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Is a Sports game developed by playus soft located at playus soft 서울특별시 구로구 디지털로34길 27 대륭포스트타워3차 . The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Addictive, easy to play and super fun. Graphics are fantastic and this is literally the cutest game ever, their actions, crying after missing the ball, the quality of the game, never enjoyed any game like this before, we can enjoy more when we upgrade our players in game, so waiting to upgrade players and enjoy more. Nice game
I like this game but the more I play the more I realize that I'm glad I never spent a dime on it because I discovered a stockpile of experience drinks and beefed up my players. I should have left them alone because it made them worse than before. I was nearly undefeated until then
This game is PHENOMENAL! I find myself playing it almost every day! But I have a few suggestions to make the game better than it already is, I mean, like I said,the game's great but I got some good ideas, well, in my opinion. 1. When you complete a "Daily Mission" or a "Achievement", there should be a little message on the side of the screen saying ___ complete. "_" is the name of it) 2. Custom Uniforms, Custom Hats, at least 2 letters on hat, mix and matching heads, and custom Bat. Gloves.
Update. Game mechanics graphics are amazing. I still wish for the rewards to be little higher. Also there are occasions where outfielders will not throw straight to home plate. This can be problematic. Exp: runner on 3rd and the batter hits 1 to mid LF. Runner goes but instead of LF throwing straight home he throws to my SS even if I tell him to throw home resulting in a score. My LF has a strong enough arm where he could have picked a few off in similar situations. Still amazing time killer.
The only reason I'm giving this game one star is because the retarded AI. seriously if you apply the steel to second and then hit the ball the dude won't go to second until the dude catches the ball the batter is out and he throws to first then and only then when he attempt to steal second when it's too late one star! Other than that a great game but I really hate that
I give only 3star, because the gem I purchased never came in, and there's a message send to me, it's say you're balance from purchasing the gem have been refund and I check my bill acc it's still the same, (noted this is a serious issue to have been tricked not once but twice) I'm really" disappointed about this. Because I love this game
It's IMPOSSIBLE to get a score!!!!!! And that's REALLY annoying! If I hit it, They will catch it, If they don't even catch it I'm still out! Please make it easier!!! Sorry that I gave it three stars, (it should be 2).
I'm enjoying this game. I already reached pro league III. I love the crowd cheering, the gameplay. But the rewards please make it higher. But overall 5 stars since I'm enjoying it. A great game to kill time. Additional to the previous review. I'm suggesting that add also the ability for us to spectate other teams' games. That would be a nice update.
Really great game..The main positive aspect is that there is no annoying adds in between. The gameplay, graphics are good..
BASEBALL 9 is my favorite baseball game. You can improve your players and choose to play manually or just simulate games. The things that could be better are many. There are only 8 teams in the league. it would be nice to have at least 16 teams. And winning the season rewards could be better. It would be nice to see more stars(4 of them gives you 10 simulated games), energy(2 of them are required to simulate 1 game), more uniforms and emblems, exchanges for gold badges to platinum badges.
Really good game but I think you need to improve on where if they hit it far that they always get you out and they Need to drop the ball more often but other than that it a great game also you Need to make it easier to hit the ball more easier.
Totally awesome, easy to learn controls, manage your own team just the grinding is harder to level up your players, skills etc... Somehow put up a daily log in rewards for extra resources for gems, recruit tickets, for upgrades etc.
Great game, quick play option is great for teams you should beat easily so game doesn't get repetitive. 2 reasons why I didn't give 5 stars: first, the baserunning can be a bit funky when multiple people are on base. Hard to control when you just want 1 guy going. Second, there was a scenario on a sac fly where my guy did not tag up on 3rd and ran straight home, the game counted this as a run.
Good fun tap game, BUT finding now that earning gems by waiting for the time to elapse is frustrating because the countdown gem reward has ceased which means I cannot develop my team so... Uninstall unless, devs can fix issues. ???? I really like the game so this error is destroying my happiness, help!! 5 stars if fix my gem commercial not cueing issue. Thx
Good gameplay, really amazing, BUT, there's are certain teams you just can't win, even if you're statistically better than then. If you win too many games you'll suddenly start hitting straight to fielders, while the opposing team finds all the gaps. Not to mention players don't run while the ball is airborne. Autoplay sucks.i understand that any team can win but kidding to the team that's lost 80% of their games is ridiculous. Otherwise good job. I'm at Pro III btw so this review is real.
