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BattleTime - Real Time Strategy Offline Game

BattleTime - Real Time Strategy Offline Game for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Foggybus located at 191015, Saint-Petersburg, Kirochnaya 64. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
i love this game but the amount of ads that you have put in are ruining it. one every now and then is understandable but a 30 second ad after every level is ridiculous
One level you're easily beating the A.I. and the next it's seems impossible so instead of steadily going to higher difficulty it just goes from very easy to hard.
This game is really fun to play, but the tower that pushes your army is really stress full ,i never finished this game, but i stop playing this game at level 7. Cause in tired of the green army gets the good stuff while i dont,so in my recommendation, is that you should make the battle more balance.Well thats all, btw this game a plenty of potential.One of them is, Custom battle and costum level. Thats all thx
This game is impossible to enjoy. To expand on my original review, specifically this is just another one of the trash ad farms that Google continues to allow to be on their market, regardless of the necessity for these forms of games. The core gameplay is centered on activity outside of control of the player. A better experience is offered by T.A.B.S. which is widely known, and available on Steam, and offers regular updates and more customizable gameplay.
the game is not cute but very fun and I still not realistic ist very fun and it will be better if there more levels and multiplayer
very good game with a few problems like certain levels/maps seem to have a broken ai that doesn't recognize a castle as being a castle and gets run over easily ((update) but nothing that moving on to other levels and upgrading units properly cant handle). Also not pay to win because your strategic ability is non existant I'm on level 100 right now and progressing smoothly, and didnt pay anything!
It was FANTASTIC ... I wanted to give it a 5 but i want to have an updated version of this .. i already finished it so i hope we will get another great game...
Game is fun ....could be much better...very similar to Mushroom Wars but not do e as well. To the devs,that game took a hard p2w turn and lots of players are ready to jump ship bit there is nothing like that yet. Maybe improve your controls would make a huge difference.
Battle time number one was fine,but here i have no control of my troops.all my troops randomly attack any building though I did not click on it
At first I liked this game but when the first 10 levels are easy but then its next to impossible to beat level 12. Horrible level difficulty I Uninstalled as soon as I spent an hour trying to beat level 12. I honestly wish I could rate 0 stars
The game is good, but the ads are so long and common that it's literally faster to close and re-open the app over and over again just to avoid having to sit through all the bs. The developer keeps responding to critisism about long ads by saying that you can skip them. You cannot skip the ads. The skip symbol dissapears after a split second, or it never appears.
some said, there are some levels can't be passed. i finished every single level and most of them without the spell. i like this game, but i can't stand to the ads. and i hope the developer can upgrade this game like more than 200 levels or BattleTime 2 maybe
Good strategy game. I played for more than 5 hours at stake and it was not boring at all. Good developers! Cheers.
Made a purchase in game to get rid of the ads, took my money, but didn't remove the advertisements, or give me the items to return. Put in a report on their website, have so far not heard back. probably best to look at another game.
Great game, but this app supports malicious, autodirect, and uncancellable adds. Also it spams adds a little too much compared to the amount of gameplay I get. Shame developers got greedy :( they really had a great idea but cashedout on it to fast and to much
Bought this game long time ago. Now after installing I see its a pay to win game, with crappy in game purchases. There is a premium version but I'm not gonna buy this game twice. I already payed for it!
Repetitive. Quite a long grind. The mage, warrior, etc thingie doesnt work like I first thought (I thought they r some sort of general, with each types provides unique characteristic to the troops). The game is ok, but thats it. 6/10.
Don't get me wrong. A free game would bound to have ads, especially if price far undervalues what you'd get back. But I wasn't even started on a level before it hit an ad. open level, another ad. barely start a game, and have to restart because of 1 hiccup, ad... I have had more ad-time than play time as of recent, and sick of it. great game. phenomenal, even. ads killed it for me.
in its simple form game is good. but i bought loads of coins and got every icon to 50. thought it would help but A I is really bad. you simply cannot beat it and if you lose it pops up with a buy more coins page. cannot fault idea of the game but just watch your pockets they will be empty before you know it Having played again giving the game 5 stars as first review was very harsh and wanted to update review to be fair to other players
I like the game but I can't ever seem to get any friends on it even though I send invites and get invites. If anyone can give me some tips on how to get friends or if the developers can tell me what is wrong that would be great.
I made it to the last level on my iPad and I was left satisfied. This game is great for people who love strategy games and decent graphics that makes it even better with there simple design. In my opinion this game is great especially for mobile games because it's hard to find a good one, and this is a great one (for people who like strategy and or anything else about this game.)
Still getting ads even though i made a purchase. Also Dont want to buy money or stars so wish you had just a "no ads" sale option. Game is otherwise simple fun and requires no payments to win. You earn enough money and stars just by playing. Nor do you need them if you are clever enough.
Absolutely love this game. After the stupidly long tutorial it's quite the time killer. I've logged some 60 hours playing. Its MUCH better than Battletime 2. Simply because its slower and it doesnt start off automated. Occasional bug with the pause being selected without touching it. One of the best mobile games I've ever played. I hope theres a battletime 3. Have BT1 gameplay. Mix it with BT2 Characters and add PVP. I would love to play this game with others. I would rate it 6 stars if I could.
