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Battle Bay

Battle Bay for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Rovio Entertainment Corporation located at Rovio Entertainment Corporation Keilaranta 7, FI-02150 ESPOO FINLAND. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Thank you for your response. But this message I have it 6 mounts ago. Last update is 599 day ago. You left game just to run alone. We don't have any support or update. Also what's annoying is the game latency is very high. " But you can't say anything, because is in company policy." We don't ask for breaking rules, we ask for support.!!! New event,weapons and probably ships.also cheap upgrade can make more profit. You can do more and make everyone happy. For now Wen I play, I'm not happy.
Im gonna be honest I loveeee this game but when the game told me to scrap something i did but the thing didnt dissapear so now im not able to play at all i would really love if you fixed this problem Please, And Thank you.
Eggcellent Game !!!! By the way please update the game its been a year since no update.... and yes please bring the old events like capture the flag event back and bring the speed mk system back.make the game great again!
This game is awesome, but one thing, my and my fleetmate are loosing all the time because of the players. Thier way more powerful than us. I want the people of battle bay to make all players the same level one less one more that's it!!! It needs to be fixed I'm level 20 the other is like level 28 thats not fair, I want that to be fixed and be 20- 23 no more
It used to be a good game but now ever since they introduced the casual mode, ranked battles are quite dead. Which simply means that old players in this game continue to be rewarded high while its very hard for new players to get better at this game which is very unfair for new players. So untill rovio corrects its mistakes by either removing the casual mode or abolishing infamies and leagues for all don't download or pay for this dead game. lookout for when this game last recieved major update
They finally fixed the black screen glitch which is nice, but they haven't really done much with it. We need an update! Especially a Halloween update! Just some bug fixes? What a let down.The game is still a bit buggy when match making. For me when it selects a map to battle on it dosent load in so I have to turn of the app and turn it back on and it will load in. Please fix these bugs. Other then that the game is fun, I guess.
I'm finished with PVP titles. They all have the same quality, MONEY, MONEY, MONEY, Moooonay! These days if it's PVP it's PTW plain and simple and players won't have any fun. The days of casual play PVP are over every title is the same. I await the day when a developer will hit the formula of fun, Fair, profit. If I could code there would be a game such as that I know it's possible. I could give a list of games a mile long that all have model, all failed! Buy a console it's alot cheaper, more fun
It was a good game,i was proud of its creator. But after the last update, the creator litterally gave up the game , no update anymore. I wish you could make the game even better again. And also, there is a lot of people still playing this game, give us somethin'. I also wish that you can fix some bugs or i would say problems with the rank match making. I really wish the creator of this game can give this game a shot again. I posted this at the last day of 2020 just to say this game ain't done!!!
Very bad game match making takes a long time and still the match makeing give u a bad matchup (usually) controlls are npt that great and thinfs like the repair pulse do not have the time duration written in their dercription only play able for new players
This game is a great game but if rovio wants this game to not die altogether it needs to fix several things, including: speedhackers, long waiting times in ranked queuing, and needs to optimise the use of platforms such as YouTube to maintain the players' interest in the game and most of all it is lacking updates. Personally adding a new turret to the game is not the best way of enticing the community. Rovio ought to create new maps and add new mechanics such as wave currents or higher waves for
Game play and control all are good but need to fix playing ranked recently there is a long wait to get a battle please fix this issue and spamming issues
Love this game so much,a really good game and its good if you are into 5v5 games ,in my opinion ,we should be able to get gold weapon a bit more easily coz getting gold stuff is really hard so that would be good and plzz add 4 or 5 people fleeting coz I can't really fleet with my frnds at once and some even unfrnd me so plzz,overall it's an amazing game
The game is surprisingly fun for a team baesd multi-player game. Aiming can be tricky for some players who have a hard time keeping their guns level to shoot since the game has realisticly detailed water movement effects. I have a 8Bitdo SF30 Pro wireless bluetooth controller which i'm hoping that in the future with updates will be compatible with the game which would eliminate the small irritating problems of touch screen controls.