Like you can't hit the ball or nothing and we're going to try to rent it a basis and still they supposed to be out this game bro like this game I don't know I just know it's kind of a big game but it really not to me because like of the hidden you cannot hit any game and yeah
Simply a a great game love it to death cuz you can almost do anything with a hit and run all kind of things it's like real to me I love it
The game cheats the other team always makes a point you always lose you get a tile you will want it snow levels in the game says you suck a it brings your self-confidence down it looks like it's interesting is not I wouldn't recommend I'm saving you just being honest
Me and my friends love this game. It would be even better if there was some sort of friend system so you can add friends and play online with them
The creators of this made an incredible game. I have only a few suggestions with this The runners sometimes go back to base even when they can run. There should be an option where we can fully control the base runners We love customisations, an additional customized to uniforms and stadiums would be awesome And an online match making
It is great game, but it can be the best by adding online multi-player game and play with friends as well,,,,,, hope u will update with this feature, waiting for it😊😊
A game that requires less skill/technique and more pure luck. Offense feels rigged, as most bats go straight to the defense. Pitching is simply boring, with a few pitches to the sides you will easily strike out any opposition. I personally found pitching so dull that I played the matches simulating that part of the innings and played only as batter (to give the opposition a chance and to avoid the tediousness of striking out their entire roster) but thenn... well i ran out of space. Just don't.
Absolutely the game I've been looking for. Great controls and graphics, very playable without paying. The base running could use a tiny bit of improvement but as a game (overall) easily 5 stars!!!
Awsome game! Minimal ads. Game play is just the right challenge, not too easy but not too hard. Lots of cool options and upgrades.
Great game. love all the facial expressions and even the crowd cheering. It takes a few games to get the hang of it, but once you do you can't stop playing. It would be cool if it showed an out of town scoreboard for the other 3 games.
Really fun baseball game after you get the hitting down.. would rate it 5 stars but as of right now the purchase items in the shop are ridiculously expensive..if they brought down pricing then it would be solid 5 stars. It's taking forever to get my team to a decent rated squad
This game is fundamentally good, I really enjoy batting and pitching and overall the way the game is setup. But I don't understand why the AI can literally catch anything! You could throw a school bus full of 12 year Olds at one of them and they would catch it without breaking a sweat. AI balancing is just crazy.
The game is great but there is somthing that you must increase the difficulty of the players and game as well, i get bored while playing and all runs i produce, win all the games. Please upgrade it and you'd try to set a online mode. To play with others all over the world, however the game is amazing.
Just started playing but I have to say this game is very fun to play. You can customize almost everything from the players to the stadium to team logos and uniforms. The game play it's simple enough but takes some practice to master. Just wish you could play 1 V 1 that's one of the only things missing from this game. Solid A.
Really cool but not so fast The build up of badges and tokens is like the evolution of flora and fauna. Its way too slow. Please increase the frequency of uniform badges, recruitment tickets and emblem tokens. After that its fire stars. The aiming physics is not bad but most of my hits aim directly at the fielders resulting in the fastest innings in Baseball history lol. Cool game keep updating.
This is my final review of the game, I've played through rookie and pro levels. You can make it through both without buying anything. One issue with this game is the pop ups, game should be called," pop up and your out", way to many of those. Impossible to get a no hitter game, good luck with that. I think the rewards being given out are not large enough. Last, it cost you too much to do everything in this game, anything that you want to change cost you, almost reminds me of WOT. Not a bad game.
While the game play and rewards are great, the lack of any real changes has made me put this game down. The UI is the same and only real changes come from cosmetic looks that have no real impact on the game. But the biggest grip is no online or tournament modes. Theres only a season and having made it to the highest tier (World) I've gotten bored. The game needs multiple game modes. It sucks having constructed a great team but not having anyone to face off against.