Fun game but the amount of ads is ridiculous. I get they gotta make money. But half the time a round only lasts 45 seconds then you have to watch a 30 second ad.
Good game. 1. less star as I am unable to find a way to go beyond level 60. I'm having to play the levels again with higher difficulty level. How to get to next level? 2. The ads now are such that I can't cut them in between, I understand you gotta make money but not at the expense of UX. Rest, this is first game developed on unity and you've done great job with this fully functional game yet on unity free version. I hope you are able to upgrade soon.
The number of ads is insane. You cannot enjoy the game at all. Sad that the game has come to this stage.
this game needs a down buff every time I play level the levels sometimes when I play it on on a mode it gets super hard and impossible even though I'm playing on like the simplest mode sometimes I don't even get it like I only been playing for a few minutes and I already beaten like the first few levels and I'm already getting stuck on one so please fix it it's making me really mad not even going to stop typing this but please fix it
Fun game but the greedy dev's made it unplayable with their obnoxious unstoppable 30 second ads every level. Avoid and show these type of dev's that tactics like this are not acceptable
a friend showed me to this game I've been downloading it and deleting it and downloading it again but this is definitely a good game especially for the players who like a challenge because it gets very hard fast.
Great I love everything about it this is the only mobile video game that I play! I took 1h30 to complete level 69!
I really like the game, but some of the levels are just plain ridiculous and not very well thought out, I've spent a long long time stuck on certain levels just to finally cave to the skip button.
It's a fun game type and I enjoyed the game for 30 levels but it got boring having to grind so much and it feels like it's a pay to play, which I personally don't like in games.
I appreciate the response but don't upgrade the AI ! It was late I was getting frustrated I reacted strongly ;) The strategy is there (you have to think about where to go first, and sometimes even sacrifice some of your buildings to get better ones like in level 65 ! Your game is balance with the existing AI behaviour and while it doesn't act very humanly it does fill its purpose of challenging the player ;) Sorry about my first review and thanks for the game guys :)
Another pay to win game. It is impossible to go throught the stages without any purchases of item. "It is a pity that the game you do not like. All levels was tested at the maximum difficulty without improving skills and without using boosts." Great that you reply every bad review with the same replies. I would like to see your videos without improving anythings and boosts. See you on youtube. Cheap developer!!!
Absolutely trash. After 10 rounds, the enemy spawns units 3 times faster than you. They can send 10 guys into a base with 30 of my units in it and take it over. Not to mention the magic towers that can't be touched. 1 star. This game is not worth your time
A piece of true efforts, just like online Airborne and Airborne 2 games, developers did a fantastic job in its creation. We need to be at aggressive strategy and if you give time to enemy, they will recapture the buildings. Players should not give time to enemy. Also those complaining about ads, you should get with your internet connection switched off. That's simple. I didn't skip even a single level throughout. Overall, Really Liked It !!!
I have a suggestion. Every time an army of different color(Ex: Blue vs Red) collides instead of a passing through each other they will instead fight and whoever has a bigger or stronger army will win.
The title says "offline" but the first thing it does is connect to Google then wants you to connect to Facebook to invite friends. It also offers "free" gifts if you watch ads. It's not free if you have to watch an ad. Last, it forces ads between the levels. Another ad farm. Come on Google, put an end to this kind of bandwidth waste.
this game is great but the difficulty requires you to progress through ridiculous amounts of the campaign to complete it on a higher difficulty . I understand making it hard by giving the enemy good tactics but they didnt. they did allow you to increase certian attributes . they then gave the AI those increases at a higher percentage than you could ever reach in 1 year of playing this. if they increased the percent gain every level on your troops to 2% instead of 1% it might help
Besides being an add farm some levels become absolute stalemate where nither you or your opponent can win. I thought i was doing something wrong but no matter what i tried it still ended up as a stalemate. Terrible level design and user interface.
nock off of other games and plays the same. (edit)thank you for the reply. It isn't the play, its the content. so far nothing distinguishes your game from others in the genre like but not limited to units, player abilities, controls general content and interaction with the game, etc.
This game is pretty cool. It took me about 2 months to beat all the levels on this game. It was challenging as you really had to think before deciding when and where to attack, or even defend at times. Sometimes you even needed to sacrifice to later gain advantage. One problem is that the levels start to get a tad tooo difficult or even unfair which means strategy is thrown away and i need to resort to the stars/powers. Overall, great game.
Great game. I nearly have everything completed at crazy, but there are a few levels remaining where the opponents solely focus on attacking the player. If possible, could you add a level creator, so that players can make and publish their own levels?
Good game. I rate 5 stars because of good soundtracks, more than 100 levels, offline, etc. I don't mind the ads. And by the way i heard y'all will release the sequel in this year. Is it true the sequel features multiplayer mode?
These game has cute graphics, easy to play and gas a lot of levels and upgrades. Some rewiews say that that there are many ads. If you don't want to see ads, then turn off mobile data or disconnect wifi and play as ADS come through the INTERNET.