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Battleship & Puzzles: Warship Empire

Battleship & Puzzles: Warship Empire for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Strategy Gamez located at 15260 Ventura Blvd, Suite 1708 Sherman Oaks, CA 91403. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
[OVERVIEW: NEEDS OPTIMIZATION BADLY] I'm having trouble focusing on the good and bad of this game because of 1 thing: FRAMERATE DROPS. Why is this game dropping frames? It's a match-3 RPG. There's nothing going on on-screen that should mess with the framerate, and I've never seen this in any other games with similar gameplay. I rarely see it at all, even in games that are clearly pushing more detailed and demanding graphics. The drops don't even have specific triggers, they just happen randomly, sometimes when not even in combat. This is one of the few actually unoptimized games I've played on mobile, and it's one of the strangest types of games to suffer from that. While this doesn't affect gameplay, it's annoying and frequent to the point that I'm discouraged from playing. I'm not on a weak phone, while a Pixel 3XL isn't the most current it's more than strong enough for everything out there. Pretty sure this issue is the game, not my phone. EDIT: Turning off weather effects does NOT fix the framerate issue. It seemed a likely culprit, but the drops still occur. [TUTORIAL IS LONG, NOT OPTIONAL] For anyone who has played just 1 other puzzle RPG, the tutorail is unnecessary. Yet, as with every puzzle RPG, it's unskippable. Too late for me, as I'm through it, but it would have been nice to just skip the tutorial and gain whatever benefits it offered by tapping a button, because I certainly don't need to be told how to match tiles and queue up buildings. [COMBAT ANIMATIONS ARE SLOW] It takes a little too long for attacks to occur after matches are made, and the attacks themselves move slowly across the screen. It's kind of a style thing I guess, and puzzle RPGs differ in how quickly they animate their combat, but I feel that, in general, this should be quick. I like that combat is animated, I don't like staring at icons slowly moving around the screen. This is made a little more obnoxious by the framerate drops. [CANNOT UNTARGET ENEMIES] A minor complaint, but still annoying. Once an enemy has been targeting, targeting can't be turned off. The only way to turn targeting off is for the targeted enemy to die, otherwise all that can be done is switching targets.
Very addicted game, very challenging stages, and always something different to do, id give it a five but seems if you get to a certain point, your done, until the challenges reset, id love to see longer stages, and maybe another stage in between the hard and hardest stage....or maybe even more challenges...
Love the graphics the action,and the ships... I just wish that the creators would STOP CHANGING THE GAME All the time...
Was fun at one point but then i noticed that no matter what i do im still not making much progress i spent money to get better and stronger but got no results
Great experience. Just wondering why my I-13 doesn't have any special skills even though I've reached level 300+ and core upgraded to level 12?
I'm only getting the game two stars right now because of all the glitches in the game prior to a lot of these updates there weren't so many glitches now it seems to be glitch and kick me out of the game all the time and I'm tired of it I enjoy the game I enjoy the gameplay and the graphics and everything else I've been playing since it started but enough is enough
This game Is great!!! So much fun so many things to do now. Just a lot of games to do with it that's why so much fun with it.
App is changing to a slot machine style. Cash must be spent for a random chance at top tier items. They even devalued thier in game 'most important' resource of gold coins. In game limits newly placed won't allow a team it took money and 6 months to build to farm map levels I earned until I spend another 6 months or large amounts of cash. Need 12k power team have a 5.5k power team.
It not star game, I try to re-intall 5 time in 4.4.2, how to fix this problem. Please upgrade the version help me
The new upgrade makes it impossible to EVOLVE ships even when you have DOUBLES you cant EVOLVE like the old version. how to evolve your ships you cant evolve your ships easy like the old version these developers are idiots "dear friend" no "dear friend" HOW DO YOU EVOLVE YOUR SHIPS ITS NOT EASY LIKE THE OLD VERSION I HAVE DOUBLES I CANT EVOLVE LIKE THE OLD VERSION DEAR FRIEND WHY DID YOU CHANGE THAT FEATURE
Great game! Can pass little time but once you get so far that's it. Unless prepared to spend money. Game is a pay to win basically hence 2 stars. Download by all means if you don't mind spending money
You guys have achieved with destroying your game, andand not alone on this, you've made it almost impossible to level anything up so good luck with your game but I do hope you fix it it's not worth the time or effort to play unless you've got your mom's credit card to use.
It still not star the game on my phone user version 4.4.2. I was try anything but it not star the loading screen. I was play this game of this phone last week, now I reset my phone and it is not loading screen game.
It's a bit slow on account of it takes a while to get the res you need to build my tip would be get your oil and iron production and storage built up asap
Great game, but lately I've been unable to play because the game won't start. The app won't even open.
