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Battle Divas: Slay Mecha

Battle Divas: Slay Mecha for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Yatta! Play located at 18 Boon Lay Way 10-103, TradeHub 21, Singapore 609966. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Very unique in terms of gameplay and mechanics. Characters are well-designed and super cute. Great game overall.
Doesn't ever actually load. Managed to play once, and was OK at best. Now, just infinite loading circle. Networks are functioning with everything else.
Im surprise to that this is a really good game, i was hesitant to try this one at first because i thought its like other turn based game but this one is really good Though the game is not perfect sometimes the dialogue is not in with the text or some character model doesn't show when the are interacting with each other and lacking of some SFX in my opinion but a really good game.
Thank you for making this game its really fun but whenever I start the game up it just crashes on me and I have to reinstall it just to play the game.
everything about the game is amazing from the leveling up to the venture to the backgrounds so much to do to keep you occupied and to keep your entertainment up so that's why I give it a five star good job
Can't play ☹️ please fix the game. I am using a teclast p10hd tablet and the game ran fine but now it won't open.please patch the game to be tablet compatible
Recently several costume artworks for the main screen and Ultimate cut-ins have changed to "SFW" versions with no announcement. Have reached out through social media and in-game support and no response. Kinda sketchy to have these changed without any info whatsoever, since some of the costumes are bought with real cash. Hoping this will get their attention, will edit review if this gets fixed. Update: Sent email to email in response 10 days ago, no reply yet.
Interesting game. Not easy to progress at the later level and campaign is hard for beginner. But it is not pay to win, I have been able to progress significantly w/o paying. It takes time. Generally good art work, but not consistent? Some costumes will reflect new character art work/poster but many don't. Storytelling is simple, perhaps could build in more depth to the story like more character building etc.
Fun game easy controls and awesome ways to get cool weapons. Also you can actually get all the characters and not depend on dumb luck or spending money to get the characters you want in your team
It is a copy of other similar games. Simple gameplay ruined by hundreds of useless "rewards" you need to collect every day. I dont like to spend 40 minutes just because devs are to lazy to add "collect all" button. Not recommended.
I lost my account. I did contact cs. Last response is 10 march. I already accepted my loss of +- $100 that I spent on my account. I lost mine and it can happen to anyone else since you get kicked and logget out, only to find you account gone when you log back in.
Honestly, I would like to say that I am very impressed and interested in the game now. I have played since it's first release (I didn't even know I was playing in the beta) and it didn't really grab my attention much. Now that it is fully released, I see that a lot of things have changed in the game, and I like that a lot. I lost my beta account but I don't mind restarting the game again because it's fun and it allows me to try new things I couldn't do before. This game is highly recommended. 5⭐
You're trying to advertise that no hero gacha is your strong point. But I just did 2 - 5x5 gacha pulls for 5700 gems. I got 2 exact same legendary set items for Frey from both of them, the odds of that happening is astronomically low. Now I have 2 of each same useless set items for same unit that I don't have. Even though the passives are good, but they're completely useless without the set. Which seems impossible to get without spending more. Premium currency seems limited from weeklies as well
I like this game. Definitely a grindfest to get 2* on your characters but I've dealt with worse. Kinda wish there were more male characters but it's a gacha game so it HAS to be a waifu collector. My problem is the Halloween monsters in Infinite War being so absurdly strong. Getting wrecked by two steroid using werewolves who take my damage like pea shooters.... Not cool.
Good game, but the max level of your heroes, and therefore your rate of advancement, is tied to the number of weapons you unlock on them. With a 1.5% weapon drop rate in the gacha, good luck getting weapons in the characters you want. You can get some weapons from farming, but to get them you need weapons of specific elements, and guess where you get them? Also, it's pretty bad not being able to reset your account to at least try and get the weapon you need in the initial free pull.
I would said that this new update has less satisfactory. Not only because censorship but daily reward aren't rewarding enough. I hope you guys reading this.
Pretty fun. 4 stars for a few issues. One is there's semi-frequent hang ups during battle. Not sure if thats an optimization isue or not. Second some of the systems in the game arent explained very well. Lastly some of the buttons are teeny tiny and hard to press. U.i. needs a slight adjustment in that regard. Aside from that, love the tactics involved, how each weapon changes how you can use the characters, and how animated their expressions are.
