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Ball's Journey

Ball's Journey for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by VOODOO located at 4 rue Jules Lefebvre, 75009 Paris. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Mild Fantasy Violence, Crude Humor) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Even when you hit the ball perfectly it will 99% of the time hit an object and bounce backwards in excess of 2000-3000 feet. This makes earning money difficult when you are saving for the next strength upgrade. In fact it's actually easier and quicker to leave for a day or two and earn offline without playing in order to upgrade. The amount of ads is grossly excessive. Be prepared to sit through an as pretty much every turn. I would not recommend, there are far more entertaining apps out there even as time wasters.
might as well just play the adds it gets to apoint if u dont pay, delete it's the same cost in adds, my (time)could be better wasted , but dont feel alone most games that start off good, sooner, or later become infested with BS adds but im not paying to not be bothered bi just wont be. lol
All-round it's fun, sure, but that vibration ever single time the ball hits the ground. Get that the hell out. That doesn't belong. I don't feel as bad going completely offline to avoid ads with that irritating and unnecessary vibration
I used to love this game but now after every single hit I have to endure a thirty second advert, it's insufferable. I could handle the odd ad, but every time? Really? It's kind of annoying, I'm not going to buy the game, nor the extra advertised games because I'm going to uninstall it. Shame.
Ball bounces off objects when going full speed, and send it flying backwards. When at slower speeds, destroys buildings. I would imagine it should be switched.
I absolutely LOVE the game play. It's simple, relaxing and even exciting. But...... There is an ad after every round! They're is no way to turn off the sound or vibration, and you can unlock everything in a few days. I would love to see an update with more variety and more challenges. I wanted to give it one star, but it really is fun besides all that.
I've never played a game that has more advertising than there is game. Take a 2 second shot then have to watch 10 seconds of advertising before you have the option to close the advert. Installed and removed after my fourth shot, an absolute waste of what might have been a decent app.
Each shot takes about 5 seconds and you have to sit through an ad roughly every other shot. So that means you have to watch an ad after every 10 seconds of gameplay... that is ridiculous.
Game is OK, But those points needs to be in consideration, 1st I can't control the game haptic feedback which been generated while the object distracting obstacles, and the game override your phone setting, so even though your phone in a don't disturb mode it will still vibrate. 2nd no in game control for media and other basic option which is surprisingly weird. 3rd what's is the use of skin since it doesn't provide or have special features it's just like achieving a milestone to get nothing by the developer which is nonsense. 4th if you had chosen to get a Ads free option you still have the Ads option showing to double your scores, again no sense of selling the game as Ads free.
It was real fun at first after about 6000 ft. Progression slows a lot! Of course they want you to spend money to keep the fun fast. Many ads, my suggestion is click the double your money and watch the ad. They are going to give you an ad anyway.
Yeah, what they said, especially on not being able to turn off the vibration, and the higher your level the worse off you are. Once you start making it into the 7,000+ range STOP LEVELING! you'll regret it if you do
When I tapped the screen to collect a substantial amount on money while I was away it launched the ball instead of giving me the money. Uninstalling. Waste of time.
This game will make you question everyyhjng you thought you knew about gaming. They should have called it "Ball's Deep Journey". Seriously, though, ive never spent so much time praying i get a lucky bounce, or figuring out every possible play so i could watch a ball (or a piecs of poo, or kim jong un, etc) fly until it lands. There are a lot of ads, with an option to shut them down for money. New maps/globes should be added for future updates.
It's OK. the only thing thats really aggravating is, everytime you hit the ball an ad always pops up. Every once in awhile is OK. There just way to many adds. I'm Thinking bout deleting the game.
this is completely horrible. there are similar games 1000 times better. it activates my phone vibrate almost every shot and if there is an options menu it's not obvious and hard to find. ads play after every two shots and before you even start. dont bother with this at all just find another one.
Of you enjoy repetitive play, then you will enjoy this one. I found it boring! You shoot the ball as far as you can, collect coins, upgrade power, reach next goal, repeat. Ads appear too often. Uninstalled.
Looks like fun on the screenshots. Very buggy, poor frame rate. App restarts after every ad, and doesn't function at all after denying access to photos and location. It's a freaking game, you don't need to know my location. ✔ī¸
Good game, too many ads right away. love the concept. the ads suck. have developers that make these type of games ever try playing and enjoying games that do this type of stuff? i understand they need profit, and i play many games that do ads. but theres a line and this game crosses that line. sad.
