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Battle Night: Cyberpunk RPG

Battle Night: Cyberpunk RPG for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by FT Games located at RM 1701(228) 17/F HENAN BLDG NO 90 JAFFE RD WANCHAI HongKong. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Battle Night is a beautiful cyberpunk themed game with a great musical score that gets you in the mood to frag someone. Buyer beware though, this game is very expensive and I can't honestly recommend buying anything other the $5 monthly diamond deal, perhaps they'll realize this later down the road.
Good game. Playing since two days. Quite better than other idle games. My only issue till now is the game restarts even when u lose internet connection for a second. Dev please add a option to reconnect and stay on the same screen.
At first glance this game is absolutely beautiful. Stunning graphics and effects. This game feels comfortable upon immediately finishing the tutorial. I have played other games like this before & I cannot wait to play more!
Love the graphics. But the stuff is too expensive in this game. And it needs more skippable fights. Just like how u can skip in the Cinema, you should be able to skip in even the mines.
The tasks are really made up to keep you busy, which is lame, making it not an idle game anymore. Also, too many events that required too many clicks, which is pointless. The design is great, btw. This is what makes it attactive. However the gameplay is kinda so so.
Great graphics, great game. I love cyber punk feel. I'm a free to play player. Might spend a little in the future. Who knows but the price is very expensive. The value of items you get is not worth the money.
Having a good time playing.. Sometimes I have to wait a while before I can play waiting to level up, the enemies are to strong and and there's nothing left to do until you level up.
So far I'm level 71 and it's a pretty solid experience. It's becoming very unbalanced at this point. Not being able to pick who we attack is a very shady thing to do to players. While the AI target weak heroes. My heroes are ignoring one shot targets and goin after full health enemies... It's such in your face manipulation it pisses me off and doesn't encourage replay or spending real money....
Pay to Play. You can move forward pretty fast but if you want VIP points you will have to spend some bucks. Well, have played for thirty plus days. To get to vip level 2 will cost $14.97. Not happening. Without moving up you are limited and right now it's getting pretty boreing. Won't be here much longer. If you have deep pockets it is probably a fun game. Dropped rating down to 2 from 4. To greedy.
Another Chinese gacha to take all your money. Has a big paywall. Overpriced. Drop rate is bad. Don't count on th support to help you. Combat is random. Progression is very slow if F2P. Only good point is the art direction.
The art work reminds me of Street Fighter but with a definite cyberpunk style to it. Haven't played it for too long but so far it is fairly entertaining.
Installed it to get items for another game... WOW!!! I was not prepared for this! LOVE the storyline, graphics and animation. Excellent work guys!!!
It is a good game, but it has demoted my Arena rank from Gold 2 to Gold 1 and I clamed both but should be on 2. What is going on? Maybe I missed that in the rules somewhere. Untill I find out why, it's a 3 star rank. Will update when answered, due to the fact that the System Chat is out on a pizza run.
It's OK. They get u hooked like so many others with awesome animation which ends immediately. The graphics are decent and the game play is OK but it would be nice if the fighting involved at least some kind of technique or skill. Maybe a timing or reflex based battle system. I mean there's a million options, auto play shouldn't be the only one anybody offers these days. I expect it'll kill about a month tops before I move onto the next one
---------------- Advantages ---------------- 1) Visually appetizing. Feel like Cyberpunk environment 2) Good system at improving heroes -------------------- Disadvantages -------------------- **More content needed --Once we reached lvl 100, we dont get many incentives anymore to keep playing ** Event rewards such as Bounty or Perfect invite, is bad. I spent 700 or 800 bullets refreshing recently in Bountry event but ending up only obtained few perfect invite coins , a couple of senior invite coins, some sheriff badges,couple hundreds of gems and 2 blue grade heroes. ** In-game purchase using real currency need to re-worked.As of now, all the packages are super- expensive and the rate of return is not there. I've played a couple of other idle games, this game return rate after purchase is bad. ** Battle Night makes my android phone hot during gaming. Other idle games I played were not as warm as this. **Rate to get Purple hero or the needed Blue grade hero specifically for upgrading is disappointing. Your advertised double rate to get specific purple hero is also doesn't work **Hyper space is difficult. It is based on real players lineup. How can players reach maximum chest reward if we are unable to spend ? Overall, Battle Night is nice. If you further improve it more and incorporate more of our feedbacks, it will definately attract more players
This game is more of a pay money, or wait several days to level up to win. You have almost zero percent chance to get an orange character and just a step up from that to get a purple even after drawing over 100 in the market. You can kill time with this game, but have to force shut it down as you can't just exit it. There really isn't much description on what character is what as far as class goes and what factions are better against others.
