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BattleGun VR - FPS MULTI COOP for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Def Studio located at GIRONDE FRANCE. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
it works but it need more work put into it, it looks like you had a day to make it and game play is difficult for vr box witch it's made for
Omg it's like it was made for me, I love it and the multi player actually works. Jest wish there was more people on it, online......HAY WHOA NO NO NO! WHY IS THE ONLINE MULTIPLAYER IS NOT WORKING, THAT SUCKS, down a star or 2
This game is amazing! But I don't like how when you wanted to play multiplayer you have to buy gold version.. It's pretty bad cuz there are a lot of players wanted to buy gold but can't. And the one with the gold is pretty less by playing multiplayer and if you made the free version of multiplayer everyone will started to play this game and they started to share this game and this game will explode. soo this is my feedback for your game.👌🏻👌🏻😏😏
I cant play with it in my headset because I dont have controllers and I cant touch the screen with it in my headset so kinda pointless.
It's really good but one thing when where in the VR with a controller can we move in real life so we can move in the game that will be helpful
It's a good game, with lots of partial but the local multiplayer doesn't work. We are using the same model of phone on the same wifi but there is no way to connect to an existing server. Fix this and it would be an easy five star
AMAZING APP just one thing. can you guys please fix the fact that i cant play with my brother i have tried so many times and cant seem to get it work? so please tell me if i can fix it or if its a bug cuz i do under stand that this is in testing stages but over all its an amazing app.
Boring, it was very lame because you are big and fat and also, the game can be buggy all of the time so a not recommended game to download.
When you click the vr mode and click the controller with phone setting is when it goes cross eyed. This is because it dosnt support that mode. click controller with vr and it works
You turn around at the speed of a snail. Controllers need a button to turn because you can't use a controller and turn your phone arou d at the same time. The reason it's 2 stars and not 1 is because by fixing these two problems, the game would be good and would have potential
Its a neat game but the vr controlls should also allow for the right analog stick to change the rotation of the view for seated play like in VRChat.
It's great for a mobile game. I play it with my friends sometimes and play it like siege. And the fact that it work in vr is even better.
There's options I pick to play on. i pick controller on phone. IT KEEPS PICKING VR AND CONTROLLER WHY, AND THE THING IS THAT IT DOES IT FOR EVERY OPTION!
Problem. I like the game. The problem is I can't play it ony Google cardboard vr. When I watch the ad at the beginning it's all good. Once the ad ends and it takes me to the gsmr ratio changes and I see screen like my eyes are crossed.
It's a really good game for being free. Walking without a Bluetooth controller could be better. I recommend using a Bluetooth controller and if you're interested in playing with other people online get the gold. But all in all a really good game. It took me by surprise how good it is.
It was really fun. The co trolls are easy and the music is great. It just gave a headache in the end though. But over all a great game.
It's fun and all but you do need a controller to move around because once the enemy gets away you're jaut stuck alone, but it's a fun vr fps
Nice game to be honest, a bit of development in graphics will certainly make it a lot better. This game is fun to play, coop is good. I love this.
great game lots of fun the screen is just eye straining because it all flickers another thing is turning around to shoot makes me nauseous and makes me really sweaty in the face the walking concept is GREAT yet difficult because you have to waste ammo for the game to realize you want to walk something I think would be cool would be double tap and hold it to walk but really fun and music is pretty nice.
one of the best vr arcade shooters on the play store. pretty solid, though graphics could use some upscaling
Interesting game if the sensitivity is cranked down I would be great 😀👍 Personally I like the game it is intresting a only problem is sensitivity
This game looks nice can you add better graphics and textures and gun particles and reload animations for the guns :) Edit:and btw add some trail renderer to the bullets so it looks more better
I'm only giving it 4 stars because you need to buy the gold version to play online multiplayer. What if someone's kids pearants are broke after buying there kids the VR headset and cant afford gold?
Well it is kind of useless if you don't have a friend, second phone, and a second vr headset because you have to pay for online but other than that it is an ok game apart from the way that you move without a remote in vr. I mean you have to tap and hold to move and the problem is that most headsets don't have a touch feature and i doubt that most people who have this game have a friend (who is willing to play), a second phone, a second vr headset, and 2 remotes.
Ive been looking at VR games for a long time and this is one of the best ones so far... its a fun game and is pretty fast for a slow device (and it supports a controller) However, i would appreciate if you would update this game. Its last update was 2017. I think you can add more weapon in shop and improve graphics. Etc but overall great job!
