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Baseball Star

Baseball Star for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by playus soft located at playus soft 서울특별시 구로구 디지털로34길 27 대륭포스트타워3차 . The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Its an incredible game to play my only issue is that its too hard to swing at a ball now. I havent had a single since I staryed playing this game I temember this game competitive but now its too danm conpetitive.
It is good but this game looks like a nintendo wii game if you can make a second one it would be good
I didn't like because it is not faithfull game should be equal to all ponents and us when they hit home run for them 2runs when we hit only one any time thatswhy it waste game not relaxing also for opponent computer only care for usvery cheating I didn't like this game😊😊👽👽👻👻
Great game! I can really learn how baseball works playing this game. The ins, outs, and technicalities of managing a ball club is fun to simulate. I give this game a 4/5 because I only wish that the game had a saving function. For me, when I left the app (did not close it) and switched to another app and then went back to the app, I had to redo my progress. I like the simulation option too, so if the player just wants a quick season, they can play that way. Ciao
I have really enjoyed the game and I'm one who is not at all interested in baseball but here is the only problem I have had with the game I can't figure out why it's notifying me in the training my players for because even if I start to train anyone of my players it's notifying me and I can't figure what else I'm supposed to do if anyone can please help me out with this problem I would greatly appreciate it so that I can get back to playing the game. I can't email you guys back it comes back
The game is good but can you add online games that my team can battle real players but the game is good good graphics and good batting and when you compare it in baseball 9 baseball star is good. And another one can you pls give us cp for just free because earning cp is impossible for me pls do it for better rating and can you pls upgrade the possibility of earning 4 stars in combination?.thats all pls read my review and download this app
Combining cards is a sham. Total rip off to someone who's playing all the time. Purpple cards combing almost never turn gold. Basically its a waste of time to grind for cards and instead they jut want you to to pay no matter what. Prob delete the game after this post. On top of that. Hitting is completely impossible. There just no hits. Every player regarless of skill gets maybe 2 hits a game at best ever.
It's pretty good. Ai fielding is too accurate for both sides, it keeps the game fast paced but there are only a few areas you can hit the ball to get on base.
lt can be a fun game. All too often l am unable to swing at strikes especially in big situations. Also the opponents batters use objects like guitars and bottles as bats. Very lame!
It is a very fun game. The only thing is that I wish we could choose our pitchers pitching motion and our batters stances.
I would like to let you know that this morning like almost every morning I play this game my name and my champion team was gone .I play as the Vikings. I have played well over a thousand games with my team Thor was my name .and I had all my team at 3 stars and a number of 4 stars. I have had times when I was ahead in a challenge tournament and had that stopped and I had to start over because somehow it was restarted. I would like my team back the way it was .I need help I won't play anymore
Seems like a better version of Baseball9. Same developers. Playus soft. Baseball9 was too easy. This is a challenge!
I used to love it. You cant change the diffulculty. You made my player run home twice and both times i got out. Just fix it. The ai are so hard. It is twrrible.
So far the best baseball game I've found. Players act pretty realistically and it's easy enough to get the hang of. Only problem is the amount of "wild pitches" that you throw, giving the batter a perfect pitch at the worst moment. Oddly, this seems to get worse as your pitchers get better.
all I got to say, is that I HATE this game, the chance of even getting FIRST PLACE is 15% and it pisses me out 1 star FOR SURE
The game already know what's going to happened that takes the fun out of it. So that makes the game too perfect for instance when you hit the ball the game slows the runner down from going to first base you throw a pitch the game throws something else my players don't even dive for the ball anymore too much computer control
This game is so good it's totally perfect because the rules in baseball are all in this game, it's just like you are playing real life baseball,if you can't play outside just play this😂 it's a perfect baseball game the graphics or animation are also good,but please make another game like adult version of this game, because the animation of this is kinda for kids,but the gameplay is good
This is such a good game. The controls are do easy to learn. You get the baseball experience all inside your phone. Keep up the great work. The only thing that could be fixed is that let the characters level up faster.
