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Basketball Arena: Online Sports Game

Basketball Arena: Online Sports Game for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Masomo Gaming located at MASOMO LIMITED 82 ST JOHN STREET LONDON EC1M 4JN United Kingdom. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 5.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I don't know why my game is not starting. It is only on 12% its not moving further. And data is also perfect for use this game. Please see the issue.
I love this game, but the one thing I don't like is when they give you someone 2 levels higher than you. I know that this game is supposed to be challenging, but sometimes the other people will get rude. There are a few emojis that will make you feel upset because they are hurtful to the people who lost. I play this game every other day at least, I love it, but I don't like it when the people are rude. If people are more kind to the people that lost, I would be more happier playing this game.
Don't waste your time. 90% or the players are bots. You will always get a harder opponent than you. Pay money and then you get the chance to win. Too bad!
UPDATE... I have sent several emails to them and they have yet to return any of them. I did everything support told me too so I dont know. Smh I love this game up until a few days ago when it started glitching every time I play a game. Rather I am on Wi-Fi or my own phone internet. I even tried restarting and redownloading the game and it is still doing the same thing. I would give it back it's five stars if we can fix that problem
Very disappointed. Has the potential to be a really good game but then just starts freezing and skipping for no reason, A lot of the time you get kicked but my WiFi is really good so I know thats not the problem. Too buggy and I'm not even on the beta format. Just disappointed.
This is an amazing game. The low prices on the players really helps me and all of the ads to give me rewards is amazing.
The game is very good, but at some places it gets play to win. To get more players you have to pay,That's what I didn't like,but that was tolerable, But if your opponent has a bad internet connection they glitch to places and get easy goals I've had to leave several matches because of this. So I gave it a four star if it was not pay to win and glitchy I would have given a five star. So masomo should fix that problem which gives the opponent a very huge advantage.
This game is so much fun it might be easy but who cares its the best multilayer game ever I hope everyone will like it to trie to get to the top if you install the game you will be on a adventure to get to the top have a go beet the champions go through all the ranks its fun ; ) if your bored play this game
What a dumbass game. I had many epic coach tokens and suddenly i dont have an epic coach. Later epic coach arrives but allowed only for 3 players. All coach allows 3 player than why the hell should there be an option to choose. Very very disappointed with the game. Please don't download and invest your precious time on this disgusting game.
Good game, but seriously after I win the Hall of Fame leage , my success long shot chances dropped drastically. it was like I just spent my energy without having any chance of scoring but my opponent seems like didnt hve any issue of that. and that happened for almost every game and every character I used. It never happened before I win the hall of fame. that was silly
Great game till last update. now they change the gameplay and add a button during the game and it sucks.
Jah ganesha red gold green β€οΈπŸ’›πŸ’šβœŠπŸΎπŸ˜πŸ¦πŸ˜·πŸŽΆ The stylized way of the menu is colourfully set with the 🎢beat🎢 Drop as the background makes it simply enough for tiny kids to adapt to it definitely the choice if you have babies or not if you into sports not for the elder elders
There's some fun to be had but the bottom line is you are playing the computer. And no matter what you will eventually need to buy contracts to have 3 or more players as you won't stand a chance. The computer has a pattern that you cannot beat, for example they will always steal if you try to double dash. And always have overpowered characters. I have spent some real cash on this game and I totally regret it. Avoid.
It's not a game. It's a bunch of ads. If you actually want to play this, it is a subscription for 4.99. It's not free. It shouldn't be considered free. And the ads are so invasive it is angering.
All in all great game I would of gave it 5 stars but In my opinion I think there should be like group teams like make teams with other online players and play competition leagues aswell as your stats there should be like points scored and points against because I think they need more stats only shows your win percentage so basketball arean I really enjoy this game just a few things to think about on the next update to make it more fun
The game is good. But when I did my first transaction of 10rs. My money got deducted from my account and I didn't get the chests. Though my money credited again but these chests are not opening even after paying. Now again, my money got deducted and I didn't got my chests. Kindly review this.