2 stars for visuals, that's it. Paywall galore, skip. Seems FT is all about paywalls.... 10/10 would not recommend again. They'll give you some BS about RNG, but it's rigged, they all are.
I really have to say this is a great game. I was really digging the style of it going in. Having played a lot of idle games before I had sub par expectations, but now I'm hooked. It's got a lot more going on for it than your average idle rpg. I'd definitely recommend checking this game out. Good job devs!
Gameplay and graphic is not bad. I've played till lv 89 to the point that the current game is lacking end game contents. Waiting for future updates and more exciting features like guild wars.
This game is the one that im looking for, great design characters and i hope to see more features in the future.
Fun and easy to get into, fast tutorial with good interesting hero's and art. Not a super Pay to win game, and does have some things needed to be added/worked on, game slows down pretty good around level 30. Time will be your friend with getting stronger at that time.
The graphics and mechanics are beautiful BUT the rate for each blue rarities are so low, this game would be so good if they just fixed the drop rate, i mean it is p2w i get it, but give some like AD videos to watch for us and get rewards, a win win situation
Honestly it's very clean, graphics are beautifully designed. Haven't played long but so far it seems really good.
Okay this game is pretty cool. I love the style of the game. The art style. Feels very 80's isk(?) Once you understand the game and how to play it gets pretty addicting, one of my co workers found the game, and then got me and another buddy of ours addicted. Ive been looking for a phone game for a while and at the moment I found this game. Im highly pleased with it.
Game is alright, pretty fun casual game with some cool characters. You can get an hour or so of game play in before you have to wait for reset. Hires are a bit screwy, don't waste time or resources on perfect hires, you get more legendaries on just senior hires.
Graphics are amazing, gameplay is smooth, doesn't seem to be pay to play, just started playing and will update if my opinion changes. Amazing game
Its the same rinse and repeat turn based game but with this one you don't even control you characters not even to apply specials. This would have been better if you could do more with your characters other then sitting there and watch them do everything for you.
I'm just starting with this one, but so far so good. The graphics are very nice and sharp. Lots of interesting little details. The UI looks cool and futuristic. It seems like there is a decent learning curve: Kind of deep, but not too complex. My kind of game. I'll update this review eventually.
After playing for a while the summoning rate became disgustingly low. I can't even get blue characters on senior summon. I'm stuck on main quest, can't upgrade my character becuz u need like 5 specific character to upgrade one character. There's no way to get the character u want as well becuz the shop only allowed you to exchange for a certain character only. There is literally no way to progress even if you play everyday, becuz you can't farm older stages. Idk what to do anymore.
I wouldn't recommend anyone to buy in game purchases as its just a waste of money. I personally tried and tested this out and I can confirm you would be throwing money away sadly, the hero's, let's just say the basic hires are blue , the senior hires are purple and the perfect are gold. The perfect hire's give the same contents as the senior and basic because gold can not be acquired from them . This is the message I received from Support (copied) "Hi, it's imppssible to pull orange hero".
I'm not satisfied at all. The machines that grant you characters with bottle caps are rigged. You need to fix this because I use purple caps and get +15 Blues. What the hell, that's bonkers. I used my 3 orange caps hoping to get an orange, I get 3 BLUES!!! WHY DO WE KEEP GETTING BLUES!!! Im level 40, I do not need BLUES, I need stability, characters with high dexterous abilities! Fix this and my review will be better. FAR BETTER.
Great game! Cool graphics, known gacha mechanic with tactical team combat in a Blade Runneresque setting. The game doesn't seem to have much depth but it's all about the team comp. What is outstanding here is various unique well balanced characters and transparent skill kits that make experimenting with comps fun! Also F2P progression is decent if you are ok idling regularly. Barely no P2W as paying largely just accelerates progression. Well done, devs! Keep it up!
Really needs some polishing overall, but definitely one of my favorite mobile games I've ever played! There's a decent progression for the first few days and more to look forward to with each account level up. Some hero materials are tough to come by early, but once you get a decent purple team and level only those characters, you start to get extra to save up.
Good game with poor UI/ UX. Learn more from AFK arena. If this game requires dozens of attempt to pass one stage, make sure players have an option to immediately press repeat, not wait for your endless loading screens to enter battle UI again. I'm heavily paying player, so you'd better listen..
great art style, graphics and music. this could've been much better if it weren't too stingy with the rewards and summons. most games these days often gives you multi summons at the start of the game to encourage new players and i think that's a very good move to get attention but this game doesn't do that. theres even no boost effects. ive been playing for hours and cant even get past stage 2 because of lack of materials to enhance my team. in short very pay to win. its a good game though
I like the game but it seems to still have allot of bugs. Got to chapter 5 and the first mission is bugged every time I open it, it crashes. Would be a great game if it could get fixed.