The gameplay is ok, but the character, story, VA, and bgm is meh. What makes me give 3 stars is the gacha system, its too pricey and the rate is so bad. The multi gacha wont be guarranted get new character. You must pull weapon to get new character but the gacha pool contain not only weapon but gear also. So if you have bad luck you will only pull gear instead of weapon/char and it happened to me. Besides, some gear only can give skill to certain character so its a bad gacha system imo
Can't be played it gets stuck on loading screen I've uninstalled it, the video looks nice but the game can't be played.
Great game. Different weapons mean that one character can play out differently depending on weapon used. My only problem is that it only shows a black screen on my Vivo phone. Edit: It still won't work properly, however it works fine on the same phone with an app cloner. Quite weird but whatever works I guess.
First time playing the game is really fun and challenge game and the anime girls are really good looking in the game I hope u guys bring more anime characters to the game
Lovely game play I love the graphic designing and all the time I play this game I have an marvelous experience
Fun, strategical gameplay. A decent amount of units with multiple weapons each, that alter the hero's usage. Various enemies and an interesting story. However, the weapon gacha is just terrible. The rates are nonexistent, with all weapons having a combined rate of 1.5%. You heard right, not 1.5% per weapon. The hero's max level is directly related to how many weapons you have acquired and certain stages require you to have high star heroes. Also there are way to few ways to get summons.
A great game ... There is a lot of things to do in this game since the energy system in this game is not a problem ... Like seriously, you are more likely to waste your time on the difficulty on the game strategy than the energy refill time ... But my only problem is that the game only has ×2 speed ... I want something faster like an x4 speed since playing a level would take up about 5 min to 15 min which is not ideal if I can only spend 1 hour for gaming.
Can't give it 5 stars yet, but it's a very enjoyable game with a solid gameplay and personalization options. So far so good.
The game feels firm. No gacha and a storyline that is decent but I can't get into since I rather have English voice acting to feel immersed. I have a problem with getting full armors intended for the units potential to be used properly. I also spent money on the closed beta and can not recover the funds invested. Other than that I like the game and am getting more familiar with it as it reminds me of makai wars. If I can recover what I spent then I can change the stars.
-Make the limited costume buyable via ingame currency (like diamond or gold). -Don't and never add VIP system in the future. -Arena is P2W. -Random blackscreen on Infinite War which cost me 2 tickets.
This game has appealing graphic and gameplay. I would say it's not a f2p-friendly game as resources given are scarce and not to mention the ultra low pulling rate for weapons which are the most important part of the game. Unless, you are willing to spend a hundred bucks a month, this game is not for you.
I like this game because it looks simple at first but it gets tactical later on specially at infinity war where you need a mix of luck and skill. What i want improvements on is when viewing enemy stats, it should also give detailed information like what are the enemy skills and so on. Specially the wolves! They hit you very hard and there is no way to outplay them. Its a sure lose if you encounter them in infinity war.
I'm just getting into this. For style, think Chibi+PSO+Evangelion+Megaman.exe, in that order. Home music is reminiscent of Epic7's, but with a touch more rock. Tutorial is thorough for the minimal things it covers. The game has a few menus that are really hard to read on a smaller screen. Main battles are SRPG fare (movement/position matters) with fewer selectable moves. (sacrificed 4 turn speed) If Langrisser burned you, try this. This is a female-biased gacha. Males exists, but barely.
Originally played the Japanese version & it's certainly a great game, I want to say that the developers don't seem as greedy like most other so-called "free" to play, which unfortunately really just translates into "Pay to Win" & really they don't seem to be so, but as I've learned far too often before that can very quickly change so I'm not going to burn myself out with such statements, maybe another 6 months down the line I can praise the developers but honestly I won't hold my breath just yet
Im having fun so far! The heroes look pretty cool and the game is very fast paced. My biggest issue however is the sound, there's no slider for voice, music, etc. It's either off or on. Also another thing is that we do have a lot of slashing and smashing sounds but not any "grunts" or you know the sound of the enemy or allies actually felling hurt or announcing their attack, adding just a couple of "haa" or "ugh" sounds go along way to make the heroes feel alive
I'm fairly new to the game. I love the graphics, love how the story so far is developing. Game play is simple yet challenging
Kindda stupid for new player need to grind wind weapon. even 20time not drop once.. ppl will lost interest and thus have a mission need to use tht weap to unlock star.. just saying, whos idea is that? kindda lame
"Oh, no, you don't roll for units, no units in the gacha! You just roll for weapons that unlock units!" I really hope you can explain this, because this feels like a technique a snake oil salesman would use. Other than that, most units look kinda bland (naturally the nicest ones are only bosses, par for the course for these games), and gameplay doesn't feel very consequential, on top of kinda feeling like Tokyo Necro Suicide Mission.