Baddest game with good characters and good sport but can you make it so that you can choose a map that you want to be in and you can make your own characters and maps to make it more fun and more things to select but with power ups we dont need to spend that much gems but I know that you want ppl to buy gems to stock power ups but it's too much like mabye put like price of 7 or 6 or five Thanks
Great game! Would be a 5 star but what's the point in having the epic contacts when the rare contacts gets the same amount of players you can play with as the epic contact. It made more sense when the common got 2, the rare got 3 and the epic got 4 and that way you would want to buy more diamonds or save them to get more epic contacts! The matching really screw you over sometime when they match you against someone that you got no chance in beating! Really does put you off playing sometimes!
I LOVE THIS GAME! Although there is a glitch where if you get an add at the end of a game you have to close your game to continue which does suck but it doesn't happen too often. Overall an amazing game 10/10 would recommend! You should atleast try it. :)
The game is fun but since they add the dash button it's a nightmare.. please remove the dash button NOW, it will make me to stop playing any more.
This is a amazing game but I think it would be even more fun if they added like groups so that you can go against friends in live events and own groups so that the community can learn to know each other better
Love the game but game is so laggy with people with bad Internet can't do nothing and when game starts again they score. I have lost numerous amount game because of that reason. Also I'm guessing people have hacked the game as connection drops( yet again SHOCK!) and when they come back there unbeatable with full energy. So unfortunately I won't be playing anymore.
Just lost 5 Epic contracts due to connection lost to server... Spent enpugh money on the game and cant even play it... please fix this and refund lost contracts
This game is totally fun but if you the game matching is terrible you always get match with someone who has spend money on better players and I spend money to remove the add and Nothing happened and like really if you want people to keep playing get better
The company is getting greedy, they are making their Bots impossible to defeat. And out of 10 matches I play, one match is with a real person This is not the way to get money I am not planning this game anymore
this is such a good game it's just that sometimes when you win a match you get a add right after and it glitches out so you have to reload your game.
Matchmaking is a bit of a oof I played a gaingst cat which is really good. And it Is massively paid to win so pretty hard but other than that is good
Addictive game but has its drawbacks. Game doesn't find opponent on times hence losing your winning streak, frustrating when you build up a big streak as well. Needs fixing! Wanna rate this game highly but I need more!!!
Re rating it because like I said from before, the game is so great overall. It's just the ads that annoys meβ€”it has no exit button at all. but overall, such a time killer game! you should install it <33
This game outstanding and the reason why all the prices go up on all of the chest and the people is cuz you keep buying them more and more so they hire the prices but it also gives you better stuff
I love the game itself but i cant tolerate the connection problems Whenever i finished the game the connection problem will pop out and automatically restart the game Every time I hope they fixt it
its a great practice playing this arena game it works for proper awards and makes great attendence. make sure to recommend this comment if u think its helpful and also almost forgot to tell you to like this comment if u think this is a proper game for ur children I think it works great!
It's a really fun game but every game I play the person has swiped the credit card which makes the game hard to like it's so pay to win
Game is good but we don't need animation which make us wait after the game for next game and animation for opening chests
Your latest update has broken the controls, I dash when I try to jump and jump when I try to dash? Can you go back to the old style controls please
I play this game daily for a long in the starting this game is super cool but now after the update they destroy everything in the game no need buy bigger players they don't have any power smaller got more power totally time waste game pls don't waste money to buy the bigger players I m also uninstall this game I luv to play this for a very long time but now this new update is wrost and time waste game I give home zero star bye bye don't download plz ,πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ€
Would be a five star game if the developers would do something about the diamond miners. BTW just for future reference after you get done mining. The developers also made it to where the top players, you just got from your mining adventures, can just stand under the goal and swat the counterparts shots away. I Guess collecting all the cash people pay for this game you over look certain things. 🀷
The game itself is very fun, but if you want to win you have to spend money to keep up. They need to limit powers so players can't spam them on you gaining a 10+ point advantage. Pay to win
Open to cheating. I was beating a good player who had better characters than I did and as 1 second was remaining he did something to make it start counting down to reconnect. It then stayed at 0 and never came back and the it eventually closed and when I started a new game it put me down as a loss not a win for the previous match. Very annoying that cheaters can do this. This could not be done with head ball but people how found a way with this game
Game bugged and had to quit. Next thing i know i got deducted 2500 points and all those counted as losses on my profile stats. Incredible.
