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Battleheart for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Mika Mobile located at 2100 4th Street Suite C #356 San Rafael, CA 94901. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Best game I've played on mobile in a while! My only possible complaint is that BH2 and Legacy are pay-to-play. Absolutely amazing! To be fair, though, I have no trouble controlling all four at a time. Some people can't, so it's helpful that you can pick how many you use.
One of the first RPG (focused in mobile) I ever played in the past and it is ahead of its time. The mechanics, The RPG aspect of the game is very addictive. Its simple and unique for smart phones. Yes it can be better.
The controls suck there is no fun in auto attack it's boring and why not just have a directional control and attack buttons on the screen instead?
Interesting game, pretty simple. Pretty small learning curve. A few components where unclear in how they worked, but you figure them out eventually. The game fails in its controls, especially at later levels. You are expected to make quick movements with little margin for error. The issue is that selecting and moving units is tough, especially when your characters are overlapping. Changing the unit target also takes a lot of movement. Makes it tough to play on larger screens.
A nice game but fighting pace is too slow. Wonder if devs would provide us speed up option (faster animation). [edit] right now won't play until faster animation comes out some day or never. Auto play would be a better QoL option too. Ppl just don't have time of the whole world, especially for mobile game.
It's really good! But i give 4 stars. I wish it had two player where heroes can fight each other.if you did it would get 5 stars
Its fun, yes, but it gets very repetitive. And cheesy with priest and HELLMODE without. The controls are fantastic, no squares and magnets, only flat land and smooth line draws. Skills are kinda useless unless used on bosses, which are the usual multi attack enemies with more than 1 attack and so on. A plot or a silly story would spicen the game up a lot.
Simple offline rpg squad game involving equiping & commanding a squad of up to 4 heroes, which can be swapped out between fights. Heroes, as they gain experience and hit benchmark levels and unlock a new skill, some skills become flippable between fights between say allowing better attack power or armor power, or gain strong single target heal or have your hero heals have an area of effect. Some of the later fights will involve aquiring a target's attention with an armored hero while your ranged heroes pick away at the target due to some creature's ability to either deal near fatal damage to everything very quickly or simply to stall an opposing healer from undoing your damage. And incases where that isn't enough, get familiar with hit and run or "kiting" and health regen rings
Overall its a great game, I like the graphics, the art style, gameplay is great but its kinda hard to control a character that is near another character, I would love this game if only there were more features, maybe add a gamemode or other ways to earn money, it would be cool! Or maybe more characters! Or more upgrades and skills! It would keep players on playing this game!
Cool setup. Terrible battle synergy. Hard to pick character mid fight. Should have buttons for specials on bottom so its easy to proc. and have units automatically attack closest enemy. Far too lumbersome. Otherwise cool game. But needs real QoL improvements to be worth playing long term.
One of my all time favorite games, can easily go from "We got this!" to "OH DEAR LORD WHAT IS THAT?" Real fast, love the combat and characters :)
Hey this is a great. "Thanks for playing". Wait, that's it? That sums my experience from this game. Ended way to soon for a game with a lots of potential. This could easily be a 5 stars, but due to the lack of content it's not. So I basically finished this game in total less than a day. Is it fun? Definitely. Is there strategy elements? Somewhat, yes. Is it worth the download? Yes, if you want something to do for half a day. Wished they'd update this game. If it's still even supported...
The game is just amazing! The controls are really smooth, there's barely (if any) framerate drops, and the graphics are really nice; having it be handdrawn/painted just adds on to the review, lol.
A perfect balance of challenge while still being fun, only suggestion is if it game items based on the characters you mained with. However, this does not make the game any less fun
Great Game. Enough to waste your time. Just low drops for gold was the problem. The hard part here was dragging. I cant drag my heals from one to another if they were in the same place
Love this game. Played it all the way through multiple times. I cannot believe there are so few games like this.
great game i think i played this online on some website when i was younger idk and damn isn't this just a perfect trip to memory lane, well done devs keep it up
Starts way to slow, would prefer steeper learning curve. May be a great game but ill never know because i quit after 1 minute into 2nd wave of the first level.
