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Battle of Warships: Naval Blitz

Battle of Warships: Naval Blitz for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by MobileGDC located at Head email address: [email protected] Support email address: [email protected] Info email address: [email protected] . The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Abstract Violence, War Themes) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Personaly if you could build your own ships like whatever ships you had at the point if you sink a bb bc cl ca or carrier you'd get the parts cus I wish I could build my own ships. But this is what I wish games were like cus I can't afford ultimate admiral dredghnouts. But over all it's super good. Lowering my former rating because I lost my believed aircraft carrier Kaga which I lost so yeah lowering it.
I enjoy the game and boats the gameplay is smooth and the game I fun. The downside is that the boats sink sideways, so there isn't much time to watch it sink. Another downside is that the a.i can be coocoo (driving into islands) . The final negative is that there's no mini people on the vessels and breakable objects. I think the game overall is legitly great πŸ˜€ I vote to own this game.
It's a really fun game to play, good selection of ships, but like most mobile games, there is just way to much waiting around, it sucks the fun out of it! You play one game, you get sunk, then you have to wait like 10 minutes before you ship has 100% durability. You can still play, but if your ship isnt 100% durable, you get sunk so easily, the more damage you take, the more you have to wait. It's the same with upgrading, some things take over 24 hours to complete.. that's just way to long.
Well the game is absolutely good. The game run smoothly, the controls are easy to get, the overall game is excellent, but the on only problem is the devs should add a clan thingy so we can play with our friends do clan wars etc. It'll be much better if that happens everyone's gonna love it. But yah still the game is good so I'm giving this game a 5 star. Looking forward into this game
Good game all in all but could use a little bit of work. I had it before the ship maintenance updates and it was a lot better seing as I didn't have to wait like 3 hours for my best ship to repair and speaking of 'best ship' it is practically impossible to get a good ship unless if u buy one BUT thankfully they aren't ridiculously overpriced and are on sale a lot. Personally I would love it if they added more sinking animations because it gets a bit boring watching them capsize every time.
Love it. Best suggestion is max a ship out as fast as you can to take down other ships. Dont be discouraged by getting sunk alot in the beginning cause its bound to happen, but every shot you make is helpful toward the rest of your team and winning the match!
best ship battle ever, suggest if u want this to be as real as u can get, carrier planes should not allowed to drop torps so close to its carrier. plane should not be able to fly through mountains, bombs should have to adjust to momentum like a shell fired arc. each ships range should be different as some ship firing range is greater than others as well as armour plating. Fire should not start when fire extinguisher is still on the 30 second putting out fire.
The game itself is great but it will be more great if you add more camera styles like immersive style or camera from cannons or many camera options that will make the gaming experience better and add some dramatic kill FX to make it great. I wish you see this because I've been playing this for a year. That's all, I wish you'll did this on the next update.
It's a fun game. Excellent selection of ships. Easy gameplay. Realistic. I have taken my time and played for free. I'm not paying to play a game. It's for passing time. I have played alot since I downloaded a couple weeks ago. I'm already ranked 23. It takes time to progress and buy and upgrade ships, but any game should be that way. I learn a lot more playing this way. If I just bought everything I would have not learned how to maneuver, and fire as good. All around great battleship game
Addictive Game but needs improvements 1) No protection against bad mouth players or no way to submit complaint. I see f. you from random players about 20 times a day now. 2) A.I. is not matchmaking properly. Most matches are 5 vs 7 or 6 vs 7 and my team is no match for their ships at all. 3) Needs clans so we can play together. 4) Needs group chat so the enemy doesnt see what I tell my teammates. Other than that I think its fantastic game.
Game is fun,but if you think making a purchase to get rid of ads it does not. Also Need to get Rid of the cheats in this game. Nrpok. & jogador are people who hack the game and have unfair advantage. Hardly no damage when you hit there ships. They reload instantly, shot around corners it sucks to know you can't win when to whole other team is full of them.
Gameplay is fine. Progression is slow. Developer needs to add TEAMCHAT, or VOICECHAT w/teamchat. Can't organize the fleet, can't call out tgts to combine fire easily without giving your tgt to the opposite team. This game could be five stars easily. But it needs additional communication options . And a clan/guild system w/ the ability to load onto the same team/game would be a nice add on feature for a future update.
The game's fine. I purchased the starter pack, but didn't receive any of the items listed most notably the USS Melvin. I followed Google Play's advise to exit the app and restart it, but to no avail. Having a quick link for customer concerns in the app would be helpful.