This is really a very nice game. Many people are saying that it shows too much ads. But I have not face a sing ad. It is really very addictive.
It is the best basketball game I ever played it is very awesome πŸ‘Œ. But the only thing is that sometimes when you what to play with your friends it doesn't let you play with your friends (so please fix that only ) but over all it is a good game to play.
This game sucks its paid to win and you just need energy and power up to win and plus the only way you can is vying people that's way lower than you or just vs a friend that has nothing!!!!! 1 STAR RATING!
Too much ads. Supposed to be a fun game. Ads are ok on crates but on every after the game with no exit button? Im getting bored.
I love the game so far but i do think the chest timer should be at most 12 hours for a legendary chest,but amazing game! I want to see more charters and features,has great potential.
Good game but when you play against real players... I noticed that there is a lot of tryhard bots who are just spamming jump and the steal button, no matter what the result is, even if you are losing by 30 points difference they will continue spamming the same buttons and predict every your dash or shoot... that ruins the game for real
This game is totally fun but if you the game matching is terrible you always get match with someone who has spend money on better players and I spend money to remove the add and Nothing happened and like really if you want people to keep playing get better is still a terrible game
Literally such a fun game and it came out not to long I recommend playing it there so much things to do with superpower and cool characters especially all the different dunk animations
It good but I noticed the reaction of the commands seems laghing when you are at the highest arena...
Games fun but there comes a point where its obviously a pay to win. One character being Β£99.99!!!? Really? One Challenge for a rare card is 60,000 fans in 3 days and you get around 100/200 per match. So it's impossible to achieve. If your happy to play a repetitive game with a ton of ads and waste money.. then this is the game for you!
this game is great i gave it a 5 star you need to play and earn skins and have fun this game will get you very mad when you lose but when you win its something different 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
The game is cool but theres just some things that dont make sense You need to either make a guard ball button, or make defenders stumble if they miss the ball trying to do a steal, defense makes more offense than anything because you can spam the steal button and dash at the same time and get a steal pretty easily
This is a very good game but I have a problem that when I try to load i get to the basketball arena home screen and then it goes back to the loading screen so plz fix this problem
I love this game only problem is the constant and I mean CONSTANT game freezing it does it so much it's almost impossible to get a game going and by the time you do if your lucky to get 1 u would have already lost 10 or more from loss of connection and I have great connection this makes me rate the game at an actual 1 since it's impossible to play and enjoy. Plz fix the issue
I downgrade my review to one star, because I always have lost connection issue after updating this app, love this game but you need some bugs like when we're about to play the match then my opponent suddenly left and it says that I'm lose, how did I lose the match when it's my opponent who left? And this is always happen and idk why. Please fix it then I'll give you 5 stars.
Fun game, although, it gets quite repetitive, with non adequate ways to provide with entertainment. As of now, this game only has online, which I believe is a problem. I would personally love to see story mode, or career, but it is what it is. The worst part is, the powers. I really wish that they would add a mode with no powers, or remove them completely. I've lost so many streaks due to powers, and it makes the game p2w. There are also purchesables in the shop, that are p2w.
If you are updating the game by changing controls. It would be great if you would let the players have a trial first.
Great game The graphics are good the game is good but the reason why I gave it 4 stars is because the games can be unfair like I have 2 players and the person im against has a team of 4 and the players on that team are all level 6 I also wish they add more players and take away the HUGE prices for the players but overall the game is really good. I hope you read this masomo games as I have head ball 2 aswell.πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
Gameplay is fun. But it is the game of advertisements and annoying animations that can't be skipped. It's like Netflix, but for adds.
This game is phenomenal. Everything you would ever want in basketball is in this game. The only think I would recommend to remove would be the ads.