Good morning. This is an excellent game, good graphics and game play. I just find the game too long and tends to get boring. The game purchase items are too expensive as well and one had to buy upgrades instead of winning nthem through the game, which also takes quite sometime to do. If these can be fixed ... 5 stars
It''s easy to play and throwing pitches manually is fun. Revising my review to suggest three things that would improve game, be able to exchange 5 gold badges for 1 platinum, 5 platinum for 1 diamond, since already has 5 silver for 1 gold. Second thing, increase number of stadium designs, just five stadiums, should be eight or nine, one for each team. Third, outfielders seem slow even at lvl 105, no warning track catches ever! Thanks, decent game.
Overall, this is a great game, complete with excellent gameplay for both pitching and hitting. My one critique is the auto baserunning. There should be an option to turn off auto baserunning when not required by baseball rules. There have been multiple times that the game sent a runner another base without my telling it to and the runner got thrown out. Manual play should also get to control that.
Updated Review: I've spent some time with it now and was quite unfair. This is a FUN offline game thats easy to pick up and learn. Pitching is a breeze but getting the timing on hitting could really use a practice mode or home run derby. I love that its offline and I'm not forced to play against live players. I would gladly pay a few bucks for an ad free version of this game! If they add a Home run derby it will easily get 5 stars.
Hate the game don't like it the hitting in this game is horrible and on power shots I always hit pop flys when the cursor is right on it and I'm always hitting it towards the opponents would not recommend wasting time on this game it sucks
The game is good graphically. The realism is not very good. 6 games in no home runs hit or given up. Took 6 games for me to get a double play and then the ones I got were lineouts to the first baseman and tag the bag. I can shut out people but I only score one run off 6 hits. The left movement pad needs to be done before you swing or pitch, not while. Can't time the pitch, way too many early or late swings. Make it easier to hit.
Good game. Only complaint is the later stages of the game require a lot to upgrade your players. Either pay to play, or else be VERY patient.
Sorry this Review took so long..AWESOME game! I have been playing this for a long time. First game i download after i change phones. Even the wife loves the game lol. Just a fun game, graphics 😂. Only suggestion even with my five stars (this game IS 5 stars regardless), the cost of accesories etc. If you could make that stuff more affordable id spend more money on this game to kit up my guys with packages and make this look kool etc. Either there is no star loss!! Thx all
The Game is quite good lots of fun to play but the more gems area is a scam i followed the instructions and got stiffed . Wasted my time on another app ugg
Firstly, it is a game you can enjoy even if you not much know about baseball. Esay to play. HOWEVER, the AI are SO STUPID!!! I just wonder why infielders just turn aside and give up chasing the ball that can absolutely out the runners!!! Sometimes when players make an error, the one who cover his back just stop and do nothing with the error and let the ball gone!!! It make no sense to let a "must out" play safe, or even score!!! Hope the STUPID AI can be fixed as I really love the game.
Do not waste your time. When batting your hitters will square up a fastball down the middle for a line drive straight at an outfielder. Meanwhile you can throw breaking balls in the dirt and the cpu drives them into a gap.
This game is excellent and it is very easily first but after it is some hard . In this By using stamina All matches we are losing . That Is only problem .
This game sucks! First of all, now this is what pisses me off the most, how are all of the outfielders making trickshot catches? This one time I saw an outfielder slide like James Bond and he, of course, caught it! Because the ai balancing is so bad! Another point I want to make, contact hit, got to about to the center fielder, power hit, same place. Balancing is your problem playus soft. Fix it
Absolutely ADDICTED to this game!! Cant wait for the next update!! Be neat if if you could ad an allstar game maybe at half season for the best players at their position? Keep bringing it!! Love this game!! 2 words CAREER MODE! Create your player and work your way through the minors to earn a call up to the big leagues! When u make it could earn a baseball card with ur pic on the front an career min/major stats on the back
Least fun baseball game that I could imagine. All I do is hit the ball at the opposing players. I've ranked up one of my players several times but the increased stats don't seem to matter. Don't waste your time.
The game itself is very good. Simple dynamics make it nice and easy to get stuck into. I love the fact it auto saves from any point. It means you can close it down and pick up again where you left off. The reason I cannot give this game 5 stars is the pure greed of the developers. The price they ask for for gems is disgusting, capitalising on peoples addiction. It's a phone game and you get 100% profit. If you make the prices more fair I'd give you my money. Very unethical.
