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Basketball Strike

Basketball Strike for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Italic Games located at Start Chambers, Wickham’s Cay II, P. O. Box 2221, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Island. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It could've been better if you can throw, aim, and have better controls all you do is push and dunk and it's too easy not so much ads but still very terrible I don't reccomend this game to anyone in the world 😡😡😡😡😡
Awesome way to pass time and is just as good as any PC or console games but too many ads but I still love this game
listen you cannot put an ad after literally everything you do you are never going to get people to play your game. it's actually a good game it's pretty decent but you're only going to get people to play for about 3 minutes because of all the ads you put you literally have more ad play Then you have gameplay I know you want to make money but you got to fix that at least get through three stages before you do an ad not every stage or every little thing you do there's going to be an ad that's dumb
This game is entertaining & funny i love the way the players are still flying through the air when & after the dunks happen. I just need the character to run faster with the ball
Excellent game. I love it so much. But you shud try to remove the unesscery ads. Apart from that is wounderful👍. U should try it out..
this game is pack with humor and fun. I give this game 5 stars and a 100% A+. it's in my top ten favorite games for 2019 & 2020 games, I would like to know will you guys be adding any more to this game cause I have a lot of great challenging ideas for this game. please let me know if you would like to read or hear my ideas and thank you for this time passer.
Good graphic great gameplay. wish there was an skip animation option to make gameplay a little faster. Gets redundant seeing the dunk animations sometimes. It's a good game nontheless
ilove it... but pls additional awsone skills . and can shot player can awsome crossover or tricks. pls can change outfit. ang more awsone stage bosses. and many map.
I know ads are important for any app but an ad after every basket? Really? The game is OK at best. Plus ads make it more irritating to play
At first I thought "what a fun, simple game" then realized it's not multiplayer and there are ads after every single basket made... really takes you out of the game and makes it unenjoyable
Very cool n time killer game, nice graphics and simple control. Lets see what kind of improvements the devs come up with in next update
I like this game but can you make the ads go away plz and the stong person is to fast but that balls and player are hard to get yea so like the game though
It's an okay game but the adds take up so much of your time. I feel like you are watching adds more the gameplay. Someone scores a point. Add. You want to unlock something. Add. Unlock a court..add. Skip an add to see another add, i mean come on guys. I woukd give it 5 starts if it had 1/2 the adds and more skippable..adds
It is a great game with easy controls. People complain about ads. A way to get rid of ads on this game is to click the home button and click back into the game. This trick works for any game that is free
The concept of the game is really great. The delivery is horrible. The controls feel heavy and clunky, making turning feel like you're driving a truck. After every score, an ad pops up. Even when you choose not to watch an ad to "not lose progression"....an ad will still show.
no cap i like it its really great i like how they do thr trick dunks but u should be able to create your player make it like NBA live like where u can control the whole team and switch players
The game is kind of cool. Im giving 3 stars because of those pesky roach like ads that keeps popping up.
All them damn ads keep popping up after every play, and the Graphics (Midgrade)but it's a cool little game just to kill some time.
This Game Is Trash... There Is No Defense, You Cant Shoot, You Can Only Dunk And The Graphics Are Trash
Good but every time I used to be in level 1. Pls do changes in your game so that it can save the progress. Except this I like the game
Love the game but wayyyyy too many ads. I had to uninstall it because after everything that happens in the game there is an ad. Pretty ridiculous!
it's a great game. -1 star bc WAY to many ads, -1 star bc no way to purchase gems or buy a no ads option 4 99cents..i don't think I'll be playing much until this happens..bc the ads r overwhelmingly bothersome & altho u can skip most after 5 secs they're still to intrusive to enjoy the gameplay. I'll √back 4 updates as I'm sure more people will do the same.
