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Banana Kong

Banana Kong for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co.KG located at Romanstr. 7-9 80639 Munich. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Cool game i love it i only rate it 4 stars becuse i glitches a lot please fix this bug but apart from that everything is fine.
Very changelling and once you get to download you have so much fun when you ride the animals. Awesome!. Pls download.
This game is not only intertaining it's some what challenging and reminds of playing Donky Kong as a youth. Although I am an adult now I still and will always enjoy playing video games. This game is one of my favorite out of the many games I have installed on my device. Thank you 5 star's for this one.
My son went up me an say papi cool game me need, so me got for son he says he got it for fun. son walk up to to the lemonade stand and the lemonade man say, "WOW cool game" son said I know it good game. then the lemonade man got game and now he died because he was addicted to game but son still addicted after that happen but, son not dead so I happy.
it has lots of things you collect and you have lots of items that you can use and upgrade it is the best you should download it no adds so far in the game and its hard to get games that I like but i love it and i am 11 years old and im a girl my name is Anna dont pronounce it anna from frozen please download it if you want to you if you dont want to then thats fine but i love it
I think this game is very fun there's a monkey that runs around and you can buy hats and other stuff. and more the bananas you get the more stuff you can get!!
Hi. Is there a way to adjust the screen size? The bottom part of thr game (i.e., the ground, floor) cannot be seen properly on my phone, thus I don't know when to jump if I needed to.
Awesome time killer graphics are great and something thats often overlooked, the music and audio clues are really well done as well. Nice job! Very addictive!
loved it so much it is very fun to play but i do thinn when your in a special place there needs to be alot more ways to go to the normal area to run if yiu know what i mean si yeah it frustrating to not be able to get to thehe Normal place so yeah
A great game...a classic! However, I took one star off because it seems like even though I have completed all the missions, the unlockable hats are still locked.
It's a real pace breaka. The design is pretty brilliant, the soundtrack is okay. The gameplay is flawed but I like it.
I remember playing this 3 years ago and i quit because it got to boring to me but now im playing it again it is SOOOOOOOOOOOO FUN
Fun game but gets to b repetitive if u play very much. At least u do get a diff. scene each time instead of the same obstacles in the same place every time. Not bad to kill a few mins tho.
Its addicting and fun the best game of the year in my opnion. I recommend playing this game for kids and adults. Also i wish there is more characters and powers in the game.
It is the funnest game in the world! You can go to lots of places like the cave , underwater , and the treetops. There are lots of animals to help you like the snake, the pig, and the parrot. You get rewards to help you so this game is very adictive.You get to swing in vines, hit barrels, get bananas, run from bananas, and go really fast . You will get really adicted to this game. That is why yoy should play banana kong. You will have fun. Your world will be turned around from having fun in it.
i think it is fun and cool just all the places on this game to play and explore with also with things like the super power upgrades are one of the coolest things about this game on my experience with it
Different types of targets. No words to describe animation in this game .The game movements are very natural . extremely fun playing this game.even adults can enjoy playing Banana Kong.
A fun goofy game with silly music and good graphics. My only complaint is that the controls are a little unresponsive and when you go underwater your taps are incredibly delayed. Other than that it's enjoyable.
This game is so much fun with little ads in it. This game hasn't changed since I last downloaded it (5 years ago). This is truly one of my favorite games.
This game is nice! Its offline! Which means that you can play it anywhere you want, or if you dont have enough internet! 5/5 stars, nice work ๐Ÿ„๐ŸŒŸ
These types of games are never fun. Controls are bad. If I dash it jumps causing the end of the game. Many people will uninstall just for that reason alone. Developers should scrap this game and create something different. Maybe a simulation game. Stay away from the run and jump games. #truthhurts
I love this game! so entertaining and fun to collect bananas for new items also, could you make more items and offers pls if it's cool items I could understand why u make it cost money or lots of ๐ŸŒs. Hope u update the game with more (pls read and answer me) ๐Ÿ˜”
this game is soo much fun i cant stop playing it i think it is a really good game and you should play it ro my sisters and my brother and my mom and dad love playing it on my phone so you should really get it and the faster you run the better the game is.I like it because of the monkey but i also like it because it is amazing,fun,awesome,and it is the best game ever.i think you should play it because it gives your hands a exercise and you can go on the tree tops,under water and ride a sea turtle
A very good game overall. Challenging, but still fun. Good graphics, sound, and pretty good controls.
