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Battleheart Legacy

Battleheart Legacy for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Mika Mobile located at 2100 4th Street Suite C #356 San Rafael, CA 94901. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood, Language) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is a really fun game but falls short due to basic oversights. No Quest list, no way to look around World map without walking, way to easy to buy wrong item due to no purchase confirmation, no control option for onscreen joystick ect..simple things to make gameplay much smoother. Feels incomplete overall. Great graphics, very flexable character build options are what make this game fun. Hard to believe the maker dropped support of this game being as it is decent at its core. Needs TLC please
Can't access half of the locations, I have had my phone on for 30 minutes and it just stays on the locations name (eg goblin cave) frustrating as in the short time I have played has been very enjoyable. No choice but to uninstall and get a refund
The game play is nice with a lot of depth. But level progression is rindy and quests get sparce half way through and don't carry you trough the levels. Also, please fix your interface... the map interactions are unintuitive....
This is an AWESOME GAME! Best RPG ever. The reason why I gave 4 stars is because I think the game is not complete. Some side/faction quests are not completed (cartel quests/royal guard quests). Please finish it devs!!! EDIT: STILL NO UPDATE
The sole point of Battleheart Legacy seems to be leveling your character. It's a ceaseless grind-fest with a few spineless fetch-quests to support it. There is little to no story to motivate a player to continue playing. There is no log book to provide overview and direction. If playing solely for the purpose of growing a character is your aim then you may like this game. The character development system is deep. This game is visually appealing. Unfortunately that's all Battleheart Legacy has going for it, in my opinion.
GREAT GAME. My only real complaint is that it's small. I do wish there was a little more questing and exploring. But for what it is, a lot of games fail where this one kicks butt. A sequel would be nice. More maps, item enhancements, multiplayer. This would be great. All in all, a game well worth the price tag. No question. Action packed and addicting as all hell. 8/10
One thing I wish this game had was cloud save so I can pick up from where I left off on another device and dats a big deal also I wish the females looked better and portraits looked better lastly more equipment otherwise great:)
This game is absolutely incredible, I loved battleheart, but I didn't like the controlling 4 characters part. But the fact that you are just one character in this, is awesome to me. The game is fairly short, but there are lots of options in the game. The game is also very fun to replay and make more classes! Great job on this game, I hope you make dlc for the game that I can buy, you left us on a cliff hanger!
Entertaining game with simple mechanics but amount of farming involved and the massively annoying ennemies makes it enraging most of the time
Can't really say much that hasn't been covered by other reviewers but this game just deserves a 5 five star rating. From the art style, to the game mechanics/controls, the game play and story have a lot of effort put into them, enough so it easily stands among my top 3 games on mobile (When it comes to rpg style)
Very slow to load. Plays ok once loaded but waiting for it load is the pits. I am using a lenvnor tablet, another tablet may load faster but all my other game apps load fine.
This is a very enjoyable game with many customizations. I don't know if the creator still updates this game but unfortunately on my Oneplus 7 Pro, the sound is glitchy and ruins the gameplay for me. edit: it's been fixed! Great game
This is my favorite mobile game ever. It seemed like the missions were too hard for their levels but I eventually adapted to play smarter and ended up taking on missions 5 lvls ahead of my own. It helps a lot that everything is so unrestricted but I REALLY wish you could go multilayer on this... even if its just arena survival mode connecting by Bluetooth or local Internet would be awesome. The game is most exciting with interactions with other characters so more of that if possible pls.
This is one of my favorite mobile games. No ads, no micro transactions, great controls, lots of classes and options. Wish they had continued to update it and made more to it. Thanks either way Mika for showing the mobile market you can make a quality game without trying to drain pockets of the players. Solid game and thought the price point was perfect.
I have played this game before when it was on sale(free) and after almost 4 years I have to buy it then play once again. It has given me this sensation of trying to maximize a character since you can choose without limitations. Thanks for the creators for developing this type of game. Enjoy playing guys.
