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Banker !

Banker ! for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Rooster Games located at K.K.T.C. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
If you like Ads more than playing the game than this is for you! Literally an Ad after EVERY SINGLE THING, you spend more time watching them than doing anything else its crazy idk how do many people downloaded this junk
Good game but why there are so many ads in the game . First I thought I will give this game 5 stars but after looking so many ads I was disappointed. So please remove the ads . And I will definitely give this game 5 star.
Honestly I have no qualms. I love lion studios games. They're so fun and I love playing them, but if I had to nitpick something, I just wish there wasn't so many ads. If you want bonus items or cash, sure, run ads to get these prizes, but otherwise, it takes the fun out of the game to have so many ads.
Ad central. Ad for new skills Ad for claiming your prize Ad for absolutely everything and nothing Ad revenue must be stacking up for themπŸ™„βœŒ
Well where to start. . I know that with free games there has to be ads, in order to make money. But seriously who wants an add after every task, including before.. I do appreciate how the game is user friendly ( unless you can't read). Maybe I will play again in the future if you improve your advertisement.
Way to many ads totally boring I lasted 5 minutes playing the game, advert for the game was better than the game, wish I could give it -5 stars
It was not even a good choice to download. Because right when I did I tried to open the game but it wouldn't because as soon as I opened it it would close for some reason.
Game is completely different than advertised right down to the art style and it's riddled with ads. After every task an ad plays, even if you opt out of being shown an ad.
This game really gets on my nerves bc I love playing games like this and I don't feel like spending my own money to get rid of ads. I think you should stop caring about ad Rev and start thinking about the players. If you tone down the ads I would love this game but there are so many ads and about this game which is also a problem. If I could give you no stars I would. Also players that are reading this, don't download this game. It has to many ads and it's not even enjoyable and don't buy no ads
Wayyyy to many ads after every turn you have to watch a 39 sec video even if you hit you don't want to watch video for upgrade they still make you watch it I uninstalled it with the quickness!!!! DOWNLOAD IF YOU DARE 🀣🀣🀣πŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺ🀣πŸ€ͺ🀣
Oh my Goodness i haven't even started the game and it all ready started to stall on me i keep on hitting for the next thing and it won't let me do anything.
Don't bother with this game way way way to many ads. You have to watch a ad to double your money if you say no to double your money you still have to watch a ad if you double your money by watching a ad you still have to watch a ad after. I don't mind some ads but this is way too many
TOO MANY ADS!!!!!! You have to watch an ad even when you don't click on the bonus money. You click on no thanks and you still get forced to watch a full ad. It's STUPID!!!!!
NEVER play this game every task you do it gives a ad and it is really dumb I can't skip a task either what If i don't want the new task then why do i have to watch a video just to play
The only people who gave this game 5 stars are 5 year olds, people who butt clicked while speech to text was on, and friends of the developer. It's truly advertisements disguised as a game. You play to earn coins with a chance to watch a video to earn more coins, but the coins are useless. They buy NOTHING. It's honestly just a game of ads!
So many adds. Is it a game or adds shop. I have never seen a game like this. I thought I would give it 5 stars before downloading the game but after playing this game you should deserve no stars 😠😠
I understand that games needs ads to make you more money. But this game takes the piss. It's unplayable with the amount of ads that come up, even when you click that you don't want to watch them.
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Literally one ad per level. You spend more time in the ads than you do in the five second levels. These games are literally more ad than game.
Such a con. Game play is nothing like the ad! Fun game maybe if you're 6 years old, but don't lie to trick people into downloading your game.
Literally can't even play the game. It crashes mid level, before a level, after a level. I'm not sure what's going on with it.
This app sucks! Way too many Ads. It lagged so badly. It took 20 minutes to get past the first level because of glitching. If I could give a 0 I would. Sorry.
Way to many ads. Not worth playing, I don't want extra money say no thanks still have to watch an ad. And after each goal reached an ad its almost like you have more time watching ads than time playing.
Terrible. Too many ads and boring game play! I dont even know how this game got 5 star reviews at all. If I could put no stars, I would. The other comments about saying it's pretty much nothing but ads are 100% correct.
I despise this type of game.I feel like just looking at the adds made me think that this is an interesting game but I was soon proved to be wrong because,when I opened the app,the graphics where atrocious and the gameplay was repetitive and boring and that is without mentioning the constant adds.I do not recommend this app to anyone.
The game is okay, the controls SUCK. The game has ads after ads after ads, ALSO it's very laggy. Overall the game isn't what I thought it would be.
Click don't want to see an advert for X3 times coins, get advert anyway. Don't want to give data for advertising, have a horrible box covering the game trying to guilt trick you into allowing it. Game uses scummy practices to try and make money at the players expense. Should be removed
To many adds. Everytime u complete a task, there's an add. U swipe no, there's an add. U sneeze, there's an add. That's the problem w many of these games, TO MANY DAMN ADDS. Let me play the game for 10 mins b4 u throw a freaking add in there.
Makes you watch ads to progress occasionally definitely not worth your time wish I never tried this game 5 minutes of my life I will never get back
The game would be ok if it didn't have some many dam ads. I stop playing because of that. After awhile you don't want to play.
