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Balls Rotate

Balls Rotate for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by VOODOO located at 4 rue Jules Lefebvre, 75009 Paris. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Such a goooooooood game. I highly recommend it. Brain twister. I love it. For those complaining about ads, just turn off your wifi or data and then play it. It's not a big deal as some are making it out to be. Really guys, common sense. For one person complaining about porn, problem isnt the game, its you or your phone. And finally for not having different shapes, I am not having issues. Good game. Whoever created this, give that person a raise. More challenges please.
i have yet to play a game by VooDoo that isn't buggie... that being said, if you're looking for a game that will literally never become difficult, then this is the game for you. It is a challenge free source of entertainment while on the toilet. a lot of odd graphic errors, balls passing though walls and falling out of the maze and or balls going into blocked off areas and never come out. But, it's mindless and will pass the time for a few minutes here and there.
Lots of ads, and the game is a bit glitchy (more so the longer I play to be honest, not sure why, maybe it just feels that way). There's no actual challenge. That said, if you want a relatively relaxing game and don't mind ads or occasional glitches (eg a ball spawning in an irritating place or the swipe function getting briefly oversensitive) I can see the appeal.
DO NOT GET THIS GAME IF YOU WANT TO CONSTANTLY SEE AD AFTER AD. After every completion it is littered with ads. Only 5 min of game play, 3 min of ads 1 min of actual play. Not a good ratio to me. There is no reward system after completing a level. There is no challenge in the mazes. There is no way you could fail at this game. Great concept if it was a bit more challenging. Do not waste your money on this game just to remove ads, it does not get challenging.
this is really the most relaxing game ever it makes your brain think and be careful this game can take a lot of your time
there's no risk reward system. it's completely pointless. you just do the same thing over and over again with no chance of failing and no chance of reward. The puzzles are super easy. after about 40 levels nothing changed. complete 1 in seconds, ad, conplete 1, ads. so on and so on. I give 2 stars only because the game is functional. sorry if the review is harsh but the app just has nothing too really offer anyone in game.
In my opinion, the developers have fallen in to a the same trap as many others who come up with a reasonably good idea - flood the app with as many ads as possible, so many in fact that it becomes simply unplayable. Its a shame, because I actually quite enjoyed the short time I was allowed to play the game. Reduce the ads to a sensible amount and I suspect you'll see a lot less people uninstlling this game after just a few minutes.
Some of the movements of the balls (it doesn't have a specific color but it started out blue) are not consistent, especially with consecutive movement of the mazes. I think it may have some problems with the gravity or the unity of it with the other balls. Might need to take a look at that.
The game is so good i love make kids and adults be smart cause they them brain will be activπŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ˜πŸ’œ good
Entertaining.. no way to start at level 1 again. great time waster, biggest challenge is trying to get perfect finish with all the extra balls. wish there was a bit more challenge to the game. Ad quantity and length, acceptable for a free game. Would recommend to anyone..
The idea is good, the physics are good but the actual gameplay is what let's it down. It's impossible to fail. The balls can only go one way and when you get them to the end, they can't fall out the sides as they hit some invisible block and fall where they need to go anyway..... Fix that and allow a chance to fail and I'd give a higher rating.
Honestly the game itself is fine, except it claims to be challenging from the advert i saw for it. I struggle to see what the challenge was as I got to level 50 before uninstalling due to the large amount of ads, seriously after every level there's an advert, if you worked for the BBC it would give you a heart attack, yes there's that many ads, you will spend 5% of your time playing the game and the rest of it watching these. Is it worth downloading? I dunno, because the ads don't make the game
Like everyone says, it's an easy, vaguely satisfying game which you hope will become more challenging but it never does. It's a good concept but really think of it as one long ad. I'm fairly sure I'm just playing the same levels over and over again with different (irrelevant) scores popping up. And yet, it may hold my attention for a few more days...
If you love super easy "games" then you're in the right place. The only way to not win is if there's a glitch. On a positive note, the graphics are pretty nice...nothing fancy but very smooth animation and the mazes are interesting to look at. Byt, several times a ball fell through a solid wall and one ball got stuck in the center for a while before finding a new crack and eventually popping back out. Could use a timer, some dead ends, and/or a smaller target for more of a challenge.
Its entertaining, but alt of ads. Also it is kinda hard to be mean but I dont know what I thought u were like me and my friends wont be able to get a DORMMMMM of it for you to know that was the most .
The idea is simple and absolutely addictive but it's the glitchiest app I've ever used. It constantly stops working in the middle of levels, forcing you to repeat the same level over and over again. Some levels have glitchy balls that jump around and sometimes fall through the walls, making it impossible to get a perfect score. You also get completely bombarded with ads. At least you don't have to spend any real money to advance.