The game is great, very fun and not too time consuming, many characters \ abilities you can have, Over all a great game... Just needs updates, game has been the same for a long time !! Add new stuff !! Plz! Thx
I used to like this on my previous device, but on my new one, Oneplus 7 Pro running Android 10, the sound started to stutter and lag terribly when I started it the second time, and now I cant get it to work properly.. Too bad, really, as it makes the game utterly unplayable :( and yes, this is the only app with this problem..
Great game but come on guys. It's a paid for game. Add some updates, not just bug fixes. Add leaderboards. Arena leaderboards. Fixed difficulty settings to compare to other players.
This game is great. I am an avid Role Playing Game fan, and this is one of the best I've found for mobile gaming. This game excels in the variety of weapons, active and passive skills, and equipment. I absolutely love the ability to mix and match everything. However, there is one flaw i see: the controls, which although they to work, could be better. With the current controls movement feels a bit clunky. I wish they had added an option for a standard Joystick and basic attack button.
Great game. Could benefit from having an NPC team mate or something for more customized job roles. If you specialize in just one job tree, some engagements around your level are near impossible and having an NPC character to say, be a Warrior while you try to be a ranger. (up the monster difficulty a bit if this is added of course) then it could be challenging but still doable. The whole game would be even better! I would totally pay for an update/expansion to this highly repayable game!
One of the best mobile games out need more like this you get to choose from heaps of classes n learn all the skills n once you obtain every class n skills play again n create your own character n class with the abilities you unlock be awesome if you guys expanded the story as a sequel or add-ons I'd buy it
Fantastic game, but not complete. You don't charge people for a game and don't finish it, that's a scam. Its very unbalanced and has clunky controls, as well as a very small map and nothing to do after a few quests in the beginning. Aimless and no purpose makes any good looking game with nice art and animations, sadly, pointless. Its also been abandoned, as updates haven't been done since early 2019, and that was just a few bug fixes. Sadly another great game unfinished and abandoned.
I have to say this is probably the best mobile game out there. From the class design to how smoothly it runs, never crashes, opens right back up. Smoothest experience I've had in a mobile game. Best of all no in app purchases. I really can't recommend it enough, you must try it!
Awesome sequel to the first Battleheart! Pretty good story and great gameplay with do many different options. 10/10 would reccomend!
Addictive. I've redownloaded this game a few times out of boredom cause I enjoy playing it over and over and have had it on a few different devices. Honestly would love a second game of this and it be more elaborate or just more to do in it. Wouldn't mind a way of leveling up to be easier either.
Quality, fun game! No ads, no nags, no micro transactions. More playable classes than advertised, and class combinations are pretty cool. Fun battle system, reminiscent of WoW. Great little RPG in the palm of your hand. More fun and surprises than I expected. Good job guys 👍
Wow! What a fantastic game. Love was put into this game, and for 5 bucks with no ads or in app purchases, this game is a hidden gem!!
This is a pretty descent game actually, right now it is probably my favorite rpg on android TBH. It is hindered with long load times, battery consumption isn't that bad though on the other hand, surprisingly enough. the graffix are good, the mechanics pretty simple and straightforward. a zoom in and out feature would be nice for ranged combat. It starts out really really rocky, you hit level 2 and take off into the world which is very very ready for you, youll die a bit, no biggie as you do keep any XP/gold you find even for a moment after death actually. The map is descent sized, it is a open world, though the strength of your adversaries will keep you real close to home for a bit. you have random encounters that will give you a glimpse of what your heading into (run away, run away). No IAPs, a pay once and play the full thing, this game deserves its 4.7 rating TBH.