I want to hug the devs who made this cute charming little game, its a hidden gem (maybe not so hidden), graphics, characters, animations are all nice, greatest positive is the strategic turn based combat. Since theres no hero gacha only weapons, the game rewards you with heroes the more effort you put into it. This is a good foundation for a game, hope to see more features, contents and events, can i hug you?
Pretty sure other people experience this. When I open the app, it plays 2 logos and just goes black. My phone is updated and I have plenty of space for the app. So not sure why this is happening.
Ok now you are getting one star. There is a stage in infinite war where the obelisk attacks 9 times on the lowest heath ally. That stage is so fooking dumb and needed ti be fixed/nerfed. I just got 4 sealed weapon and got raped by it on just 3 fooking turns. Please fix that rapist obelisk.
I don't get it. How is this no gacha no shard game? There is clearly a gacha system. I get that microtransaction is what keeping the mobile gaming industry alive, but false advertisement is just a low blow. I expect a smart twist on the microtransaction, like skins or special weapons with character story that you can unlock with gems, but no. This is JUST another gacha game. Lazy, uninspired, and outright lying.
It's fun, the gameplay for me is new and fresh. But I've encountered problems before being able to play. One of them is the updating part, it won't let me download even though I have enough storage (56gb), and a stable connection. The phone isn't the problem as my phone is a 2019 model, this problem was fixed by deleting the app. The next day it won't even let me pass the loading screen anymore saying "updating failed" pls fix this. Also the GUI needs work for me as the buttons are too small.
This games gacha is really bad. The drops on weapons of which you need to unlock characters, it's just plain terrible. Not to mention you hit the games pay wall 4 chapters in. This game's gacha is actually worse than the other gacha games, which is ironic as this game was advertised as having no gacha, yet it ended up having one of the worst. Good concept, characters, live 2D, and good art but really bad case of Greed.
Amazing game but i really wish that they add a tutorial for drawing the charaters cz out there in the world has alot of animator-wanna be.
Gave the game some more time, a few of my complaints have been alleviated. For example, consumables that increase weapon XP makes it less grindy and special shards to craft weapons that otherwise come from gacha. Arena is still a toss up whether your team will be well coordinated or run around like lunatics, and the AI doesn't avoid hazard tiles and will throw themselves on a mine if it means they're in attack range.
Installed the game. I see the two intro screens so I know the game is working but all I get is a black screen. I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S9+ with Android OS 10. There should be no reason why this doesn't work. Uninstalled, cleared my phone cache, and tried reinstalling again. I end up with the black screen. Very disappointing.
A very typical gatcha game....started out fast but that ended quickly and became a grind. :( I usually rate by a .1 system (ex. game overall is 4.6) but this game is a solid 4.....fun...but not going to be anything I would sink money into (maybe $0.99) or play for a long term period. Want to give it lower but really had no bugs or crashes, graphics were good and there was the standard time sinks, and I DID like their system of improving heroes....so 4*.
it's a good game, but you need to advertise more! I feel so alone in the leaderboards arena and please and update the custumes to be seen like the cheerleader skin. Also add reaction animations when touched. sory its not my first language so its hard to explain and express my thoughts thank you
This game is a fun strategy game with of course, cute anime girls. I would give this game a 4, but I will be kind and give it a 5. Can't wait for more people to play this! Liking the story. I also like how you unlock new heroes. The only thing I don't like about this game is that it feels, complicated.. There is so much stuff and it kinda overwhelms me. But over all, I think this is a great game.
Its rather decent. I didnt know what to expect even fron vid but after givibg it a chance rather enjoying it. Friendly free to play to progress game wise. Fun characters with their own ways of fighting and just umm good in genral really. If u want a nice laided back free to win game and cost little space lol i would suggest it. Cause like really. Game doesnt take lot of space thankfully so yea :)
Interesting game. Not easy to progress at the later level and campaign is hard for beginner. Generally good art work, but not consistent? Some costumes will reflect new character art work/poster but many don't. Storytelling is simple, perhaps could build in more depth to the story like more character building etc.
The game so far is very promising. The gameplay has uppes in difficulty rather quick in the story which is what I like as a lot of gachas don't seem to pay much attention the gameplay. The sprites are chibi but still very nice looking, you can get all of the characters from the story which is very nice.
Good game. I feel it is missing something though. Cant put my finger on it though. All around well balanced. Not too hard and reward are good. I have only ever gave one other game a 5 star rating so it is high praise from me. Keep up tye good work. Love the art work too.