I like too much its such a great game but i will compare this to base ball nine its better than base ball nine😀😀😃😃but if you add some more update in base ball nine so they are same good luck have a great time 😘😘😘😘
Fix your game. Whenever I hit it's either a fly ball or the ball goes straight into the players hands. Also there is always questionable decisions for example I am clearly safe and then the game says it's an out it is a good game but please fix it.
This game is amazing I've been playing this game for years and I'm surprised I haven't rated this game yet it is so fun and addicting its so cool how your team can develop so much and each Ayer has there own stats and strengths its super easy to get connected to your team and play for hours I love this game and if your a baseball fan like me I would get it
Its.a very nice baseball game great controls and everything but would you just turn down the ads like every time I get out of or start a game I get a stupid mobile game ad
The game is the worst I've ever seen any time I try to hit a homerun I just get out because all the other teams speed is maxed out
Batting is better than base ball 9. Home run is possible some times. Too much messages to read before starting the game which is not good. The option of practice is not available which is bad part. Auto play is also bad. Getting CP is very difficult. It should be made easy. The game is not updated from last 1 year thats not good.
Its all a freaking good game except for when your batting all of your teammates are just extremely slow & whenever you go to combine all of your cards all you get are just common & uncommon cards & for the other teams they have all these red cards & stuff & when you have to bat all you have are just useless messed up player cards & it makes the game super unfair & a lot less fun but for the combining part that should be for all red cards if you combine commons & uncommon they should be red cards
Good consept of the game but to easy to catch the ball and make the the game not very fun that is why I rated it 3 stars
Its a fun game, the graphics are good.. But I had to give it 3 stars because 1. If you accidentally tell a runner to go to third base theres no stopping them.. No way of making them go back or anything.. 2. The AI catch the ball so fast
I love it already!! My brother started to play then he told me to try it out! I just downloaded it on my tablet and I got 2 victories Already!! Level three here I come!!!🦊🦊🦊😀😃😄😁😎😎😎
So far, it's a really fun game. I just started playing so I can't say too much except this...hitting the ball should be just as easy as bunting. It's hard to get the right timing so I'm not "swinging too fast," or "slow." Every time except a small handfull of times I get to hit the ball in play. Maybe add a color coding for the timing on easy mode then we can get the pure hang of it. Thanx everyone!
I give five star tgis coz grafics are good and controlling is ez to play but sometimes its lagging and many adds if they fix this its really good game
It's a good game nice graphics accurate rules the fielding is good as same as the base running the strike outs the home runs they are all good but one thing that ruins this game is it's really hard to get cp the ads only give you 5-10 cp I suggest to have some challenge mode that you can win cp like 50 or 100 cp is the minimum price that's all and thanks playus soft
Bro this game is very nice and it's graphic is also very good and it can be a great game And this is not boring and I never bored while playing this game
Game is more than throwing and catching or jus trying to hit it oVer the fence. Chance to play with the line up and improve individual players. Was mostly what i was looking for in the all american passtime but still the animation keeps you from taking it TOO seriously.
It's pretty fun and you can sink quite a few hours into crafting a great team. I'd give it 5 stars if there was a way to transfer saves from an old phone.
I like the game but what gets me mad is i hit the ball in the air and the out feilder catches it and that annoys me alot,so thats why i gave it a four star.
This game is addicting !.......I can honestly say if you dig baseball games well, It's it's got lots of status and upgrade options. Well done all developers involved in this game creation. So if ya want a lil' suggestion download it give it a go. You'll be entertained and see what I'm ramblin' about. Oh yah.....it 's quite comical too.