The screen just gitches constantly and when it does my screen turns itself back to 1 direction pls fix this and it would be a 5 star 😊
Really cool game! I reccomend using a wired controller though as the google cardboard button is hard to controll with. You may get quite motion sick while playing the game so i whouldn't reccomend it for new vr users.
love the game but I wish there was more maps and buyable items from the shop and better graphics. thanks for reading if you did
I love that game it's very virtual reality it's fun and it has multiplayer but the point I really like about it is they can roam around you can use the controller and super fun download this please
really fun but without a vr headset or controller its really hard to play because you dont really have more options other than play while standing up and moving forward and tapping to shoot
One of the best mobile vr apps I've ever used. One minor fix is needed: I have an odd remote, would it be ok if you could add a key mapper into the game. This would help people alot with the experience. Thanks and have a good day
This Game Was Amazing It Really Deserves You Buying Gold Version, Hope You All Have A Wonderful Day And Have A Lubly Time
the graphics are... all right but no were close the best and it be better if u could chat I did every shooter game in vr on android and this would be the 5th spot.
Dont download it says coop but you need to pay money just to play with your friends its stupid laggy and unintuitive
Impossible to play in vr controller wont work and if you try to play without a controller the only way to shoot is by pressing the screen which is inside the headset
I think the game is good, I just think that I'd like the game more if more people played. I can never find anyone to join.
I like the idea. There are a few issues. First, no one is playing, which isn't really the devs fault. Second, why only Facebook login? Why not allow Google login or something else? Last, I use a BT controller, and it would be nice if there was a settings menu so I can remap.
It is fun but for a little while. It gets very repetitive. Music is good :). Hope some day a fully gamepad implementation is made by using the second stick.
This game is awesome 👌 and I like it a lot but this game would be better if multiplayer online was a free feature.
This game is probably one of the best for the VR on the phone. I think its awsome; and cant wait to see what the developers have in mind for this game. It looks like a basic game and all, but thats how most games start. A little bit of a negative though is you need a controller. Other than that, 5 star. Amazing game.
this is the best multiplayer shooting vr game on mobile its fun its addictive, i would just like more guns maps and things in the shop
Wow, you guys did a better job than other games, plus its fun!! Hope you have a good day! Because I do!!
Its amazing for phone vr I got a couple of friends and played local and had a blast I think you're the future of phone vr you should develop a vr game that has a community that makes skins for the game and like a sepret app to develop the skins that you want to play as and in game download community skins have the same concept whith worlds like people create there own game in vr and play whith others or just explor this place if you did that it would be beyond amazing
I really like the app but can you make it with cardboard tilt your phone to move forward and give it auto shot pls it would make it easier
This is seriously the best vr game I have ever tried!!! I don't want to make you do extra work but could you perhaps add more weapons later on?
OK I WAS BEING STUPID I found a controller around the house and this game is the best game I've ever played on vr please make sure to continue it I love it I only find some people now and then on but keep advertising and this will be a vr Hit! 50000000 Stars -Glow controller
amazing game, its just, why is the facebook page gone and why hasnt there been an update in 2 YEARS!?!? It sucks because I really want o play Online, but that is still in beta. Super confused, but still good game though
seems like it would be a really fun well made game, but the only bluetooth controller I have is a joycon, and this game doesn't take it's analog stick as an input, I think because it thinks it's a dpad?
This game is awesome but if you can add more guns and add more stuff for the store that will be so cool I think this game gots alot of potential so I would like to see these ina next update please and thanks 👍oh and my experience awesome.
Very cool but no one is playing. Love the concept. Looks like it Needs more work. I hope this title moves forward.
Ok im just gonna say this. When your screen is in DUAL SCREEN FOR VR you have to have them Centered! If not thwn even with goggles it looks impossible to see. Like one eye is seeing one this and the other is seeing an entirely other image. Ive seen this in like five ither vr games that ive gotten today and its driving me absolutely insane! Like can people not even center an image?!
I was actually pretty damm good, eventhough there isn't that much stuff to do in singleplayer, it does it well
It's surprisingly immersive despite the simple graphics but it would be perfect if a sniper and full ps4 controller support was added. I din't know if you'll see this review with this new edit but if you do when I said full controller support what I meant was improved button mapping e.g. R2 to fire, not square like it is currently. Also thanks for replying!
Its a siCk game and i conect my ps4 controller t my phone and im a pro with jetpack. You should make more things to buy but other than that it very good
this game is amazing! i dpnt think that i cpuld have found a better game dor my vv! thanl you! please add grenades though becaise when they team up ot is hard to kill them. :D
Don't get me wrong this is a good game but why can't this be free like it used to? If you can at least give us back free online... That would be great