Love the graphics style. The content is the same as done elsewhere, but the freebies seem good at first. The. You realize the gatcha system is broken. Too many green (free and trash) pulls from the pay pulls. Plus not enough high tier characters to build a well rounded team. Not that that matters as the gatcha system will ensure you never get more than one or two anyway.
Great game. Bit expensive for packages...but can still have fun with not buying upgrades..Buy the 6.49$ package to gey to Vip 1 and a Purple hero....its worth it
Busy graphics, tiny text. Designed for tablets, not phones. Don't want to play via microscope so uninstalled.
Amazing game, but the only issue i have are the events. You earn a lot of XP in game and even when you're off line. Daily quest give a chance to earn Diamons ( In Game Currency ) and many items to help level up/get new characters. The events on the other hand, you're never able to reach max level of events unless you purchase Event themed Packages. You will be able to beat maybe 60-70% of the events without buying Packages, but the best rewards are towards the final 20%. Other than that, 10/10.
Good graphics and design, but this is neither a casual nor idle game; it relies a lot on developing strategies for upgrading characters and managing limited resources. As stated in other reviews, the draw rate for heroes isn't very good, while the benefits of having duplicates are frankly not worth it. I've played for about an hour, I'm at level 22 + chapter 4, and the progress is already becoming tedious and disappointing with very little to show for the effort. The devs have some stuff to fix.
A very good character collecting game. Battles are a little boring as you just watch, however, there us so much to do and progress is fair and does not require real money to make decent progression. My main issue is the learning curve. The English in the game and for the explanations as to what things are and do is so poor it makes no sense. Spelling, grammar and punctuation are atrocious. The developers need to hire a proofreader. Nice game though.
Although it disconnects from the server constantly, forcing me to reload, I'm really enjoying the game!
Love the art style and the depth of the hero skills, but unfortunately, It is too hard to get legendary heros in this game, too much "pay to win" a.d overall Not worth the time spent.
The game is addicting and has a nice theme. The overwhelming amounts of "buy this and that" ads are my only complaint so far, I am happy to spend money but these are annoying.
I'll give it 5 when, even using a new decent phone, I can play on data vs wifi. The update has failed to resolve this issue, regardless of server, signal strength/obstructions, empty cache and whatever else has to be done just to get these damn apps to run right Besides that, awesome game overall.
Gameplay is like any other gatcha game, nothing special. But that's to be expected. The main problem here is that for this supposedly cyberpunk themed game, the first 3 free characters you get are a squirrel girl, Peter Pan, and a fireman. Not exaggerating, that's literally what they are and what the game calls them. It feels like the game was originally suppose to be apocalypse themed and they changed it last minute to jump on the cyberpunk hype train.
Know what it is and you can have a great time. Though the battles have depth they are autoplay. So this game boils down to a team manager. But its a fun one with great art style, interesting characters, and numerous modes.
All this game is a lot of fun but most games like this once you hit a certain level you're stuck current where I'm at level 42 at this point you have two options either you wait until you get your daily stuff to help upgrade your character or you hit the pay wall and that's just a fact so I don't care what the developer says but it's the truth hopefully they fix this and they stop being so greedy like most game companies nowadays
It's alright if you want to see a bunch of generic cyberpunk-y and hobo-looking people constantly jiggling. Everything jiggles in this game. Clothing, breasts, and even robots are perpetually jiggling. As for gameplay, it's virtually nonexistent. You make a party of jiggling people and everything happens automatically. High stats win, and real-world money buys you what you want. Save yourselves the time and just watch videos where things jiggle. It'd have the same amount of gameplay.
Bad just bad, what could be a great game is ruined by poor level scaling and sub par value for horribly high priced items, If your looking for a fun idle game best look elsewhere. If you dont get a great character immediately your game is going to be frusteratingly slow and you'll just have no chance progressing till you get a better unit or spend days waiting to level up. This game could have been brilliant but greedy devs and bad value just ruin what could have been an amazing game
I've given this game multiple chances, but this last thing is too much. It was 20 MINUTE before the end of the valentines day event. I was very close to achieving the last tear of rewards so I bought 2 $30 event packs to get it. I used them and the reward gets a notification like I need to accept it and IT GIVES ME AN ERROR CODE. ,OK maybe I just need to restart the game, NO, I RESTARTED THE GAME AND MY SHOVELS ARE BACK TO WHERE THEY WERE AND IT ACTS LIKE I DID NOT PURCHASE $60 AND WONT GIVE IT
Amazing Graphics and framerates, I can play anywhere which is great because my jobsites have little to no service and if there is even a tick mark of service the game plays smoothly. Its really easy to navigate. Overall, the artwork of characters, bosses and level backgrounds are cutting edge. Very fun and addicting. Great game!