Honestly the game could be addictive BUT it's logic and ads kill the fun... How can a ball bounce backwards off a small tree but obliterate the huge building it hits next, going backwards...? Also sometimes bounces and takes off backwards destroying lots of stuff, other times it will hit one house and stop cold. It makes no sense. Worst part is the ridiculous amount of ads you're forced to watch at least 5 secs of every two or three tries and when you finally start to get higher money the ads won't work for 2x bonus. Made it to 7000+ ft and now everything is just too expensive with its logic working against, it's just laughable and a waste.
This is a great no brainer game however when you open it up it gives an option to double the money earned while you were away by watching a short video. It does NOT double the money and that is false advertising!
i like the game. it is challenging and fun BUT there are just way too maany ads. tap to collect alwways turns to video. even if you dont tap double up. then after a throw, hit or whatever going to the playets screen you will always get the "while you were away" legend. i was away? i was sent to a videp that i didnt want to see and then "penalized" because your program sent me "away" to a video that i was not interestef in in the first place...
All you guys are crying about the ads, cost of power ups, this and that, but the game is free... Wouldn't be too much fun if you could O.P your character immediately would it? This game is a fun time waster, and if you take the time to figure out strategy (angles, arch, distance relative to strength and ball speed) it gets pretty easy.
The game is amusing and great when waiting for whatever or when sitting on the loo. I was almost going to give it fewer stars 🌟 because there's no settings, explanations, or information ℹī¸ on how the game works and functions. There's not even a settings icon. You learn everything over time, but until then gameplay is a mystery. While the game is not unique (it's simply a variation of the sitting on the loo game genre) it is worth the small purchase price.
Strength level 38, air speed level 37 and bounce level 34... & I can't get it to travel even 10,000 feet. My high is 22,000 done 20 levels ago. This game would make more sense if it traveled further the higher your level is. With the amount I earn getting 8-9,000 feet per turn, it's gonna take way too long to level up again.. Nice try to the developers but this game needs help..
My complaints have already been addressed by many people but I'll reiterate. First, too many ads. I know the developers need to make money but forcing an ad on you every 2 or so turns (a turn, which lasts 5-10 seconds each and ads ~30 seconds each) is irritating. Secondly, you can supposedly earn 2x the money that you earned during your turn by intentionally playing an ad but 90% of the time, the ad won't actually play, and if it does, the 2x bonus is only given about 5% of the time. It doesn't always work. Thirdly, as you get more powerful you tend to hit obstacles, like mountains, that actually force bounce your ball thousands of feet back from where you actually first contact the ground, resulting in very low earnings. Very annoying to watch your ball travel very high and very far only to hit the side of a mountain and be bounced back halfway to the starting point. Instead of earning $5000-$8000, your only rewarded $1500. It doesn't help that every upgrade increases exponentially. You're better off closing the game and just waiting for offline earnings to rack up. Which brings me to the final issue. When you load up the game again, it'll show you how much you've earned while offline. You have the options to collect as is or double the earnings by watching an ad. Most of the time the ads won't work and you're stuck with the base offline earnings instead of doubling it. Very annoying considering how expensive upgrades become.
Pretty mediocre example of this type of game. Very little choice to upgrade and progress which means it gets dull and repetitive very quickly. The ground level is far too cluttered with objects making the bounce of the ball fairly pointless. worst of all there seems to be no way to stop the game from making my phone vibrate every time the ball hits something - I've tried the physical silent switch on my handset and silent mode in settings but it still wants to vibrate constantly. uninstalled.
It's a nice concept for a game, similar to Yeti Sports 5, where you try to hit a good shot and simply prey is goes far. However this game is purely advert driven and you'll notice that pretty quickly when you start playing. Shame really.
Along with the magic aura of baseball, this app has some secondary math problems mixed in. It's really cool for kids of all ages, I think.
I would give it 5 stars if it weren't for the ads. I must agree with my comrades who say there are too many ads, and I believe you need to do something about it. Nevertheless, I still enjoy it, and it is a great past time...it is worth your effort, if you are considering a new game.
