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Battle Camp - Monster Catching

Battle Camp - Monster Catching for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by NEXT Music located at 201 Spear St. #1500 San Francisco, CA 94105. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I LOVE this very much๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜ But.....monsters doesn't have any attacks We need to match puzzle for attack Developers need to male attacks to improve this game๐Ÿ˜“๐Ÿ˜“
Whenever I open the game it says debugging has been detected and to contact customer center. I'm using a Chromebook. This game worked fine on my phone.
Such an amazing game. Really easy to progress and get rare monsters. Events are fun and it's just a great game in general.
Controls are easy to understans, Nice gameplay and good graphics, but gold is really rare to find and unless you pay money, there is amost no way of getting gold, also there is the energy system which only holds 5 energy and events can take up all your energy. All and all, this is a very good game and I like it a lot.
**** Edit*** Developer contacted me asking if they can put my missing items in my account. Same thing 4 days ago the person who responded to my ticket said. Still at this time they are not in my account. I used to like this game until they ignored my support tickets for packages of gold purchased and didn't receive the extra items.Game is a rip-off it that it seems Safe Lane Gaming has taken over. They even would not approve my complaint post on their Facebook page. Wouldn't recommend anymore.
Most of the monster designs are bland,the naming isn't any better,the combat's good,the energy system is annoying,I have a HUGE problem with energy systems,when the developers of a game put in an energy system, I'm thinking to myself,do you want me to play your game or not? This game does have good things,the combat system is one of them,but the bad things overshadow the good things,either way,there's still enjoyment to get from this game.
Only thing I would suggest is putting a dps stats screen after you attack something so you know how much damage your doing with each specific creature and element, I think that would be a neat addition
since the new slg logo I can not log into the game and it tells me it's fixing bugs and to visit the customer center. what should I do? I really like the game please help.
great game but when you reach at a certain level or stage you'll need strong monster which is possible when you will spend your real money
5 energy is not enough 15 at least because some things require like 3 so that's not really fair that we only have five energy also it is so hard to get gold coins doesn't make sense and it's so hard to get special good monsters that's why I'm giving it only three stars
I downloaded this game years ago then deleted it for storage and i tried looking for the game for months and ive finally found it! I hope the game is still as good as it once was
Ok there is this major iasue where I have made a troop and I cannot disband it even though there is no event! Please fix this, i've been trying to disband my troop for quite some time with no success!
Tell me why my power rate decreased drastically without me even touching my team?!! How did that happen...
New owner suck, but then again, previous one sucks too. it's so boring with only 4 type of battle is available. It was used to be fun, but now its just meh.. if not because we love our monster we won't even give a sheet about this game. And the customer service is the worst part of all, they used to care about us camper, now when anything bad happens, they just turn off comment refusing to hear anything further, and they always promise to fix things, but nothing fixed in the end. 1/5 suck
The game is good but it wount let me do my free spins or did you guys get rid of free spins dev fix plz :my player name kekddlsk
The monsters are so damn cute, like it. Well, some of them are more looks epic than cute, but still like somewhat
So like, it's a cool game and all, I've played this over the years and had a good time, but the gold system is an absolute scam. I click on a random chest lying round, expects me to pay 250 coins, which is the equivalent of $40 real money!!! No-ones ever gonna pay for that... If things were made cheaper, or coins were a little easier to obtain, then this would balance things out a bit. Right now, it's a pay to win game for the insanely rich
The game rocks, but when it comes to spins it sucks a lot. Wish they could consider helping the non-spenders.
I created a troop and now I cant leave my troop plz fix I even tried to leave with no event on and i still cant leave plzz fix. :'(
The game is great fun! Can the developer teams please fix the send friends and ask friends: energy, gifts, avatar shop and social media links please.
The game is great, but it has too many pop ups and it really needs to practice doing what the monsters in this game do...evolve. I've played 4 years and though I really enjoy it, this game needs new material, new ideas, something more than just a new monster or 2 every 3 months.
This game is good. Kinda difficult to obtain better monsters for your team unless you're a P2w player. The energy also takes too long to be filled, and the cap is way too low. I hope the devs make the energy cap at least 20.