Quite fun for a while but far too pay to win - more so than Headball 2 was. For instance, later coaches should refresh contracts like the first one does rather than requiring a purchase. I understand why developers design games to encourage users to make purchases, but users who prefer not to spend money should at least be able to compete - especially given we're subjected to ads in order to play.
Good game I started off with a 11 win streak but my problem is when you dash you can lose the ball when you both dash at the same time and it's kinda dumb but the game is ok
First off i give this game a 4 star because sometimes in can be a little bit bland. (Repetitive) Other than then that this game is really fun you get to explore strategies with your super powers, and you can challenge your friends. Plus, if you want you can work in career to become a hall of fame basketball hero. There's different characters you can work for. (There is also some characters you can buy) Theres a season pass to level up in to unlock cool rewards. So, i really recommend this game.
I love this game but you need some bugs like when we're about to play the match then my opponent suddenly left and it says that I'm lose, how did I lose the match when it's my opponent who left? And this is always happen and idk why. Please fix it then I'll give you 5 stars.
Having a good time with the game but currently having an issue where the battle pass purchase isnt working. I keep getting an error saying that the item cant be found
I love this game a lot but its having little problem to start match it says like Internet connection lost I when I press ok the game restart however my phone is android 5.1 but if you fix this problem i will be really happy☺☺☺
Fun little game which doesn't offer enough depth to even think about Β£100 for a player just because he looks a little like LBJ. πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£
Fun game and addicting. People are saying that it's pay to win but it really isn't. Yea a bit of cash helps you out of course but compared to games that charge hundreds this is on the cheap end. They have very cheap daily deals and season pass that I give you everything you need and more for a few bucks if you want. The issue with this game is that it takes skill and fast reflexes and if someone just doesn't have them they'll equate it to p2w players instead of their own abilities of skill.
I liked this game, but after long hours of playing i figured out that this games is not matching me with actual players, im playing with bots which is boring
Delay jerk, always always and always, when I get a lot of Win Streak or meet opponents who exceed my statistics, always my movement button is a delay. And also, this game is too Pay to Win, making me disappointed, very disappointed, sickening games.
game is good.. but i am getting irritated of advertisement. first it was good but know they show break after every single match. i am spending 30 sec on playing and 30 sec on watching advertisement. sick of it!!
Pay to win. Having more money means buying more power ups, which make for easy wins. Also, the limited time events are ridiculously stupid.
It is a very cool game to play But there are some issues Everytime I get a gift it always log me out I don't know why Or when am going to race it cut all of my winning streak Please solve this problem Honestly it's a very good game Please do something I love playing this kind of game but the issue does not make me happy to play So please solve this problem
The game is good I must admit, but unfortunately its 1000% pay to win, like it becomes unplayable unless you put a lot of money on it. Its a shame really because it has so much potential, but for these reasons I wont be playing it any longer as I cant play any more games unless I use money.
The game was good until street league. But after that 15-30 seconds of unskippable adds,and opponents literally have double the advantage. N this game will do anything to break your streak and make me watch adds. One of the worst strategies used.
Good game ... at the beginning. When you bought stuff, developers update program so that you lose the benefits you paid for... (why to have a better coach???), there were functionalities that takes now much more longer (2x fan for a while, for example). I really wonder why to have high level coaches and/or players while people having lower one get same amount of players, ... VERY DISAPOINTED
This game was supposed to have potential but, in the game when you play "online" it's not with people but A.I. and it sucks. I got to play with real players twice or three times and I know because they send emojis. You know it's A.I. based on it's dash tracking the ball. Players dash straight but A.I. will dash track the ball, that's why their animation will look like they can dash upwards slightly. There is an option to challenge friends. Another game that's online but not with people. Sad.
One of the best games ever!! all tho they have so much adds around its amazing u get rank stuff and if u donno how to play it teaches u and u can use super powers 10/10 u even get top 1 if u just started and play like 4 to 6 games ur allready top 1...amazing game
I think this game is very fun it's also is strategy games so I think we should get it. Also very fun and that's wonders and why I gave it a 5 star but please Fix IT does not work With hotspot. But after all the game is very good everybody should get it😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
This game is going down the drain. It used to let you watch several ads for super powers throughout the day, then it changed to a few per hour, now it's down to just one a day? The super powers made the game fun. Now it's boring.