I'm a f2p player. This game is good at first but sucks after a while. I can tell that this game is a p2w game cause even if u grind hard, buy alot of cards w/ 50% discount it's almost impossible to get a 4star after u combine them and if u got 4star it's still almost impossible that the card is the team u are(example I am lions but the card I got is joy). There are 9 team and worst is 4star is not even the strongest card(5star strongest). But I enjoy playing it a little.
Not really a user friendly interface in the multiple menus. Clicked dont show again on tutorials but still get them every time. And like others have said it is nearly impossible to get a hit. When you do and try for extra bases, even if you are almost there before the ai gets the ball you will be thrown out every time. Last game i crossed home plate for what shouldve been an rbi single. Three whole seconds later the ball came in and my runner who was very clearly safe was called out. Dont bother
Nothing better than hitting a home run in the last inning to win a game. Thats what this game brings out of me . The feeling of a real game. That's what I like...
A great game its so good the controls is great the grapics is not bad and the gameplay to the only problem that i put 4 stars because the game does not had much more teams to play i was thinking that you guys Should put more teams that way the game would be better.
It's a wonderful game. Easy to play. It's challenging which is amazing. I enjoy the stadium designs, and the currency system is just amazing. Keep up the good work!
This is my 2nd review. I've been kinda attached to it's mechanics, tactics, strategy, graphics, controls, and it's immersive gameplay. I do hope that there will be additional baseball teams to choose from, and maybe a pvp battle? Anyways you never cease to impress me :>
I'm playing this game for like 5 years and I still prefer this game over baseball9. I think its due to the controls I got used to and the UI is better to understand. TBH I don't know why you have to make another game similar to this.
I like the graphics. Their really good... I also like how the AI's are so smart.. Thats good, at least for me. And what I DONT like is that the AI's catch the ball SO fast. JEEZ.. Overall, its good.. Maybe they can add updates too..
It is a good game at first time gave it one star because i was not able to play but now i apologize and it would be great if we are able to play with online players
Hitting even a basehit is virtually impossible, pitching is no better like throw a ball and somehow the hitter ends up with a home run. Used to love this game, now it's just sloppy and subpar mechanics.
This was a great game and its like the game Baseball 9 but i think this is better and i will rate this game 5 star for beautiful gameplay and i also like the graphics.
Nice game... Feels like real baseball. Was using Baseball 9 but hardly ever hit the ball. Seemed like it was playing without me.
Great game but i feel like it is scripted the cpu never make mistakes but my players CONTANTLY HAVE THIS MARK OVER THIER HEAD !
It's a very nice base ball game personally opinion I like it so much but it should has some more interesting things in a game
The game is good but the graphics are not really that iexpected when i was downloading and thats why i gave it only two stars i've played lots of baseball games and this is the worst one i expected more from this game and regret it downloading so if you wanna download this game dont you will regret it like me.
This game isn't that bad. The graphics is nice and so is the controls, but the reason why I put 4 stars is because, how the hell do the AI catch the ball so damn quickly?I've played baseball for nearly 4 years, and I don't think a person can reach that far to the ball to Catch it. Other than that, it's an EXTREMELY competitive because the AI is very smart,(not like me XD) keep up the good work, and I would like to see some updates as well. Like tournaments, or Championships, something like that.
Very nice game. Controls are easy and game play is good. Much better than another baseball game I tried on the store.
This is a really good game but there is some times that you lag and stuff but you really lag that much in this game
Super fun game! Very addicting at first. Learning the functions of the game take time but we'll worth. Bat on!
Ok in the game it asked me to write a reveiw so i hope i get something in return ok 1st of all there looks alot worse than base ball9 as far as options which ill say later the 1 thing i liked about this game is when i tryed to steal to 3rd and got caught in rundown some how i did it perfect and stole the base pitching is not good also its to slow wether ur pitching or hitting, hitting is easyer for sure but its like rookie mode for a ea sports game takes no skill at all which will get boring
Neat game. Just wish it didn't take control away so much with weird pitches and players running to next base without any chance of getting there before the ball.