This game feels crisp on initial experience. The graphics are good and the sound effects aren't bad. The game mechanics and movement feel good as well. However for an RPG with a mapped world to explore, it seems to have little to no direction as far as story goes. It feels like you're just randomly wandering a map trying to hopefully find a zone that is appropriate for your character level just to grind. The shop for equipment isn't optimized well either. A good start for a game, but needs work
Best mobile game I've ever played. I'd play this game over a lot of console and PC games. With that being said the RPG elements and length of the game are criminally shallow and short for how great of a game it is. I at least wish it was being updated and supported with new content and fixes, but hopefully there is a true sequel because it has so much more potential.
Pro: I like the idea that it's a premium game with no iap; it sold itself. Cons: It needs a bit of player guidance. I was level 2 and invested points randomly into the wrong attributes for the class I wanted which was introduced after I leveled up. Went looking for monsters to level up and found a lvl 21 area. Finally found a lvl 2 area and it was a bit tougher than I imagined- potion is rationed and multiple levels. Not impossible to beat but needs a can-do attitude.
Incomplete Game. There are Incomplete storylines making the game feel empty and boring at times. There is a gap where all you can do is grind because the story all of a sudden just stops and you grind till you can get new skills or kill the final boss. They need to finish this almost masterpiece of a game.
This game is amazing. High replayability due to the number of character classes/abilities. Great graphics, fun and challenging. Can be played offline. I hope they will do a Battle Heart Legacy 2. Though it will be a while as I have heard the developers now have children. I recommend this game to anyone looking for a great game with no ads, shady permissions, or other BS.
Its a great game, but it feels kind of incomplete. In the early game, theres plenty going on, but later on, the story feels kind of empty. There's also alot of the world map that is unused, so there could have been room for secret dungeons.
This is game is fantastic. Awesome and original skil trees. Interesting quests. One of the best RPGs on the market. However, it needs a few things. More equipment slots and more things to do in towns and special events. The whole game gets very repetitive in the later levels. I have so much gold I can't use because I've already bought the best weapons I can. Just need more to do really.
i love the game and its fast cute additive and sooo much more. the bosses from the first are all in as far as I'm aware (boar and spider so far) and it has a ton more skills and classes to play with. (did see a spelling error though "a light trapping that brings our your inner savage" barbarian outfit item description. our should be out i assume) 5 stars from me!
One off cost unlocks all. Worth the money. Great little game. Very replayable and multi class system. Great fun.
So, caveat. Just bought this last night. But so far a perfect RPG app. It's a nice blend of fun graphics, some action, mini-quests, and a skill-based, item-based hero creation. And, rare for these, I can very much see myself doing replays on this, exploring a huge variety of different types of character. Nearly always RPG apps are either not RPG enough; a Legend of Zelda-esque simple leveling system. Or they're straight D&D with menus and details too detailed to deal with on a phone. This manages to get over both problems. I may have been looking for years for something exactly like this, ever since I finished KOTOR.
Absolutely amazing game, great job!! I can't wait for BH Legacy 2 , please make one 😄. Only critique is more quest based progression and meaningfulness of certain zones. Other than that it's basically a faultless game. I love the copy mode after beating it too.
The game is great, but very grindy. Level requirements for different areas are off a bit. For example, a location that shows level 10 may require you to be level 12 to beat it. My biggest grief, however, is that the sound is very crackly. I feel confident it's the app because none of my other apps or phone use display this behavior. Closing the app or rebooting the phone does not make a difference. Devs, any ideas? OnePlus 7T phone.
This game is top tier in my opinion, especially for when it was realased. It is a buggy mess in some places, and other reviewers have shown thier greifs. However, this games highlights far outweigh the problems in my opinion. I plaed battleheart 1 a long time ago, and this is a great continuation of the story. This game is very much worth your 5 bucks. Also, no ads or in app purchases.
I had this in my wishlist for months and never got around to it, after discovering that the first one is free I decided to play that instead. Easily the best game on mobile, so naturally I purchased this one and played through it, twice. At this point, I'll buy anything they make lol. Fantastic job Devs!