The game looks good at first but it's way too easy. There's literaly no way to lose and the "mazes" are so easy a 3-year-old could solve them. Make the mazes more complex or add a time limit and the game would be more challenging and interesting.
well the game is great and it is really fun. judy lile the advertising. the graphics are on point and the colours give everything a happier vibe and make it something different each time. the only problem i had was that it was too easy so it got boring after a while. still, great game and im definately not deleting it! :)
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It's a very simple game, but its not much like a maze. It's more of just a path to go through. The levels aren't challenging at all. There are bugs that need to be fixed too, the balls glitch a lot. And the game randomly crashes after you play a couple of levels. And in the settings there should be a option to set the sensitivity for rotating it. There are way to many ads, get them very often.
Relaxing the only thing really missing is choosing to replay lower level to improve the high score or to let a child not mess with the current level. i would like to see my play stat,
Have replaced previous review.... Have a had a problem with the game going backwards since the last update. Having been on level 300++ (from memory), I'm not best pleased. plus my no adds seems to have gone too. Emailed support and have so far been waiting since August 8th with no reply from them. I'm going to see what happens when I reach level 1!
It's so bland. the ad I saw said it was a challenging game and Jesus christ this is the easiest god damn game I've ever played. how do you lose? Can you lose?? also, idk if my games weird or something but the maze spins way to fast in response. I'll barely move my fingers and it does a full 360. It's so boring not to mention the ads and ads and ads. all this company is is a big cash grab. sure you need money from games but there are SO many ways to make it enjoyable while putting in ads.
You turn the structures to pour the balls out. Sometimes balls glitch and keep hopping extremely. Just turn until every other ball has dropped and the level will finish.
great concept and i enjoyed at first. It would be better if you increased the complexity of the maze using the available structure to make rooms with two choices in which way to go, as you have done in the central room. Also instead of giving a perfect for getting all the balls out in one speedy go, rather give a time limit and reward for getting the balls out within the time. So reduce the number of ball, increase the complexity of the maze and you have a winner game.
This is a game for people who don't like to fail. Interesting concept, but horrendously executed. It needs to advertise itself as an easy relaxing game, or come up with hard levels. I honestly believe this was just created by a hack who is in it for the ad money. Worst, most boring game I've ever played. I've never left a one star review in my life, but this whole heartedly deserves it.
It's so calming and for some reason, it helps me when I'm sick. Idk how but yea. PLUS ULTRA!!!!! biee
1. balls glitch out and start bouncing around randomly, or get stuck in spots they cant get out of, and couldn't have got in by our hand. 2. balls get stuck on the ends of some of the spots where they have to fall where they have to fall off. 3. what actually constitutes a "perfect"? if it's a certain time from first ball to last ball, its seemingly impossible in later levels because of the amount of balls, and is possible only on levels that have a bend followed by a straight drop.
Disappointing. The concept is interesting but the execution is pretty bad. The game gives you no information so much of it comes across as arbitrary. You'll be rotating to get the balls out and it'll just end and move on for no reason. Sometimes balls will spawn in completely closed pockets making it impossible to get those ones. Also even if you get every ball you only get "perfect" every other time you do so. There seems to be no way to "lose" which is ok I guess... thanks
I got this game and was excited at first but then began to get anoyyed with it. The problem is it's so easy! It's the same thing over and over again! I was on like level 20 and each challenge took less than a minute! Don't recemond this if you're older than 8. It gets old. πŸ˜”
Negative two star review, it's that bad. Ads will literally block your view of the game midlevel and the game isn't even a game at all, there is no way to lose! controls suck, ads are rampant (you get to agree to send your data to no less than 22 advertising partners, for example). Do not bother with this game company, they don't make games, they sell ad space.
The game is pretty good and a fairly mindless way to pass those awkward bus journeys etc... the only thing I'm against is the name!!! It's such a strange name for a game (sorry). I would suggest something along the lines of aMAZEballs since you're moving balls in a maze...but I'm still gonna play it whatever the name is!
Balls sometimes have a weird gravity issue making it impossible to get them on the right path. Also during use my s10 becomes extremely hot, to the point it almost to hot to handly.
Although this game is fun and relaxing (most of the time), there are times when i get VERY Tired of the 180Β° turns, especially in the square and triangle mazes. I also get Extremely tired of rocking my screen back and forth to get all the marbles through what I call "staggered staircases". I would like to see more "regular staircase" type mazes, circulating from the inside to the outside, so I can actually be able to take the time to enjoy watching the marbles tumble down the "stairs". Thank you.
