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Battle Royale in Early Access

Battle Royale in Early Access for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Flying Beagle Ltd located at 1805 Harbour Industrial Centre, 10 Lee Hing Street, Apleichau, Hong Kong . The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
its still sooo new so fer now its 3 till its a little bit better. just very slow pace with no instructions whatsoever.
First game in, I already love it. Beautiful smooth gameplay, interactive (destructible) environment, and lovely graphics/style. 10/10 would recommend, hope it becomes the next big thing (and honestly I wouldn't be too surprised)
Love it wish there was more options on guns and vehicals and a better way to aim or like a way to customize the aim for you.
Honestly, at first i was going to give this 2 stars. I thought of it as unfair, but quickly realized that basically every battle-royal is unfair. This game is different because it adds spawnable vehicles. It's like Titanfall but it's a battle-royal. One issue, though, is that you can only carry one gun at a time. I usually find myself out of ammo in the middle of a gunfight because of this. Besides that, I'll give it a solid 4 stars. P.S. the shotgun is OP AF. Tone it down a little
Controls are a little rusty i feel... Also for some reason characters go in slow while shooting u should change that also if net goes game starts from home page it should get in the game directly Fix that and u have a great game......
It's honestly a really cool concept, gameplay feels good, I love the destructible environment, and the gunplay feels good too. It's just lacking a lot features right now, but I'm definitely gonna keep an eye on this one for sure.
It seems really fun but it won't start for me it would load then the loading would just stop. Please fix this.
The idea you are going for deserves nothing less than 5 stars, which is my rating. However the controls are a bit slow, and maybe another weapon slot or two. Wonderful game.
Very bad experience i dint like at all ,map is small first of all low ammo and something missing ,don't feel like a battle royale
Easy to control and very fun to play although you should add a squad battle mode it will make it more fun to play.
This game got me by surprise... i love the fast pace never ending action. Mechanics are simple and the graphic are really good... some little glitch but its early access then i understand. This game is awesome am glad i found it
I just installed Battle Royal. I have only just begun exploring. Everything I've seen so far has been well organized and intuitive.
A very surprising game in the least, i like this better than your other competitors, i hope you finish it, we are looking forward to this. Godspeed
I will give you five stars because of good game content, good graphics and animation but there's a lot to work on. First the tutorials, you don't know how to play the game. Second, option to what google account you can bind the save game progress. Third, you may also add some option in the advertisement side to view ads to earns coins in game but limited only per day. This will make you earn in game and also helps you develop the game more. For now, that is the comment that could fit in
Well there's of course room for improvement. I'd like to share some ideas. Anyways still a good game for being at the stage it is in.
Definitely has huge potential! Lot of fun! Love the graphics, definitely needs work, but that will come with time!
Tutorial would be super helpful. Good graphics and smooth to play. Controls made it difficult at times to see if there were attackers where my thumbs were.
Rain hail sleet snow earthquake tornado hurricane ufo vehicle and animals running around that attack you to help people realize what animals do to them and their prey and to help people make 100's as long as game is fun.
Simply loved it awsome game .......eaiting for new featres to be added this game is unique i will try to livestream it
Nice game! Pls add more controls! I'm unable to play the best by those joysticks! Add sticky joystick they should be on the place where the user has placed them in settings! And make those a bit smaller
Amazing game. New idea to the battle royal style. Doesn't take itself too seriously. Can easily play it on my phone because it's low memory. Super fun.
Just wish we could have daily sing in rewards becauze it will make the game more competitive but all els is awesome thanx for the Game
addictive when your bored it plays good no bugs, barley any lag but would like to see a longer storm time it's just way to fast and the Map is big so 64 or 100 player Royale would be better
Great potential. I think you should add more game modes and add more weapons. And you should also add more machines and add an armour stat instead of just damage, fire rate, and speed
Just another game that tries to cash out on the battle royale hype in a broken unfinished state. It has PAID PREMIUM WHILE IN EARLY ACCESS and while the game is nowhere near finished. Played 4 games and found no guns during them to protect myself with. 1st game got run over by a guy with a vehicle in the final circle(found no guns) with us 2 left but the game said there was 22 people left. 2nd game got shot by 3 people focusing me instead of eachother(bots?!?!) again had no guns. 3rd game found no guns but WON by running away and hiding when the last dude(bot) killed itself. 4th game was all by myself, loaded in with no other people, got in the vehicle and searched for guns all around the map but found none. Had no option to quit so i just uninstalled.