I've played quite a few idle and battle arena games, and the aesthetic, art, gameplay, and SPEED of this game is refreshing and astounding! Well-developed app!
nice and unique cyberpunk style idle rpg, however it's lucking of features, can finish the daily activities in under 20 minutes and after that i had nothing else to do, the character development are a bit slow. basically a slow grinding game. but over all i enjoy the game. 4* for now i'll change my rating on the future updates.
tsk... very bad, no good. looking forward in the future this game will be nice. to many weak hero they give. I tried again.. and again.. but nothing change. all weak hero came out. give a chance to get orange hero or purple hero. need lot more of improvement.
Love the graphics style and game play. No pay walls or adds. There isn't any "in game purchase" stuff thrown in your dice constantly. Great game, plenty of things to do every day and steadily grow. Specially once you get higher in level. Just reached level 60 and so far....I am very impressed. πŸ‘
Respect for a well made game with new gameplay not some copy of other games. I recomend it for all. :D
Surprisingly fun af for a side game. Really love the characters design, i really do. and obtaining in-game currency ain't that hard tho, except if the Devs decided to change the event rewards, that will be a downgrade. also please make a cheaper cash up currency please. Like the cheapest one is as same as one month pack is kinda odd.
My account was banned for NO reason. I was literally playing since yesterday and the only issues I had was connection without wi-fi. I made a complaint via email since there were no responses of the help option in the game, now I'm banned. I want a full refund.
The game is rigged to push people to spend money. I know that developers need money to create and improve games, but this is just too much. There is no way to grind, if you roll bad characters, you cannot in grind gears or levels to push through the story, the only possible way is to spend cash. The concept and graphics are interesting, but this is definitely not for those who play casually and prefer to spend minimum cash. I'll uninstall and check other games instead.
Pretty interesting so far. I am enjoying the cyberpunk feel of the game and it seems fairly easy to grasp the fundamentals. The overall vibe seems laid back with a small focus on the pay to win front. In a nutshell a pretty good game so far.
Incredible graphics, if you like cyberpunk, bladerunner, shadowrunner, stuff you will love these graphics. Game is fairly strait forward group on group battler. Please let us adjust the volume of the music. You can turn it off and on, id like to turn it down, not mute it. (update: since guilds can only have members on the same server, it feels like the game is dieing because most of the guilds are dieing since they cant replace people that leave.)
How in the heck do you transfer your save?? This is becoming an issue as almost every game has a streamlined system. I can't get rid of my old phone yet because this one game won't transfer it's save over. Any assistance? Great game otherwise, will change my review when resolved.
So far it's really fun and pretty intuitive. It's not inherently difficult to learn but I'm sure will be hard to master.
Loved the game BUT app deleted and reinstalled and can't find my account and NOBODY will respond to my problem. Great game would love to give 5 stars fun easy to follow and fast playing BUT if you ever need help nobody from the company will respond so I don't know if it is worth it. I was new if I had played for months then lost everthing and they don't care I'd be even more furious. My advice NEVER spend money cuz you'll lose it and have to start all over again!
I can't say the customer support was horrible because it was non existant. A decent game turned into a nightmare by glitches and no support to solve any of paying customers problems. Boooooo!!!
Game gets stuck on the loading screen from time to time and the biggest thing is that my supply box keeps getting reset on its own.
Pretty nice game, there is room for improvement. The game is quite rewarding, daily gameplay, taking part in events are the way to go. Halidroms are the hardest things to get and upgrade... Crossing fingers for new heroes to come out. Would appreciate a menu explaining some of the mechanics and stats, or boss/enemy abilities.
Nice game, easy to pick up and play. Not very time consuming. I don't think the drop chances are too low. You get plenty of attempts daily and i have 6 purple heroes already. I managed to reach top 50 in chapter in arena without spending any money so it is not too pay to win (at least for a gacha game).
Wanted to like this game really bad but considering I've only pulled 4 purple hero's and I'm level 71 with over 200 hire attempts, including like 15 perfect hires. Probably bc I'm f2p and refuse to spend $15 on one of like 4 "battle passes", and thats the average price of an microtransaction for other stuff. I see a lot of $15-29.99 pop ups for a game that they should be paying me to play with how bad the hires are. Fix the RNG, lower prices of M-Ts, leave everything else alone rn, and its 5star
The game graphics looks pretty and animations is smooth, i'm still new to the game tho, Edit : the difficulty jump is pretty high, it is not new player friendly, gacha seems okay, leveling chars based on your account level is not a good idea since it blocked you to improve your chars it need to be reworked, make a reset char system instead of dumping it, resources are hard to come by. I give it 3 star for now and see how it goes. Hopefully devs listened and improve the game
Aggressive on the sale. I do not recommend this for children, very addictive. Otherwise, I add the stars solely due to artwork. Great drawing! Further improvement would be a tactical turn-based approach.