Simple game, not much work to put in, gameplay or otherwise. If this game is meant to be challenging, they missed the mark. The game doesn't get more challenging as it goes on, just more frustrating. If the game was meant to be relaxing, they didn't hit it, either. The game isn't very zen, the colors and sound aren't very soothing, and you get an ad at the end&beginning of every level. I would not recommend.
really fun! I've seen bad games and good games like this this one is a good one it give me time to pass and it's just really fun all in general. People say stuff about the ads every game play but it's fine bc it goes 5 seconds then you can leave the ads and also people are putting things that are not true at all they do not want to know your age and data. so people need to stop putting fake comments on this wonderful game bc the game wont get anywhere if they dont. you are notusing moneyitsfree
its a good concept maybe a good distraction for little kids. but there is no challenge at all, and the constant ads are really annoying. i get that the game needs to make money but after every level is just too much. and there being no option to go back and visit previous levels is odd. i mean yeah, why would you need to? you cant fail a level if you tried, but it would be nice to know how many levels there are in total, unless this is just to prevent you from noticing the repeat in 'challenges'
Simple, easy game so far, a good distraction. Hopefully it gets more challenging, but if not, it's still a calming app that keeps boredom at bay, but doesn't require a lot of time and brain power to play. Great for waiting in line when other people don't seem interested in small talk. Colorful, great graphics. Just wish it had options for sound effects to make it more amusing or interesting. Enjoy!
I was excited when I saw the ads because I was hoping for a new mind puzzle game but was 100% let down by what I got. it's basically the same levels with more balls each time you play. There is no way to lose and no way to compete with others. If possible I would give 0/5 stars. Very Very unhappy. I tried to wait it out and got passed level 50 within 1 hour and nothing had really changed. Do not download unless you want to waste time doing nothing important.
Its kinda fun. One of those games where u lose track of time. I love its not a competitive game its so calm and easy. Its nice to play when im tried and just want to play a game that doesn't require much energy. Love it
I love this game but I am sick of it not letting me finish the levels. I get to like level 18 and then it puts me back at level 100.
I have recently changed my review from 5 stars and will be uninstalling after im finished writing this, it was a great little game which i spent many hours on, Now the adverts are unbearable, They recently changed this to not suitable for kids... So they could show porn ads! And the new privacy policy is alarming. I will not be giving you permission to collect my data, You are a simple time killer and there is no reason for you to have any of my, or anyone elses data, full stop!
Zero Challenge. The only "challenge" is the 5 seconds at the beginning of each level it takes to find the path through the simple mazes. The score means nothing because each ball is with the same amount each must be through the maze to complete the level. Put a timer that deducts points if I take to long or score based on the amount you have to spin the maze or something to provide some sort of measurable challenge.
there's literally an ad or two after EVERY level. there's also bugs where the balls will go through the walls, or get stuck in the walls entirely. its crashed every few levels. also, if you have sensitive eyes, this game isn't for you cuz the color scheme of it will kill ya. - other than these things, it'd be a great game.
On some stages, two gold balls act like magnets covered in flubber, bouncing off of or even floating above other balls even through walls. Other stages other balls act like they're covered in glue because they stick to walls unless it's at least completely vertical. I'm sure it was programmed in like that because, one, it's always the same colors, and two, usually the same number stage on each level. At times it's so infuriating, especially at later levels, you'll wish you hadn't downloaded it.
The game is great for mindless passage of time. As others have pointed out it is not terribly challenging. Others have also mentioned the ever present ads. The are ever present for sure EVEN AFTER PURCHASING THE NO ADS OPTION. I would have rated it higher if it were not for the blasted ads that I actually paid to get rid of.
Fairly challenging and, for me, a strangely relaxing game. I play it at least once a day, and enjoy taking the balls through their mazes, being careful not to leave any behind.
not bad, not good either. there's no reward for doing well & no penalty for doing poorly. nor is there any challenge to the game. the balls will occasionally glitch through the walls & rob you of getting a perfect score. Alternatively the physics will either stop working or work too well in your favour. which is super annoying. I think it has the potential to be a good game but at the moment it's just nothing special.
Not the game for you if you like games that require a bit of skill. Very very easy and boring. i gave it til level 20 and it was still ridiculously easy to pass levels, even if you make a mistake, it's easily rectified. So it's basically short easy levels with an advert after every single level! Ads also come up on the game page at the start of a level. It's a nice idea just way too easy. Would maybe be a good app for kids.
l seen ghost balls---they go through the blocks without scoring?HOW DOES IT DO THAT?---The smaller mazes are going to give you eye stains?
Why are levels suddenly counting backwards? On this phone, judging by the score per ball, I am on 19. This is now called 81. Does this mean there are now only 100 levels? On my old phone, I was up to about level 120. there being no log-in, there was no way to transfer progress to this phone.