Phenomenal RPG/point and click/hold and drag strategy game. Very memorable 2D shaded artstyle alongside lovable, cute, proportionaly appealing characters. If anything, the flaws may be inaccurate selecting when u'r party overlaps one another but hey, what else can be done anyways. The progression is honestly merciful by knowing who will the enemy aim and target on. An avergae 5 hours to finish the game yet an eternity to level up all the rest of the part just for the fun of it. Overall, flawless
if the phrase "simple is effective" was a game, this would be it. only bad thing is that the plot and story could've been fleshed out a little more.
It is a very nice game but when I select anything in the game I have to tap too the left and it is the game not my phone because I have "show tabs" on in settings which shows where I touch the screen if not for this then it would be five stars from me
I love this game and i cleared it in 14hrs. we need more games like this not p2w unlike most games... Definitely gonna wait for more in-game content. keep it up devs!!
For RTS lovers like myself, its really fun as well as challenging, with a great combat system, great mob mechanics (Literally had to pay attention to which mobs I was fighting and change strategies accordingly, having some that auto targeted a party member no matter what made combat pretty interesting and hectic), and great overall variety. The only thing I feel is lacking is the amount of levels, I had my party (The mage, Bard, Paladin, and Cleric) all at level 25 and beat the game thinking there was more and needed to get to level 30 for the last unlocks to beat whatever hellscape was ahead. Besides that, 10/10 game, especially for mobile
I love this game! The art is incredible and the gameplay is so smooth. But its so short! Once the game is beat the only challenge left is to get a level 100 hero (I DID IT!!!) and then its over. Maybe adding a multyplayer championahip or something to spice the game up. That would be nice but anyways great game i really enjoy it ๐Ÿ‘
This is an incredibly addictive game. The game is so fun and challenging. One of my favorite rpg I have played in a while.
I would rate this higher but there's a glitch where sometimes there are no monsters but the level won't end and my characters are just standing around waiting for nothing. This is particularly frustrating when I've survived a difficult level and then nothing happens and I have to retreat and restart the level. please fix this in the next update cuz I love this game.
The graphics are great and so is the gameplay. The gameplay is simple yet challenges your strategic planning. The only problem I have is when I'm trying to heal a unit but that unit is beside another unit, it gets confusing at those times. My suggestion is showing the units' healthbar when ordering the healer around. Otherwise, the game is great!
Have been playing for the past day and progressed through the stages. The game is lots of fun but there are improvements I would like to see to push it to a 5 star. Some more lore/storyline, even a couple of sentences for each other stage would do. And there needs to be a better way to change through characters as I often find it challenging to select a certain one when there's 2 friendlies and some enemies clustered together. A simple fix would be character icons at the bottom. Give it a go!
It was a fun game, not too hard but still needs some strategy Completed in a while back, great game to pass the time
The controls get a little annoying when your troops stack up and if you retreat from the arena you dont get anything. Got to wave 70 something in the arena and only had my healer left so i retreated to save a few seconds. Im just trying to kill time but all that effort was wasted. Otherwise its fun to micro and use the different classes. I'd like to be able to see what gear was equipped in the keep for when i like to move my accessories or armors around some characters.
Hmm. I enjoy playing this game but there are a few should be fix because I can't heal my priest also i can't buy a coins the way to control the heroes is terrible and also the menu of this game looks old and leave by a creator plss update this game to a better version!!!!
I absolutely love this game, although it is far too hard to select specific characters. I suggest that the dev team puts icons at the bottom or top that can select a character without having to struggle on picking them and accidentally picking someone else. The team could also put the enemies icons as well so that the heroes attack certain enemies without accidentally picking another. This would make the game so much easier so please add it in. Although good game!
The game is fun to play, Simple basics, but there are many ways to play with any of the chosen 4 hero combos. It is quite hard to control all 4 heroes (especially for people with huge thumb / finger), but that's part of the challange. There is no quality art whatsoever in this game, but the FPS is well refined and made me enjoy playing this game. 4.5โ˜… but I think It's fine to round It to 5โ˜…
the idea, graphics and design is good but controls are pretty stressful, many times u get messed up and u cant select the hero u want when they are together, or they just move intead of attack, which kills the experience..
