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BATIQ - Color Therapy Book

BATIQ - Color Therapy Book for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by AppCraft LLC located at AppCraft LLC 16 Kalvaryjskaja Street, office 280, Minsk, 220004, Belarus. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
love this app. runs very smoothly. I just installed it and I love How it doesn't freeze up like some of the others I have used.
this app would be fine for a 2 or 3 year old but not for an adult. $6.49 a week is definately NOT worth it.
Love it because it's have many things to colour there is one mistake they have to give a chance to us for drawing
Why would anybody pay $6 a week to color. I understand they need to make money BUT THAT'S RIDICULOUS FOR COLORING & NOT EVEN WORTH IT
So very very simple to use , perhaps a little too simple but then again I've read it wrong and it's intended for a much younger audience BUT , I'm still having a ton of fun and isn't that what life is all about , having fun and enjoying life as you go along the path !!!
this is very good app but maximum drawings are locked and I have to buy it, and the unlocked drawings are too simple and easy
It is fine,but it should not cost anything!!!!! There are many other coloring games out there that are free!!!!!!!!!
Very Good This app is really good..Although if you want unlimited access to all drawings/paintings,the price is a little bit more then I would like to spend right now...Besides that---It is easy to do and the drawings are cute..
I love this app! I have it on my phone as well as my tablet. It works flawlessly and I love the choice of pics to color.
It's good for learning children as well as many other people. I have given 1 star less because of the not connecting of the colors. It took long time to connect But it is oosum
It's really a cool game and I like the way you got the color skating it changes color according to the color of whatever color you try calling it just have to check it out but it does cost you to play unless you try it for free and I really like the game so I should I recommend it to anybody at least try it out it's all different than any of the coloring game I've ever played two totally different something new volume nine I can't tell you and it's more relaxing that's more therapeutic
I didn't like this at all as you have to again and again touch the same block to colour which is very hard and boring on the first day when I played once on that day only I just deleted only
didn't like the game too many other coloring games have more variety and for free and prettier pictures
I love the game except for all the adds. I get that they have premium but for the people who can't have it, how do they enjoy the app.
Thanks for the update and knowing that I can still play this app because I really like it. Thanks again
This game is fantastic very relaxing i would recommend everyone to download the game and give it a try you will love it,
this game is Not so cool when I saw (( BATIQ )) ADVERT I thought is very very cool and amazing because., I give you 4 stars Thank you for this game bye πŸ˜‡
pictures are okay, but it enlarges way to easy. everytime you try and start a picture. And way to many ads.
l like this coloring because it's alot easy then the other ones,,There pretty hard sometimes and l just don't like to take all of my time doing l picture for an hour or more,There are just to many numbers in some of them and then it's like l don't want to do any more,l like in an hour at least to do maybe 2or3if l can in an hour's time,, l really like doing the Christmas one's know matter what time of Month πŸ˜‚ it is like now it's so darn hot πŸ”₯ out and l'm coloring Christmas picture's how funny,
It really fun because you can color pitchers but the only thing i dont like about it is that some of the pitchers are locked so thats why im only giving this app four stars
I love this game soooooo much but the only reason why you have 4 stars is because I don't think that you should pay to colour, I will continue play the the game.
The game has a good idea generally but It has prevented the players from being creative I mean what's the point if the players are told how they should color. It would be great if the players could color the way they wished though.
there are not many options to choose for if you dont t want to do premium otherwise it's a fun experience
I think the pictures are a little to childish. I do like coloring. Thank You for sharing your fun pictures.
didn't expected payment from the game. all colour by number games are free and it is not a special game so that you are taking payment. very much disappointed
Is okay but i can't wait aford to pay i get. Very little money... it's beautiful pictures you're beautiful pictures I didn't mean to come out meani have autism and sometimes things came out kind of pushy I don't mean I'm too I really meant to say was I can't wait thank you very much they are very beautiful pictures which I have to color I recommend this app to anybody thank you
It is fun to play when you're bored and also to pass time but some of the good ones needs money which I don't like
Very bad app. Ugly, simplistic drawings, most of them are for sale only, no backgrounds, everything is anthropomorphic. the game stops helping if you don't follow the numbers order. The dragging is too sensitive.