It is really great game!!!but when we want to pass season pass It doesn't work in some county and I want to Arena to fixe this problem thank you
Claims to be multi-player, but really you're just up against bots/ai. I realized after starting a match, then losing all mobile signal, match continued uninterupted. Clearly not playing against live opponents. After first day or two, you start getting matched with opponents way out of your league, an obvious attempt to get you to part ways with your money for faster upgrades. Perhaps if this game actually matched real players against each other, with somewhat similar teams...
Uninstall after one week... If you don't spend at least 1000 pounds you can't play. Unfair matches all the time. 2 vs 3 or 4 most of the time. Avoid the game. You will save a lot of your time. Check all the bad reviews, we all agree to the same negative point.
want to play basketball online then get this game is hard but it will all work out in the end you can acually be really good or bad at it
This is a fun game. I really like it but the problem is if your at your goal you can't jump high enough to block the ball. Beside that this is a good game you should download this game give it a try. You guys made this game really good but plz fix the problem. The other problem is that if you both press the speed button at the same time the other person gets the ball fix it plzzz. But it's still really good. Bye bye plz give it a try.
Amazing, the competitive flare they have made in this game is inevitable, I love how the characters have different sizes so it really shows that anybody with any body can play sports. I so very much recommend this game. THE WAR IS ON CHALLENGE ME BUT YOU ARE JUST STALLING YOUR INTO YOUR DEATH
It's a really good game but there is some problems here. When you play with other country. You will be super delayed. That's why. I don't want to give you. 5 stars. Unless you fix it. DON'T ALLOWED VPN PLAYER IN YOUR GAMES.
Is a really good game when it works, I had head ball 2 from the same people again a good game, but these last coue of days the players are lagging and the ping notice keeps coming up which has caused my player to randomly glitch or waiting for opponent and all of a sudden they scored , so frustrating I've deleting headball 2 hope I don't have to delete this , come on sort this out
Fair enough if its pay to win. But the unfair matchmaking forces people to spend real money to compete. Especially when a level 2 faces level 10s
The basketball arena is a good game overall, but i think you should ve adding some hardcore mode with 1 on 1 in fair stage. Plenty people keep using their perks to take advantage.😑 (p.s ....too many high level players already figured it out the fighting system...there are few sets of moves are bascially undefeated.. especially if you were on the defensive side with 100 percents ball steal glitch. that was super unfair.)
I loved the game initially I gave it 5 stars, but I can't tolerate the glitches any longer. It's a fun and addictive game when it's fully operational. I spent between $30 - $50 on upgrades. That is the reason why I will not uninstall the app. I experience glitches while in competition; blackouts no video but sound, backward-facing characters with disabled functions, the game closes(you have to re-login in 15 seconds or the match forfeits), and if I'm lucky lose of sound. I will not spend anothe
App now keeps on crashing after latest update on pixel 3 This is after the latest update on 23rd October. Was not crashing before. No further update is available
The game freezes and slows down Alot... Everytime win a game it kicks me out and the game restarts. Also I paid for something and didn't get the 500 diamons, and the boxes I was supposed to get........ Other then that actually Love This Game! Please fix the BUGS.. and returnmy $1.03, after the game is fixed I wouldn't hesitate to give 5stars and an awesome review.
I used to be a huge fan, but after the latest update I will uninstall it. They said it became fairer, but it's exactly the opposite! You end up playing with opponents that might have similar 'carreer points' to you, but their teams are full of 'super stars' with extremely high rankings, so no chance to beat them! Each loss is -40 points and then you have to play a series of boring games with much lower players or even worse stupid Bots!! Each win is only 5-10 points. An extremely unfair game!!