Good game . It's totally fun . Very good graphics but please change some rules of the battle . You should put a timer and if one team has 4 ships and the other team has 2 and the time left is 2 minutes. Then the dominating team should win the match in 2 minutes because it has more ships . If it did'nt destroy the other team's ships in 2 minutes then it will lose the match. Please add this rule if you want . This will keep the interest of the player till the end.
It's a great game not gonna lie but it would be awesome if it has a multilayer system that you can play with your friends either local or online or both. It would be interesting if you can play with your friend. When you play with your friend you can create strategy to defeat the enemy and make the game more interesting and more enjoyable.
The best battleship game for me, you can chat with your teamates while playing.You can upgrade your ship faster using gold. I like the HMS Royal Sovereign, I spend all my money and gold upgrading this battleship. I wish I could invite my friends and play together. It can be better! Really love this game. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
This game is ok , its taken alot of patience to play this game, because of all the video commercials.... and supposedly if you buy from the game store ( which I did) then the video adds would stop and that hasn't happened because when its time to collect your rewards you always have to watch a 30 second video to collect....it is really annoying... I do not recommend this game....
This game is cool but it gets the part where the ai will become stronger which means you have 0% chance of winning and 100% losing and some the ships like the warship for example the hood ship is overpowered and it gets worse. For someone who want a tip before downloading the game DO NOT buy a destroyer or a aircraft carrier they can be weaker and useless the France is the worst at making ships as well as America and Japan have good ships really good ships. Edit the creats are a money grab.
This game is amazing. I really like this game. All of ships is good. And we can make our ship more powerful only with flag. I really enjoy this game. But one problem, the class division of the ships is unfair. Alsace, H41, and montana is too strong for King George V, Bismarck, Iowa, and Missiori. Why the ships that are known to be weaker than ships that never existed?
The game is well made however it takes a butt load of cash to get decent also anything after level 70 expect to die more than 80% of the time. For instance my last game I was in the shimakaze and fully loaded. I was chasing an uss Missouri with speed boost i was at 69.3 knots full out couldn't catch him. When you pilot the uss Missouri with burst you wont beat 45 knots. And please who ever made this don't reply were so sorry you had a bad experience blah blah blah just fix it and dont cheat us!
This game can be really fun, and it's decent within the genre, however this game is simply pay to win. If you'll dish out money for ships, you'll dominate people who don't. In alot of mobile games, there is noticable disparity between premium and free, but with this game it's not even close. You'll mainly play against 3 or 4 ships cause they're either free, or extremely overpowered.
I loved the game so much I bought something. However, it didn't remove the advertisements anywhere in the game like stated. I emailed the developer and almost a week later with no response. I'm going to have to call my credit card company and claim it's fraud...Maybe you'll respond to a bad review?
The game is really good like the last update but the aircraft carriers need to be updated because the Torpedoes needs aim assist and the bombs need to directly Target the ship instead of just marking it for one place so if you can have the bombers relocate the bombs so you could hit the ships so move where the bombers are going to drop the bombs multiple times
This game is very good, the graphics is amazing. I really enjoyed playing this game and I would definitely recommend others to download it and get some killsπŸ˜ŽπŸ‘I've just started and I'm already feeling like a pro. Also you don't have to worry about money because it can be earned by doing the smallest things.
This game is quite fun and enjoyable but it also have serious design flaws. Repair is too slow to be effective during combat. AP doesn't seem to be that effective, less than HE. Even those the game said used AP against more armor vessels, HE against less armor vessels. There is also no way to play in select map i.e. battleship vs only battleship, etc. Torpedo can't be drop so close to one ship and actually be effective in the real world. There was a player who drop torpedo literally in the water right beside me, giving me no time to maneuver. Also, if I get so close to a carrier to shoot it with my secondary guns, it can't bomb my ship because the result explosion would also damage the carrier and destroyed the plane, but not the game. I'm not asking for total realistic but fair gameplay. I original would had giving it a higher score but recently the match making is terrible.
First off, the game is awesome and addictive but, gets boring over time as there are no new game modes, no new maps, or challenging scenarios. I've played Battle bay which is quite cartoonish but has different game modes, weapon options, and upgrades. This game has a fan base but if they make it little more fun, sure players are gonna love it.
A overall fun game, I think that they should make servers for different regions so people don't get mixed with other languages and can't communicate. Although everything else was good, play the game every day now! I would recommend downloading.
The update hasn't really changed anything. There's 4 per team instead of 6, which I enjoyed the bigger numbers. Planes still magically appear in front of mountains and rocks where I think I'm safe and drop torpedoes leaving me hopelessly butchered. Make them go away please. Other than that, good game!