Completely stupid. It's one thing to have ad's between battles or things that take a while. This gives you ad's every 1 to 3 launches, which take seconds each. I even once got hit with 2 ad's between launches. Been playing 3 minutes...uninstalling.
needs an option to turn off the vibration. its a fun game but it kills my battery life like a bunch of fat girls in a pie eating contest.
Like everyone else is saying there are far too many adds a game spoiler and a joke but if you turn off your internet there are no more adds! I'm on level 31 but would have uninstalled a long time ago if I had not found this trick also the bounce back is very big and very frustrating but I like the game now I can play with out an add every turn or two
Once again I find a fun game that is ruined by ads. I would actually buy the game to remove the ads, but cant really spend a lot of time trying to see if the game is good enough to buy....uninstalled it.
horrible ad hungry game. seems like the game was rushed and was made in a day. they were even too lazy to give u an options menu so u could at least turn off the vibrate everytime u shoot. the game makes your device vibrate soo much your batt will last no time. also, u must turn off your wifi to play or the game is way too ad hungry.
Had about 6,000k in game currency and then all of a sudden I had 1,132k and I didnt spend a dime on upgrades. Has happened more than once but this time I lost the most. Pretty disappointing. Update, now they want me to "pay to play" by allowing them to access my phone data. Complete BS, uninstalled
Fun game. Bit of a bug though. If you tap the screen around the same area as your upgrade options after firing the cannon, it will still upgrade whatever skill you "tapped" got annoying. Even a few seconds after firing the cannon too.
This app is fun, but aweful at the same time. There is an ad after EVERY shot, this game is no where good enough nor entertaining enough to throw an ad that i use MY data for after every shot, aside from the over advertising, im cool with it, otherwise, app uninstalled
This is a very simple yet very addictive game. I like so many things about it but where I am now there is a problem. I am level 27 on everything and to upgrade things it costs around 127,000 coins but due to the obstacles which cannot be avoided due to the distance I throw at my level I end up bouncing backwards 4000 meters and scoring around a 1,000 coins per game. This is a problem! Not to mention THE CONSTANT ADVERTS!!!!!
There is to many ad's . I had this game a few years ago and brings back memories but I just keep getting ad's!!!! Please fix this.
U should get metals for hitting the buildings and trees. Even get credit for landing in water. And the China BOMB man should explode if you ask me these things would make gameplay much more enjoyable for the players. keep getting the updates make the game better by updating gameplay Cheers !! And how do I know what the farthest distance is ?
awful, I was saving up for so long, but I realised, without spending anything, when I was nearly at $600, 000, after each hit of the ball, the money suddenly started going down in halves, first to $300, 000 then nearly nothing, also, when you upgrade the ball, it could just bounce back and get you back to nearly where you began, all of this seems like the developers either don't like players progressing or are just darn stupid.
When you get to the levels where you can knock out people with a flying ball is really impressive! I imagine that they are my annoying friends who have overstepped the line once too often.
I love this game and so does my daughter, the problem i have is with the ads. Ive played many games with excessive ads but this one in particular has very inappropriate ads for children such as this stupid interactive stories game. Ive had one where a man and woman are having sex as the ad. And as a huge supporter of the gay community, for the first time ive seen an ad that had 2 lesbians having sexual interaction. It's the fact this is inappropriate content to be advertising in a game as this... Please fix this asap!!!!
1. No intro, straight into the game. You have to figure out how to play on your own. Still haven't figured out what the double arrow in the corner is for. 2. You are given the option to watch an ad to double your earnings for the shot. I can live with that, but on my third day playing it stopped working. I press the 2x button, nothing. I wait, tap the screen an ad starts, I let it finish out and I don't get 2x earnings. The first two days I loved the game, couldn't put it down. A perfect shot is not always the best shot. I've found a lower shot helps you skip the thrown object. Went to the Voodoo website, couldn't find this game on their site.
If you double, it lasts too long and you get another double option for being offline. If you skip the double, you still have to sit through an ad that lasts too long to avoid the offline pop-up for nothing. Uninstalling - too much hassle just to play the game.
Listen... gotta get rid of some of the ads, can't enjoy the game which is pretty good I might add, but ultimately you can't play the game without an add popping up Everytime you take a turn. Conclusion...not worth trying to play until the adds have been delt with even though the game is fun.
Not a bad game, needs some serious updates. The bounce is to predictable. a change of scenery would be nice, like after around the world twice how about space? knock it to another planet and circle that planet twice before moving to the next. New skins? etc