fun concept however the ads take away the momentum of your game play. got repetitive and boring after 10 minutes of play. You lose interest fast
This sucks when you leave the game and when you joines this game later this game it brings you back to bronxes leauge also, there are only 30 seconds and your enemies runs faster than you . Then your player also DON'T recover fast . From my point of veiw i will never play this game at all and slso not suggest you to play 😠😠😡😡
updates & still ads.-1 it' a great game but ads r2 intrusive.. a few updates & still no end in sight... STOP RUINING THIS GREAT GAME 4 5 SECOND AD's w/2 CLICK exits... IT'S TOO MUCH.. & no way to purchase gems, items or buy a "no ads" option for like 99¢ US. -IDT I'll be playing much until the removal of the relevant material. ads r overwhelmingly bothersome & altho u can skip most after 5s they're still OveRly intrusive & the gameplay can't be enjoyed.. not at all. done for a while now.. lost me
It's controls are laggy, and it always moves me in the wrong direction. It's a good game , needs a new producer, who will care about the downloaders experience.
its fun but the game some times its messes up but its still fun ps get it pretty good but bad grafics but good for fun
First of all your team doesn't even help you and it's boring but i still play it but not anymore I deleted it and I'm happy it was the worst to disconnect whoever made this game make sure to make my team help me the only care about the ball so you have to do better than that so this is why I'm giving you a bad review and a one-star but I do like the picture but still I'm disappointed I'm only 7 by the way but do better I'm disappointed do better but I did like it when I had it but now👿👿👿😤
this is one of the worst games ever the people with the ball is slower but the people without the ball is faster they need to change the people with the ball faster too i give this a zero out of ten beceuse its so treble
Wow, your game is trash. I understand games have ads, and there isn't really anything anyone can do about it, it's the way of the world. HOWEVER, an ad after LITERALLY EVERY BASKET is INSANE! I have never played a game with so many ads, you play for 20sec and there's an ad, every single time! I'm really disappointed in myself for playing this stupid game as long as I did. Save yourselves, DO NOT install this game! Also, play store, please give a 0 STAR OPTION, even if it's only for this garbage.
this game cheats computers team pops up new players all the time even when you left their whole team behind dont waste your time
The game is just bad. There is no passing and shooting. Like what!? The only thing you can do is run to the enemy and quote and quote steal the ball and dunk. Why do random AI spawn just no defence. To much ads and the game is terrible mad wack
The basketball games graphics is not what i expected it to be and all you do 0is dunk in my oppinion you should add something you could click and you shoot, and you can have a shot bar, but this basketball game is not for me but the game is ok and kinda fun.
Kind of fun but I played one game and was interrupted by four ads. During the game! Come on, be better, uninstall.
Cool graphics exciting to play very colorful and vibrant very addictive and I just downloaded it how. Cool
great game but fix the controls man! the controls stop working very often the player wanders aimlessly ! please fix this .
Not to be negative but this game ain't good. It lacks a pause button.The players have the same abilities. All you do with the money is buy balls. You don't move to the next level when you are beaten. It ain't even challenging all you do is slide your finger around. But the graphics are not that bad. Good game but just need more work.
I like this game a lot just wish there was a way to change my name from player and not so many ads Also wish there was a way to and friends and play them in vs
The game should be balance... I barely even get a shot in every game and when the CPU gets the ball, it's too fast and almost impossible to catch up... So PLEASE, BALANCE THE GAME!
This game could be better if you can shoot too dunking is not the only thing in basketball and it should also be able to play against other players and make like a mycarrer
Y'all are tweaking .. after every single score .. I gotta see a ad ... that alone made Me delete the app .. it's annoying and it slows the pace of the game ... game play wasn't all that anyways.... CPU's popping up outta no where ..😒. no real defense...just bump into the one with the ball .. run down the court and DUNK 😒👎🏻BORING ☮☮☮
boring as hell, the game is unbelievably greedy you can only play 4 rounds before having to pay for a junk game don't waste your time so don't play this one.
Nice game. I was suggasted to see an ad in order to get something. Pressed No thanks And still an ad appeared. I immediately uninstalled it
good game but so many adverts, after you score, to move to the next game, to unlock something it is quite ridiculous. you spend more time watching adverts than you do actually playing. The balls you unlock have nothing special ie +5 to shooting etc its just a new graphic.
They game would be better if so many ads didn't back to back, especially after each score. That totally kills the experience