A refreshing take on mobile RPG's, though the "no gacha, no shards" marketing is a bit on the technical side as gacha summons are replaced with (fair) loot boxes and instead of character shards there's equipment shards that bring out the characters in them. Having played up to chapter 4 so far I praise the game for being bingable, having a good soundtrack and story, and not leaning too heavily on grinding outside of farming equipment and resources.
why not do a systyem to reset the lvl 1 character and recover all the character and weapon upgrades to send them to another more powerful character
Gameplay is super fun. Infinite war mode is awesome, please let us play more of it each week. Progression is a little annoying since a sizable part of it is ties to the gacha, you can't power up the char you like unless you're lucky. Banner have no guarantee. I came from E7 & SDSGC, so it really hurt to be without it here. Many questions goes unaddressed in guide. Armor abilities goes off with no indicator. Enemy skill aren't described. Overall great game to play, can be better.
Very fun game with some interesting stragy. Still a new player will update review later but enjoying it a good bit so far.
At 1st I was sceptical about trying this. After a few weeks I decided to try this game, and am amazed at how good it is. Great amount of strategy in how to attack, set up defense, target bosses to break off parts, and best of all you can reposition your characters after any oc your turns! Very necessary as you have to avoid certain attacks and hazards. Plus it's lots of fun with the funny yet engaging storyline, simple controls, and the variety of characters. Highly recommended!
Pros: Great design! No ads. For two days I've had interesting game play without a pay wall so far. Cons: All info text is TINY! Smallest possible text size, I don't understand why. Every battle takes about three times longer than they should even on 2x auto. Collecting heroes is locked behind discovering their unique weapon, and it's unclear how to do that. Massive eye strain trying to view the different options
Good battle system, cute character design, very fluid movement even thou played it on low spec device, and the reason why i rating its 4/5 is "The annoyance of character voice", i know dev want to follow Hype of japanese voice character but man~.. at least hire better VA to do the job, me can do better than that fuma guy, even thou im not an japanese native speaker.. i guess thats all for now.
The best part of this game is strategy but some mechanics are holding it back. They should remove turn limits or at least increase it will make more variety of strategies viable and feel less P2W. Also, let us control our units in PVP because AI is too dumb and we need to have obviously better gears than opponent to win. In short, game is kindda great but obviously pay to win in late game content. There is no way to fight except hit hard and fast, which can only be done with premium units.
Battle Divas is (if done properally) one of those "sleeping gems" I thought "its just another gacha" but that changed to "i actually would not mind seeing how this game does" I plan to play for a long while because im not one of those people that leave then comeback when theres something hype. So, if you want to get into a game that has alot of potential then i highly reccommend Battle Divas, if not well, you do you i guess... P.S. If you want to have me test something before release, email me
It's reminds me Megaman Battle Network but with waifus intensifies. It has good-looking artstyle. All character are obtainable from the missions and that's why the game is contains gacha-weapon, so makes sense. I would give 5 stars if dev also makes playable for offline, because this game is literally has spent so much time for PvE. Probably, bonus rewards are required internet connection. But we also need a connection when battling against ai?
Initially seems good: Nice art, ok combat, clean interface. But has a HUGE flaw: to get items/level up you have to break parts of enemies. Ok, so target the parts. But that you can't for certain enemies. If you're overpowered you just kill them, so mining is out. Adjust placement, adjust who is attacking, doesn't matter - no breaks. So gain all the levels you want. But if you can't build up the weapons, you are standing still. A real shame.
So i don't know if it just me because the game is broken right now. I updated the game and it started a new account (inserting name, tutorial etc...). So i follow the tutorial to see if i can reacquire my account but i'm stuck at summoning gacha tutorial and since the game insisted you to summon i cannot continue the tutorial. So i can't play right now.
For saying it doesn't have a gacha, it has one of the worst gachas I've ever played. Drop rates for heroes/weapons is criminally low. You'll get nothing but usless gear you could have got on nearly any stage or in any loot box. It also has near 0 RPG elements. All it has is the stats aspect of RPG's. It's missing all interaction with the various characters. Great core, but it needs way more content and a gacha adjustment.
The UI needs an overhaul. The buttons are small so they're not that visible plus difficult to press. The amateurish voice acting actually surprised me in a pleasant way. Characters have cute expressions and you can grind for them in the story. Overall an average experience.
Hello great game. I like the style. I wish it was more of a gacha game but other than that great mechanics and art style
Hey, this game is awesome. All characters are available for free across the story. The gacha is for weapons, you can acquire characters early by getting the weapon, there's also a 20times reroll gacha for beginners and there are plenty of free stuff. Give it a chance, game's awesome!