P2W Game and getting good monster is very low and the energy are only 5 thats why i cant enjoy this game.
Good, but slow progress. Gold coins are all the much too rare for some of the prices in game, and special monsters are too hard to obtain. Good game otherwise. EDIT; Wow! Updates brought alot of fixes and rare monsters are actually alot easier to get. Thanks :) edit2; and it got worse again. You can't disband the troop you started even if t has nobody there, and rare monsters became IMPOSSIBLE to even see. Also with the missions energy is way too valuable pls remove energy than i would be happy
I been playing this game for years now, and I just really need to ask the developers to add a nickname changing feature, my brother randomly type a nickname for me and I don't like it. This might be a problem to a lot of players in this game. If you can fix it, please reply to me.
This game is great but you guys recently took down the penny pop support website so I cant reedeem codes anymore which simply mean you cant really play with your friends and send them gifts so they level up faster . Please either fix the website or make another way to share codes.
It's a good game but the only thing I have to say is that every time I go to pvp battle it ALWAYS gives me a oppenent that is stronger than me. Please fix this. I can't win ANY battles. Also every time I go into the game, it says I don't have enough slots, and I click the buy slots by accident, and it doesn't ask me if I'm sure. So this is my edit, again, I don't even bother with pvp events anymore, because every one has stranger pr than me. Why? I literally GOT RID OF MY WHOLE INVENTORY FOR IT.
I just started playing again: after putting it down for three years. I'm leaving one star, because of the pay to (playing/win) aspect. I always thought this game had potential, but they went backwards... reminds me of those little tan&green army men: if you catch my drift๐Ÿคช But I digress. All and all, it's a great game, if they would fix the energy receiver rates, so it would be worth playing more than once a day.
I used to love this game a few years back, thinking around 2015? I had to delete it for a bit then I completely forgot about it! Thought it was called Monster Camp so when I searched videos of it I didn't find what I remembered at first. When I looked on the play store I found Battle Camp and that's when it hit me! Pretty nostalgic game from when I was in elementary school in all honesty
It is not the game I started in 2016 anymore! Many changes have been made and chances are limited to get better rewards in the game. Oh, I was about to forget the change about 10e per spin, which happened in 4 years at Xmas times. And now it is gone. Many players lost their interests in the game.
1.The energy distribution needs to be fixed. You only give 5. At least give 20. 2. When updating, the app no longer let's you in. It tells you there is a server problem. 3. Rares need to be a bit more easy to get. It shouldnt take someone years to get decent monsters.
Found this game when I was around 10, found it again and it hasn't changed a bit, and thats what makes it great. All around its a great game
Im just not a fan on the spins because who would spend days grinding gold coins just to possibly get a bad monster. its probably not possible but can you make some spins stones instead of gold coins
You can only keep 5 energy's or buy more the energy regains every 6 min for only 1 energy for most important battles it cost 2 to 3 energy it's not a fun game it rely on you spending money to do anything the concept is good story could be better. Fix
Takes a year or two to get good teams without spending, but it's still fun. Multiple mini games played with teams of 25 players, team vs team. New owners are making changes to make it even better.
The game is very fun and creative but the problem about the game is that the energy are too limited cus i can only play 10 minutes every time
It's a good game that I lost long ago, my only complaints are it runs a little slow and the energy factor, only 5 energy and some missions take 5 energy so you can't do anything after that, if you're going to have energy maybe have the cap increase with player level, just a suggestion
Contacted customer service about not being able to log in via Facebook as I deleted my Facebook years ago.. they won't help me get my level 49 account back, or get my monsters from that account to my new account. Very unhelpful. Quinn is the "name" of the person who didn't help me. I submitted 2 tickets in which I got the same lovely person to help.
Its uhhh... its a good game but it is really struggling with connecting to google play services. If you don't run into this problem I recommend the game. However, my review will stay the same unless this gets fixed
I love this time at first my internet was good but I can't log into my acc and that make me sad there nothing wrong with my net.
They run this game like a dictatorship. You send tickets in response to bugs in the game and they fob you off with "the devs have no issues to report" even when hundreds of people are writing on their fb page about the same issue. You get banned from their Facebook page if you say anything that doesn't fit their narrative. Pvp is broken and has been for a long time and they won't fix it. Bugs for days.. You have to be rich to play. But you do meet some awesome people, thats the only positive.