Gameplay is phenomenal and probably the best baseball game available. I put a lot of importance on realism and licensed MLB players and teams but the gameplay of this is so much better than any licensed game that I'm playing this instead. The depth of personalization is a big draw for this as well but that leads me to why it gets 2 stars. Gem prices are insanse. I'm not one of those people who complain about games costing however much. I'll spend money in other games but these $ are way high.
Have not played a baseball game in years. This is a really good game. The batting/pitching physics is realistic, and the stats are extensive as well. I'm 5-1 into my first season so far so, we'll see how it goes...
Great game, I would like an umpire mode where you could have your own season as an umpire and umpire games, like calling balls and strikes and outs too.
The game is truly awesome! Without a doubt my favorite cellular baseball ibe ever downloaded. I have only one complaint...I wish there was a way that I could skip the cutoff guy. Ive had a few moments where my outfielder had enough throw power to skip the cutoff but he didn't. Multiple times I could've had an out at 2nd or 3rd but missed it because O.F. hit the cutoff guy instead of throwing to the base I wanted. Otherwise, its a fun AF game that is addictive!
Ok so game is awesome. Best baseball game out. My only issue is being called out on the basepaths. You can clearly see my guy is safe and gets called out everytime. Really does effect the game. Like anytime I hit a line drive to an infielder and my guy is off the base. He slides back into the base and gets called out even tho he clearly beat the throw. Wish there was active customer service so you could look into it. Other than that awesome game.
Game is very good, but it can be better... Visual - only 5 small stadiums, no players in dugout, fish/hockey bats makes game look childish, there should be more teams, each with same logo all the time. Gameplay - Boring same 8 team leagues with only 2 rounds of playoff, pitching super easy compared to batting, running even its obvious foul ball, no wrong calls for pitch, no injuries, throwing to ss instead directly to base and few other playing errors. Fixing these would make game more great!
Game is good, but giving 4 stars because sometimes a.i. just do dumb thing. Also having a nice record doen't affect autoplay it mostly let you lose. Lastly is that rewarding system is very weird as you have to play a lot to get the required items for the upgrade. Apart from that game is very go and sort of addictive, having almost good time playing it. Hope the developers improve the game in near future and make it a perfect game.
Not going to lie I love this game. But I am a free player and do enjoy watching my ads for diamonds which have recently stopped working, not too worried about it at the moment seeing as how I just bought a $5 two-week thing, just don't spend money on games all the time. I love the grinding aspect in this game. EDIT: THANK YOU! Would give an extra star of i could.
This is an update to my previous review: After the past review I realized I wasn't fully utilizing the ability to skip games using stamina. Buying certainly helps the building process, but you can play this game without purchase. One suggestion, after feeling my way through the building process, I may have developed skills my players don't need, it would be nice to be able to reset those skills and reassign them. Overall the game play mechanics are awesome!
Challenging game and fun. It is hard to hit the ball, but I'll keep trying to get better. Have enjoyed the game quite a bit!
Best baseball game out there, very fun game to play to kill an hour or two of your time. I love all the costumes, the gameplay and all the details. I read a lot of reviews about things costing too much. However I don't really mind the costs of the items. My only critique is that sometimes it's too easy to strike a batter out but I'm still in rookie mode so it might not be too much of an issue.
Very fun, very very poorly balanced. Pitching is a breeze, but batting is virtually impossible. Nearly all games end 1-0, with any friendly scoring feeling like it was luck. One home run in the first 12 matches is just sad. Nothing about player skill level, either. No difficulty balancing, no 5 stars.
Good game. No ads. Purchasable is stuff is kinda expensive though. So I don't plan on buying anything but it doesn't look like I'll need too.
Awesome game and very entertaining. Would like to see an option to draft and trade players. It will be nice to pair the names to the team emblems correctly or we choose what team to play against before starting a season.
Great potential. But fielders are far too good. Get to every ball. Never miss a catch. Throws are always accurate. Really quick. Plus the batting runners are slow. It's almost impossible to get to home base.