Yes, it is fun, although not a tactical shooter. ๐Ÿ˜ OK, now what is the point of the silly question app store asks "is it a tactical shooter"? It obviously isn't. It is just an awesome platformer, where skill and quick thinking are needed. Adds are a bit annoying, as usual and I'd be willing to pay just to have them gone. Alas this is not how this wonderful and din game was designed. Still 5 stars.
This was recommended to me. I don't like mobile games. You paid Google to receive a bad review. Bravo.
The game is really really impressive actually It's nice for grown UPS And for kids This game makes me feel like I'm in the real game like an feeling that I'm inside it it's really amazing if you haven't ever tried it try it you'll do the moment of your life and if you're angry it will take out all anger thank you
Super addictive and fun. Beautiful visuals. My one wish is that revival hearts are more easily obtained (or that player gets, say, 3 revivals per play).
i love this game it dosent glitch or stop like the other games this game is so fun u could play it when ur bored and u could decorate ur little monkey how ever u want. Download this game if u wanna play with fun
This game is the best but.. Sometimes it's laggy and glitchy the glitch is I have power dash and I want to use it but I look on the power dash first and it's gone.... And could you pls fix the lagging and the glitch and I still give a 5 star!
This is the best game ever it has great music and it helps you when your bored and its really fun so i think everybody that sees it should download it and if you dont thats okay but i really do recemend you playing it have a good day or night!
Really addicting and cute. Also I love how you can ride the animals and go to different places like the cave or Hawaii. The music is really fun and cute. Love this game.
This game is SUPER COOL!!!!!I love this game and I suppose you download it too!!!!! I hope you enjoy this game!!!!!
The music when I load into the game is really corrupted and creeps me out but overall this game is really fun
It's a good game, it would be 5 stars if you were capable of completing a level with check points and unlocking a different area....it gets boring kind of fast restarting and repeating the same level area over and over again.....everything else is perfect
Very fun indeed ,I love this game a lot.I don't understand why then should be a option 'watch a video to get a golden haert' when you can't get it.
This game is SOOOOOOOOOOO fun I would never ever stop playing this game.Everyone should rate this game 5 stars and the people that made this game deserve something great that would make them happy.Keep up the good work,I absolutely LOVE THIS GAME.
I used to play this when I was little and it was so fun and hilarious. I really liked the game and I think it's still on my old phone to this day. Really fun I think.
It's a great game, I like playing it specially when I'm bored. Please fix the screen size because I'm unable to play it on fullscreen the black bars at the edges of the phone is huge. I hope developers will fix this on the next update. Enjoy the game โœŒ๏ธโœŒ๏ธโœŒ๏ธ
Ive been playing this game since i was a child and this game was like 90% Of my childhood I just wish this game could perfectly fit In every devices, i can't see the ground that some times i die Anyway its a great game
Scam. And the developers have clearly abandoned it, leaving it to take more & more money from more & more people. Let me say, I'm not just saying this for no reason. I don't claim something is a scam for no reason. If you insist on downloading, I HIGHLY caution you to rethink or in the very least don't make any purchases. You won't get what you paid for, you'll be chargdd higher prices & you may get charged again, without your permission.
I love this game so much..i only have 2 problems..can reduce banana wave speed and crocodile speed..and can you give us more item such as 5x banana potion or imune potion for 5 sec..tq
Good game, but the screen resolution is bad, the sound effects are too loud in comparison to the music and one of the achievements is impossible to get.
Really fun and a bit difficult. Umm although whenever I try rolling it doesn't work. Otherwise extremely fun. I recommend getting this
Do not make any purchases on this game!! I've had to request refunds because the purchases never showed up and they charge more than the listed price!! And there is also some sort of glitch that will not let the challenges clear once you finish them
Meadowlark Lane regular this game is about a Donkey Kong who is trying to find his way back it is trying to run away from a stampede or bananas that it's Eaton he is going along with his friend cheetah Drive weights alligator or a turtle and a parrot it's easy for cheetah driveways alligator or a turtle of Paris easy for a cheetah driveway alligator turtle apparel 84 cheetah driving alligator turtles
Excellent....very creative....also have comedy music....have all kinds of level great job keep it up all time
*PLEASE READ* I guess this game hasn't been updated in years because I remember playing it a long time ago, but please fix the bug where when I get a Google Play achievement for the game, the game freezes while the notification is on my screen. This is a recurring issue with old games that haven't been updated for years. Great game but doesn't work for me right now
It's somewhat limited, but it's solidly fun and the ads are minimal. There's a good amout of creativity even for only one default theme.
