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Battlejack: Blackjack RPG

Battlejack: Blackjack RPG for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Grand Cru Games LLC located at 300 California St Suite 300 San Francisco, CA, 94104. The game is suitable for Everyone (Mild Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
If this game is always updated and developed, it will be the number one game in the list of the best games..
They game is great and all . I have been playing for a very long time. But it would be amazing if you guys would increase the max lvl. Cause once you hit the max . There's nothing really exciting to look forward to. But above all great game . Thanks
I have had a lot of fun with this game. The menu is very similar to clash Royal so its easy to get used to I also love the evolution and leaving up system this game is definitely in my top 3 (devs keep up the good work)
A good game, let down by time delayed chests. 3 and 8 hours to open a chest is ridiculous, especially as there is no way of getting rid of chests to replace with better ones.
Taking 8 hours to receive your rewards from completing a single stage is unacceptable. Don't bother wasting your time.
The updates to the game over the last year have only made this game harder to play for new and old players alike, only "whales" that are willing to spend exorbitant amounts of money will bite for the microtransactions. The PVE aspect is doable without any money, but isn't finished after a year of updates, and the PVP aspect is purely pay-to-win. Avoid sinking any significant time into this game.
Support is non existent, been trying to contact support for a few weeks now in terms of account migration. Haven't even responded once.
Good game. Major glitch though. When I collect a Portal Key and the close the Portal Key shop to put me back to the main screen the game completely freezes and is slow powering up once I try restarting the app.
I love this game. I don't really have problem with anything, other than I can't log in to my Facebook. That helps if I want to transfer devices. I have had to switch phone companies quite a bit and my game never switches with the phones. I only play it with Google play.
Very fun game but Arena is kinda broken. Level 13 gets beat by level 1 or level 5 - or Level 13 against level 35 ect..makes no sense, needs better balancing. The rest of the game is awesome!!! 5 stars when Arena is fixed....Please keep updates coming :)
Interesting concept. Not great execution. The biggest issue i see is the loot boxes. You get one at the end of each run. You can hold four. You can unlock one at a time. They take 3-22 hours to unlock. See a problem here? 15 minutes of gameplay followed by up to 4 days of waiting to optimize loot.
Its a good game and I love black jack, but the party size feature bugs me, id rather be able to play any hero on any team thats just my preference also I dont like. And I dont like the chest timer system thats a bit of a killer for me. Other than that its a really good game
I love this game, I'm addicted, However, everything is to expensive, such a cash grab game, if you don't pay, you will have to play 5 life times to advance far in this game. took me 4 months playing everyday and paying lots of money a month to get somewhere half decent, I'm still not even close to being in a good spot to complete high end content. Everything is a rip off, but I'm hooked.
I hate all the "new" improvements...this used to be a simple, great, fun game to play. Now it's complicated, frustrating (always having to struggle to build up characters), and constantly forcing me to update & use up space on my phone
Very cool way to battle monsters with card heroes I like it a lot hope to see better things in the future for this one great game
Customer service is horrible spent money on devs game and won't even respond to support text. Screw them!
EDIT: FIXED IT ♡♡♡YAY i loved this game, BUT it never will open & load. even on a WiFi connection it will just time out. unfortunate BC it seems like could be awesome but considering it takes forever to even open a chest not even worth fighting with the game anymore to play it. so 5 stars to 3.. BOO
This game is no good. This game is a pay to win. If you want to win in this game then you better be prepared to get out your credit card. You will not go far in this game unless you do. The levels are purposely difficult so you dont succeed unless you do. To level up your characters you need an insane amount of gold and there is hardly any way to get any for free. If you dont pay, you will get stuck on the same level for a very long time. If you want a fun and fair game, this is not it.
Seems like a money grab. Anything that costs gems is waaay to expensive as they do not give out many gems. Not a whole lot to do in the game either. Daily quest was complete 7 dungeons but there is only 4 slots for unlocking chests...and they cost gems to speed up. No logic to the progression. So I lost the epic chest because there were no slots. Stupid. 2and day of playing and I already hit the wall....cant do anything.....why dont people design games you actually play?
I would remove the auto battle, i bet some people are using it and missing the actual fun! Nice graphics, good music and interesting game play! A little bit of luck, a little bit of strategy, a little bit of team building, nice!