Need larg improvement in graphic and controls. And the time of zone is very low like 20s in the start just higher it. In addition to that you need add main menu music. Add some more skins and weapons and games mod like coop and squad team and new maps. Looking forward to see the best from you 👍
Awesome game. Its like Battlelands with vehicles. Of course since it is early access, the game needs a bit more tweaks here and there, and some polishin' up. In a gist, this game is alright, not awesome...yet.
The game itself is really cool and addicting but I still see some problems that need to be fixed but overall i still like it
this is not one of those p2w games,if you have the skill you will love it,definitely would suggest,keep the good work going guys!
Downloaded the game, and all I get is bad connections. It want even load to start.. Wish I could give it 0 stars, as I should only rate something I can play, and don't give me a message telling me I should check my internet connection.. I play mmorpgs with no connection issues
I would give 5 stars if there were more creative ways to "EARN" currency for upgrades. Inviting friends is a crapshoot and you only receive 50 for level up? How about so many coins per kill or per finishing position like 50 for victor, 40 for 2nd, 30 for 3rd, and so on... you will still make plenty of cash cause impatient players like myself dont have time to grind. Just dont get greedy... best wishes
As of now in consistently tells me bad network and wont let me on. Have no other issue with other games or apps. Have tried reinstalling and restartong device. Love to try it once issue is fixed.
Adorable and unique battle Royale action. And I also love top-down shooters so that's a plus! Needs more wants but That's gonna be happening soon anyways.
This could be good with changes. I dont like not being able to pick my drop spot and the map is too big for 30 people. Movement is too slow, its too hard to shoot and dodge bullets.
This game has lot of potential... Setting up of simple tutorials explaining rules and game play will help players to understand quickly... However it has lot of lag issues... And also improvising in controls would be helpful.. "the map expansion feature is a must in battle royal games.. If u have this feature already.. Then plz do fix the bug"... "Having/picking 2 weapons per player n can be switched by taping on display weapon with respect to player's strategy would make the game more interesting"... If this Feature is already there.. Then there is a bug in the game as i cant switch..
This game has serious potential. I hope developers will add more content. More weapons, more special features. Maybe Teams, I'd like to play with my friends in a co-op mode. Today I got my first win. Looking forward what the Season 2 will bring ...
Great game. The graphics are perfect I downloaded it 5 hours ago and on my device it said I played this game for 5 hours
The game is nice. What would be even better is the rewards system after every round. Additional cool power-ups could help, etc, explosives, invincible.
The vehicle idea sounds awesome, but the execution is really underwhelming. It seems like they just ripped off Battlelands and slapped vehicles on it. Graphic errors all over the place, bad network handling, damage numbers with decimals... Who even does that?
This is a geatt game guys the way I play is i use the cars as shields once its destroyed then ill use my gun then so on. Can you add an auto run option i kno your just getting started and have many wild ideas keep it up 👍.. Umm no update.. I will install when the game has grew and is kept up..
very good concept. however stuffs which i want to be added are: •a lobby/party to invite and play along with friends. •smaller maps for rank/competitive matches •more modes like: team deathmatch, capture the flag, zombie survival, paintball •enable auto-aim / tap to shoot (automatically shoots to the closest enemy target) •more heroes, weapons •vehicles are kinda useless when playing in smaller maps . instead it's better to add abilities like: healing, increase dmg, range, grenade, missiles etc.
I think they personally should add more guns characters and more abilities that would e be pretty cool.
its cool but.. when i play the match i thought we were 30 players and i killed 2 players and only says that i killed 1 player i hope that you can fix the lobby making ang other stuff... keep up the good work!!
Excellent game. Refreshing take on the typical battle royal genre. However the controls seem a little buggy other than that great game.
The game is ok but it is lacking alot of things maybe a party system and gimics? Also a reward system for progression. Access to the map full view? Special area drops? Could go on forever. Rewards for early access players as well.
An excellent game. It's fun to play all day long but there is lag and performance issues. Shadow doesn't turn off. Even though graphics like this game can run at 60fps on mid range phone easily. Can't view the map ingame. And safe zone border shrinks too fast.
Fun but needs more engagement. Play about 5 rounds and then lose interest. Similar to other games of this type.Needs more features content entertainment, things to make your player unique from other players possibly different classes etc
Everytime i spawn in there are absolutely no weapons, sheilds or health so i just die from a bot with a weapon. Edit: When i restart the game it does start working again. Im from the USA. Best of luck 👍
One of the best game ever I play in my life . I 💓 this game very much. Graphics are realistic and best. Day-night circle also here. Pleas ad some features like Aim customise , waiting interior.....