One of the best online battle games I've ever played! Phenomenal graphics, controls, and very realistic! Much improved since last season. Only thing changed it seems as if you always see where opponent is compared to last season where you had to be within vision distance. I'm not sure if it changes as you progress through the game or not. I haven't noticed any vision bar yet, which was better than this season. Other than that, I'll still give it a five star rating! Excellent developing
A pretty good game, even though it says it's online, it is possible to play it offline too (against bots of course). I suggest, that is, if it is possible, that we can use our main batteries/guns to attack planes(you know, a type 3 shells and that kind of things. And also an anchor would be a good use for evasive movement against torpedoes. If possible, please add a multiplayer server, like the one that you can invite your friends to join so that you can play together (something like that).
πŸ‘‰πŸΎ More improvement needed, And one more thing this 120MB is too much for this particular game"battle of warship" I just rate 3 stars just for encouragement, The programmer or programmers did well, Just improve in the following areas listed. 1: In the graphics and background 2: Increase the speed and size of the ships 3: Make the graphics and background to look real. And many more, just go back and add improvement in your next update.
Battle of warships has some good attributes and some not so good. It has good grafics, cost free ways to obtain some additional ships, supplies, armaments, and improvements. At times the game is not fair. Battles can and often are rigged or stacked in favor of one side or the other. Has been improved recently. One of my favorite games.
Fun game.....but they rip you off of free attendance gold and money by saying, "No available ads". I could be miles ahead of where i am.....but instead im held back by this. It would also be great to have friends lists and clans and such.
I wonder,a lot of battle ships i used to be . . .each all ships had a great graphics battles like 360 and others . . .i've been trying hard for so long . . .a pleasure. . .enjoy and continue playing u discovered the most . . i give five star's ratings!because it is amazing . . .like a true real wonderful. . .just like that u know!?i can't explain. . . fantastic and all the graphics was so great!that's all i can say . . .big heart . . .thank u a lot! πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜€πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜
This game is very fun. I would like to see the time limit on interceptors removed. In consideration that you cannot really deploy them effectively as they run out of time too fast. Would like to have control of secondary batteries as well. I will be spending a few bucks in support bc this one really has potential to be even better. Overall I very much enjoy the game and hope to see improvements in the near future. .
Like the game but purchases not removing ads and has two more bugs. Firstly the ship gets stuck at borders and doesn't move. Please change this and allow ship to move inwards in the map. Secondly, it opening premium containers sometimes deducts platinum points but doesn't give me anything, the marker just keep running for many minutes before I force close app. Please fix these bugs in game. My purchased pirate flag is missing from my super alsace. Please fix this at the earliest
Yeah it is a good game. there are lots of ships of ww2 and more. this is the first game of warships. and i love it .I can play offline too. but the problem is i cant play with friends plz make this system in next update. And can i change the airplans direction? plz make the future in next update plz,plz,plz. . ...
Love this game! Free. If you truly want to gain in a game like this, eventually, you almost, Almost have to spend a little, but only if you're impatient. I'm piss broke but splurged on a San Diego. I have a full fleet now and my San Diego is still my favorite. In hindsight It is truly 100% free. Why? If you master one, seriously ONE ship, you can build an entirely kickass fleet. It takes a lot of time but in between, you're having fun right? Love this game.
I have been playing this game for past 3 years and i really loved it. Controls are very easy, graphics should be improved a bit more, all ships are like realistic. No doubt gameplay is exciting and most of the times i get victory . I just wanted to suggest you to add some night maps, submarines and a few more aircraft carriers as i loved aircrafts the most in the game. Rest all are perfect😘.
I used to play this game. I loved it. Though when I reinstall it just now, It just randomly crashes on me. AND IT PISSES ME OFF! Please fix this because I love this game so much. The details, gameplay, and stuff are already there. Just please fix that crash problem and I'll put it back to 5stars.
The game is great, I had a lot of fun playing the game, the game isn't complicated to play, you can definitely grow in this game, graphics is surprisingly good, the problem i had with this game is the display won't fit on phone with large display and controls is a bit smaller hopefully that will be fixed and my suggestion for this game is add a multiplayer system where you could play with your friends and add a map which is in night time and lastly more ships of course
Ok everything about this game is great graphics and all that stuff but the reason why i gave this game 4 stars is because of the matchmakingand the glitches, it needs to be dealt with like when the ships sometimes move back and forward. In next year's update could you add the following; 1.Sea mines , 2.Make the ships and planes fire missiles. 3. Add more powerful ships.
I really enjoy this game. I am really happy that if uninstalled, then all of your progress is saved. However, I was really sad when I found out that there are some really cool ships but you can only buy them with money, like the Montana, but I don't understand why you can just build the H41 without buying anything. Other than that it os great. Also, some upgrades are so freaking costly and I tried to upgrad the USS Iowa main battery to level 4 and I had to pay 755 gold! Needs improvement...