AT LAST I FOUND IT!!! MY TYPE OF GAME!!!! BUT SOME ISSUES LIKE: Can't save progress if someone intentionally clear the data of your game or accidentally uninstall the game. Nothing to say anymore. THIS IS THE TRUE ART OF GAME NO MICROTRANSACTIONS NO IAP DEFINITELY DEV IS KNOW WHAT PLAYER THINKING.
fun game. cool idea and executed well. better than 90% of mobile games out there. only beef that I have is the repetitiveness. after a while it just kind of feels grindy. I think this should have been made as a roguelite, where you start with random characters and if you die, you restart with new characters of different classes. this would have increased the replayability, I think. although honestly again, really cool game.
It's entirely free and great game. Should be vote higher because it's once a paid game. Dev gave it to us free for some reasons.
I can't find this app because i forgot about it and then someone told me that it starts with battle and then i search battle and nothing pop up and it was 4 months and it came out of the recommended section of the app store ๐Ÿ˜Š this fricking game is my childhood thank you so much for making this game have a great day!
I give 2 stars because this game is really good but doesn't have any cloud account to be link with. If your phone has been reformat and re-install this game, all of your progress has been gone without no more coming back. You know it takes a long time of hours to play this to be strong enough. I can give more than 5 stars just add cloud account to be link with it to save my game progress.
A great little game to burn away a few spare minutes at a time. Easy to play and a decent grind and upgrade system. My only issue how short it is but for a mobile game that's forgivable. Highly recommended.
I realy love this game but i want an update i need 5 slots because i have 2 mage 1 healer and 2 warriors so i will give 4 stars because its only 4 slotsand igot 1000 gold i try to level up their weapon 5x all of them so i see difference
Yeah, if it weren't for the controls, I'd give this a better review, because the graphics and music are pretty awesome! EDIT: Maybe giving characters collision bounds would prevent players from selecting the wrong party member. Having two buttons, one for "attack to" and another for "move to" might help, too. Also, maybe if the controls were more like Starcraft it might be better (i.e. tap a party member to select them, and then tap elsewhere without dragging to make them move or attack there, and that party member stays selected until you select a different one). Because I often move the wrong party member when they're all clustered together, or I tell them to move when I meant for them to target another party member or enemy.
You should make the the location screen have a map behind it, so it'll look more interesting and feel more like another world! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
Love this game, no ads, no microtransactions. Extremely simple yet fun to play, the music is also a plus.
I really like the game took less than a day to complete all the levels. I gave it a Four Star because almost all of the abilities look the same animation as their Auto Attacks, overall great game.
This is a cheap rip-off of Pocket Heroes. This game is buggy and when I defeated the goblin boss on the hog, there were no other enemies entering the screen, even though the boss had been killed, and after five minutes of nothing happening in the level, I had to retreat. Very poorly developed game.
Excellent game! If you want a better game, let me tell you 2 things to improve : 1.would be cool if you added in-game icons because it's sometimes hard to select a desired hero so a player can select a hero that way as well 2.add more details about items and upgrades (for example for a weapon upgrade 24->28) so we know what is going on before buying.. Overall, this is sensational game!
This game is amazing. Very easy to pick up and play. I love every aspect about it. Weapons, armor, upgrades,merchants, challenging bosses...Excellent work! Im so glad i found this game. Highly recommend, i spend hours playing almost daily. Keep up the great work!
I consider Battleheart as the first and "original" RPG for smartphones. I recently returned to this game after having beaten it almost a decade ago, and it is still fun and enjoyable. Oh, I think it added at least one new class (Paladin) since I had last played it!
OMG this game is lit very fun and vary smooth game but i wish to add a multiple divice player to heat up the game please add it with local wifi or hotspot really appreciate for making this game
First mobile game I play that don't lock your progress behind a pay tobwin system. Variety of classes, really fun to combine different classes, love the controlls. The game is a little to short but have some rellayability.