I want the tasks to be harder this is just way too ez and so many ads I want to play the game not watch stuff about other games
Pretty decent game except for the fact that your ads don't work especially the ones you need to learn a new skill. Well here more more stars if you improve it
I literally clicked "No, thanks" to getting triple money yet you played an ad anyway. The whole reason I clicked no thanks is because I didn't want a video ad. Awful.
Fun game but ads after every task irregardless if you say no thanks for the bonus. So lose the ads besides when you click bonus than May be I'll raise the stars
Absolute rubbish. Full of ads and doesn't matter if you get things wrong the game keeps moving forward as if it's correct. Oh and the grammar is aweful saying "try best" and 'bank of CEO'
Absolutely ad riddled, every task has an ad to accompany it after about..... 2 tasks? Yeah, hard pass, even if you fixed the horrid edges, faces, etc.
TERIBLE GAME!!!!! I installed thinking it would be fun though the grafics quality was seriously low what was supposed to be a pile of cash looked like a bundle of grass.on top of this the game was lagy and it also started to slow down and glitch my phone and as soon as I uninstalled my phone started working perfectly. Could just be some hacker trying to hack ur device by inserting a virus into your phone. WORST GAME EVER!!!!!!
Okay there is so many things to say about this game and their not good things, First of all why are there so many ads it feels like every time you click there is and ad and also why the heck does the character design look like a damn 4 year old scribbled on paper you could at least bless us with better looking desgins with all the ads we have to put up with
There aren't even any aims and objectives in the game ... it just makes you do random tasks with no end goal in mind.
Game was just full of adds. Like a few doesn't bother me, but it just takes the micky. Do not download. Waste of your time.
Everytime I finish the thing its ad after ad after ad its so annoying and doesn't make the game fun like I know you have to make money but this just isn't it...
Ok I have somthing to say and it's not good. why is the game so glichy I mean like when like right now when I'm tiping it's not gliching but when I go on the game it lags I'm not happy if I could rate this 0 stars I would so yea fix it so it dosent glich I'm uninsstaling it.😦😦😒😒 not happy
Ok so there is two things about this game one being too many ads like when u press something it takes u to an ad and two being I find this a bit boring like if ur older than a 8 yr old this isn't really for u but if u like it good for u x
It was way to laggy. I could not play the game with the amount of lag. And why are there ads just to get a task? That really isnt fair.All in all i think its a good game its just these problems that are bugging me.
Well, I only experienced the ad and others' reviews, and that was enough for me. Downloaded, left a review and uninstalled. So many others were telling about how there are way too many ads. One said like I've seen in other games an ad after every transaction. Enough info for me. Another said to quit being greedy. So, just wanted to leave a review, didn't play the game. Like was in the ad for your game, "you get what you get".
The ads are shoved down one's throat and I barely managed to spit it out and thankfully uninstalled it never to reinstall it ever again.....ever, ever never!!!!. Absolutely useless game! Install at your own risk and choke yourselves with the ads pouncing on you!
Ads, Ads, and More Ads. This game isn't even a game, all it is, is ads. 8 can't play it because 90 percent of the time I am watching an ad instead of playing the actual game. All these bad reviews were not lying, in fact they might have been nicer then they should've been. These game is not a real game its an ad app. DO NOT INSTALL THIS GAME.
Ad filled horrible excuse for a game. It looked interesting in the ads, but I'll tell you now it's not what it seems and you spend more time watching ads.
Despite turning the settings off for vibrate it still vibrates. Yet another game that thinks people want their games to vibrate.
Way to many ads... it would be fun if after an ad would not pop up every time you complete a task. So I uninstalled it
This game is absolutely garbage and should ve taken down immediately. There are so many things wrong with this game that its not even worth for the download, for starters all the ads that you get after every "level" obviously its no fun at all with them being like that. Then you got the graphics of the character and background, they are so low budgeted that the creaters of the game took little time and effort into making it. Their ad for the game isnt even what the game is. Low budget game. πŸ–•
I'm with them. If a game has to put in an ad after each task, then why bother. If I wanted ads after every task, I would just install an app that runs an endless playlist of ads nonstop. This is cancer. Cure it or take it off the store.
If you want a game that has ads after every level and you have to watch an ad just to unlock a new level if not then don't install it
Uninstalling only because of the ads. Once a task is completed, a offer for new skill or multiplaying coins is given, and even if you choose "no thanks", they still take you to ads. Nonsense!
So many ads o hate it i won't get into detail but it looks so bad and it's not even fun . I don't not like it But I also don't don't not like it Or I can say I hate it.
This game sucks it has way to many ads. And if you click no thanks it will take you to a ad when you clicked on no thanks I think that means "I don't want a AD"
Absolutely horrible it's just filled with loads of ads and I love games like these it's just sad really that it is bad when I sW the ad I thought it looked really good but really its bad
Ad after EVERY play....no sound....all the excitement of watching paint dry....only gave it a 1β˜† because you can't give 0β˜†
Way too many adds. Couldn't last a day I thought I'd give it a try. But then I plaued it and instantly deleted it after a few minutes. The games repeat and the ads pop up after every round. It gets boring. And half of the five star reviews don't even say why it's good.
I don't like this game.i think is to easy i the ad i though oh wow that sounds good I'll get it so I did and it was so long I got angry and I finally got it and played the game and no no no sorry but no I thought is got to many ads
Ads, should a game give me an ad within a few levels I delete the apps. One short task, ad another short task ad then next level two ads. Removed.