Have been leaving messages in the in game chat for customer support and have received zero response to have my game from my old phone transferred to my new phone
Used to be fantastic, the devs have made some exceedingly questionable choices just because they want to milk the user base for cash. Sad, this used to be a really fun game.
What started off as an epic game i truly enjoyed playing battlejack. But now since the last perhaps 5 updates im very disappointed. Its made gameplay not worth the effort and i have yet to collect a new character since theyve added plenty 5 updates ago. I honestly probably wont be playing for much longer. Its all about money now.
Energy bound, meaning no unlimited play. 4 slots for chests meaning every 4 battles you're waiting between 3-12 hours or forfeiting any chests you might get. And later gets to be pretty p2w.
The game is really great alot ot different tasks to do once you learn all the intricate things that you have to do it gets even better my only issue is I just did update used 10 rare summons and got all 3 star heroes really disappointed when it says 1 guaranteed 4 star please fix this issue even though I still have a 5 star
It used to be a fun, unique way to pass the time. Most of the updates in the past were to enhance the user experience. Lately, the updates are making the game easier to win but harder to advance i.e. another pay to win type game.
1 year plus without any update. Shame on you guys. At least I don't spend money on it. Leaving the game for good. Bye.
To me this is an overall great game the only is issue is that when I first played the game (i have started a new save now) it got far too difficult in the later levels. I am giving Battlejack another go and hopefully will find it easier.
i loved this game, BUT it never will open & load. even on a WiFi connection it will just time out. unfortunate BC it seems like could be awesome but considering it takes forever to even open a chest not even worth fighting with the game anymore to play it. so 5 stars to 3.. BOO
runs smoothly, nice graphics, energy consumption is pretty gay, and chest system hurts to use, but still really good
Used to play back in the games infancy then through the next couple years. Used to be it would take much less time to open chests. Would be nice to see that original version reintroduced. 3hrs to unlock the lowest tiered chest is ridiculous. Maybe reintroduce shaving time off opening chests by watching videos (like it originally was) the list can go on but I won't waste anymore time griping. After all, these issues have been brought up b4 by other players.
it was super fun at first, but then it got far too complicated and evolving characters became almost impossible. I played it for over a year and ended up getting rid of it because it was going to start costing real money to get anywhere.
Interesting concept but money grab. From start even before you figure out whats going on, they want you to buy gem. If you dont keep buy gem, you will miss most of reward from stage by losing root boxes. You cant even discard low rank root box for rarer root box. And no thetr is no freebie at all from start. No free 10 pull or no easy quest reward to start. You are just tossed in game with barely anything and they want you to start spend money as soon as you finish first stage.
I have been playing this since close to the time it was created. FABULOUS GAME!!! I have been noticing people complaining about the amount of time it takes to open chests because it can take over 8 hours. If you are spending all of your time on this game, then you need to find a life. Play the game, go to work or school. Come home, play some more. Go to bed. Get up and play some more. No good game is meant to be on 24/7. I still hold that this is a fabulous game.
The game is fun and the graphics are cute, buuut... Every stage you earn a chest that takes a mind blowing 3 (three) hours to open!!!!??? You have slots for 4 chests and they cannot be opened at the same time for free, you have to spend gems. Very unfriendly mechanic that keeps you from playing. You see? You made a game that doesn't want to be played.
recently to many updates each time changing the way the game is played, making upgrading runes and characters to hard unless you spend real cash
I love the game been playing it for years on and off. Right now Temple of light sacred hill on hell is messing up. I've played it twice now and it gives me the option to give up or play on with gems when I clearly see the boss die and I'm at half health can something be done?
The game mechanics in general work just fine and it can be pretty enjoyable to play. Getting monsters isn't too difficult and neither is it too easy, which is something I quite like as someone who doesn't like spending money on games. I find evolving and leveling up your monsters is very tricky and challenging. I'm not sure if I'm super happy with how difficult evolving a monster to 5 or even 6 stars is because you need duplicates of the monster, which on its own is super rare, and you need other difficult to get monsters as well. Honestly the only problem I have with this game is the social aspect. If you're going to put guild mechanics into the game, you might as well throw in a global chat, a filter on said chat and maybe consider having a report system as well. If not, that's understandable since people can be pretty toxic, but what about the friend system? I really don't want to have to send a link every single time I want to add someone I know as a friend. Why not have a search bar and players can search usernames and IDs? It would be much easier than opening up a browser page.