Awesome game so far doesn't ask for money my only thing is can you give out higher ranked ships when summoning other then that great game....
Love this game it get me going but it seem everything about money it wasn't like this before what happen ? I know you want to make money but wow but anyway it a good game.
Yeah I don't know what happen but it seems to be working fine now. I never had any problems that I can remember with the game crashing before yesterday. Thanks for responding quickly.
I love the x2 speed up and the war and arena are making matches better. I love the daily challenges..the graphics and overall look of the game is defenantly looking good. I think this game is really one of my favorites.thanks for all the improvements
How true about the continuous glitches. Now every Sunday night after updating for the week , I'm unable to participate in any battles legion, or matches etc. For 24 hours ????? Why?getting tired of it . But enjoy the building taking my time only spent $3 in 2 years
I don't like the server merger. Why did you have to create so many servers anyways? I would think 6 or 8 or maybe even 10 would be enough. I'm going to miss this game or at least the way it use to be before the server merger.
Edited: Last update is BS my 4 star ships became lower in rank and my upgrade is cancelled... New: You are joking right or lying? For 2 ships that were higher in rank wasn't given enough ascencion materials and zero given for fourth materials and became the same as for 4th rank material for 5 star ships.... Very funny hahaha...
good game. has p2w options, however the free handouts for content are fair. prices for the packages are fair as well. 1 thing the developers coulda add to the game is a 3 day event on the weekends from friday to sunday night for double exp or something.
The game is great! The problem is that now you have a bunch of rich, spoiled brats playing the game where they don't mind spending tens of thousands of dollars just to ensure no one else in the game can progress on merit in things like war and heroic arena. Spoiled jerks like oxoxo and Silent Vanguard and Friends, just to name the most egregious pieces of you know what. Money is great for the app, but to have these jerks take over with their trust funds makes the game far less enjoyable.
I'm still waiting to get at least 1b captain in this new game version. I like the older version better!
For some reason I can't log in. When you are in a legion, sometimes time is of the essence. If one can't log in one can't play. Legion commanders tend to give you the boot if you don't perform. I would be most displeased if that happens with no fault of my own. Look, if you guys would fix what was wrong with the game instead of adding more junk, it might be a good game to play.
Why are you giving same prints again and again 😴 I don't use real time money in games 🥺 I don't have any money to spend in games 😣 I started loving this game..but again it's all about money..like others..😴 So..I am ain't giving you any more stars.. I know I will not get anymore good ships.. it's done..😐 Huh!! Have to find another game 🤭🤭
You should develop new contents for the game (maps, ships,..) I've played for nearly 1 year and now I begin feeling boring to do the routin tasks everyday (for what?). The game getting bored when you create new server and forgot the S1 where many long-time players stay. Hope to receive the active feedback from your team (if the answaer is "We send this information to our team already, please be patient! bla..bla" then you can keep silent).
Solely depends how much money you put in the game, just quit for the 2nd time, permanent now. Highly recommend not playing. Plus any loot in the game sucks, used to be alot until they made you pay for everything. Pirate hits at high levels suck unless you have 100k powered fleet which you have to spend alot to get. Noticed many high level players have quit im sure do to spending. To evolve ships you need many duplicates of that ship to get to a huge power. Game is all about MONEY. DONT PLAY
I think awsome but when i havent played in awhile it all went black when i tryed opening it again. But great game..
All of the RPGs games and most games are fun in the beginning. I agree about players who spend a lot of money to overpower the average players. Maybe the developers could add in tier layers, so new players could build bases.
I like the graphics of the game and all but game crashes every so often. It makes difficult to try achieve any of the in battle victories due game crashing.
DON'T EVER transfer the game to your updated phone from your old phone, if you do you have to start again and lose the ķ's of $ spent. EXTREMELY PISSED OFF AND DISAPPOINTED with the apps programming.
Been having severe problems of staying connected most of during the battle game parts, I've told these people about it and nothing happens even after all the past upgrade/updates and still have the sever connection problem, I'm about ready to uninstall this app/game,. I keep sending screenshots showing the connection problem and all they want to say is go to a different sever, do that and I would have to start all over again,
Fully enjoy playing. On occasions it will just shut down, but that only happens when I am playing for a long time. Having a little problem evolving some ships but it is not enough for me to stop enjoying the game or give it a bad rating.
Game is going down hill. Took away our ability to buy ships with gold and is all about pay to play. Game crashes at least 5 times a day and you email support and they blame your device. Boring!!!!
I absolutely love this game. I'm so addicted to it and I so enjoy it I find myself playing for long periods of time. Keep up the great work!
Was fun and easy to progress at first. Once you get about a month in. You have to purchase packs with items to progress. These packs are expensive. Lots to do, but stops being fun. I'm game rewards are never sufficient.