Just started, and don't understand everything yet but so far I like the style and the aesthetic of the game. Hopefully with a bit more time in it I can improve my rating to a 5 star✌🏾
Its a really good game but the cost of of in game purchases versus the risk of getting nothing for your money is too high.
Seems okay but abit of a learning curve for sure.. I suggest that newbies not spend their resources too freely until they take the time to figure things out..
As far as turn based RPGs this game is the most amazing to look at, seems almost like it's a console game. I'm still brand new but I recommend trying it I'm blown away
Great game you start off very fast but does slow down and comes to a stop. The reason with only a 4 star is I wish there was a way you could change heros you have in to different ones that you need.
Fun game my only gripe is the way you set up the orb, exp and gold reset on a character. I feel like your model should be set up similar to your competitor afk arena in the reset sense. As of right now I have too much resource spread apart between different characters and the item to reset seems to difficult to attain. The only way I have attained it so far is through your senior summons and perfect hires and that seems drastic compared to what afk arena did to reset. Change that and you get 5.
Good game, just needs a little work.. -Game is unable to be played over network service, must have wifi -Better sales in market/store. Very few options for spending under $10, and to actually "feel" like you bought something, you'd have to spend $99. Charge less, make more. Graphics are really good, and mobilization through the game is good & creative (may take a lil' bit to get used to).
Great art direction, pretty fair gacha system, and some really kicking music. I wish I had discovered this game sooner. If you like cyberpunk and even slightly like games such as summoners war or more accurately idle heroes, then this is the game for you
Awesome graphics and mechanic with smooth gameplay. The details in this game very beautiful. I see some complaint and that very understandable. But for me i really enjoy this game so far. I hope this game will keep developed and listen to the players complaint.
Love these games! Does what it says on the tin and I couldn't ask for more, artwork again is great, gameplay is what you expect and there are always things to do for progress atm.
Loved the artwork but the gameplay and seemingly forced pay-to-win / advance mechanics overshadow the design. Standard clone idle game with a touch of decent lore. You most likely played a game or five like this before.
Gameplay is basically auto chess, art is cool and nicely stylised around cyber punk theme. There's not a huge amount to do though, you'll log on, auto clear what you can then wait till tomorrow. Gatcha rates are ridiculous, lowest tier pulls constantly, high requirements for everything else ensure you drift to the cash shop (just means you waste money and time as odds aren't improved). Could be fun but its progression is stifled and its fairly boring.
Well and truly the best mobile rpg I've played. No ads, great pacing, awesome design, simple but in depth. Good job πŸ‘
-_- Can't get any support from the developers. My internet works fine, YouTube works fine at 720, browser works smooth and fast, Can't get this game to load though, worked well on my old phone from seven years ago, but only got it to work one time on the galaxy note ultra I just got ... so Idk.. I'm complaining. Will add more stars, if I get a response.
This game is truly a well made mobile game. You get as much out of it as you're willing to put into it and can play without doing too much. Strategy and a beautiful Cyber Punk ascetic combine to give an overall great game.
I like the graphics in this game and I usually have no problem spending some money on gotcha games I enjoy. But are you kidding me with those prices??? The same sorts of items/packages are about 80% ~ 300% more expensive than other similar games! I'm sorry but I smell "quick cash-grab and dip".
Dont know why the dev think their game battlepass worth so much more than Triple A games, talk about money hungry much. Beside than the theme, everything else is just meh.
Fun game so far but today can't login to server. I can't give tech support my ID to troubleshoot without logging into the game apparently, because the "retry" screen blocks everything. Unlike other games that have some offline components, you can't play this game offline at all. But when it is playable the battles are challenging and fun.
A gorgeous looking game with great art, but maybe could use some better writing/translation. Idle combat is alright but not super engaging -- maybe a few combat tweaks to allow players to be more involved? Overall not bad, and worth a looksee.
The beautiful artwork, relatively intricate combat system and gritty cyberpunk atmosphere make this one stand out for me.
I'll give this a 3* for now could be good in the future, here are things that needs to be improved. 1st other ways to gain exp and farm resources it's just really slow, exp and gold tickets are a bit rare to get. 2nd too much rng on obtaining heroes hard to really focus on upgrading just 1. 3rd Bugs, there are some bugs that needs to be fixed it's not a lot but there are some. Overall interesting game.
Very bad...install game for free rewards, but immediately realized that it was impossible to do it quickly. The game is not clear, the design is terrible. Progress stalled at the beginning. In general, I do not advise this app for free rewards.
really cool, how about tweak the home screen? lets see the characters interect with eachother and the enviroment passively. thanks for a great cyber punk mobile game
Please Fix the Tutorial Requirement, especially for returning players who may have deleted the game or moved to another device. It's a pain of having to redo it every time. Unfortunately until this is fixed I have to give the game 1 star even though I play it every day and enjoy it.