The game started to lag and delayed for a second when the new update come out with the SLG logo, ever since it been released it is okay I been playing for years already I've never been experiencing some lag or delay. Maybe the new update make the game lag and delayed please fix the problem so that alot of new player will enjoy the game
Very disappointed in thr game. Played it when it first came out and stopped for a few years. Now im playing it again and am permanently stuck. I've beaten the inferno hall 7 times and it never let's me progress further! Donr waste your time!
Money hungry greedy owners don't care about their player base. It's just a cash grab scam. Don't fall into the rabbit hole
The chance of getting good things in the game suck and it's such a flipping money spender. I know they are gonna read this but do nothing about the game. I spent 80 dollars for pieces of trash.
this is actually a very unique type of gameplay monsters i love it so much bcs its open world to but how can this game be bigger if you can give any comfort to us because the mission in this game need a lot of energy you dont even give us a chance to finish the mission take a too long time at least give us a 10 energy each reset and the time duration reduce it so we can play more in this game because its very very hard to get good monsters and once we try is used a lot of energy so yea thats it.
Quite fun. But I feel scammed from the spins, I always get common or uncommon. It's almost as if the free spins are rigged. Also, coins are too rare. This game isn't very free-to-play friendly because of how rare the coins are.
Was a fun game years ago but now they're more focused on taking peoples money than fixing the problems. After a glitch costing me over $200 with no refund, I won't be recommending this game to anyone
Good monsters are hard to get and the monster spins are basically rigged, everything you can buy in game is really expensive, the pvp tournaments are unfair to low level players because everyone else has epic monsters to basically oneshot lower level players, People are rude in game and most troops are inactive. I like the game but please do something about all this stuff, I can never participate in pvp because I don't have monsters strong enough to even get a chance to attack. It's not fun.
Best game i ever played..... can not imagine how intresting the game will be in next levels..... I AM ALL FIRED UP...... Guys try this awesome game you will love it for sure๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
Why am I stuck in the loading screen in my very first try like I just download it and then I'm stuck in the loading screen I've been waiting for mins now but I'm still in the loading screen pls help this :(
A great casual/side game. It has a stamina system, so you can't grind too hard on it, and that helps keep it fun. I also like how you can increase the levels of monsters needed for evolution, to increase the base stats of your evolved monster. It was also exciting every time I get into a battle because I could meet a rare monster, and gather their pieces to hatch the monster.
This game is amazing to battle. I love to move those elements to collect more powers and it's so cute avatar. I'll be the best ranger.
Game works fine sure but Mortimer is annoying. Please make him less of a douche. There's the energy thing too really but make Mortimer less annoying please.
Dude creators I somehow can't get in the game it's been taking so long in the opening screen it's says Checking updates and a later on it made me go to the him screen other ppl can play this but I can't ugh
I love this game, it is very nice. But there's one problem. When i want disband my troop, it says Can't leave troop in a event . But ther no event going on . I kindly ask the developers to please fix this bug.
Good, but slow progress. Gold coins are all the much too rare for some of the prices in game, and special monsters are too hard to obtain. Good game otherwise. EDIT; Wow! Updates brought alot of fixes and rare monsters are actually alot easier to get. Trust me, fellow players, once you pass teepee hollow things get easier. Adios!
Game won't start after update. Keeps crashing on the SLG logo.... Re-installed game, rebooted, cleared cache. Nothing works...
I was 5 star. I logged out of my account and wasn't connected to facebook and can't get back in or send a support email.
Very bad evey time when I am going to win Stops evry time only Stops when I battle this don't even deserve .25 present star fix it or buy buy Uninstalling now bad game ever in world
Played this back between 2012-2013 with my friends. It was a blast then. Recently downloaded it again and... nothing has changed, in a bad way. No improvements. The same slow interface. Doesn't look like the developer cares about improving the game.
It's a really addicting fun game but the companies support is awful and the game really needs to be bought by a better developer and this game would be ๐Ÿ”ฅ
I'm sure it's a great game, just not my type of thing. Giving 3 stars because of the ridiculous prices.