The game should be more realistic and also add modern planes, weapons and the ships and also futuristic ones. Make an option to continue playing with at least 50% of the health after being destroyed . also add a multiplayer function to be able to connect to people all over the world
In beginning,good game and has survival, fair gameplay. Easy to win. But in getting stronger, unfair gameplay, always die and no survival. Bots dont battle fairly. Buying containers, gives bad things, no single ships showed or given to you. This game let you feel always lose and pays you defeat. This game makes really us harder to be stronger. In facing superships. Easily killed with your weak ship. Doesnt really good at all
Add Friends features and Lobbies because I have some difficulty on playing with my friends We have to click battle button at the same time! And also revamp ships like Missouri and Iowa class please! It's because they don't really look like the real ships, I know some of them wasn't really created in real life but their designs isn't exactly the same as it was in the game.. and also please add the anchor feature and put small people display on the ships. Anyways I love it! 5 start for you guys
(Previously wanted more maps, ty) Great game, I have noticed it does seem extremely difficult to build a ship. So I was playing 5 minutes ago, thinking you could consider adding a container that is specifically for ALL ship building components (guns, electronics, components)? Perhaps priced at about 500-1000 platinum? With say 20-50 components/electronics and obviously one gun? Would be much appreciated. Thank you if you read this (and thank you even more if you implement it).
You can watch all of the videos you want to try to get better ships, but it will NEVER happen. If you want really competitive ships (Yamato, Montana, Super Alsace), you have to pay (like $20). I wasted a lot of time playing this game, but it is not good enough to pay. The maps are always the same, so there is very little variation.
The way more expensive vehicles are just worst than the ones you start with, what's the point in buying a $1,000,000 boat if it's not gonna do anything but the boat you start with is just SOOOOOO much better, work on this I dont understand games that have more expensive vehicles that are worse than the cheaper ones.
This is a very good game cause it has all the features that a navel army coorporation must have... It has a good graphic , good control and everything in it is very good. But i did not like one thing about this game cause I thought it was online but it was not so I am a little disappointed .....If not online i thought we could play with our friends via hotspot connection but no ... It is fine it is a cool game and i really loved playing this game😎😎😎😎
Well.. this game is great ! I would recomend more ships and more new maps . It would be fun to add campaign battles. I also like the fact that the game is offline. Because of this, I can play ad-free. It would be fun too if you can make teams,add friends and play. I wonder why there are Mrpok and Jugador players with their names just random letters and numbers like this. Mrpok oU895Foh
The game is very good .in this we knows about our skills and can learn how to survive in between the opponent battleship.but i req to the developers of this game to make the players able to send a friend request to other players and can play with them when they are online in the game.pls developers give this type of features to the game.
This game is cool but it gets the part where the ai will become stronger which means you have 0% chance of winning and 100% losing and some the ships are overpowered and bad even it can get it gets worse. For someone who want a tip before downloading the game DO NOT buy a destroyer or a aircraft carrier they can be weaker and useless the France is the worst at making ships as the there only 2 ship and America and Japan have good ships, really, best ships. Edit: the creats are a money grab lol.
Simple version of War of Warships, the ships are not that hard to master, even their upgrades are easy. The game itself gives you enough money and gold for 30mins, by watching ads. Graphics are good, so does the controls. The only thing im annoyed at is the matchmaking system. Most of the time, we always outnumbered. Developers should fix this. Also they should add more ships...
This game is fun to play and doesn't need internet to play! The graphics are cool and smooth and the controls are easy to get. And I wish they would bring back when we can still deploy single aircrafts instead of whole squadrons. And can you lessen the preparation time for aircraft carriers to to deploy the aircrafts. At least 5 - 10 secs. I'd really appreciate it.
Great game, after 3 yrs, got to level 181, over 10 K kills but got bored and moved on to another warship game. Maybe I'm missing something, but having fleets and alliances would be good. Also, campaigns, even bombarding shore installations...Have enjoyed playing, but wish it had more options for battle.AGAIN, ADD SHORE INSTALLATIONS, along with a decent tutorial for carrier ops.
I agree with Brett, very entertaining game. But it misadvertises that if you purchase something, that the ads go away. They do not. I wish there were instructions or a guide somewhere. As a newbie that rarely plays games, I would find that helpful. Would be nice if the game were updated. I've been playing about 9 months and haven't seen any new versions.
The game is good i really like it and the battleships are good.I make this 4 stars cause it kinda is not realistic cause a few ships actually shoots torpedo with there anti aircraft guns and it explode but sometimes it will fail kinda like the when the aircraft carrier launch a the planes then it didn't break kinda like that.