Best game I have ever played. I now worship this game in a cult. This is more addictive and effective than esctacy.
why do I die when I jump in the water but I dont when I jump in the lava? It also starts to go a little TOO fast sometimes and then this rock comes out of nowhere and I die. and when I try to watch an ad for a golden heart or bananas the ad doesnt load and I have to restart the game. its a fun game but it really frustrates me sometimes
Ads will not close and the back button will not close the ads. Ads continue to show up after every game and I'm unable to click the little x to close the ad. I have to exit the game and reopen it.
It's a really fun game. It's also really good cause u could use it without internet which means u could use it anywhere. The graphics and everything r awesome. They should add more hat skins and stuff.
Nice I really like the originality it also has duck, jump, glide, and the special Power. Its complex timing strategy and just a really fun game.
It's too early to say right now.its just when you uninstall it,I have a funny feeling it won't restore,and it's would be much better if it didn't scroll automatically
I played this game when I was younger I still love it to this day but it does not save my data I would love if that could be added if it can I will make it a 5 star but over all it's a great game but I want to load my old data.
I really love this game.. its challenging but not to hard and easy to play. it's a bit addicting and catchy.. I love games like this (mario) but find them boring and doesnt interests me very long.. I also like have they have lil challenges to do.
It's a sidescrolling 'run' game. Needs correcting to stop water and cave appearing before you've got enough bananas to enter them. I must be doing something wrong when jumping as there are some very high platforms that I can never reach, but nowhere explains what this may be.
this is a nice game. I love this game. give me a nice experience of jungle. I love this game. I always play this game. when I am unhappy I always play this game I feel better when I play this game. this is a funny game. makes me pleasure. so I say thanks to the creator of this game. you cannot understand how much happy I am to play this game. in my holiday I always play this game. my one sister and one cousin ladies game. they become happy to play this. Dehla like this happy game. I am also. ๐Ÿ’
This game is PERFECT!!!! Not too many adds and very responsive as far as controls go! Great for people that enjoy the game jet pack joy ride, donkey kong, and Super mario run!!! One of my favorite games of 2019 for sure! Definitely recommend this a big 5 stars from me!
Excellent game. It's the 21st century donkey Kong. Very addictive and nice to be able to play a game that doesn't cost an arm and a leg to get through. Highly recommend
First off the game has a good art style, I also really like the amount of effort and gameplay was put in to an infinite runner, I also feel like the music choice is not just nice to lessen to but also fits the game really well, but it is not Perfect the more you play it the more repetitive the game gets, how I would fix the problem is have multiple themes that would randomize every time you started a round, plus the difficulty changes so much so quick, some of the areas are hard and easy.
Swiping left to get into caves is cool and swiping up when ur on a vine is cool 5 stars awesome ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ’๐Ÿต๐ŸŒ
Very nice, plays smoothly and it's easy to get bananas so you don't have to worry about powerups, and i like how you can go to different levels, very nice
One of my favorites child hood games I'm really sad it's now not as popular as before and it was really funny
Fun game. Time killer. Variety is one of the things I like about it. Try it out. Not a lot of ads either. Very good thing. I just want to have fun and I do just that.
Brings back good old childhood memories. The quality and experience is one of a kind. Its very fun, it has other animals as well as types of clothing for kong. I absolutely love this game. 0 glitches ๐Ÿฆ๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿงก
When i first encountered Banana Kong, i thought what could go wrong. Came for the cheap bananas but stayed for the in depth character arc that Mr kong goes through. A wise man once told me when something important enters your life you hang on to it with all you got, that has never been more true with this game. I used to think very little of mobile games, BUT NO MORE!!! This game changes everything!!! Banana kong has set new standards for all games on any platform. Banana Kong is a must play.
I love this game, the challenges are perfect and it's nice because you dont have to make purchases to get any upgrades or powerups like on most games. ONLY BANANAS! but you still have the option to make purchases
It is a great app, very responsive and a moderate amount of ads, just one tiny thing: the resolution for a 10:16 screen at least on my moto g8 hasn't been supported and the game looks cropped thus making it impossible to see the ground (or the pitfalls) overall the music the variety of stages and rewards are pretty rad, highly addictive
Fun game. Many ads. I paid for 100 hearts(lives), but used them in less than 5 minutes! You dont get 100 lives, because it doubles each time(1,2,4,8,16,32,64,etc).Do not waste your money....rip off!!
Cool and really fun game... Only issue that might need rectifying is instructions for first time players because some of the gameplay is confusing... Particularly the obstacles you should avoid
Levels are way too difficult to pass. Ive been playing this stupid game all day and I still cant pass the 1st level! You need to fix this asap!
This game is almost perfect besides how hard it is to dash. Please devs if you see this, give the option to convert the dash from swiping, to a button.
