bye
Although some of the games are great there are a few issues with this version and although I took the time to write a fairly in depth e-mail to the apps team, I didn't get a response and the problems are still present in the latest update. In summary: The Hey Duggee - The Paddling Badge gets stuck on a screen asking me to rotate my device - it is already rotated. The Go Jetters - Global Glitch fails to load when you hit the play button. It just sits on the Playtime Island loading screen.
Different to how it was years ago should have kept the many other great games and book wish they couldve made a newer version and an origanal thats all
My daughter loves this app.. Since the most recent update it doesn't work on our android tab or my android phone (both have newer operating systems than it says it needs) the download buttons don't work on any game so she can't play on any of them. Really annoying, and looks I'm not the only one!!
My kid loves this CBeebies app, it's got all his favourite characters in it. I love it because as a parent there's no ads, so I don't have to monitor what he sees or clicking on. Also it's free! And you don't need an internet connection. So great if we're out. Top quality from the BBC.
Used to be brilliant, but since the upgrade I'm experiencing the same as everyone else. The touch sensitivity is rubbish, it isnt user friendly at all, even I have trouble getting it to work. Such a shame and have a very upset daughter.
I love this game, it is so educational and very fun to play. It also has no ads at all. It is the best game i have ever played.❤💖💙💕😍🥰😻
Was a good app, but the latest update now means that touch input is not recognised when attempting to click the play button
App was brilliant and my 2 year old really enjoyed playing but an update has rendered it useless. This is on my Samsung galaxy S9+ and none of the buttons to access games work anymore. Disappointed 2 year old.
My grandson loves this app and his favourite game is the Bits n Bob's car racing game which as of yesterday has completely disappeared from the app! To say they're upset is an understatement. Can't find any help options in the app. Very disappointing.
I love it.it made me my brother and my sister happy because of all the great games we found that made us laugh.😆😝😋🤪😀
Not working can not download anything yet. Hopefully when app been going a few weeks may work. Dissapointed son app changed and the boats have gone.
I have given this game a one star because the it won't let me do anything. This app is basically a picture game.I can't click on anything the only thing i can do is go on settings. Not entertaining at all.I would not recommend this unless you like to be bored.
Great, but can you fix the mute bug? Even after muting the music in the settings, as soon as you go back into the game, there is an icon to enable it again. Which my four year old figured out in about 10 seconds.
This is a fantastic 5 star game. My child Simon is developing more and more skills of shapes numbers and fun! He Is going to school in September and he's very excited.A couple of months ago when we didn't have this game and he heard he was going to school he was nervous and sad,but now he wants to go to school right now (July) and he is happy to go.This has taken away so much stress and has made me extremely happy!I totally reccomend this and it definitely deserves 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
I know some other reviewers are disappointed with the new version and have found it to be glitchy (grimbles!) but my experience is the opposite. New update is so much faster to load the island/games. I like the categories for "little ones" and "big kids" to give a better idea of difficulty level of some of the games. The one thing I'd like to have added is a way of reading a description of a game before downloading it. Other than that, I think it's fab!
Not happy with the new version at all. My child loved the teletubbies game and now it's not on this version. We can't do a lot with him due to his complex needs and this game was brilliant and so good for him. Very upset. 😔
Since the update it won't work downloaded all the games but it won't load any when you click the play button.
Previous download of app on a Samsung Tab A is fine but just tried to download on a new Samsung Tab A and the game is glitching. The pause button in top right is blacked out. Also when you download a new feature the clouds and details also are blacked out. Lots of flashing too so i have had to delete before passing the tablet to my 4 year old. I hope this is rectified soon as this is an excellent app when it functions correctly. I am no IT boffin but go back to how it was before the last update.
Same as everyone else. Used to be brilliant and my kids loved it but since the update none of the games work. Tried uninstalling, reinstalling, rebooting. The play buttons on the games just don't work.
This app is excellent cause my son enjoys it so early to use its perfect for him as he has learning disabilities
well I don't know how this game is but you are being very rued because people who made this game can actually see this if you use your little noddle of your's. So I would start being nice online becaause actual people can see this. I am a nice girl so I put 5 whole stars even-though I haven't tried this game yet. Yeah and if you think about it is actually like yeah this little sweet girl is actually being very nice.
The new updated version is a bit glitchy, takes ages to download. The games have changed and my son loved playing bitz n bobs marmalade game. It runs slow.
This is the best game because when I was younger I played this game so this is a great game for my little brother especially that it has hey dugee because it's his favourite! 😁😀
Impossible to enter the adult unlock code - ridiculous! The keyboard just consumes the whole screen, so no code can be entered. Basic UI mess up.
Its very fun but you can't get new games on there.like the old one of BBC cbeebies playtime island was funer beacuse you can change the games but this one no.
This so great it has all the game like Furchester hotel and more TV shows to play and it is so so so cool
My children used to love this app. Unfortunately since the update we can no longer use the app. Why cant things be left alone if they dont need fixing? Its so frustrating as my children cannot play this game anymore!