This game is awesome to play. I had the Triptitz. But I do t like when you are a starter and go into a battle they have a tomato, or a montana but I love this game so much I'm not going to take the star away. There are so,e ships I want you to know of maybe to add it next, hms warspite , uss Yorktown, uss esex, and you kinda said that there woulds be ww1 warships, ijn bayden, ijn mikasa, and many more but I can't list them from letter limit, thank you for taking the time to read this.
Its a very good game and I am fond of playing it for hours.... But please add a multiplayer mode in which we can play with our friends and also give an option of saving our data in our accounts like google, facebook etc. And everything else is fabulous, hope you would soon accept my suggestions and do the optimisations asap. Also please add an option to speak with the help of microphone as writing the words take time while the battle is ongoing.
Its Very fun, I love how you can play offline. what i dont like about it is if you uninstall it you cant get your ships back otherwise, its a still a fun game. Love the ships Please put more ships in! and different sinking animations. Keep the ships non-modern I love how they aint. Add some more skins maybe like a chrome or something. Make the fire like how you did the gun smoke just longer. Its the best warship game yet. Details are great. Make it so we can play with friends and/or invite them to a game and different game modes like: 1v1, capture base, etc.
Unfair matchmaking, hard to upgrade (only 1 at a time if you want to upgrade while other one is upgrading you need to spend a lot amount of golds, unlike before), outnumbered always, TOO OP Aircraft carriers at close range, HISTORICALLY INACCURATELY (froms ships to armaments) and others non-sense. Becoming worst game. My camouflage, flag, and ensign that I bought yesterday to my Fuso was gone. And the aircrafts can go through to the mountains and other hight terrains like a ghosts.
I love this game and I love how its based on real ships like Rodney,bismark,king George 5, I do like that when we shoot the smoke and fire affect comes out of the guns .I would love if the game had water pumps and ships That can actually turn when we press right or left button. But it is an amazing game and I love the ship design and the quality,so thank you for making this game I appreciate it all.πŸ™‚
I'll put a 2, reason: (I usually play this a lot, plus i love it, but there's one thing i can't do, connecting to my google account, it really won't let me connect, plus i refresh my battle of warships, and it's still the same, but i have the Google Play Games app, plus I've tried doing it again, for like 10 times, and it still won't work.)
Hello again! I am here this time on behalf of my friends that play this game. We hope that you could create a division feature (like the one on world of warships) and a friends list system. So that me and my friends can play together in one game, rather than having to do multiple attempts for us to enter a single game with all of us involved. I sincerely hope that you implement this suggestion!.
I like this game very much. All ships are good and multiplayer system is good, not perfect. I would like to say that you should add play with friends feature to this game so that we can play with our friends.
I had a friend that used to play this game all the time. I never thought of playing it until now though. I haven't even been playing this game for 24 hours, and I'm already loving it. The graphics are decent, the gameplay is fun, and the ship "anatomy" is similar to real life. 10/10 would definitely recommend.
A well made naval combat game requiring teamwork, leadership, focus and patience. The is really good... But it can be better! New features can be added to make the gaming experience ever more challenging and realistic. New features such as: Night and heavy seas battles, Battleships with more than 5.0 km firing range, HMS Majestic horn, bigger maps, ally and all chat, friend invitations and duels. Lastly, the game is one of the best I've ever seen and played. Well done to the developers.
This game is easy to play and easy to get use to. This is a game for the navel people. The only thing that i hate is the ocasinal crash i know for sure it not my phone as it has all the space the game needs. If you do get it just a heads up it is a grinde. I reduced the stars due to issues i have seen coming up frome lag to game crashes it roph i know my phone is good so i figered it may be the game. ive played for a long time not a cent has been spent got to rank 23.
This game can be fun, but there are many players who stay on the red line (boundaries) and because you can't tell how fast they're going it is very difficult to hit them. Basically they're cheaters. I'm not sure the developers really care what a contentious issue this is. It ruins the game. A solution would be that your guns don't work if you are on the red line.
I like the game a lot. But it has only one option for battle. If there was some completing the objective or kill the juggernut . Where juggernaut could be Bismarck or something else. It could have been a lot cooler.
The game quite enjoyable, in the beginning it was so hard since you'll always almost lose a match. A litte trick to reduce this is maxing out one ship, i maxed out royal sovereign and master it and use it to grind (offline is easier). You could obtain all of the ship without spending money at all, but it is based on luck. I've played the game extensively for the first three days and got the chance to open gold container and what do i got is the montanna, the best high tier battleship. Good game.