DEVELOPERS! How can a player steal the ball from BEHIND YOU when they aren't even near you. Same thing when they are in front of you. I cannot speed past them no matter what sometimes. But they can every single time. How unfair is that. Why is that. Please figure out how to make the gameplay more even because it seems like the players that have higher characters just can't be beat no matter how good your timing is. ONE STAR
Its a good game but theres lots of lag and some times the game crashes and it kicks me out even tho i was in a mach. Please reduce the lag and make every ones day better.
Sometime you can be playing with someone (a computer) that's 4 levels higher than you and the difficulty would be out of your league and other times you can be playing with someone 4 levels lower. Also, if you play the game "alot" (ten times before you get a new contract) then you have to wait another 45 minutes to get another contract. TO PLAY ONE 3 MINUTE GAME. It makes no sense, it would be much better with no contracts. Instead of trying to make money off every little thing you can.πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ
I tried it one day and it got me so addicted... I highly recommend those interested in basketball to play this but it will be nice If it was a real court like you could walk everywhere instead of just going straight but even if if u don't it is still super fun to play so yeah
Kinda fun to play. I see 2 problems with this game. Basically, this is singleplayer game against bots. I dont think I played 1 match with real people. Second, you get good win streak 10+, then game decides that you deserve opponent(read bot) that has all pay to win characters, and then you need to pay to restore win streak, or just straight up pay to get stronger characters so you can win. Such a shame.
Started playing today and its and im addicted alr. It would be 5 star rev if they would all clans/guilds where you could battlr against other guilds and like an guild/clan leaderboard. Overall great game.
Kool and easy But you All need to fix the fact that your game keeps booting me off it..and don't say it's my phone or landline it's your game..fix it and your game will kinda rock..but for now it's really pissing me off can't even get a game or two in and it boots me off.. not Kool..I'm smashing on fools and then I get booted off..please fix your bugs in your game thanks.celticclan88
Amazing and fun when u get the hang of it that when it really gets fun pluse if u r good enough you can win $50,000 from the tournaments this game is just amazing and very fun and honestly kind of addictive
This is a very good game because the visual and gameplay they give us but its not challenging because we play with bot. I believe they are just bot because they never interact with stickers. And this is the biggest mistake they ever done, because there are no point to build my team if i can predict the play..
This game is trash ok it is one of the biggest pay 2 wins i got to royal league and everyone in it has the best characters while my best character in is wild tiger they all have max level characters and like 10 power ups and all the pay 2 win characters have so much energy they always do 3 pointers this game is trash not advised to play trust me you'll save so much time not grinding In this stupid game
Game look good but have to improve servers, cause I can't just loose points cause the servers are bad, at least either give the chance to re-enter to the match or just don't make players loose points if they get disconnected for server problems
To any one who reads this, This app is a good game with good graphics. The only downside to this app is the AD's after playing a game or two. Defanetily recamend to download.
Basic controls. If you don't spend money you don't win....Good players cost Β£99!!!! Headball is developed way better even with the lags from time to time
Good game very exciting but very frustrating how often your team of 2 players are put against a team of 4. Actually makes me not play as much. When my team of 3 or 4 runs out of contracts I am more likely to switch it off as I know my team of two has very little chance against others. A big flaw in my eyes!
This is a very good app and it doesn't have that many adds. You can also learn about the shots and the moves in basketball it is very intertaning and fun. Although I wouldn't mind Some more challenges and harder opponents.
In first i gave this game 5 stars with ez, even spent some real money. Then they become too gready, prices went up, rewards from events, free chests went down a lot. 2 stars for now just couse game still looks ok, but probably will go to 1 star. Too bad, it was promising game that they killed too fast
It's a fun fast paced basketball game I changed my review because I see how much the game creators care and I have also experienced less problem while playing its a solid game and I would recommend it
This game is a really cool game the graphics are really nice they have discount of 90% or higher and the game in general is good but I think that all the events we should get cards for either the animals or the animal and after every game that we win we should get a legendary chest
Good game , but after you reach level 20 game is prone to more glitches and lags, opponents don't freeze , they're shooting three's before you even able to move , buttons freeze and respond late
The game is stupid with boxes I have a beard character to upgrade as its level 3, so why do I have 150 extra card upgrades for a maxed Lee? Also it's like the game purposely gives you the cards you don't need to make you spend more
Theres pay to play better everywhere, without paying for anything the game is basically very slow. Ads everywhere. You lose a match, you win one, ads everywhere. I don't get why I have to wait 10 hours to open a chest & still only have 4 slots so the other chests are wasted. I have to pay for everything. Special moves need to be bought from the store with diamonds or else every match you'd go with no special moves. The gameplay & the game itself is good enough to make up for the frustration.
