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Battle Knife

Battle Knife for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Lifebelt Games Pte. Ltd. located at 30 Cecil Street #19-06 Prudential Tower SINGAPORE 049712. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Probably would have a better review if the game was actually playable. Attempt to start it up and the app crashes. Try it again over and over and can't play as a guest and signing into Facebook does absolutely nothing. Uninstall does nothing as well. What's the point?
Bs I was running and he killed me and then the person killed me when he had the default knife and took out my life both of my life thing pls fix
Its good but you need to add everplay back put more room in the maps add more maps and knifes and maybe more people in one gameπŸ’»
Its ok but gun builder was a lot more fun to me creators if your reading this bring back gun builder please I am still playing it on my tablet please I want to play it on my phone please bring it back
I keep getting the same guy over and over again fix this! im loosing trophys bcs of thisand he gets his avoid run right away and it takes me a long time fix this!
its so bad its worse than roblox wean it first came out and there are so much people who hack and cheat
I think its amazing and if you like fun and easy games you should definitely play this even though it is a big game it is very fun and simple but as I said it is easy but at some parts it can be a bit of a challenge but a definite 5 star from me
I love the game, but you need to add one more thing to it, you need to add a Google account sign in, because I don't have a Facebook account!
pretty good game. only wish is that it had a friend system where you could play against people you know
I hate this game it os so not right its aiming its innacurate so everytime you got an iam at the target thr knife doesny reavh jalf way and the knife are so ecpensive i had to pay for gold im nowndeleting it .what a bad waist of good money
I love this game but you need to let players move where ever they want with a joystick then that will be way better
bad game I can't even get into a game or a server with out paying IDK If It happens on others devise but It happens on mine
I've downloaded it several times and even shut down my phone twice. Every time I try to open it, the loading screen shows for a short while then takes me back to my home screen.
I got all the knifes and all the player icons in 2 hours :30 minutes. took a bit of time to gold farm tho, but nice game. try to get rid of the aimbotters tho. their anogying
Make the graphics better, If someone kills you and you kill them you should make it so you both get points, Kind of recommended
I am not able to get to the same as before I can send it out to me as a safe and happy holidays from your NVR to get to see the email I will have the time and money for this week so that you can do that I am looking to buy this product on my own personal world cup and the second time around and have the time and money for this week so that you can do that but it will not work on this one was hurt me a little while and it will not send me your number to the following
The worst game which I have never seen before that is battle knife It is not opening at all ,*bad game*
this game sucks i couldent even get in a single match it would show me batle knife and then it would kick me out of the app you should realy fix your game you freakin idiots
This game is useless.It dosent let me log in or even play. Its just a waste of time and mb.Uninstalling.......
Terrible because u cant sign in as guest nor facebook it shows u pitcures of the game uninstall it if u dont wanna ge skamed (clickbait)
It's bad because every time I keep getting the same people and they are like 80 trophies above me and it hard and why don't they die in the first hit? At least try harder on the game
This game is very well organized and very efficient.i highly recommend people to play this. This Amazing. Thank you for making this game.
I really like this game, the knives are a bit expensive but you can earn a considerable amount of golf from the drops after the cool down, I personally think you should a joystick and then open the map so people can run around and throw knives at each other, as well as make it a 1 shot kill to the head and 2 too the body, graphics arnt amazing but their pretty good for a new mobile game, aside that I love this game 5 stars for sure πŸ˜‰πŸ˜
Love the game it's really fun and easy controlling all I got to say is that it's one of my favorite games
This game overall just isnt good. The animations suck movements weird and the game is just boring. There's lots of knives to collect but it's not worth the time it takes to unlock them. πŸ‘Ž
This game changed my life. It has amazing gameplay, and I highly recommend it for anyone who wishes to live life to their fullest.
AMAZING. Gameplay is great. Controls are easy. Texture are ok. However, there is nothing to assist you. Maybe add powerups. And an amazing experience from me. Four stars because I see potential.Not perfect but still great.
Why do i have to wait 5 minutes to find an opponet? Then play for 30 seconds and wait again and again and again... And add more maps ffs. 2 maps and barely anyone plays the second one.
The matchmaking is horrible. 5 matches I'm against noobs then the next 5 have 800 more trophies than me. And I keep getting matches with the same people over and over. Also knives are way too expensive. Get boring and repetitive fast because of these things but fun at first
everytime I try to watch the video for the free chest the video ends and it's just a black screen then my phone crashes
This game is extremely fun! Thank you for making this. It reminds me of CS Go and Call of Duty. You did a great job on the performance of this game. -A fan.
I wasn't able to play as guest and from reading the reviews, i guess Facebook account doesn't work either, why, this game was so fun when I was younger, please fix this
the idea is good but the matchmaking is f+Γ—@#$^ unfair. i keep getting paired with a very high ranked guy. can you fix this? also would be good if you added a practise mode.
This is a very nice game if you're a player try downloading this game and check out gun builder elite that lifebelt games also made that is now gone for a obscure reason
I cant even play this game when i was a kid i was able to and if you play as a guest the game doesnt work same with facebook
The game won't let you play it opens asks you to login and crashes. Absolutely garbage if you want to waste your time then this is the game for you. If I could rate it less than 1 star I would
its so stupid you need to add better graphics let them run on there own and the knifing ia bad you can not hit them because the rail in the way i always lose
can you please add Warmode like 10v10 playerds and respawn and the use is karambit Please add cuz i told my 40k friends to play this(took me 70 hours to add them and some are 40 hours to pls respect)and your Pardon Add it
this game wasn't fun at all. I like the graphics but you can barely even move around. I really wouldn't recommend it.
First off. Matchmaking is unfair. Secondly, how can the guy still hit me when i have clearly run away from his throw, thirdly this game is trash. Honestly dont bother unless you want to break your device into a trillion pieces, i advise you dont download this "app". It is not worthy to be deemed as a game.
Let me start off by saying that whenever i hit somebody through dont gey hit when its directly on them. Second off people are at least 3x the level as me and its like skill base matchmaking.
Game won't let me sign in with Facebook which means I can't save the progress. I am on a Motorola E5 with Android 8.1
fun game tired of randomly getting paired up wit level 3000's I've lost a 🀬 ton of levels because of it 😀
This game is actually the worst on the store not only are there a ton of hackers on this but people can run and throw their knife at the same time making it impossible to hit them 😑😑😑🀬🀬🀬
It's great I like how sometimes used half to aim enough so u can't see the person it's funny but make it easier to gather gold
This is one of the greatest knife games out there, the one problem is that you can't save your progress on Google Play.
This game is good but u have to add something to make game play batter than rightnow it so boring and no more people left
The concept of the game is really fun, but its very innacurate when throwing a knife, if you were to be able to make a good crosshair and add like a team deathmatch mode where you can both knife people and throw knives at them