Great game play and graphics. Ad times have been freezing as they are used for extra rewards. This requires a restart, sometimes many. Damage on almost every game has glitches as well. Some ships take 3 rounds of shots before taking damage. This will persist for all the ships during the game if 1 has a glitch. I have spent money in game and enjoy fair play. Please attend these failures. Developers have yet to respond. 3rd post with glitches
Has anyone else been the victim of the developer fraud or it's just me? They've mentioned everywhere in their game that by making any purchase the ads will be removed forever. I made 3 purchases with total of $30 (everytime bigger purchase than the previous one) hopping that the ads will be removed but nothing happened. I've contacted the developer twice but they didn't even bother to reply to me.
Very cool game, but I recommend to add more ships,maps and ports. Here is what I want: Ships: Uss North Carolina, Uss Arizona, IJN hiryu, Kms gneisenau, Kms prinz Eugen, Fs richelieu, kms graf spee. Maps: Leyte gulf, Denmark straight, Etc. Ports: Yamato harbor, Pearl harbor, Normandy Beach. Please add all of these cuz I don't like repetitive Battlefields and I really appreciate it
I really like the game and the new update, but i kinda don't like the sinking Animation because the sinking Animation is Always the same , i really hope in the new update that the developer Will add more sinking Animation, And also I want the dev to add a open ocean map, a map where there's no obsticle, only ocean so it adds up the thrill feels of playing it, and please add a feature where u can make a clan and add players to your clan so u can figth together with ur clan/friends.
it's a very great game to me and it's my favorite warship app for me! but it's so hard to build the fs super alsace when you open 50 premium container you have a 3% chance to get the main batteries and also when you open the rare container i always get a dollors and gold, what are you gonna do with that if your ships are fully upgraded? i open rare container 1x a day, you open rare container more than 100x you get 3 or 4 only and i only use the yamato cause the other ship's i get is weak pls fix
this game is good, but can you please not make "customizations" affecting your stats? I feel like im forced to have the decor that i dont like for the sake of stats, n vice versa. Also, pay2wins are destroying the game. Cant pay2win players only buy in-game currencies? I really cant enjoy the game that much. There are a lot of pay2wins that r just gonna kill u real fast n they r really difficult to kill because of their ridiculous stats, not skills. This game has great details and animation tho
Good, many hours of fun. Just would love to see some slightly more modern ships come into play, perhaps with a rocket or two involved. Great game, ready for it to move forward. Find something that is between a Shimakaze and an Atago, for speed, agility, firepower, and armor.
Would be a lot more fun if I wasn't constantly spammed with torpedoes. Can barely gain XP to advance, since my rounds last all of 1-2 minutes. They're borderline impossible to avoid and there is zero you can do to defend yourself. The game itself is fun, looks great, and I haven't had any bugs. I also haven't had much fun.
Dont believe the "No commercials if you make a purchase" Total B.S. Spent $17 & still have same amount of advertisement as before. Its very annoying to waste time on all the ads. Every award, gold, container, etc requires you watch an ad. I know they do this to double dip. They should fix it, or give us a refund. Game play is OK. But all the ads break the game.
It's good but ....it's kinda buged when my anti-aircraft guns where shooting planes for a long time...lol I love the Game ..it' has it good side and bad side..But if you want to add more ships it would be nice for (example) izumo -- it looks like the Yamato and musashi... another one is gearing because I think shimakize is to overpowered ... God bless you..
I've been playing this game for 3+ years. The POSITIVE side of this game are: Lightweight app yet, with amazing graphics & sounds. Ships have easy controls, except for CVs. You can win without actually paying (skill-based game). 49 ships to choose. Game has less than 3K online players per day. No intrusive ads. Can be played offline. The NEGATIVE side are: Terrible matchmaking. You can't join a Clan and add Friends in game, only thru social media platforms. Repetitive, since one game mode only.
This is the best warship game I've ever played so far besides world of warships and one thing that I like this game because it brings back the times of the two world wars. But I think and I'm really wishing this game would focus on is the waves that ships create and that they should now add submarines. I think it's kinda minor but it gives me a feeling of satisfaction. I hope the developers see my comments and I really hope they add submarines too. Thanks.
Thank you for the 5 star Royal Navy vessels that you have added, this has improved the game immensely for me. The only thing to fix now is other users using the map boundaries to somehow make it extremely difficult to target them whilst they pound you. It is a little unfair. I am now upping your star review as promised. Thanks again
Awesome, best warship game ever.Very realistic.But the devs have not looked into this game for almost a year.Also, i would like to give a few suggestions - I don't think there is the need of a time limit, it should go on till one of the team wins.If you keep the time limit you can add the draw match screen.You can add more ships. There should be the troops option where ships from one country can make a group against another.Sorry if my english is wrong somewhere.Thank you.