It's a $5 game that wants $100+ from you. Graphics look like a game from 20 years ago and gameplay doesn't really matter if you have epic gears. After a few days of playing you'll see that all you're getting is common gears and you have to buy crates using diamonds or real money. I'm gonna stop here and enjoy other less p2w games, just look around there's plenty of them. Bottom line: it's a simple hero grid based game that got monetized so badly.
Game seemed weird at first and the energy system is very limiting, but the infinite war gamemode (rogue-like esque) is surprisingly fun and can keep you busy for hours. Evens out the energy consumption from other content. Translation rather rough around the edges but mostly understandable.
Overall a good game but there aren't many things to do in terms of gameplay. I've spent some $$ in this game but it doesn't feel worth it, the weapon rate is just awful.
I love this game! I'm obsessed and love the grindy dungeon vibes. If you like turn based RPG's, then this game is for you!!
Overall gameplay is good. What kinda tick me off is 1) The english translation does not match the actual thing the character are saying, especially in story. The translation seems shortened, and sometimes just doesn't make sense. 2) The voiceover of the character is done poorly. Their idle line on the home screen, their ultimate skill voice, etc. are almost seems recorded on phone or something, and make it gritty to hear. But other than that, good game with diverse characters, gears, and story.
After clearing the 3rd stage, the game popped up the "rate me" screen so here we are. I see a lot of potential but it's good to know coming into this game that everything revolves around RNG drops from boss parts and crates. Hero stars are based on acquiring weapons, which require bits to be collected. This gimmick can bring the game to a crawl especially at higher missions that require more energy to run. There are also way too many currencies that can be overwhelming. Game is stable tho.
Only reason I'm giving 2 stars is because I feel anyone but me would get something nice. I have done the 20 rerolls, and did not get a new hero let alone useful gear. I even played enough to get the gems for a 10x pull for 2 different banners.. in which gave 0 heroes. Out of 30 pulls, I did not get a complete set of gear(only 3 pieces in a set).. which for some sets makes them useless. 30 pulls and no hero either? Sorry but imo, it's not worth the grind if it is this hard to start.
Good game and have fun with it but game a little bit complicated when you finding or searching for something and even confuse .
Its a bit different from most strategy gachas. Graphics are smooth and cute, gameplay is deeper than you think, and sound can be annoying but its ok the game is very good overall
Some ppl are too stupid and giving this game low stars... There is no character gacha but there is a weapon gacha... Been playing the game since launch and it's been really fun. I enjoy the strategy that goes with different combinations of weapons and characters. I hope that you have more events to get more premium currency. Lastly, one improvement would be to not force ppl to bind their accounts initially. Have a guest option so people can reroll.
Pretty fun game. Slightly above average visuals, decent balance and character design. Could have better weapon rates but I like that you can unlock all characters frok playing. Grinding isnt too bad, and challenge stars are good reasons to actively play instead of using auto mode, although they are annoying to do sometimes. So far the pvp seems to be just bots but maybe i need to play more to see real people, the "draft" mode seems to be designed to end at round 13 which I didnt like.
I personally think the way you are able to move your characters the same way you can in games like pirate 101 is cool. In every mobile 'gatcha' style game you either place them in stationary positions, or select the ones you want to use, so I think it's unseen on mobile games. I like that, because it opens up even more strategizing possibilities. Finding spots where you can hit multiple enemies at once, and spots for your healing units. Combine this with troop choice and you have strat building.
The game was good.. but they have this one really annoying stage at every chapter where you must repeat battle there to finish it and to get weapon.. or so.. but for God sake this is mobile game.. you expect us to sit watching and click retry again and again? Auto repeat is a common feature for game like this.
A great, fun game. I love the concept, mechanics, gameplay, art and music! My only issue is that sometimes the cutscenes skip through too quickly and I miss some of the story but nothing too detrimental to the overall experience. 5 stars from me.
Good for the eyes! At first I thought it was just another normal rpg game, but when I saw the graphics, it really changed my life, well at least for the time being. I respect the creators who actually use isekai Character to make a more beautiful and more atractive champion, although I wish the boss became champion to but all and all, it still a fun game!
My account just straight up disappeared right after the update. Well done, time to drop this after playing for years
I love this game a lot such a great battle mechanics and story I wish it was longer and had more characters though
I received my diamonds today. Thank you very much for taking action on the issue. Nice game. Looking forward to updates and new characters.