Decent play, multiple different classes, lvl up and loot based mechanics are good, only complaint i have is that its hard to select specific characters during battles because they tend to bunch up. I would suggest icons at the bottom of the screen to sleect characters.
Always been a good little game to past the time on trips, really hoping for an update for new characters and/or maps
Its a good game. And I'll probably play it all the way through. But its very tough to sit down and play it for more than 20 minutes because of the controls. Change it to where you have your heros pictures at the bottom of the screen and you can tap their picture and then the monster or location that you wamt them to move to. Controls are way too clunky. If they get chamged I will change my rating in a heart beat.
very good game. Lots of levels and boss fights. I can't believe that this is free! only bad thing: i found a glitch with the barbarian. if you equip a monkey's paw and use the jump slam attack twice in a row, the barbarian becomes invincible and will just slowly kill everybody. the other people take damage but not him. you can't select anyone else or use any of his abilitys. other than that 11/10 would reccomend
Astonishing. It's a beautiful game that captures the best of RPG fantasy. It's perfect for jumping in while waiting for the bus, or for grinding it for hours. You get truly attached to your heroes, and beating the final boss with your original party gives immense satisfaction, and even nostalgia.
Cute graphics and quite interesting gameplay. Not that heavy in strategy but still makes you think. One thing though, controls are a tad bit a little too hard to play on a smaller phone. Overlapping heroes are a problem. Also, the logic in tutorial where melee attacks taunt enemies doesn't really work unless it passes a damage treshold so t might be good to fix that for more "depth." Thanks devs! (^_^)
I cannot believe this is free. You have to play this. I played this so long ago, I think it was on an iPod. But somehow I ran into it again and it left an impression on me so I had to download it immediately. It's just as good as the first play through
I loved this game. When it said 'a simple game with surprising depth', I was like-'whatever'. I was pleasently surprised when it turned out to be true. I had a lot of trouble dealing with the last boss. Then, I came uo with an idea to use the Horror power of the witch and the Cleric's fury in conjuncture. It worked like a charm. This is just an example of the depth of the game. P.S.-This idea was an original one from me.
Cute and there's something there, but it's so difficult to control more than two people at a time, especially with enemies on the screen. It's more stressful than fun trying to get them all moved around. If the enemies came from just one direction, you could make a frontline. Or if there were icons were you could select the heroes. But trying to select the right object on the battlefield, and then to get it to act the way you want, isn't simple.
For me this game is only good because more than most of the others are garbage, either f2p blocked by paywalls or endless farming with no value games
Have played on different devices throughout the years. Fun with no forced ads or premium content constantly pushed on you. Just remembered this game again and am going to run through and play again. Some may find it a bit grindy but otherwise nice time waster.
Game is cute and entertaining but difficult controls 1. When the heroes are grouped together its hard to move them or choose the hero you want, 2. No markers, hard to remember which hero is being healed by healers, 3. Poor targetting system, when you try to attack an enemy sometimes the hero goes to the area instead of attacking the enemy. If these can be fixed or given a better control system definitely a good game.
I love this game and really great game๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜simple but cute and I just want to ask that maybe you should add some space for other mercenaries and other great weapons and this is really great game for me๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
Characters of similar classes tend to clutter together, making it hard to select them or heal them. That has made me lose multiple times, and it feels quite cheap. For example, paladins can get mixed with knights, and i cannot select the paladin to use theirheal or use a cleric the heal them before they die, which led to my paladin becoming underleveled from dying to the final boss of the level.
Battle mechanics is awful: skill buttons obstruct visibility, when heroes croud in the same place there's no chance to select a proper heroe. When a skill is activated there is an annoying delay until a second skill can be selected, not necessarily on the same heroe.
Controls in this game are horrible. Unplayable. The characters overlap & stack up so you can't select heroes standing in the background. Sucks because the art is beautiful, could be a good game.