Very nice and good and one tiny things I want to add more sinking effects than turning upside down and also add destruction and debri like when a things get shot it breaks and falls to the water and also add glass shatter when the windows get hit and add people escaping the ship to safety boats before it sinks and make it sink on the place where it was last hit and add holes in the hull instead of black Marks and add missiles and also make friends to play together whenever we want ok bye πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­πŸ˜ƒ.
It a very interesting game. Here are some features i think should be added in the next update: 1.) I suggest missiles and other advanced weapons should be added to some ships in the next update. 2.) The anchors of the ships should be functional for the case of instant breaking, in order to avoid enemy topedos. It an enjoyable game by the way!
I like this game cuz so amazing and realistic. But i have experience that when i load the save files in the new phone it takes time to transfer all my resources that's why it need to fix this problem to make it faster transfer/load the save resources i rate 5 star because this game is an only game that like a real front battle, but it needs to adds some Yamato smokes in the sky when using anti-aircraft like flunk it must explode in the sky like in the movie "MIDWAY" "PEARL HARBOUR" and etc.
At first I thought this was a world of Warships rip off, I tried it out, was thrown off a bit by the slightly cell shaded Graphics. Once I got into the Meat and Potatoes of the game, you then notice the leveo of detal is phenominal, as good as world of warships... Just a different art direction. Its much Easier that WoWs to grind out ships. they also do alkinds of attendance awards just for playin a few minutes a day. Rewards can net you Gold,Cash, Modules, Ships.... pretty much anything in gam
This game is very good, graphics are great and overall it is a good game. However there are still flaws and more room for improvement. I suggest you apply the real armaments in every ship and make every weapon available for use not just automatically but also manually to further enhance the gaming experience and then apply real damages dealt from enemy attacks and lessen the expensive things in the fleet. It's a good game but there is also drawbacks.
Great game but if ur gonna have an upgrade on there, y'all should upgrade every item that is present. Not just 2 and it shows 3 things you could upgrade. Need that looked in2. Another thing is it needs more stages and less cost on the ships and there upgrades . And is there any way the developer can make it where's the repair items are a lil less than 40gold.goes for the other 2items as well. With the time ratio being so long to countdown that should be fixed as well please. Thx u
Oh man I love playing your game I love the controls I like the sound the pictures I just learn a little bit better other than how to operate the aircraft carrier eventually but I like the battleship better good design love your game I hate it when the internet phase out a little bit cuz I use wireless pauses but hey I get used to it.
Ok so I love this game. Dont know honestly where all the bad feedback is coming from. It's not money hungry. I already got 5 legendary ships from containers. With out spending a cent. This is a proper strategy game. Does not matter what ship you have. If you not a good captain you will get destroyed. That's why I always re surge all the ships to see what they pros and cons are. Matchmaking could use a touch up. And create your own team would be nice aswell.
Good game.excellent graphics.however, your match making sucks so bad.outnumbered and out classes, imagine facing 4 premium battleship while our team has only 1.fix the match making!!!!also an open ocean map would be nice, no obstacles, given that their is fog of war, this will greatly increase the thrill of the game. The idea of hunting where the enemy is as well as sending scouts to locate and set up ambush or to snipe enemies. Subs would be a great addition too.
Building fleets and exploring the ships has sparked my own interest about WWII history. Very cool! The maps need creativity and there should be ground based targets. That said, it is a great game. Most Matches are straight up even with different variables. Some are grossly mismatched. Overall, great game!
I wanted to like this, but after 4 days of struggling to master it with just the initial 30s how-to, I finally gave up. I've read great reviews. Maybe it's better on other platforms, devices. I was playing on a large screen mobile and it was a struggle. You have to watch ads just to collect rewards for tasks you've completed! Suggestions: tutorials for each class of ship, bot mode for building up to PvP, balance PvP, ability to see roles of other players in lobby and then choose your ship.
Up until about an hour ago I would have rated this a 5 star as I have been playing it for a while 5000 in gold, 1.5 mill in cash, about 10 ships ( some maxed out) and for no apparent reason it has been reset back to the beginning. About 5 days have past since initial post and no contact or resolution game has been uninstalled. Glad I didnt spend any actual money.
I love this game but there are a lot of things that is best fixed. The red lines are exploited in an unnatural way that destroys the realism of the game, make it like a wall instead. Enable the players to make a team of their own so they can play together when they want. Also best to make matchmaking balanced by only gaving same ships battle each out, a team with 3 alsaces vs 3 wisconsins doesn't seem fair. Overall, it is a great game.