A very good game with excellent graphics but one thing i didn't like is adds so my request is to remove adds from the game
I've been playing this game for 2 days now and it's addictive AF. I did make a purchase to remove ads but tbh it is absolutely nothing I spent like 10 rupees or $0.14 to remove ads. Sure there are characters that are rare and are super expensive but I mean, that's not a necessity at all. The only drawback is that winning streaks don't seam to matter at all. It'd be nice if those streaks gave you more rewards than you'd get without a streak. All in all a solid game I'd recommend.
Its a fun game but very repetitive. Reminds me of NBA Jams. But it needs a story mode or at least a league mode where you can go on the road and play teams in brackets or some kind of championship or something? Its just a free for all, you against the world! Same game over and over and over gets old fast.
It's a fun game but it's so pay to win that it feels like there is no point in playing. The actual gameplay is fun, the mechanics are a little silly and that makes in more fun to play. However, when everything costs so much then what is the point in playing? They have characters that are based on real NBA players and I have no problem with that, the problem that I have is that the cost so much, LeBron cost Β£99.99! You're not forced to buy them but how do you complete with the people who do?
the game is super good and I like it and I'm going to keep playing it everyday and every night but can you like at money like cuz I don't just want to keep playing games for nothing but all you got to do is level up I want money like cuz I'm like broke and stuff
Honestly, the best game I've ever played. But you might be thinking why the four stars, well its there are still improvement need to be made in the multiplayer area.πŸ‘ πŸ‘
The game is fine but i have an issue withethe orient powerup i think is what its called anyway. But the fact that sometimes it bugs out and stays on me even after a goal is scored i have to leave the game which is so frustrating as it lasts the whole round please remove this it is so sh##
rewards getting down, unfair to save all these 4-players coach cards and at the end you make an update and say that it doesn't matter, events have become muchhh worse with silly rewards, this game has became awful and its getting worse update after update, not recommended for anyone
Its a very fun game but the screen takes so long to load πŸ™„ and I would really like it if they didn't make it soo hard to evolve your characters but other then that its a good game
Great game, only problem is if you don't spend money you are going to be stuck with bad characters and will lose a lot. Another problem is, when you reach level 20, it matches you up with people up to level 30, meaning you are screwed because their characters are so much stronger than yours. If I could be matched up with people around my level again, it would be 5 stars, but because I have to go against such strong people, it makes the game not fun.
Looks amazing the game is amazing graphics brilliant honestly one of the best mobile games i have ever played but the money is a issue A Big One
It was a fun game but I realise now it must be lagging and that's why the games are so lop sided. It's the only thing that explains why you would lose the ball when you both fast step at the same time.
UNPLAYABLE IN FREE VERSION! I get that you enable players to progress quicker through micro-transactions. I guess it is somewhat fair, as this is a business. But the free version is non-existing. After around two hours, you "run out" of coach contracts which essentially mean that you cannot play any games. The only way to get more contracts is through diamonds (aka dollars). Let us play a free version, and let paying customers progress faster. Or don't make a free version at all.
Its a good game however as many have said in order to progress you will need to be prepared to spend cash. I am also concerned that there is some cheating going on. There have been a few games where I was winning the match quite comfortably and my opponents connection drops for almost the 15s then when the match comes back they seem to be unbeatable and go on to win the match.
The game is quite fun, however, it's very frustrating because it glitches frequently, and there is a lag when you press the control and when the character moves. When it works properly it's a 5 star game πŸ‘