Okay so this game really has some kinda annoying AI(s) because they first of all block torpedo dmg second of I don't like when the artificial intelligents just makes ur ai team do nothing and ur doing all the fighting and all the ai(s) focus fire u and they finish off ur ai team which is useless and u lose the match (btw plz don't put random flags on AI(s) ) But the good thing is that it's very entertaining and cool with the abilities u can use on the ships and items to use abilities Thx Rovio
It's a good game. Very good game but there is not point of having a cooldown on the gattling gun. It's a gattling gun for God's sake. So please remove or limit the cooldown of the gattling gun. The other guns are fine with the respective cooldowns but the gattling gun cooldown has to go. Pleaseeee. Thank you.
It was a Great Game but after updates you have simply ruined this games. mk ships were all awesome u guys removed them. tier unlock talents are removed so layers can now update items as much as they want and get legendary easily. with incoming of casual mode, ranked mode is destroyed. Many players left, I also left the game.the game is simply dying inspite of having great potential u ruined this game Rovio
Great game except for a few things.if you could make it so that aiming is sharper for guns like gatling gun cause when i shoot a enemy with a gattling gun i miss almost every shot even though the game says im aiming the enemy. Also it would be better if i were fighting enemys my level. Also healing abilities suck make them better please. Other than that good game
It was a awesome game. Now it becomes one of the most imbalanced game I have ever seen in my life. Match making, overpowered opponent made me to uninstall the game and now this game doesn't deserve place like play store and editor's choice
I like the game but the game menus are missing so many navigational features I'm actually embarrassed for the devs.... Seriously? There's no way to navigate back from treasure dive for example. You gotta play, or close the app
Quite possibly the best mobile game ever made, only problem is matchmaking can take ~1 min sometimes. Solution: download and start playing now so there are always enough boats in the water for a quick match!
This game is quite fun, i like the combat in it. Its pretty satisfying to destroy your enemies. The movement can be a bit slow and sluggish but thats alright. I look forward to playing more of this game!
Game is good . You should think of adding voice interaction. It would help a lot in game. Having no communication leads to losses. I would love to see those changes in future and make it ASAP. Else you will lose many of your current active players.
One of my favourite game. 4 star because of reconnect I have one of the fast internet but also it pauses and reconnect.Other all is good.So, please bring update and fix your minor bugs please.
Do some changes so that player also start using enforcer again that ship is almost left by every player. Fix the cannon damage I mean its damage keep changing for eg my epic tier 5 balst cannon have 1458 damage but sometime it do only 1250 and even low sometime 1500 or even high . I will edit my reviews later too hope so you will read it
A great game that deserves 5 stars. A shame that Rovio isn't updating it anymore and stopped the online forums... player numbers are slowly dwindling, which lessens the fun factor: longer wait for battles, more difficult to make progress through the ranks. A shame, it is a sensational game to play!
As i am leveling up in this game there is a lot of hackers coming in the matches And if your infamity is above 250 you have to wait more than 2 minutes before game starts Thats why i am leaving this game, it's a cool concept but they fail to manage this game
Great game but i also agree with others its fun but. It takes time to level up also it lags even internet is good and the black screen it is worst plas update the game and introduce new maps i eequest you company otherwise i will stop playing rhis game
They have destroyed this game.. I have to wait 5+ minutes just to find a player. No balance in matching, only money making machine. It was soo good earlier but now they have just completely ruined it. RIP BATTEL BAY :-(
Great game! Recomend it to everybody that likes moba style games. Different ships, different guns and armors. Choose your team strategy and play on.
This game is good over all, but there is only 7 ships, Devs you should make the game alive no updates yet no more ships if it will be like this The game will be Dead come on Devs! Update the game and make it alive add more ships and more new weapons B4 it was Active and Updated game now it's start getting die. Hope you Read this thank you.
I really like this game and all, but there are lots of small glitches. It would also be nice for rovio to update the game, or add new weapons/features or maps before it gets boring
Great game overall. I have an idea to keep the game active: a new ship called the Alicorn (from Ace Combat 7). It's longer than the rest of the ships, but still retains that cartoony look and size. It can carry several offensive and defensive capabilities. As a bonus, the selected weapon in battle will appear on the two sides of the sub and fire in unison. It can also submerge, but is vulnerable to mortars and torpedoes.