Really enjoy this game, I do. But to me it is not balanced enough. More experienced players with better ships (armor, weapons) are competing against new players. Not that competition is bad, but my weapons are far inferior making any of my strikes useless against theirs. When I go head on head with another player they take three shots and my ship is almost wrecked. SOS to my poor sailors. In contrast, I shoot the same amount and not even a scratch is evident. Rankings on the game must improve.
Let's start off with graphics. Absolutely great from the ships to the animation of the way they fire and sink. Next is the controls, its easy to understand and its simple. Workshop gives an array of upgrades for ships, Gameplay is good,the only issue is sometimes its not balanced, it starts despite the 6v7 matchu, but its fine. Best part is that its playable even when offline and you can still get resources. I hope they can add more new maps and new ships in the future.
Add more ships , the graphics has to be improved along with the systems of the game . I request the developers to please look into this and follow the gameplays of* world of warships action stations *it is a computer game it is an awesome game you have to increase the area of battle, the time etc. It is not that much good like you have shown the graphics quality. Create a radar like situations . I request the developers to follow the gameplays of world of waships action stations
Man, I love this game. So much action in a 150 MB package. The graphics are superb. Its very good. I wonder if you have put real ships in this game. I wish if there was a battle of tanks and airplanes game like this one. You are the best. i will give you 5 stars.
This is the best warship game I have played, great graphics, ect. I know that you devs have stopped updating the game but I would be thankful if you could do at least one more update. It would be great if you'd add atleast one ship (Roma, Slava, Puerto Rico or Marceau). Also making the maps bigger and increasing the battle time to 20 min would also be wonderful.
Its alright..a bit slow waiting days for upgrades.. The team matching isnt bad most battles..(when its off its way off). I think the aim zoom needs work. I would like to know "what is EPIC about repair kits"??? Big dissapointment saving up 1000 plat for repair kits.
Ok new review. Great game..... been playing for sometime have spent less than $10 and I'm doing great. Not a pay to win at all. Upgrades can take long time but easy to speed up with gold. Gold easy to get if ya don't mind watching a few vids. I'm keeping this one and now won't mind spending some money ....not that one has to spend just don't mind spending on great game. Greed seems to have missed this developer. Cheers Dave
The best battleship game I've ever played . The controls are easy to use , everything is easy to understand . They give a lot of money and gold , you can easily update your ship and use the platinum to win other battleships or parts to build your favorite one . You don't need to spend money to win . I recommend to fix the fire extinguisher issue ... Like it's going but the boat is still burning ... Makes no sense
It's really good but I feel like we should be able to control the plane for when they take off the aircraft carrier. In my opinion aircraft carriers are under used for high level matches and low level matches. The other thing I would really like are different ports/backgrounds but those can wait because I love this game, anthor question I have is what is your favorite shipfu?
This is the best warship game I ever played. Also I wanna say that once an aircraft squadron has been launched and its about to miss the target I cannot make the target change so please fix that like having 3 changes at a time. Also install flak cannons to make the AAgun shells go explode to make it look more realistic. Anyway its a great game
Been playing this game since it come out. Great game with awesome graphics, BUT....since when can the guns from a destroyer not only shoots through mountains but now sink a battleship? Plus the range on a destroyer compared to a battleship is ridiculous. Shouldn't be the same at all. And how come there's no planes on the New Jersey battleship? How come there's no HMS Vanguard battleship yet you'll have a super french battleship and a H41 german battleship instead? Both never seen action.
This game is so bad at all. In the beginning youll get some victories and survival but if you get in the mid ships, it looks like it gives you little no fair, you always die and defeat.Plus youll face those super warships, upgrading and buying ships were expensive. Buying containers gives you bad things ( no single ships showed up ). And now in getting 5 stars ships now it looks you can die in the firts battle till you get a little survival or not. And there is no jet planes and missile!
This game is better than world of warships because of its gameplay. But i need you to add more ships and also add some modern features like missiles etc but not so fictional like railgun, teleporter etc. overall i like this game and also you should add to "play with friend" cuz its very difficult to play with a friend. Please add ships and improves bugs etc as more updates come in future..nice game
Love the game and prices for ships are just a tad high but overall a great experience. Coming from someone who spent roughly $50 of real money. Only real issue is people are tending to use the wall border as a cheat. It's not a glitch, but their ship is only half exposed and you can't hit. A patch for the game so people can't use the border. Especially the Shimakaze since it's such a small ship. Please fix this issue, thanks.
Overall this is a great ship combat game. Great graphics and gameplay. Matchmaking is quick and there are always players available for battles. However, had to deduct three stars when I learned devs have no intention of further updating the game (last update was 15 March 2020!); they will only maintain it going forward. So what you see is what you get...forever, will never get better. Of course they will still take your $. Sad!