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BattleDNA2 - Idle RPG

BattleDNA2 - Idle RPG for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by museo located at 福岡県福岡市中央区春吉2丁目9番16. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I had this game on my phone the longest, it has a very small footprint and took a minute out of my day. So I actually had interest in seeing the end. But there is no end. Beat the last area, and nothing happens. So, rather disappointing, in the end. Funny pun huh? Yeah, didn't think so either. Still, that's my only complaint, nothing happens. Not even. "this is the end". Please fix that in the future ;)
I don't like to negativity review.... However this app just throws you in with no instruction. Don't like that. But looks cool and I like the graphics
Good game with great potential. I very much like the core, but would like to see a little more polish like a little more help text, more stuff to do with gold, put everything in it's appropriate place for menus. Meaning put destroy all in inventory, put rebirth on the map, etc.
Pretty simple and good to pass time with. I like the graphics reminds me of the games i played growing up :)
Yo this is really cool, I'm really enjoying having this on while I work. I'd love to see a sci-fi version but this is awesome as it is.
Great game for an idle rpg. Only issues so far is the auto equip only chooses the highest def/att not all the options which make some equipment better than the rest. Would be nice if the stores would auto generate new gear when they are emptied. Possibly a 12 hour timer on them for new items? Randomly generated ofc. Other than that great game keep up the good work.
I just use rebirt and I can't earn a diamond on my first clear every stage is that? Normal I mean I bearly finish chaos place using those diamonds and now I can't earn it every first clear so I might just unistall it but I'll try to play it a little longer to see if I can still finish it....
I love this game so far. Now reaching 2k power stage. But i would appreciate if dev inplement skill sysgem to each character. And increase party member slot. Now i have 5 full party, if i can purchase extra slot that would be great to my expedition. And about equipment, it seems i cannot create my own equipment. Solely depends on drop. Please make system whre i can create my own legendary equipment. Thanks
Good, simple idler. Fun to check up on it and see how things have progressed. Would like to see some options for player input, maybe some skills with cool downs which are unlocked at certain job levels. I'm still early in the game, so maybe it comes later on, but would like to see a bit more variation in AI choices besides only Attack. But still enjoying it overall!
Great game! But seriously if you want anyone to spend actual money, fix the IAP prices!!! $11 for 10 diamonds is expensive! I am happy to buy things in games but this is absurd.
nice game! but if only the first boss kill diamonds got rebirthed with me then I'd say 4.5 but for now a 3 will have to do
The name is kinda self explanatory, "auto RPG" so you just set it and walk away. Think of it like Progress Quest but more interactive and actual graphics, you hire party members and equip stuff on them instead of it just being 100% automated.
Fun game with old school graphics, cool design. Lots of room for improvement and addons but fun nonetheless.
Its a nice little time killer being able to let it grind is a nice feature for people who can't play much
A bit too slow for me. You eventually get tired before you can make any good progress because the rise of difficulty is really high.
Please update this game. We need new content. This game has great potential. Good graphics good music good gameplay. More updates please. :)
Everything is meaningless and you're only going to die. The few rewards this game gives you are PEANUTS. The game is rigged to cause you to fail just so can bow your head to the corporate overlords and spend money on those blasted microscams. The cycle continues until you finally give up and uninstall the game. It is okay.
The definition of an idle game. You can jump in and out quickly. Progress is a bit slow, and UI could use some work, but when other idle games are adding feature after feature (kind of defeating the purpose of an idle game), this one stays true to form. The only major change I'd like to see is in the backgrounds. Some are truly rough on the eyes!
Had potential but the grind is far to slow....been playing for 3 weeks now and haven't made it to the first reset point. It's taking several days to get past a single level. This gets old quick, uninstalling
I enjoy the game, progress is very slow due to limited amount of funds, can wait over 48 to get passed some levels with using all extra time skips.
Just started, so far it's just a idle game. Didn't expect anything.will update review later if it isn't 5 stars.
Pay to win game all the way, if the reward was higher than 3 diamonds per new monster then maybe 5 star
all around good game. no constant pop up adds, no constant prompts to spend your hard earned money. one thing I'd suggest to make the game a luttle more entertaining is a bit of a story.
It is slow and lacking depth. The shops slowly regenerate the same items which are worthless. I am not sure what the point of formations are, everything is just a dps check. After the first few zones you never again get fights that are close or even matter. Gotta watch 50+ adds a day to get anywhere.
A nice looking idle rpg with a pick up put down idea behind it needs. Bit of fleshing out in the early game but I dig it nice job
Great game. Have got to the second isle and did my first rebirth. Kinda wish you did not have to get all characters all over again as mr. X is a pain to get. XD
fun, interesing, mechanically its not very deep but doesnt need to be, and best of all FEELS like a f2p game and not at all like a game thats free but ends up nickle and diming you. good stuff.