HELLO,i wanna make COMPLAINT here...why when im open the game,its just got CRASH and then RESTART AGAIN..first i can play,after FINISH it just go RESTART the game AGAIN...after i QUIT im CANNOT GO INTO the game,its said that CANNOT SUPPORT the INTERNET...but IM JUST PLAY A WHILE AGO,PLEASE FIX THIS BUG...its really make us FRUSTRATED...
played every day for a year and have been number 1 on damage maybe 3 times. I'm not that bad . the targeting is a joke. I like the game but they match you against people that you can't beat. you must have to pay to be good just like all games
Guys this was a wonderful game before the last update. But it has really changed a lot. Really they should bring new ships to game and they should take away the old ships
Awesome game always loved it ever since I started playing it 2 years ago but there's only problem there people using freaking speed hacks fix this!! Imagine people losing their winstreak cause of the hackers and people also lag switch making it hard to aim please fix this
1 Star Why When I Opened The Game It Doesn't Open It Only Shows A Black Screen I Reinistalled It Again And It Still Shows A Black Screen I Hope You Fix This And One Thing I Hate I HAVE to Wait 1 Hour To Open The Game Until The Black Screen Goes Away And I Lost All My Gold When I Got Deafeat Stupid Game 1 STAR And It Takes So LONG TO FIND A MATCH IN CASUAL OR GETTING INFAMY MODE IT TAKES WHAT 90 MINUTES TO WAIT.
Nice graphics and smooth gameplay, but gattling gun cooldown time should be removed.. Except all the things this game is fun to play..
Dead game. Developers have abandoned this game. Bad server connection, matchmaking is not balanced. Unplayable alrdy due to PAY-TO-WIN. Been playing this for years, sad to see that this is the final product. Uninstalling and never coming back.
The game is wonderfully designed, the weapons are detail oriented and animation is great. Now here are all the problems. - It takes almost 5 minutes in the loading screen to find enough people to play the game. - When you DO find enough, the people with the boats and gear are not matched the same. You could be brand new and matched with boats that all have one legendary weapon. So you die in less than a minute of play. - The matches are IMPOSSIBLY uneven. You could be facing 4 medic boats
I really enjoy playing the game ! Its very addictive:) the only problem I have is there are unfair matches in the games and while i am playing sometimes there's alot of lagging in the game and the wait times for Rank is horrible ! We can't even play Rank right now cause it doesnt even work :( I wish Rovio would fix it ! Other than that its really fun to play!
Best game ever.... but the only problem is the match takes too long to start cuz there is not a lot of players, pls play this game and let the bay be filled with lots of amazing players :) and pls update πŸ™ And also, most of the match the teammates are useless πŸ˜’ they will never help or do anything :(
Good untill you finish training then you have no chance.Too bad, from what I saw witch wasn't much, nice job. Too often a good game gets destroyed by bad matching, hackers, or just low down and dirty practices. This game doesn't represent all but enough to make me walk away
higher rating for more balanced teams I dont have any legendary items yet I'm paired against a team that have multiple. Apparently low level matchmaking isn't possible, it takes way longer than suggested waiting time i like the game been playing off an on for years
Rovio you abandon the this game just why why I rate the controls and graphics, gameplay five stars but since this is one star because you abandoned battle Bay really horrible but still it's the best but why the update is in 2020 this is strange that is months ago but you decide this community to die
Hard to level up, Only way to upgrade quickly(still takes years)is joining a guild. It is a great game but needs more maps, less grind, less effort to upgrade. Only one legendary weapon and still only at 800ish level on ranked plays. If you want to play ranked battles it takes a long while to find you a spot. I've dropped $50+ on this game over a couple months and it's not worth it. After I left this review my app stopped working it won't stay opened and load, they need the download numbers sad.
Really cool idea of a multiplayer game and it's well executed. Don't hesitate to download this game and download it right away. This game is that goodπŸ™ŒπŸ‘πŸ™ŒπŸ‘
The game got old and worst, which players stopped playing it and it takes so long to enter a game because of that. Bots should be added into the game to play the ranked or any other mods, that would at least make the game better of experiences.