I have been playing this game since Feb 2018. The concept of the game is good and I like it. However, the economy of this game changes too much, mainly not in favour of the players. Having spent hundreds of dollars on resources, the next thing we know there is a change in the game requirements. More resources are needed for daily tasks like evolving and rune levelling. More duplicate resources are required as the rarity progresses. Daily resources are reduced, wait time for energy like arena invites get doubled and quest rewards gets halved. Developers did try their best when flaws occur in the game but responses are still slower than the deadline of game events like 72 hrs. Many bugs occurring in almost every event and also in battle. The opinions of more wealthy and affluent players are always taken into consideration first. Storyline has ceased to advance since last year before I started playing. New players now will find it tough to advance in this game. You might need to put in 4 times the effort and time to progress to what was like 1 year ago. But please don't spend money. Because there is absolutely no certainty in your investments in this game.
Game is improving. Previous review was 2 stars. Regular updates. Devs are working and seem to be listening to players. Graphics constantly improving. There is still a pay to play concept. P to P is definitely not a requirement to have fun and progress.
I enjoy this game, I game a new one every few days I'd say this is a quality game, I love the black jack battle system, I'd enjoy it more if just a few things that could be different.
Really enjoyed playing this game for a long time. But then the game had no updates or news. Have completed several offers on the offerwall only to have them reject my request telling me to provide proof of completion. Attached several screenshots showing
The battle machanic is good, but game play is very limited due to very long time for the loot boxes to open. Unless you want to waste your gem to cut down the time.
Make it so we can skip tutorial if we have played before and let us save data so we dont have to start completely over again
Too much going on here. I love the core gameplay, but there's too much IAP-related stuff. I wanna play a round. Oh, my chests are full, gotta wait 45min or pay gems. I pay gems. Now my hero slots are full. I'll merge some for exp. Not enough coins. Gagh... Let me pay a few euros for the main gameplay loop and bypass all the extras, please.
Interesting gameplay, but progress is bottlenecked by limited reward chest slots and long wait times for opening. Options are to play without receiving resources, wait 3-12 hours for a slot to free up or pay $7 a month to open 2 chests at a time. This mechanic discourages game engagement and will likely lead to me uninstalling it. Shame.
I wish that I could give this game a good score because it's actually a fun concept, but I just can't. This does that stupid thing were instead of giving you the loot you earned it gives you a chest that takes hours to open, and there are only 4 slots. Once you've got four chests there's no point in playing anymore until a chest is opened, and then only one level to get another chest. It's stupid and turns what could be a fun game into a chore.
Not a good app. worked for a while, but after a while of playing it, it froze my phone completely and i had to shut off my phone to clear out the game, Same thing happens every time i open up the app.
I think the concept is really good and the blackjack mechanic works very well, but the upgrading mechanic takes too long and you can't really complete some quests for a while. There's one major dissatisfaction I have and that's my character cards all obscure the enemies' health bar and attack turn counters so I can't actually see anything. I hope that can get fixed. Also the game crashes after I watch an add for extra rewards and then when I restart, the chest is no longer there. Edit: thanks for fixing the health bar problem but the game still crashes frequently and often when I try to open chests so I would reopen the game to find the chest gone
Unique and very fun. My only complaint is the amount of gold it costs to level up your monsters. Overall it's fun and I plan on keeping it and playing unless something changes for the worse
Try to contact them on recoving my account. No responses. Absolutely horrible. Used alot of money and want a refund now
I do like the game but really really stingy with jewels so unless u want to spend real cash to buy them to unlock ur chests it's play for 10 mins then wait 3 hours. Devs this isn't going to work. I want a game I can play a bit more than that. 2 stars for originality.
TIME OPENING REWARD CHESTS... that's it. Thats the reason I uninstalled the game. Cool character art, neat battle UI, interesting characters to collect. But I cannot handle waiting to "unlock" rewards for 3-8hrs one at a time. WHY!? WHY IS TIME LOCKED LOOT EVEN A THING!?!?! Whatever I don't need the hassle. Wish I could enjoy what looked to be a promising game.