I've been playing Battleheart for 11 hours in total. I've beaten the boss and have a good comp consisting of healer, monk, witch, and paladin. The reviews on this game about "bad controls" are simply childish. The controls aren't buggy or poorly made, they are designed to be challenging and skill based. If you can't handle mass micro and reaction skill, then you should at least try to better yourself than to just give up and write an angry review.
This game is an amazing call back to pocket heroes which was one of my most favourite games ever. Its great, the graphics are not perfect but the game as a whole is worth playing for sure.
Downloaded this game years ago when it came out, only just found it again after all this time and it's been so nostalgic playing again. There's a good amount of characters to choose from, most with their own unique playstyle, skills, and items they can equip. There are no idle/auto functions in the game which is a welcome change to most other mobile games available at the moment, and NO MICROTRANSACTIONS! You can play the whole game for free. A brilliant game that is worth downloading.
This game is amazing. I remember playing it as a kid and loving it. The other day I remembered it but couldn't find it. I asked my dad and he said "it's called battle something" I remembered that it was called battle heart and I saw it. Returning to this game was a lot different than I remember it. This truly is an amazing game.
Please please please , add more heroes and missions .. I love this game .. This game is my childhood memory .. please mika mobile , I know there is battleheart 2 but still I want this game to be updated.
I easily dropped 6-8 hours into the main campaign and I really enjoy the multitasking it requires you to concentrate on. While you have four Heroes to choose from to take into battle I personally found it just a little bit overwhelming for me and when I attempted the same campaign with just three Heroes it was a perfect balance. I think that's just where my difficulty is at, but for many players it may be perfect to have four. I really enjoyed the ability 2 customize party.
Wonderful game, I just wish it was easier to control the characters. For example sometimes when wanting to heal your tank you send your healer running in that direction instead. Or sometimes you can't select a certain character because there's another standing partially on top of them. Other than the limitations of the simplistic control system and not knowing which characters are the best to invest time leveling, I really enjoyed this game and put several hours in it.
It is cool but why haven't you updated the game today 2020 it says last update was 2016 update this game and make us Impresse and a least make multiplayer lan hotspot and online :)
First of all the game is awesome and cute but the game only has about 3 - 4 hours of playtime and there's no reason to build other characters other than being bored. The controls are a bit clunky because it's hard to target enemies and select with your characters. I would really like to see online pvp with this game because there's team building and items are easy to farm so there's no p2w mechanics, just pure control and skill.
I just discovered this series of games and like a lot of whats going on with each in there own right but Battleheart, Battleheart 2 and Battleheart Legacy (my favorite) but all suffer from lack of support by publisher in one way or another. No updates or added content or updates for UI deficiencies seem to happen which is to bad. Great games and concepts but no long term vision or support by publisher :(
I absolutely love the game! It is amazing! The only reason I am not rating this 5 stars is because of the lack of characters. Sure it is fun at the start but as you progress further there is a lack of fun and depth about the characters.
A bit Grindy and the enemies are kinda repetitive. But the meta is good. The games interesting and casual. Wish there were more characters in the bar
This game is like Pocket Heroes but pocket heroes much way cooler than this game but if you can add some equipment and the skill is not earned by level up the heroes and add AI CONTROLS!!!!! (for HEROES)hope update
Great game, it is just like Heroes vs Monsters, which died a couple of years ago. But i dont quite like the movement. Really love this type of game. Would suggest checking HvM out if it is still downloadable to take some inspiration on how to make movement more enjoyable. Also would be much better to change the battle select to a 2d map that you can travel across and not only fight the story battles but also random encounters. Please tell me that you will still develop this game further:)thnks!
Game was really really fun...then I accidentally deleted my game cause the confirm button pops up right over the delete button... Was fun while it lasted. Do recommend, just be careful not to accidentally delete your save.
I LOVE this game to death its so much fun!! however, a few things i think would make for a great change, different colored lines for different classes, new characters, new stages, new weapons and armors and trinkets etc. i still love the game though!!
This game is so much fun! There's no ads, plenty of content, and it has such a nice flavor to it. One draw back, and the only one I can find is, the targeting system is a little funky. It's really hard to pick people when they are overlapping, but it's dealable. Either way great game and you should definitely play it if you like rpg's.