It's a great idea but it takes forever to progress unless you're willing to spend money. I really do enjoy the whole apocalyptic and cyberpunk theme but sucks because there isn't much to offer other than collecting certain characters that look nice, because again it takes a long time to progress. I have to wait every day just to claim timed rewords
It's pretty lit. A little idle play and some time dedication can level you up fast. F2P is pretty nice in this game. Thanks devs.
nice art and chr design and cyberpunk theme. horrible drop rate. 40x purple summon gave me green and blue.
This game could be good. While it has many flaws. I'm just stopping because I know I'm in for the impossible. I, like many others, am playing this game due to a reward program. And sadly the reward goal is much too steep to achieve in the time they give you. So why continue when it's a hundred percent fail. If there was a chance, or the timeline was longer I would continue. But this game isn't worth it. Oh. And it was a sneaky choice using this art scheme for the game.
I cant even get into the server. It looked like an interesting game. Ive tried switching servers and uninstalling but I get nothing. Even going into the help, they are slow to respond and don't seem to actually care. Not worth it.
Don't waste your time/money with this game. At first appears to be squad based idle/tactics/rpg of game, quickly devolves into a game of spend money to get this one specific character or cease progressing in the game. I'd be fine with it, if there were stables of each character type you needed to cultivate, to stay competitive both with the pve side of the game as well as with the pvp. Its not. As you approach the lvl thresholds, single specific characters become required. These require cash.
Very cool and unique game, can't put it down! The graphics are awesome, many different characters to use! Music is kicking, a little rave never hurt anyone! No glitches or slow down, game runs smoothly! All and all it's an awesome game! Good job guys!
Beautiful graphics and art. Having fun so far only criticism is not much to do after doing your daily's. I know other people have complained about not being able to progress without spending money but I personally haven't spent anything yet and have 4 gold characters. My tip save your resources for their corresponding events and do the special cases. I would recommend downloading and giving it a go.
Poor Support!! I was really getting into this game until I was unable to log in, so I reinstalled the game and have lost my account. Account recovery with support has been slow and frustrating due to their copy/paste responses asking for information that you already provided on ver and over. They tale your money and clearly care nothing for you afterward. I'll update this review again if they resolve my issue before the day resets, otherwise I've lost too much time and will move on..
Very addictive game. The graphic is so beautiful and smooth..You will not get bored to play this game. Must try! Very recommended to all..
Its good but can you make it so we don't need to comform rewards. Clicking gets repetitive. Great artwork and animations. Also there is a bug in the slots when you pull the single chip arm while the slot is active you lose chips from your bank.
You've seen this game before. Many times. Only, this time it's cyberpunk. Is that good? Well, it's different. But, if you were disappointed by Cyberpunk 2077, have played all the Shadowrun games, and can't think of another cyberpunk game to play..... then, I 'guess' you could try this one? Again, nothing new though.
Great graphics but bland gameplay and everything is very small even on a larger phone. Not having abilities to activate during battle makes fights boring. Very high cost to summon the most basic units with little premium currency given as rewards makes progress painfully slow. The thing that annoyed me the most though is constantly having to restart the game for disconnecting every 5-10 minutes.
Re-skinned re-release of Clone Evolution, with updated/outdated battle system; the same decent basic game and mechanisms, crippled by the usual bad decisions. After four hours of playing to hit the level 28 paywall, I have zero incentive to return. All of these idle games have the same problem with pacing: provide a robust system with hugely imbalanced levelling initially, frequently accompanied by that first week of "Rookie Rewards", then let you hit gated content at full speed. Progress becomes glacial, with weeks of logging in for five minutes every eight hours. Mundane characters with absurd upgrade requirements and pitiful droprates, meaningless gear with the same chance to acquire... honestly, what reason is there to come back to this? To pay money to have MORE chances not to win worthless rewards? Reconsider a business model not dependent on twitchy whales without impulse control?
I changed my review to 1 star from 5 stars because this game is actually trash and the rate at which you get anything above a blue level character is really really low and it takes a long time to save up gems or senior caps and even longer for the epic caps all just to get all blue on a 10 pull. Don't waste your money or time on this game. If I could, I would ask for a refund and get rid of my account. I would put less than 1 star if I could!
A very fun game, good progression without the need to pay, but useful pay options. There is enough to do and enough team building mechanics to make the game engaging enough to keep wanting to play.
Good overall experience. The waiting around with no game play option can be annoying. There needs to be a training ground of some sort to keep the action going. Only other thing is come down on the prices bro. Willing to support you but the high prices make it seem like a get rich quick scheme more than a serious fun cyber punk idle rpg. VIP needs to be redone, seems a bit greedy. Game has good style and enough customization to keep things interesting. Looking forward to some cool updates.
