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Battle Instinct

Battle Instinct for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by DeusCraft located at Diagorou 4, KERMIA BUILDING, 2nd floor, Flat/Office 204, 1097, Nicosia, Cyprus. The game is suitable for Mature 17+ (Intense Violence, Blood) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
not a pay 2 win like some say. have not spent a dine and in leader boards. great game! keep it up devs! note: can't seem to switch skills!? they all say selected in skill three but no option to change them?
Great game but the reward system is flawed it states you get 10 stars for player kills 5 stars for every win and 75 for a win now that part is a little confusing but i constantly get 4 to 7 kills a game and win most of my games but if i dont win i get 25 stars no matter what and even if i have 4 kills or more should thst not be 40 stars and when i win i get 75 stars so now my kills do not reward me seens to be poorly explained but besides thst the game is awesome
I enjoy playing this game. I got to level 4 and left the game. I came back later to continue but the game will now load. I have tried several times to lead the game. Not having any. So I have deleted the game. This is why you only get 3 stars.
this game is awesome! you guys are doing really well in the begining stages of this game. it has tons of potential. I will recommend making game play alittle more faster passed, adding a actual settings menu for controles, graphics, etc. keep up the good work and as soon as i get paid i am more than willing to spend some money on this cool game.
Very very very worst game in all over the play store app. If you click the battle, lots of time you will see loading, after loading it will return to lobby. This is a atter worst game. Don't install the application.
Let me make that more clear. I like battle royales, I like top down battle royales too especially when done right. Unfortunately this one isn't. For starters the Crossbow is way too OP. The RPG which should be OP is weak AF! Some buttons on the UI also need to be relocated especially the weapons cuz it's hard to quickly swap between guns. The skins section keeps bugging out too.
good. just fix the second map without wifi. doesn't load up and drops you in the water with no way to the battlefield. it also keeps saying that I have objectives to complete but there is nothing there
I'm giving this a 3 🌟 cause its not bad at all, I just dont like the 📷 angle, and i hate thats its auto fire. Haven't looked at the setting yet. I'm still going to play though and maybe I'll change my rating later down the line. P.S let me be brutally honest with you, if you say this is a pay to win, then you just suck at the game.
This is so far, the best top-down shooter I have played. My only concern is 1:will there be more weapons? 2: will there be more characters & customization to skills/traits? 3: will there be more maps? Lvl 6 IGN:AxleWolf Sidenote: translations need to be finished. Some descriptions are in Russian or something.
I have to say that the game are better. But , wait please add aside camera mode and add zombie and boat and other vehicles please please please please please please please please please.
Amazing sofar! Kinda getting boring... would be great if you guys could add in a few things. Like alliance's,dog houses that give perks, more weapons maybe even legendary weapons, and definitely more skills to unlock on each character!( already maxed all mine lol took me 3 days) but all in all one of the beat games I have played in awhile! Keep up the great work!
Do not download unless your phone, tablt, etc. is a version and updated to that version. I have been playing it for over 6 months anf this is the first time i have had trouble with it. The newest update stops me from even loading in let alone get into the fight.
my review is based on the trailer, and the reviews. the gameplay looks great but reviews are killing you, this game really looks like it could be better than PUBG but cmon your inventory is an issue then I rather not even play. On that same note landing in sections, REALLY! It should be all open gameplay, also improve your abilities as they are asking for, and maybe then I'll give your game a try. until then I keep it at 1 star. I'll be back n try this development once u have responded 2 ppl.
*Updated* The game's daily & chapter objectives are broke. You fulfill them in-game, but you don't get credit for it. Good: controls, graphics, building visibility mechanics, daily/weekly goals, achievement rewards. I've played the game for many hours now, and still feel challenged with every match.
The game pace are slow. If you are PUBG or Fortnite player which often use stealth and strategy then this isn't the game you're looking for, the fight are dead straight forward with players and bot keep tossing molotov and grenades on you. I was expecting a fast paced isometric battle royale but this isn't for me.
This game had a bug that I had encountered but the Dev's fixed it right away & like I said in my last review, I'm givin' this game 5stars now!! I like everythin' bout this game, can't wait til they release the other melee weapons & crate skins for when you kill players 😁 keep it up, guys!! You made an awesome game!!
Good game but need some features 1.Chat system (Global/Private) 2.Friend system 3.Duo or Squad (to play with friends) 4.Add some skins for guns, Characters and other 5.Fix bugs(example: in some place character falls under of map) 6.Add record system(too see played matches example 5 or 10 matches in recors list) 7.Add graphic options in settings( because i have nokia 3 and i play this game with 15-18 fps ) 8.Add 60 FPS 7.Add Many League tiers, now is only Bronse,Silver and Gold
All the famous games for game operators, Halloween costumes, and multi-mission challenges give their players gifts, so why didn't you do something new in one or two years, do you expect your players to stay steady and not go to other games?