Great game! Very addictive. Thoroughly recommend it. Got to level 50 in 2 sessions. Thought that was quite good til I saw someone saying they did not stop til level 126 (it was a different game so I don''t know how they would compare). We should all state how many hours we play non-stop as well as level attained, or perhaps no. of hours sleep lost playing games. One ad for Empire something states the guy lost his job because of the game! Thank heavens I'm retired! At least my time is my own.
This will be a 2 part. 1. Game overall is not challenging, but a good relaxation type of game, or time killer. 2. To all those people who complain about the ads- if you don't like them, then go choose a game from the paid section & stop complaining. The dev(s) has to get paid for the time put into the app. Either turn WiFi & data off or turn on airplane mode. PROBLEM SOLVED! You want a free app - expect ads. You don't want ads, then pay for a game.
Good graphics, nice concept but I've found more challenging puzzles on the back of a happy meal box, come on guys you can do better
This is a very basic game with no challenging features (no count downs, no way to lose balls, no way to actually mess up). I guess a toddler might have a problem figuring out how it works. There's also a glitch where a ball can become isolated in a chamber for no reason whatsoever. As you progress you'll notice old puzzles come back which is annoying (because they're too easy). The only thing I did enjoy is the different shapes of the puzzles: circle, triangle, square.
it's a fun little game. there's no real challenge to it, but if you are looking for something simple to occupy yourself then it's great. the only downside is that the balls can get a little glitchy, but it doesn't seem to get in the way this game kind of reminds me of those cheap little maze toys i played with as a kid. this app is probably great for young kids because the objective is simple and it can help them practice careful control because the high sensitivity.
it was nice.. all the balls must go down to finish the game but even there was still one left it says.. yey! I and how would i know if i shooted all the balls perfectly to another circle. it would also have been better if it had nice music. So to the developers please read my comment
this game is horrible now with this last update. it was fun before, even with all the ads but you knew when to expect them. now i can barely move the boards, somehow im down to lvl 56 when previously i was above 500. nope done and unistalling because as there is no cloud save feature? i dont expect my progress to be resolved.
This app is absolutely perfect for people who hate losing (like myselfπŸ˜‚). There is no way you can LOSE on this app and it's as easy as tapping and swiping the screen. It's relaxing and fun. However, if you are one with more personality and prefer a game with a challenge this this is unfortunately not for you. But, if you hate losing at stuff then this IS for you!!!πŸ€“
This game is at best boring, unchallenging, littered with ads. It also eats up enormous amounts of power and even then its laggy. Sometimes the balls spawn in location where it is impossible to free them. Some of the physics on the balls themselves are glitchy and unrealistic for the purpose of the game. All that said, it is satisfying in a way to watch them fall through the maze. Make this a better challenge and I'll gladly download again.
Dear VOODOO While I was playing your game, I was searching for the things I would say in this review because I wanted this to be worthwhile. The game is very simple, and doesnt really need a tutorial. The level design is simplistic, and the game is a good time killer. I have found some very easily correctable mistakes too. The game doesnt have a level select screen, there are no in-depth features, what would explain the amount of ads I get. Please spend a bit more time on development next time.
I would give it 0 stars if I could. I just downloaded the app and upon opening I am prompted to consent to external data collecting and agree that I am over 15 before I can even start to play. It's a game about rolling balls... what on earth would you need my age and data collecting for?!? I can only imagine the numerous ads that would probably pop up every few seconds or the glitches in the game... Of course you don't get my consent to share my data with who knows. I uninstalled the app.
Very bad game, I was getting perfect until one stage, one of the balls spawned inside a closed box! It was impossible to get it out... I got ALL the rest of the balls in and only got a "pass" I wanted to restart that level as that one ball wasn't supposed to spawn inside the closed box, but there was no option to go back at all. I tried to deliberately fail to start over but no matter where I fling the balls, they still go down and give me "perfect"... And then one of the stages, I haven't finis
It's pretty decently fun. But like most Voodoo games, it must be played offline to avoid the copious amount of advertisements. The game is great otherwise. Easy to control, amd impossible to lose. However, that is also why 4 stars, instead of 5. There's no goal, no time limit, no pressure. If your goal was absolutely relaxation, you did it. Watching the maze spin and the balls fall is very relaxing.
The game is interesting and enjoyable, though I have a couple suggestions for the creaters/owners to make it better. 1 try to make the puzzles not so touchy, (i couldn't hardly move my finger a centimeter without the whole thing move halfway around (no joke)) 2 make up your mind with some physics with the balls, (most will move absolutely freely while a few will be almost in a gluetrap)
it's an alright app. I got through 110 levels and there really is no challenge. some of the physics gets messed up when you have a lot of balls at higher levels. yes there is way to many ads, you can disable network access on Android. but there is a constant nag to allow data sharing with the developers.