Untill now, i just think that it needs a bit better UI (which is how the menus look) other than that it's great
Was looking for a game I could have open at my desk at work and didn't require my attention to progress. Fun, simple, and gives you something to do during the small breaks during the day.
I got no tutorial to explain what I was supposed to be doing.There is no storyline or anything to explain what your playing for and I was thrown into a fight before I could even try to figure out what was happening.Not recommended
slow progress but with patience eventually enjoy the game... not recommended for the people who wants to finish the game for just an hour....
Surprisingly good game. Your prices are too high to be worth buying though. Bring those down a little and I'd be happy to spend some money.
Definitely a solid 3. It's huge downfall is the lack of instruction, and serious lack of buyables. While the game is really self explanatory, feel like there is something missing that I'm just not getting, since I am flying through everything with ease. It's fun, I like the graphics and I love that it keeps going while I continue on with my life, however I think It can be improved on/more challenging
Is this game even an idle? I mean, I got work and stuff, after I proceed to the highest lvl possible and quit the app, after I return about 12 hours, nothing reward or stuff (offline reward) its so different with DNA 1 & 3. Its takes forever to even get the first reset. Worst
Give us a way to grow our people. Maybe promotions or class changes etc. I've not been playing for very long but it's very good so far!
It's great, but now I'm stuck in a level and can't progress. Already spent all my diamonds, but it's not enough. A whole day with no progress.
Thanks for the hard work, I really like the game. Re: your comment apologizing for your English, I'm an English teacher and accent coach if you want to improve your English, but the English in the game is good :)
Fun game easy to play relaxing definitely good for killing time after you hit chaos place though you have to really think to advance further I do wish I could get diamonds easier I dident realize how valuable they were till later on
I really like the game and the music. Great game to play while at work. Just wish there was a little more things to spend gold and diamonds on. 4/20/2018 So I have been play for a few months now on play through 5 or 6 and still a solid game. I like that as you get further more characters become available. Keep it up dev your doing great
Great game! Came across a bug when I go to town a wanted poster shows up with a check and an x option, if I click the check it says I have to choose target but there's nothing to choose from. It's not hindering anything, I can still progress and buy from new towns, but I'm curious what I'm missing out on
So far really enjoying the game. It's simple, but that's good, it does the job very well. It's something you can turn on while waiting for a meeting, sitting on the train, and the fact that it does not need any internet connection to run, makes it perfect for any time use basically. The issue I have with it, shops, or the cities could spawn different and new items, eventually. As when you clesr the city, it's done, left to rot there. But that aside, a game I would recommend, guaranteed.
This game is an amazing time waster. It has Graphics at arthrobacter previous generation that have not been seen done in this manner in a while. Or at least to this quality. This game is good and is a great reminder of other games such as realm grinder. It's easy enough to level up and once you get going it's kind of hard to stop. The levels progressed faster but can you keep your character motivated and can you keep yourself interested
Cool game. Wish there was content to allow more interaction with the fighting and all. I still give it 5 because I feel it's deserved. Thanks!
The offline mode is inconsistent. Sometimes I'll lose money. For instance, was at 4.9 million, and only needed to be offline one hour earning 70K, then login a few hours later and I'm barely at 4 million. Trying to figure out how to get the most per hour seems like a lost cause as well.
I didn't know about this game, but I'm glad I found it. It's very good, and very well made. Don't worry to much about your English! It is a very hard language to learn, even for someone born into it ^_^ Thank you for making this, it's great to pass time and I find that it has alot of customization options too! Very good! Keep up the updates and hard work! It's greatly appreciated! Don't listen to those with bad comments or reviews! They just don't know what a good game is like. I've been gaming my whole life and I can say that this is a good one! People need to download this!
To finally like it a bit more...then suddenly bugged..... Rebirth for the 3rd time but reset to 0 instead? Gained 7 level points but...the reset to 0??????
This game is so much fun. I love all the rare and legendary items you can get. 10 out of 10. Great job!!
Dear dev, I've been playing this game a while and I'm not sure if you're aware but I realized that the job system is not working properly. The buffs do not stack, I'm not sure if that's intended or not. There are also certain hero's where the job buffs either stay the same or drastically decrease with level gain. I literally have a character as a tank that I only equip as a front line when doing bosses. They are kept as low level as possible because the starting job is so much stronger than when they level up to the next.
Surprisingly good. I got sick of ragnarok's idle poring battery drain. This is a really nice alternative and if you could, please make the sprite and land to look much better. Maybe a monster encyclopedia would be a nice addition.
Its an idle game for sure. I always love this Character Asset pack. If you could please tell me where to find it for my projects it would be great. Also enjoy the game man. Clean it up a bit and add refresh to town heros and items. I know that asset pack is full of characters to use. But good stuff man. Your english is fine btw.
A simple game that truly incorporates the simplicity of the idling laziness spirit. Good job brother :)
I like this game a lot, can easily sink in countless hours, good as a time waster when waiting for anything really, overall a good game.