The game is pretty fun and addictive with no ads and no micro transactions its good i honestly wouldn't mind ads for this game for every 2 levels or so cleared but the reason i gave it 4 instead of 5 cause the controls are pretty annoying takes forever to make your team attack something and sometimes you forget you have a ranged Unit that just standing there and your healer moves instead of changing healing target.
This is a very good game! I wish it has more levels though. I grinded levels too hard and finished in just a few days.
Excellent! Its fun, addictive and gives the satisfaction of grinding for money, items and level. Just started playing, already loving it.
Cool but the controls are really bad... Should've add an avatar/icon for each character on field for better control and switching...
it's great, balance though the slime is clearly op cause even tanks can't take aggro, the slime will attack whoever it wants to attack
Love the game. Only old school game thats made to be great the way it is. Developed by a real gamer for other real gamers no doubt. Great job everyone that worked on this. Every new gamer should be exposed to how real gaming has always been so they can see gow great gaming can be from actual experience. Not the 10,000 plus garbage games they have played not knowing any better. Thinking that spending money daily on games is a good idea and destroying the gaming community.
Really addicting, although short it was fun and challenging. There were no heavy grinding. No P2W, just pure gameplay. I honestly love this game.
Best game hands down wish there were more levels its simple fun and i feel like it shows that not all mobile games are trashy money grabbers with stupidA$$ ads
There are somethings about this game I really dont understand. The first thing is how they make money from this game: there are no ads, no ingame purchases, I found no way to support the creators and obviusly the game is free. The second thing I dont understand is how they can make such a good game with no founding from it. Took me about 8 hours to complete this game, and thats only using the same heroes/characters. There are at least a good 30 hours worth of gameplay if you use different heroes
Lots of fun to be had playing with the different characters. Best of all, NO PERMISSIONS REQUIRED. Play without delay.
This game so verry awsome its add free and cool heroes but has a dificault control so hard to pic a hero to move but its verry cool but o have a esue to weapon handing its handing on the left side......
Love it but this game needs upgrade... auto heal and attacks should have a button to turn on and off. Additional characters necromancer, druid, etc. Skills, character slot for belt and boots. So far that's the only concern i can think of for upgrades. Great game highly recommend๐Ÿ‘only conern in-game is controlling 4 characters at the same time. I would give this 5 star later.
it was really good! my only problem is I really wish I could play with all of my characters at once. It would make things more difficult because you'd have all these characters to control, but then you'd get to play with all of them and have all of the options. And I feel bad for not using some of them.
A great replacement or alternative to pocket heroes, highly support and encourage you to play๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ‘Œ
There was a similar game by call of mini but this one is better. A better version of a game I played a lot as a kid. Made by one of my favorite mobile developers. Thank you for this enjoyable game.
It's really not a bad game so i'm sad to rate it this low. However, the horrendous controls really make this game not so fun and I decided to delete it 4 hours in. There's something here, reminds me of those old school rpg grinders but I just couldn't get past that glaring weakness enough to keep playing.
It's simple yet surprisingly fun. I don't mind the multitasking because it adds to the tactical game play just the overlapping characters feel off but it could be a feature if it was implemented as a tanking body shield mechanic for healers. I actually love the simplicity of it. Thank you devs!
Well thank you for creating a similar game I enjoyed as a kid the game called "Heroes vs Monsters" sad that the game is broken the game was Heroes vs Monsters
great little game. quick to hop into the next fight, I don't mind the lack of story as I'm playing a FREE game not reading a book. the gameplay is fun and the boss battles can be intense. . 1. I wish the health bars were permanent.. 2. the characters can be hard to grab if in a big bunch, I have died a few times simply because I wasn't able to get the right unit from the bunch. be nice if you had a display picture of each unit, so you click on that to select the unit instead. my only issues.
Best game , all the features that i or pretty much anyone else wants are in battle heart 2 , u just gotta buy it (Note : i did not try BH2 cuz i can't buy it but u can read about the game and what it has , really cool features to a very similar game)