Very TERRIBLE. Matchmaking is unfair, puts you with higher level players. F****** horrible. Probably one of the worst games I've played. Would have given -5 stars if possible
Not fixing the hours wait for ranked mode kind of made the game obsolete. Players are unable to progress and updates are halted. It can be reasoned by devs indifference to countless suggestions and reluctance to improve. Upon opinions, they respond defensively and even censored their forum by changing to read-only such that they can block off opposition. For a player who has played for four years, it is sad to see this once great game is destroyed by devs immature handling and negativity.
This game is one of the best game and it should be well known but the only reason it is not famous cause there is no updates like for 2 or 4 months . So plz update the game and it will rise up in top games like flash!!!!
Well I have some suggestions. New mode: tanks. Every ship will have tracks and a shape like a tank , other versions of torpedoes or other guns, health will be doubled and speed will increase on ships with a lot of health like defender and shooter and decreased on all the other ships. New guns: homing missile, this missile will target a player and follow him after 10-40 seconds the missile will explore. Rocket launcher, it is like a big torpedo but it is faster and disassembles when it touches🌊
-Very little to no way of obtaining more epic+ turbos, and shields -Sugar resources arent enough by a certain level without purchasing -Waiting several days before being able to do another upgrade leaving you sugar broke for other items and upgrades -Barely enough epic and legendary tools -Plenty of hackers, without fix -Matchmaking SUCKS!!!!! -TO MUCH WORK/TIME for event rewards -EVEN WORSE, GAME IS BROKEN NOW AFTER ABOUT A YEAR OF PROGRESS EVEN AFTER PERMISSION IS GIVEN ON ANDROID
There's just so little to do. There's only 2 game modes most of the time, and the 3rd game mode is an event one. It takes so much time to find a match. And the only way to upgrade your weapons faster is to buy the VIP. If this game gets the attention it deserves and is taken seriously, I'm positively sure that it could be successful. Waiting to see if they add a tournament 1v1 or fleet kind of deal, it'd really hype up the game more. Hoping the devs not to abandon the game. I give it 4 stars
Stooped to a new level of unplayability. If you do not want to continue making money off the well set ad machine, tell us wankers, the ardent fans who keep playing it that you have pulled the plug by pulling it from the play store. Don't be passive aggresive and put us on a 3rd rate network where "dial-up" looks like a broadband connection
Used to be amazing. I actually came back to it after so long because it was so great. But now it's gone down the path of so many other mobile games that used to be good. It has become pay to win. They used to have purchasable content, but it was balanced. Now it's been put out of balance so you have to either watch an insane amount of ads or pay money to keep up. Also, matchmaking has become a joke. It'll take 5+ minutes to find a match, but it'll be way out of balance. R.I.P. Battle Bay :(
I don't like you have no sort options for your inventory. I tend to have excessive load times, in excess of 5 minutes and I don't like you get no clan quest progress if you don't win. All else is fine. Fun game and looks nice.
Looks nice , controls are decent...but the matchmaking is horrible. Battle lasts 2 mins n the whole team is dead while 2 team mates are fireing on 1 enemy all the time and he still wasnt dead at the end of the match.... so yeah 2 stars for this terrible way of matching no fun at all!!!
Awesome game, i really dont know why people left the game but its amazing and the devs just quit so they dont even patch hacks or bugs so thats a slight no no, also not very much to do other than the events and another thing is the matchmaking. The making is garbage and thats because people dont play much anymore
Dear team, I am playing this game from last 3 years. From last 4 days I am facing ship control issue. Whenever I start game my ship start rotating & I cant aim & mainly control movement of my ship. I have checked my control setting but there is no issue. May be this problem arise after reinstallation of this game. Please look into this issue & guide.
Match making is very poor and nowadays I have to wait for around 5-10 minutes for a match to begin earlier (2-3 years ago) it took a maximum of 1 minute to start a match. Pls improve on this,this game is really good but needs improvement
It is a good game but it is hard to win in ranked mode because usually the enemy team always wins because they probably have either played for a long time or they spent money on the game or the are around 3-6 levels higher. And it has horrible match making because every round you win in ranked mode there is a 90 percent chance that you will lose the next round
Overall this app is poor at best. Wait a half hour to play, "actual game play". Then be destroyed by an entire team who's individual rankings will triple your own. This game is hacked out. It's totally cool because players who've hacked your game can move around better completely dodge shots after they've been fired. This game is about as legitimate as both Obama presidencies, and Bidens' stolen election. Your message boards are censored like most other liberal social media propaganda.