Game is surprisingly fun like the whole pitching and batting concept I wish there was a little bit more options to do on the Fielding like maybe Sprint option or jump option but overall the game is great and also maybe if it was a little bit more easier to get recruiting tickets
PROS: The on-field game play is amazing! The game plays and feels just like any console baseball game, and is just as fun! CONS: Everyone starts with the same generic team (RED) and players, and it will take several seasons to ever earn enough credit to change uniforms or colors. Also, your players will NEVER gain Exp or level up. Only purchased players have that ability, and you will only have 2 or 3 of them for a long time. Even just a generic uniform editor would be much better 😬
I don't have much to say about this game. It's pretty much perfect. Everything you need in a mobile baseball game plus more. I play it everyday and will continue to. Great work! Graphics are good. Gameplay is good. It's fun. Love it!
After I went to practice mode for five minutes, this game became really fun. Play it whenever I can now.
This was arguably the worst baseball game I've ever played. Sure the graphics are decent but holy heck, this game is downright impossible. I played five games and got blown out in all of them. Why? Well, every hit is directly to the opposition and I mean EVERY HIT. It doesn't matter if you're batting for power or contact. Every ball is either right to an outfielder or the world's easiest ground ball. Home runs? Forget about it. You'll never see one.
Amazing game, very addictive, when i started it was so irritating but once you go beyond this ia the game you can play all day long.
The game is AWESOME. It's almost perfect. The only thing I can nitpick on is sometimes when you tag up from a base after an out, the character doesn't start running for a second or two, even though they're on the base. This has cost me a few runs. But honestly, great game, nice character design, easy to play, AND the ads are optional. They never interrupt the game. Great job to the entire dev team!!!
Fun game. But starting to see that it doesn't have much to do with my skills. The ball gets hit either foul or pop fly to the outfielder for a easy out almost every time. No homeruns, no real way to try to hit a certain direction. Just tap button and watch them catch it.
Bad experience with game , just uninstalling it right now. Whenever u try to hit it just gets missed or otherwise u r catched out. And same in case while bowling u strike out him , or just catch him out. There is no single home run i have seen in this game.
Baseball 9 is a fantastic game, but it still seems like the creator disappeared before he could make it into a masterpiece. There are so many things right about this game: the careful artistry that went into the various unique batting stances, the swing animations that react perfectly to pitch placement, the stadiums detail. I could go on and on. However, there are also so many signs that this game is not being supported anymore, which is a shame because the game really could be a masterpiece: -The A.I. batters are too predictable (two easy strikes then a guaranteed contact unless you pitch out of the strike zone) - Runners in scoring position don't advance even with 1 out and a routine grounder - 100% of the time there is a fast runner on first, there will be a pickoff attempt on the 1st pitch, and then almost 100% of the time there will not be a pickoff attempt on the second try. - There are never any updates to the gear or other skins - Between inning animations are painfully long. - I could go on and on. I love the game, but whoever created it isn't around anymore and the organization responsible for it doesn't realize what they have on their hands.
This game is awesome! The customization around your team is a great feature however it's a money grab. Leveling up players takes forever and everything you need to level up your players and team costs money. The 10 gems a day pale in comparison to how much upgrades cost. Also, it costs a ridiculous amount of coins just to change simple features like make a player left or right handed. Some of these features should be more easily attainable as it would greatly increase the feel of the game.
I like the game I remember the last baseball game you guys put out years ago. But I had an issue today. Bought the premium daily pack. When I purchased it, the game lagged out. I got an email with a receipt but it didn't unlock the pack on game when I reloaded it.
Would give it 5 stars if it wasn't difficult to upgrade and get new players. potential for the game to be better. runs smooth and plays really well.
Pitching and bating is ok ,there is just one problem and that is you cant control the direction of bating and all the fielders is in auto mode so you dont get a chance to build up any points at all,please do an update to fix all that!Make the game more manuall rather that auto!!!
So when your playing against the computer the auto fielding is unfair. Players always drop catches but makes sure the computer team never does miss fields or drops catches. Ruined the game for me and as consequence uninstalled.
Great game because you can put different people where they play better at. The only thing is the different places the ball can and different formation
Pretty Amazing! Great graphics, smooth game play, nice sounds. Only wish it were easier to level up. Looks like it could get pretty expensive to buy add-ons.
Best baseball game I've played in a long time. Love its authenticity, and the feel of it. The animation is on point too. Best part is, you dont have to spend any money to win. Great job developers. Keep up the good work. Would have given 10 stars if I could. The only negative is, this game really kills time...lol