Playing this game over a year and you can compete with everyone doesn't matter paying or not. Prices ridiculous high if you willing to develop heroes faster and that's a plus,play regularly have patience and you'll reach your goals. After new update graphics and colourful cards looking even better, glad game improving
A fun game but due to limitation like box spaces, you can only play for a short time. I'm still playing 4 months later. try it. It's fun!
Uninstalled. The game is punishing me because i want to play, literally i have to pay to play. Overall good gameplay mechanics, good choice for graphic, very nice skill synergy and character development. So when you make a game for whales please do tell, it helps, saves time, mine and yours. Thank you and good day!
Was a great game until I had to change phones. Now I cannot get my levels back. When I log into the game with Google play games it starts me all over! I reached out to the developers email and through the game a week ago and still nothing.....
This game would be pretty good, but the chest system is perplexing. Why should i have to wait 3 hours for the base chest? Plus, the cost to speed it up with gems is taxing on resources. You cant build up gems for summons because you're using them on everything else just to get resources. Unresponsive developers make this a game that will crash and burn if nothing is done.
I play this game every day. When I try to play certain things the game shuts off. It never used to do that. I can barely play the actual game anymore
changed to 3 star because of trying to recover account for new phone. game is still great but getting account back is hard have fun though it is a great game
Well... Got to play it for one day, then it asks me to update. And now it gets stuck at the download screen. Says I don't have enough space. Um I have 10 gb left, damn and I was enjoying this game too.
Confusing craft hero update. Use to be in tinker. I had to my guild to figure it out. There is not guides on the web.
Solid 4-Star experience. Nothing over the top, but a great game, excellent concept and simple execution. I hate countdown timers on level completion rewards and the feature unlock progression isn't entirely clear, so there's the lost star. I'll likely pay for a while though, it's a fun game.
The concept is a bit different , but it fails spectacularly on so many levels. It constantly crashes and limits you playing in numerous ways-->Standard quests require too much stamina, the chests take entirely too long to open and cannot be skipped or gotten rid of, arena is unplayable for lower levels, gem purchases cost too much for what little they give, and your party is limited by a party size mechanic, so even if you get a lucky pull, you cannot even use them until much later.
I absolutely love the game and have been an active member for over 2 years. My only issue is I have bought and accumulated a bunch of gems and was wondering if there will ever be a way to use gems to get more coins. You can use gems to purchase everything except coins. I would love to see that in a update soon.
To many changes for art pieces. New quests are ridiculous. Also experience is reduced for chapters when using loot tickets.
It's an okay game. It has stagnated; no new cards in over a year, and no new game modes. The pay mechanism scares off the whales, especially the long term ones. But the game mechanism is very good- it keeps you paying attention. Long overdue for a significant update, though.
I giving 5 star for the great game concept. But the chest system driving me away from playing this game, this, 1 star. I stop playing after the first time I get my chest queued all 3 hours and missed a purple chest. I am happy to watch ads to unlock the chest, but it's not available. Not coming back until the chest system has changed. Looking for better alternative.
Even though there are some things I would change if i could, this is still my favorite cell phone game. It's engaging, easy to learn, stays challenging, and isn't always trying to take my money.
A beautiful-looking game with a unique gameplay concept that also has a lot of faults. Leveling your cards is a complex endeavor. Additionally, the treasure chest system slows the game to a crawl as you can find yourself walking away for 8-12 hours because you're waiting for an open slot to earn extremely-needed items. The blackjack system is simplified, not using a full 52-card deck. Adding double-downs or split options could be an interesting twist.
Great mix of battle and blackjack. Really good idea, now work on one with Texas Holdem and the world will be ok. 👍
Party size, party size, really only thing that kills this game, not the fact that you don't get much energy, but party size, you can only have a certain party size, yeah, I'm out.
This was once a great game, but it appears that every time they do an update to "improve" the game it gets worse, the new hero card fronts are now awful looking, the hero evolving system introduced a while ago makes it even harder to get up to a 6* hero, sadly leaving the game now
So far, I'm enjoying my time playing Battlejack. It combines a dungeon crawler style RPG with a game of Blackjack on the side. Luckily for me, Blackjack is my casino game of choice, so the combat came naturally. The art style is a bit too cartoony for my taste, but that's because this game seems to be targeted towards younger audiences. This game has in-app purchases and a time mechanic, but so far I've managed to get through a good chunk of the game without spending anything. Anyways, gg.