Great game. Stages are challenging, but fair. Also I got a two star ship after stage 1, second puzzle. Already building uncommon ships. It's a shame this game isn't on consoles like the PS4, XBOX1 and Nintendo Switch (please at least consider putting this great game on at least one of the consoles I suggested. The Nintendo Switch perhaps?).
["In-app purchases","Supports in-app purchases",[null,2,null,[null,null,"https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/OHPOv1_KARAq6le0gvoUqeZ7Nr5SLmY5Jgbzutmg5LRcj3q_1lV_cgfPeuAB2mRFYDTC"] ] ]
Due to the current update my account was lost. And I need access to my account after all the time and work spent. And you still have not found my account?
It is ok. But can wish this their game be less greed, more the in-game (non-real) 💰 and other that most people complained about otherwise.
Awesome game always something to do or fight.) Was wondering if more endgame material could be added? The updates they have removed all ingredients from the missions and such and tell us it is in the commissary. It is not they have made all the work and effort moot.... not happy with this game now. Have done some item available but still need more 1 star to 3 star items available.
Im done with this game, 85% of this game is all about spending money on it. And u are forced to reset the ships parts to 0 which cost 10 gold for lvl 1 i bet its even higher at lvl 2 is even higher. this review i read ppl spend money he/she may have got what they bought but if that person cant login/play the game what good is the item he/she bought if it cant be used. reply from game u got want u paid for no refund. if he cant use what he paid for then he should be refunded..
This game is BRILLIANT, so consuming can play for hours and not know where the time went, easy and fun.
Great game, I've been playing it for about a year and I really like the latest update with the Veiled Sea. One suggestion, please bring back the original soundtrack. One of the reasons I liked the game originally was for the awesome soundtrack.
Looks like it could be fun but, only took me 20 minutes to uninstall. Whether it was the tutorial or game mechanics, I had no control over getting out of tutorials. I couldn't go to options, check out mission rewards etc...ALL because it just wanted me to go forward and fight. What good is winning and gaining rewards if you can't break free enough to use em.? I doubt that much tutorial is needed. Pretty sure the game is pretty obvious, to figure out. These aren't new ideas.
Thus far, the best match 3 game I have played. Sure, it still has the usual offers to buy, some ads pop-up when the game loads, & oncevin a while in-game, & the game does seem to get a bit tougher fairly soon after reaching a cettain level, but it's a very well designed game. My ONLY gripe, is the poor odds of getting a legendary ship w/ the epic draws. Out some 25 o 30+ draws thus far, I've gotten several epic ships, but I've gotten more rare (3 star) than anything, 75% at least. Poor odds.
This game has lost its way. Its getting harder to find the ships to upgrade, war is ridiculous, all their doing is posting 1 ship as defence. The fun is gone.
I love the idea and in - game graphics are great! However, I'm having a few issues. Chat is incompatible with my keyboard. 1) I can't add spaces or punctuation, so typing a single sentence is painstakingly slow. I use a Swype keyboard. 2) The military ranks are not reflective of the Navy (ie there are no Generals in the Navy. No Corporals, either.) I hope they fix that as it's really distracting and shows a lack of attention to detail. 3) I don't have enough room to finish... 😂
Your add that you place with other games is a complete and absolute lie. This game does not have a drop system that allows you to merge ships like hero pieces to level up your ship as a video going around for it suggests. You should be sued for false advertising.
Love the game and all the options and variety of play. Can get expensive fast if you are impatient and can't wait to try new things. I do like the ability to buy most things in the game if you really want something.
Was a fun game til it just stopped working. Spent money on subscriptions and no refund offered. Contacted the developer of app. with the problem and they tell you they are working on it. Game never got fixed and never got anymore emails. You people owe me a refund for my subscriptions! I also cannot contact you through the game because it stopped working!
Dropping to a two star rating. This game has took a turn for the worse. Im finding it harder to make myself play everyday. Ridiculous cost on items (real and in game denominations), enemies with god like power, etc ruin the game for free players. The ships should physicsaly change appearance when leveling up or upgrading. Very repetitive gameplay. Not much to say on the good parts of it. Good game for killing time but not for the long haul
This game puts you in spectator mode and you can't get out of it so you can't participate in game activities. You shouldn't be a programmer to get in and out of modes in a game. And you get no help to get out of the mode your stuck. I just bought some boots for the game huge waste of money because I can't enjoy the stupid game.
Some days the game is fun, some days you wonder what is going on with it, and no way to contact customer service. I dont like spending resources to avoid pvp battles which I am clearly outmatched then get easy wins but you cant destroy enemy ships that 1 shot you. And pressing that button does nothing, the game still loads up
Games pretty good, the repeated lack of delivery of rewards earned is annoying as is the useless support that tell you that you've had the reward is enough to make me delete the game.