A little bothersome with all the ad pop-ups and encouragement to leave a review, but overall a good version of a classic running away game. Pretty easy controls, only problem is it doesn't always register them in time--plan to jump early. Fluid graphics, a few funny cut scenes. I'd give it a solid 4.5, just wish there weren't so many ads.
I havs played this game a lot of time since i was 7 years old and i m still playing it. this is a really good game it helps me a lot when i m bored. the best thing is that this is offline and can be played whenever we want!!!
What the hell happened to this game? I can't see the ground. I've died countless times because I somehow ended up in the water which almost makes the game unplayable. Please fix this.
If you want a fun game get this game 0 to no ads I played it when I was a kid and it is so fun get this game.
I LOVEEEEEE it you can,go to different worldstyles like the underground sea or even in the sky??!! it's really fun to play I'm never board cause ofor this game!
Brilliant just like the old arcade games ,and that's what you need to start doing just bring old arcade games new there a game were they shoot dinorsaure a ship comes out and you collect all 6 ships and your ship become fire bird but before that you can split the ships and the each stage you fire a big old mother ship banging the games banging but yeah love this one need more like .
This is a very Good game ๐Ÿ˜ƒbut, :/ every time im in the cave things pop out of no where. I'm NOT talking about the stick things. Also when im in the tree top the end of the tree doesnt catch me;~;. ANOTHER THING is when im in the sea .The whole time the alligator is chasing me there are no speed things ,but when the Alligator is not there they are so many speed things.
I have been playinv this game for a long time. It is so much fun and it keeps you from bordom. I defenitly recomend this game.๐Ÿ˜€
I remember playing this game so much in the past I really loved and till now I still love it yeh maybe the controls are not the best but it is a old game it will have those issues I played this game for more than 5 hours just bringing back memories of me playing this game overall amazing game
It's amazing game nice grapichs and music etc... This is the 3rd time I am downloading again as the data was full in my mobile so.. Must play this game once in your life I really appreciate the hard work for making of this game and features are damn good
Was really good, very addictive, runs smoothly etc. However my new phone has a bigger screen which means I can't see the ground. There are no options to adjust the game edges and you can't play the game if you can't see the ground. Add some resolution or scaling options which allow for bigger phones (pixel XL, galaxy plus etc) and I'll amend to 5*. For now though, this is a waste of time for anybody who has one of the bigger models of popular brand smartphones.
It's a fun game. I just dont like going to the beach, or that the coconuts fall randomly when you are at the beach which annoyed me so much that I deducted one star, along with the fact that you can't watch an ad or something to get a Golden Heart, you either have to buy them with real money or complete missions. And it takes you a relatively long time to complete missions. Edit: There are rarely any ads.
This is a very nice game I like it but the only thing I do not like about this game is that there are two manyads and I don't like going to the beach it is to hard there are crabs
Over all this game is the most games I play it is fun and love the backgrounds if it was updated it would the most played game .
Live the game! But the controls can be a bit tricky. Sometimes BK doesn't jump exactly when I press down for him o, but then again maybe that's just my own lack of skill. Regardless, it's a fun game worth playing!
Great game with outstanding creativity and mechanics, it's a great game for kids under 13 that are bored and don't know what to do, I highly recommend.
I give this 3-star because the game has a lot of bugs and items are expensive and i bought an item the item didn't actually work but the game is good
No problem with it all the time and I just wanted to say thanks for your help with my boring lifestyle
Love this game. Donkey Kong Country Super Nintendo with Donkey Kong Country was the first system I ever bought way back in the 90s
I used to play this game a lot when I was a child but, I think it was on Nintendo. I'm so happy they made it where I can play it on my phone!! Love this game!!
This is a good game if you are bored and don't know what to do. This is a fun and a addictive game. I really recommend this game for anyone!
I dunno why but I just find the game itself funny its probably the pictures you would usually see after when you crash ect. Overall great game and I love it!
Game is cute great graphics gameplay just gets boring for me far 2 quickly unless im missing something but how much can u possibly fling ur monkey down same hill over n over idk could just b me but uninstalled after about a day liked the inital but personally needs changes progressively 2 keep this gurl entertained sr :/
I LOVE THIS GAME! LOVE BANANAS! AND LOVE MONKEYS AND GOLLRAS! This game is perfect but some advice if you google dontrez anderson add him to the game , CHUCK E CHEESE and LITTLE CEASERS. AND ALSO ADD AN UPDATE to the game to add HOT POCKETS
its so much fun super simple but a great way to pass the time great game for kids. The ads are not to bad. there is no constant harrassment to pay to play or for upgrades which is always nice. Just a great game to pass some time.