Amazing graphics, and game mechanics, like arrows being block by obstacles, jumping through the gap, item customization, Optional story and replies i wish mika mobile made another game like this, this is so amazing
Very good game for the most part. Inventory is terrible and item slots are a little stupid, but fun, not over in an hour, replayable and very easy on the battery compared to other games I've played with a lot less going on.
The concerns others have about the movement of your character are well deserved, good graphics but controls brutally let it down
This is a very enjoyable game with many customizations. I don't know if the creator still updates this game but unfortunately on my Oneplus 7 Pro, the sound is glitchy and ruins the gameplay for me.
Awesome game, I absolutely love it. One problem I noticed is when I'm traveling around on the made and I enter a city or dungeon the game will freeze at the loading screen and I'll have to close the game out and restart it. Other than that, been having a great time with it and am looking forward to playing more.
This game is fine in terms of narrative (storylines, choices, etc) and visuals (cute medieval-styled environment, lego-ish doll characters) and dialogs and game balance too (probably, I haven't played much, but I still like the idea to multiclass by developing certain stats). However, the game pretty much lacks in UI/UX terms. The biggest UX problem is moving around (especially down) in combat and even outside, as skills eat up the lower part of HORIZONTAL screen. Virtual joystick on the bottom left and skills on the bottom right would probably be so much better. Then, selling things is just uncomfortable. Then, character screen could be more mobile-friendly. Then, where's inventory/backpack? Basically, there are plethora of little uncomfortables that spoil the good impression.
I loved this game. Sure, the graphics aren't amazing, and the middle segments progress is slow, but you gotta look at this as a mobile game from 5 years ago, not a brand new Xbox game. Lots of replayability and new game plus is nice for when you want a certain skill but don't want to change your entire build. Great game overall!
The issue is fixed finally i can enjoy my favorite game once more! Love the option to pick from easy mode for potions(unlimited use in battle)=med,hard(med 3 pots to recover(hp, durability)(until u leave the area cant use more then 3 pots)(hard i think it was 1 pot)(i use easy to max out 1st then try med-hard challenges. ^_^(i play smart!)
Same problem as the other Battleheart: It's not that deep and becomes repetitive quickly. After a few initial quests, you just have to wander around and grind until you can take on the big quest. It's quite bland and the controls can be irritating as a mage or archer when you misclick and walk to the target instead of shooting it.
Very good combat system and controls. I'm playing a rogue and I have a nice array of abilities such that I can crowd control one mob with a stun and then kite others while throwing poisoned daggers from farther away. The backstab ability grants dodge when you want to get up close and personal.
I've had this game on my phone for 5 years and I keep coming back to it. It is simply the best rpg on Android
Still one of the best hack and slash experiences you can get on mobile. More quests and story would be great but the character class system is fantastic.
Favorite mobile rpg. Very fun system that allow for collection of skills from class trainers which can then all be mixed and matched. It isn't just about cycling cooldowns either, some skills take good placement to use effectively. Teleport for example can allow you to survive against higher level foes due to your increased evasion. -Review Bot 23844
Great little time killer! However a bit sad it doesn't work on my new phone for some reason...Xperia 5 II. A bit sad, liked the game a lot!
Remarkable little roguelite for a phone app! Not much to do in the late game - one your character gets strong the challenge fades quickly
This is one of if not my favorite game on android, and one of the best single player action rpgs I've played. It has amazing depth for when it was made and great character customization. You can really get deep with it. Combat is fun though late in the game you'll have to turn up the difficulty for a challenge, as some of the combos of classes and items are unstoppable, but it takes a while to get there. I'm wanting to try BH2 soon, even though it's a bit different.
An amazing game worth every penny!!! Great fun, plenty of build options available, fun dialogue, wonderfully smooth gameplay from a time when games werent infuriatingly bogged down with pay walls or advertisements. This will be in my game folder for a long time to come. Would love to see more added to it in the future, but that looks a bit grim as the last update was 4 years ago.