Beautiful artwork.. decent combat and skills.. BUT not much to do.. just collect idle rewards to progress and repeat.. also impossible to evolve an orange hero as f2p.. +very overpriced
Uhm, I was asked to suggest. And I have to say Your prices for gems or the currency for the game are far too high. Its like I how I mention to my group of friends and people who play mobile games. You would see far more purchases if your prices were reasonable, not an entire month of groceries worth of virtual coin. Kinda pathetic. In fact, I know I am not going to spend a single cent on the game.
I purchased a pack for $4.99 , I didn't t receive my items. When I talked to customer service and posted my purchase order, they didn't reply. Horrible customer service , I'm glad I didn't buy the more expensive packs.
This is a pretty cool game. Runs smooth and it's just a great time. I have to drop down the starts because I had a lvl 50 main and a 45 alt and it won't let me switch back to my main. Developers please help
Every pulls on hero is green or blue even the perfect hire is blue, then what's the reason behind the name "PERFECT HIRE"??? πŸ€”πŸ€” I love the animation and the graphics is cool so its a 3*
This games RNG is absolutely horrendous. Unbelievably geared towards pay to play and hardly any fun otherwise. I'll usually support most games when the minimum you spend is a few dollars or if its really good ill spend $10-20 to show support but this game makes me never want to spend any money what so ever. Brutal. Only reason I'm giving it two stars is cause I like the animation/cyber punk theme Edit ; seeing alot if people payed money and getting ripped off by devs. Stay away
I've been playing for almost a month, And I still enjoying it, you don't have to pay that much to be on top you just need to be patience and do ur quest daily. But I'm hoping that there are function where you can reset your hero so u can try different formation. I already 5 star my harpe and I regret it lol, And the only way to get those energy orb back is to sell it. And that's the reaoson why I'm giving it only 3 star, I'll wait until the next update lol
I like the visual style, even though most female looks like a virgin's depiction of what a woman looks like. The servers disconnect every 5 minutes and i lose progress every time. Season pass and packs are stupidly overprices. Would put more stars if the experience was stable.
Interesting game but nothing under the surface. Very nice graphics, story is non-existent. If this game was a true turn-based RPG it would be an instant 5* even with the unbelievably high prices they charge. But alas it is not turn-based or even player manipulated - all fights are computer controlled & you simply plan what people are in your party. That's it plan your party, level up, and gacha for new characters. That's the game, then rinse & repeat.
I just dont get the appeal to game like this, you basically do nothing! Can you really can this a game? Watch animation or random characters fighting??
Game was great until I got to a ceetain point where it was IMPOSSIBLE to continue without using REAL $$$ to level up characters and proceed. I think it sucks when a game does that. Granted, it's not the only one to do tbis, but don't tempt someone with a free game only to have you stagnate until you pony up some real cash.
Would be a 5 star game if you didn't have to spend money to get good characters or anything worth playing. You have people or characters that are 20 or more levels lower beating you. For the amount of time I have spent playing it I should be a lot farther than I am. Level 100 by the way. If this game can't get better I'm going to have to Uninstall it.
Pros: The graphics are beautiful, the gameplay's straightforward for gacha mechanics, interesting concept, not reliant on P2W. Cons: Hires too many of the same characters, forces 10-minute tutorial before you can connect to your account, more dystopian steampunk than cyberpunk, ads did not match game content.
one of the best Gacha games i have played so far .... waiting for more game content (still in early dev stage) HattsOff to the Dev teams really awesome job on the graphics and ease of play..
Been playing barely a day, but I love it already. It's very fun and addictive, to say the least. Yes, it has a definite P2W feel, especially with the various packs and the items that are necessary to upgrade heroes and forge gear and whatnot. But honestly it is very fun and has kept me playing since I started it. I highly recommend it, but only give it 4 stars due to the obvious IAP push.
Like this game, good graphic & imagination theme, Very good game for idle rpg, Please add more heroes, this still early phase
Game will not load past start up screen. It only says that the connection to the server was interuppted and devs are no help as they want an ID server name and so on. But you can't get any of that without first actually getting into the game. This is a waste of time.
The graphics and artwork is superb! Hope they make an option to choice battle BGM, I like the first one better. The game is still new. I hope we get more heroes in the future.