I have played every br/shooter android game out there and i really do love this one! i think you should add player stats so people can see your kills and wins ect and i also think you should have daily login rewards!😊😊 i am rank 17 currently on the ratinings board and Really enjoying it, great work devs, please keep it up! this is going to be big!
Well thr game is OK ish when it game to concept and gameplay, i am more hardcore fps br fan, but i dont mind trying new games, i like the fact that weapons concept is very simple, the fights are cool if you have a human oppo. But i have been playing survival games and most survival games looks and feel jusy like this. So when i play this game i dont feel the BR Rush, well that is my POV, but its a decent game and really there is not much to complain about, except pay to get better thingy.
fun game, but has its issues. game crashes alot, then you have to wait for your soldier to return. this costs time or gold. they perk tree is messed up. you can't unselect a perk. I recently unlocked the turret, but can't assign it.
Great game with a few flaws. Best 3rd person battle royale game on android. Good selection of weapons. Nice fast pace of action/rounds. Improvements needed in the rocky map areas as you can't walk there, it's glitched. Had 1 game where it seemed everyone disappeared, because they had. Needs more maps and could do with overall player stats, kill to death etc. But that said this game has potential to be an absolute gem.
Great game. But that needs to change. It needs to have multiplayer facilities and have driving facilities. The graphics of this game are great. But it would be nice to have that facility. Add some vehicle, boat and zombies. pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Fun game for still being in development stages. def fun to play when taking break from the hardcore pubg. Could use some more features like inventory etc. maybe have more of the character skins have different abilities then just one or two and the rest being all the same ability. I don't find the shotgun to be to balanced when someone can mow you down point blank with rifle. Should definitely let us pick anywhere to go on map then a set place at each sector when parachuting. more weapons. gg tho
**UPDATE** Devs have definitely paid attention to the feedback. this game went from good to awesome. New daily and weekly goal. Several characters to unlock, more items and better positioning of certain buttons. Good job guys!!!... **Old** Great game. yes, it could use a tweak here and there but overall it's great. easy to play. not too heavy on your phone memory.
The developers are active and listen to complaints as well as fix them in due time. as the for game right now...still a few issues for the dev's to know about. all of them are in the "rockport map" exclusively. in the sandy area of rockport you have graphical issues including invisible walls and graphics being above the item graphics making it impossible to see them. the other problem is the water there is walkable.
I actually rather enjoy the game. Yet, it needs to be a little more like pubg, it is missing alot of the stuff I'm accustomed to in a game of its style. i.e., character creation, choice of when to drop, playing with friends, clans, etc.
Originally I had an issue that "run" button disappeared. It appears that from now on sprint is a skill, not a default ability. it would be good to have an update log so players xan bbe aware of the changes that took place.
It's really a awesome game. It is a better option for the gamers who have 1/16 or 2/16 GB storage phone, they can also enjoy it and I think that company will be provid us time to time updates.
haven't added a new challenge or new map or operator since you released the game, I love your game so much, but please, some new challenges, Add new maps, new operators with new features, as well as special occasions like, Halloween, New Year's Eve, Easter eggs Day, and other occasions, tailored to each occasion with a few new outfits tailored to suit players in specific missions Make a gift, you will be part of the family of players and participate with your players on every occasion Do want.
OP AI if you come across a player named guess theres a 90% chance its an AI they spawn with weapons run faster then players and can track you at all times. even if your standing still waiting for them the know where you are. they walk right passed each other and will automatically shoot directly at you at the same time to kill you faster im assuming to try to reach in your wallet and spend money or the worthless perks
great game with a great concept. can't wait to see how it progresses. I would however like to be able to see what's coming in the update, instead of it just saying "major update!!!" ok?? That's cool, and I'm glad you're excited for it, but we want to be excited for it too.
This is a great game and i love it but now ive been experiencing what must be a bug because i now cant play the game at all it loads up to the starting screen and shows my google games profile loads but and you can hear the music playing but then it freezes up and it dont go any further i've unistalled and reinstalled many time still same effect happens with no change please fix i really love this game
Wow this is good I been playing for a month now and I'm rlly good can u add some turtle currency like turtle tokens for rlly special things like a random tier minigun for 3 rounds only that cost 5 turtle tokens to get them is getting first place in a streak here an example 5 streaks =3 turtle tokens thank you! P.S also a turtle gun that's shoots snapping turtles that deal 50 damage but every bullet shot u have to wait 5 secs to shoot again thank you! P.S add zombies plsssssssssss thank you!
Ok, great frame. I like the concept of merging two beloved game plays. 3 things I would address immediately with an update. 1. let's customize our character race sex etc. 2. one bigger map and one map the same size as the one that is currently available. 3. and this is a big one. If you need to make money on your app, the most effective way is to eliminate the commercials...I know it's a new app, and artist need to eat too. If you decide to keep the commercials please offer a membership.
I like games like this no problems with it all good 5 stars all the way... WeeDavie...... Now I have had time on this game it's the best of it's kind. I have only ever gave one more game this stats and it was Golf Clash again best of it's kind and this game very well done team pat on the back from WeeDavie