Might be the most fun game in the world. Sadly the Developers seem to make the wrong changes which has pushed alot of people away, but the game is still great. So while this game may be worth 5 stars it could be a 6 star. A game must be great when its still worth playing through crappy development.
The updates changing the way the game is played just ruined the game and making people not want to play anymore I downloaded this game when it first came out but its just been going downhill since then
unable to get into the game to play bcuz of what the system says about my server, but i have 2 other RPG games n they work fine no problem with server. Just don't Kno what is goin on with this game.
Well done, now wait for hours... This game is entertaining and fun, until you've done 4 things, each of which earn you a chest. Then you have to sit and wait 8 hours until the chest opens before you do the next thing, or you waste the chest. So it's incredibly slow going
I've been looking for a good collection RPG for approximately FOREVER, and I finally found it! not only is this a great game with cool characters and little to no pay to win, it's super unique! I love the blackjack element, and it's an easy game to learn and enjoy. This is the best game I've ever found! thank you!
I love this game! I love it so much it's the only game I'm playing on my phone. This is the best TCG type app/game I have found. Fast paced, super easy UI, decent graphics (like not stupid or dull), and interesting way of battling (via a quick game of blackjack). There are a ton of heroes, so assembling the teams is interesting. There is a decent amount of strategy which I like, but they do a great job of explaining what everything does for the most part so learning isn't overwhelming.
I really love this game. Easy to play, great graphics and level increases galore to keep my attention. I do not recommend watching ads to increase your treasure however, because 1 out of 3 times the game freezes and you get nothing.
Really fun time waster. Although once you get to a certain point the only real reason to get on is to complete the daily goals and then log off without making any real progress. Still very fun
I love this game. Pretty easy to pick up, and very deep as you learn more. Fun, lighthearted, and challenging. *Update: too much grinding. Still a good game but some of the needed characters are just too hard to get. Kind of a hockey stick difficulty curve. And the stuff you can buy is kinda steep. I've been stuck, grinding, for try months without much progress. 😑
Would have been 4 stars, until i played the arena. The arena is absolutely pointless and inane. The rest of the game is fun, except for the mostly generic, cardboard cutout heroes.
It's great! So many tasks to accomplish, and you don't have to do them all to progress. Joining guilds gives you a sense of community, and you benefit from group rewards. It can be an intense team building and monster collecting game or a casual lunchbreak game. You get to choose. Try it, play it, love it.
I love Blackjack and the combination with a fantasy role-playing game is fun. Also the art style is appealing and cute. I really wanted to love this game. Sadly it is frustratingly disappointing. I keep hitting one road block after another. My team is maxed out but it's so confusing how to evolve them and even the materials I need I have never seen anywhere, it looks like I must buy them for money. Also my team size is so small I can't add powerful heroes anyway and thus I am permanently stuck early on. As such I don't think I can recommend this in good faith since it's so hard to get better but you won't find out until you sank considerable time and money into it. I wish the balancing was better. You'll breeze through a stage only to find a boss so horribly overpowered you'll have to spend premium currency to beat him. I understand it's basically a gambling game but this is unfair when even a "battlejack" barely hurts them or gets evaded completely all the time.
The gameplay itself is what makes this game fun. The money grab has made me uninstall it. There is no way to ensure that you get the heroes you need to evolve, and even the money grab option doesn't ensure anything other than extra resources. It's very much turned into getting lucky to get powerful heroes or evolve existing ones. There have been no new updates in far too long. This used to be a really fun game when it first launched, but it feels like the developers care more about trying to make money off the game then continuing to provide an enjoyable experience for the players.
Do not support this developer - SCAM. One of the worst pay to win games out on the play store. Google should remove this developer and their apps. Almost at every move you either have to pay to advance or wait a ridiculous amount of time to advance and as far as drop rates for rare items and evolving cards its plain sham. Absolute garbage. Stay away from this game & support developers that don't rip their players off.