Been playing since about end of January. Great game overall, but if you don't play "the right way" from the beginning, you'll struggle with certain resources and level ups you could've had ages ago. Be really careful how you spend things and extra careful on what heros you use for "food" to level up other characters. The microtransactions are a attrociously priced for what they give you too. Tweak the RNG rates in the players favor with purple hires and more gold gear suit drops and its 5*
They have to improve reconnecting back to the game when you switch apps. Micro is overpriced. Hero XP is too lean and you're left with big periods of not being able to play while you wait for search to accumulate. Also, I feel this game can not honestly call itself 'idle' until they put in a real idle mechanism.. the search is not idle - it's a timer. Characters are not doing anything while player is idle.
make no mistake, you get nothing for free. u get some heroes but ull hit the paywall. they told u get a purple every 20 senior summons but thats only once. youll never get another purple the next 20 summons and it doednt say there its only once. they lie. i mean this it. like every other so called "game" in google play this is designed to suck u dry and there's nothing competitive about it beside how deep is ir wallet. if this ur jam then by all means, it's 10 star game.
Been playing for 32 days straight love it. It's one of those games that just feel rewarding after progressing for so long. Hope it keeps being developed I would love to see more characters being put in and a guild vs guild feature coming soon.
Great world, cool cyberpunk heroes i wanna be engaged but the game is held down by greed this is 100% whale game just look at the events...the more you summon the more rewards thats it also the balance issues pay wall in pve will hit real early mid 4th chapter, unless ur whaling might aswell idle for a few days then come back to only gain 2 lvl per hero, Whales enjoy urselves, for me there are better options in the play store.
Update: IMPOSSIBLE to get 3 orange heros is 30 days. Do not try. Even spending money you won't get there.. Update: No customer support at all.. can't get ahold of them in game support or website. They just ignore you. This is the first game I've ever had issues with. Crazy. Ugh why can't you make it to where you can just buy orange heros with real money. When I play a new game I want to be powerful and competitive right out of the gate not have to play for months to get there.
Game is awesome, but all I have to ask is what happened to the one healer I think more characters should have looked like her before the extra clothing, all I ask is to bring back character nudity and please more characters, PLEASE πŸ˜‰. But again still a perfect game πŸ˜‰. Might be wired to ask but can u bring back the character nudity. Or at least an option for nudity and non-nudity. But that's just a request.
The artwork for the game is great, to bad they phoned in the in-game character artwork. It's pay to win.
Good game, i like the theme, cyberpunk etc. But i think you can enjoy this game with lots and lots of money. Otherwise you'll be frustrated and bored
because the quality is High Definition of Ultra Smooth, the sound is Surround Stereo Music High Quality and Design is so very cool like amazing as the same with CyberPunk 2077 in PS5 and Engine is very good performance at GPU 500+down so that's interesting incredible have image picture within video 2D Graphic v7 final so thank you very much i've vote this 5stars, really lovely like the same with Play Station 5, ok good luck salamualaikum.
OK so there are two reason why i gave this a 3 star . First is the events it's a bit too hard for NON PAYING players. if you're just the casual gamer like myself SAVE all your "items" until THAT event arrives otherwise you're never going to complete it 100% for those juicy rewards. Second is the pricing on the things you can buy it is just downright ridiculous so yeah its a pay to be the best sadly. And for another bonus reason, RAPHAEL is broken like seriously lol. It's a nice looking game tho
Fun game, however account recovery through the automated process in place shows the value the company has for its customers, after I accidentally uninstalled the game making room on my phone, I waited 30 mins for a response from customer support and gave the info for recovery (without knowing the server you were on your account is gone btw) and have been waiting 8 hrs for any response and starting the game every once in a while to see if my account is back, too much wasted time to want to return
Game is kind of ok.You can get most of things for free in weeks of play.But this game is for rich people.Except weekly events most other events are scam. They push to pay enormous amount to win rewards. Like Christmas event, Valentine event. At start it might look like good event but as event comes to end you will find it as a scam to make you pay. It's like if U need to collect 150 tokens,at start it's like they give U 160 tokens but at end U will have only 100.Many events are disappointment.
Could really use a next mission button or something that automatically plays the next mission until you lose or something the diamonds are too expensive
Drop rates are atrocious period. You will constantly pull the same 3-4 characters over and over again. All of whom are useless(entirely). The prices are ludicrious. Esp since its a watch the game play itself game, w/ lil to nothing to do. Character balance is non existent. The concept and art are nice. However the devs really dropped the ball on execution and are putting their greed on full display. You want my money so bad then try giving me a reason to want to spend with you. Pretty simple!
So very addictive. I do have to say that I want to spend money on this game, but the prices as is are so over the top for almost no gain. I mean it cost like 41$ to get 150 vip and diamonds. With those diamonds you might only get Green summons. Now to get certain characters you need to be at 30000 vip. That would cost thousands of dollars. For the cost of 40$ please offer us something of value. Again I'd like to throw money into the game, there's just nothing worth buying.
I really like the asthetics and there are some really cool gameplay things going on. A little different than your average idler AND Hyperspace feature is challenging and rewarding. Its got good balance.