I am unable to play this game since 4 days. When clicked to open, the screen goes black. Nothing happens thereafter. Otherwise, i am playing this game since 2 years and its awesome. Hopefully the makers will rectify the error.
Really bad and you can't move fast at all in the weapons are really weak even though they say they're so high and you used to be able to level up and get a boat and I don't know what happened now I honestly rate this a zero I also came back to play it cuz I haven't really played it in a long time and it was really fun but now it just really sucks because they change the game too much and it isn't good
Potentially the best game marred by devs focussing on rip-off games which none of us like. Get your priorities straight ROVIO and work on Battle Bay. It can get you more money than those unoriginal rip-offs.
Garbage game, absolutely rubbish. The developers have completely given up on this game, the game is pay to win and ranked match making is nonexistent. Rovio never even tried to address the problems in the game, instead adding things used to make money. Eg, as of now the most recent notice was on how a payed subscription isn't working. Just hoping Rovio goes bankrupt and sells the game to a competent company. Just take a look at the update timeline. Please note I've played this since 2015.
WARNING!!!!!(DO NOT PLAY!) Takes 10 minutes to start a game. This game will steal your MONEY!! No updates/ glitchy/ you will be matched against top tear players. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!!
good game,well made and good stratergy game,but matchmaking is slow now a days in ranked mode,as the game has not updated for a while so rank mode is slow now,the dead zone of ranked is 500-1800(where rank is only playable in first 10 hours after season end),so i would like to give a suggesion, make casuals avalable only after 1200 infamy like a achivement, casuals is not nessery in low level,testing is hard in higher leagues,now to fix rank in higher remove season bonus from casuals per match.
Game is fun at first then, well frankly Rovio obandoned the updates and has made it a pay to play game, to experience an accomplished victory worth playing you must pay, otherwise you will be stuck with the same old same old defeats over and over again by VIP and payed players. Dont get sucked into this dead game.
One of the best games I have ever played. It is already too good but I suggest that players can sell items like weapons and in turn get something like sugar, that will make space in inventory slots. Overall good job rovio. :)
I like this game. But it needs more updates. People join my petition and leave 5 star reviews so Rovio notices and comes back!!! It's Editor's Choice, for goodness' sake! This game deserves credit!
So pretty much like this game because it's very active and other stuff it's not like world of tank blizz and also pretty much world of tank places and really good because you have to do all the downloading stuff then this one you don't have to do any downloading just have to take it and there's nothing you can just stop or create with no downloading
This game legit be fun and competitive but the only thing you guys need to do better is matchups.....I spent like 30mins and didn't get selected to be in a match up like why?!......yall need to work on that because it takes forever to find a team to play against. ......otherwise everything else is great
Battle Bay is such a unique game, far different from modern popular games we have today. This game practically is dead, there's no devoloper in this game, just Tanyaaa, a mod. The only ppl who are keeping this game alive are YT's, such as Rora, Royal2 and Angry, Mag LS and others. IF and only IF Rovio would put sone devs in this game, it could have so much potential. - FrostyTorp~
Worst game when it comes to mechanics, tracking system can't track as it looses it while your looking right at your opponent. Changing weapons works sometimes Too darn frustrating. Game just disconnects, I reconnect only to be killed. This is one F'd up game. Why don't you fix your product? Now it's telling me my provider doesn't support high performance networking. What else can this game screw up?3-26-21 now the matchups are way to hard, they are much more powerful. BS!
This game is awesome! You can upgrade ships, You can buy weapons or get an item from quests, calendar, chests, and even craft a weapon. I'd like that Defender and Guardian has so much health, when you daily complete daily quests you can get epic chests when your level is high, and sometimes when you level up you get an epic chest. Thats all i can say.
A very good game. But sadly feels like the developers have given up on it which is spoiling the overall experience.