The game would be a lot better if you didn't speed up the game after entering the cave and then exiting it.and a lot of the tasks are too hard to complete. Why not make the game better.
Great except how do I use the zoom straight forward super fast move when I want and clearly indicate to the game when I want to go to the cave or the under water etc.??? I quit cause I can't figure out the finesse and I need a button.
just like super cat bros, it's a game that people think is a Dk country rip - off ( well its the same company of s.c.b ) but it's not. it's a hole different game that's pleasing to the eyes and gameplay wise.
This game is awesome as it is offline, the graphics, the Concept of reaching different level simultaneously and the storage size that it holds in the device BUT the all levels should have a separation so everyone can play those as per their choice
Several things need to be changed. In the HATS section the names 'Cowboy', 'Mining Hat', 'Heavenly Kong', and 'Afro' should be changed to 'Cowboy Hat', 'Mining Helmet' (with a lamp that turns on in the dark cave), 'Heavenly Halo', and 'Disco Afro'. In the PARACHUTES section, the word 'treasure' in 'Treasure Map' is misspelled. In the POWER-UPS section, the 1-UP heart should have angel wings and a halo. But VERY EXCITING!!!
Awesome the grafecs are nice just love the game. And I love that you can choose your parashoot the powers are awesome. I love gliding and the places you can go are so awesome. You should add more monkeys maybe. And add shirts and shoes and maybe a gold banana if you get the gold banana you get 10 bananas. Maybe a boss fight were you fight the alligators or something.Or you can put a power up were you turn into a big gorilla and you can't die for 20sec.
Its AMAZING!!!!! its so addictive and this game is definitely worth a fiver!!! It's so funny and you can discover so much in just five minutes of playing!!!! If ur choosing its a DEFINITE YES!!!!
It's a dash type of game. Similar to subway surfers or temple run, but with a donkey Kong theme. I actually quite enjoy the combination of classic with new age.
I love this game music is excellent and gameplay is superb but the reason for 4 stars is that the give adds in middle of our run please improve it by giving add either on home screen or by removing them completely (which i know you won't) By the way thanks for this excellent game
I've been playing this game on and off and on different phones for years, never gets old and it's always a good time playing some Banana Kong. The music, the sounds, the look of the game it's just so much fun and it's always why this game has been on every phone I've had. FDG you guys rock.
If you are looking for relaxing game yet so fun, you can choose this Game. Its user friendly and i love the effort of this game: beautiful graphics, and nice levels. ๐Ÿ˜
This is a very good game because the feature are too good and you can also add some more awesome features like jungle Express and all that mordern jungle features . By the way love this game
Right so i like the game..but..with today's kinda phone the game needs adjusting the resolution. I have a s20 and its not really full screen, can't see the bottom what i think its water..also when commercial appears on some you can't close..have a look please
Fun game nice controls but there are no levels to clear. You just keep starting over and over not going anywhere. Sorry
I would rate this App a 4 but too be honest. This is the perfekt App for you if your Not Sure if you should install this sister or brothere you should this game is really instresting and fun so Yeah prob should is really nice game but sometimes when i jump it freezes the game sometimes..
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I love it because not only is it fun, but it also makes it considerably hard to beat. It doesn't become too extreme and that's why I enjoy playing it!
I DONT LIKE THIS GAME! ILOVE ITT!!! its so fun and no need to use the internet. it also makes me happy when im bored. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! I WILL SUPPORT YOU!
I love this game! ๐Ÿ•นI would give it 5โญ but I think it's a little too challenging. ๐Ÿ‘Ž I can't get too far ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™€๏ธn I'm pretty good at games like this where ur skill, reaction (speed) and persistence is needed!! Also, i dnt like that when u die, if u dnt have any lives, xโค, u have to start alllllllllll the way at the beginning again...โฎ but i guess most games of this type do that tooโ‰๏ธ ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™€๏ธAll in all tho, in my opinion, it's an excellent game, super fun and addicting! ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ˜Šโ™กโ™กโ™กโ™ก
Once i go inside the cave i get so far and when i jump instant death and the spikes keep falling i cant do anything . this game sucks
great game u can have fun dressing ur character and diffrent transported island to travel to i do have a bad coment it doesnt let u jump or slide also good for young people such as 5 to 6 year olds.
Not a bad but not good either. I used to play this when I was a kid but now that I play it, it still is good
I love monkeys and i find it funny hes running from a pile of banna peels. Ive been playling this game all my life and its always so fun