Update: Yes, I understand the purpose of ads. Just not the exorbitant amount of them used by your app. If I have to watch 4 ads just to open a pic, it's not worth it. & ads were only 1 problem. Once a pic finally opens, it's nothing but frustration. πŸ’© Awful. πŸ’© As soon as it opens, I was assaulted by ads. Then to get anything to open, there were two more ads. Not worth the wait... Taps don't register, graphics automatically enlarge, difficult to tell which have been colored & which haven't.
Love this app it is soo relaxing and it also do the most important thing for which many games are made for but most of the games are Not able to do there job properly and perfectly this app does it perfectly and that is busting boom boom in my boring time of my life and make it enjoyable
The worst part is you can't even color most of the pics (have to upgrade). Also the pictures are very simple. And instead of the areas you need to color being gray, they are a lighter version of the color they will be when you click on it so coloring it seems pointless.
the game is really relaxing , and what i like about it is the fact that it is really suitable for everyone.
Where's the "adult" part found? - All I find are pictures for children. - That's not a bad thing, but adult pictures was promised.
Its a fun game, I love that it shows you where your supposed to put the colors in that color. Two things I don't like though. One, the adds are nonstop after, before, and in the middle of coloring there is adds. Two, lots of the best coloring pictures you have to get with the add free version. And I am only nine years old so I can't buy it:(. But there is a great amount of pictures. So like I said great game but some things I dislike. ( What game doesn't have things you don't like.) :) :)
I hated pixel art sorry but we had to colour every block so this app is wayyy better I would like to unlock everything it would be more fun
supurb its a cool i like it very much because i love drawings and creatives but its too intresting i wish u will also like this game its a creative and a inovative game may be this game should be too famous its a too good game so guys u might also like this app.
I downloaded this because I saw the add had the friends cast, but when I opened it, there wasn't any of the casts or anything to do with friends πŸ˜•
One of th best drawing and coloring app :) you dont have to pay if you want, just watch some ads and voila!
i uninstalled right away after i installed... i didn't even "continue" that said about payment method forget about playing the first level. i don't find it that important to pay Rs.455 a week just for a game. a game!!!
I like it.... It's very nice.... well after many years of playing games, I have found a perfect one....
I do not like how the shading of the numbers are the same color as each color you paint. it all looks the same . I like everything to be gray so when you paint it it gives a pop of color. May delete
thi s game IS AMAZING.AND whenever I play it, it just keeps me busy for hour's.the colors are amazing the pictures too.but what i need is a bit more free pics. but either way I will rate this app for 5stars.this is the best game i have so far πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜
It keep stopping everytime I click on the pic to color it take me back to my home screen on my phone. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and it still won't let me color
nice pictures with easy coloring but the colors get a little confusing because they are so close to color you are putting there. the spaces to be colored need to be in a neutral shade of some kind. people with vision problems would be able to find correct spots to color easier.
one satre beacuse it gose through the personal stuff that u have and ot is not woth the wrisk but i dont know why a coloring app would seal al your personal info. so just be safe than sorry
abit slow but, it sees to that it is more for children w/ or w/o disability. i find this game to b kiddish, i'm sorrie after colouring a kittie-donut i wan to uninstall.
very nice app i really love it, it give you an intersting time β™₯β™₯🌹but there is a problem that a lot of photos you have too open it by primumπŸ˜“ so we have too solve this problem, please 😢🌺
I I really have spent a long time enjoying this app. I only wish these were harder and a larger app to work on. 5 stars a
I loved the game, the artwork is very simple and pretty, but it lagged literally all the time. I tried uninstalling and installing back, but that didn't help. Please fix this issue. Thank you <3
Just started playing. It confused me with putting credit card in. I thought it was free. Ok i like it because the colors are bright and i enjoy bright colors
Hi. Batiq is a good game but always after finishing painting for one u get a video to watch.And i find it very iritating. But i didnt say that it is a bad game but u know while handling the phone and painting it the same time my hand start to ache. I get a hand ache. So this is my opinion to u all and also to Batiq( if u dm) whoever is correct to me plz tell me or signal me okay.!!
I absolutely love this new color by number. It's unique in the way it shows the color and the number for you. Keep up the good work.
this is a very good art collection who has made this game he is genius for me l will give support to this art collection and what the others will give l don't no then also l am telling to all give 5 stars to this art collection and install it.