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Balls Control

Balls Control for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by GoLeft spol. s r. o. located at Blanicka 590/3, Praha, Czech Republic, 120 00. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Nice, easy. Chests freeze regularly, as soon as I enabled the red balls. Causes me to have to shut down & restart game. I am missing out on rewards/videos I should be able to get. At least 1/2 of chests won't double, & wont just let you collect either. Collect ads are ok, its a choice. Random ads that stop play & the board is empty when you return are NOT acceptable. Happy when it works, sorry but fix for more stars, it is barely playable & gets WORSE as levels go up. July29,2020
It is epic. I love how smooth it is for fps (Frames Per Second) and it is so good that I play it every day 24/7. I wish that there was a button in setting that allowed you to reset
theres a 30sec ad every 4 seconds so i get more ad time than play time, who wants to play a game you cant really play because you have to sit through ads you cant skip?
Love the game. Only issues is it force closes too much and too many ads. Everytime I finish a level an ad pops up, then I have to watch another ad right after that one to receive my reward. Please fix this. Would love to give a higher rating
Beware, You finish a level in 10 seconds, and then have two 30 second ads between each level... You can't loose any level just waits for you to collect balls, the game has no real substance and is a much more successful advertising platform than a game. 10 minutes into it and I can't bear this app any more. Uninstalled.
oky ... i played till level 51 and went out of the game and when I wanted to play again the game started from level 1 again .. not impressed. okay i am going to delete the game cause it is not fixed jet .😡😠
Too many ads. Normally I don't complain about ads for free games, but this was insane. Ads at the bottom of the screen plus optional ads for more bonus stuff, which I dong mind, except when they are followed (or preceded) by ads at the end of each (very short) level. I uninstalled it after I realized I spent the same amount of time watching ads as playing the game (and I opted out of all the ads I could, too).
DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME. It is nothing but ads with the occasional interruption of gameplay. This game FORCES you to watch ads without rewards, then an ad to get a reward (to small to even want), then another ad after each game (again without a reward). The devs for this game FORCE you to buy the "no ads" option just to get ANY satisfaction from this game.
Ads after every level and sometimes even during them. The average time you need to complete a level is about 2 minutes. But after every level, you need to sit through a 30 seconds ad. So if you managed to finish a level in a record time, you would of just succeeded in racing towards an ad.
I am annoyed about one thing, on top of the yellow option it says auto what I understand but I try to turn it off is it a day thing or will it be there forever? Also I try to turn it off by tapping the option or the word auto itself, I also checked the settings but said nothing useful. Please help that in th ed app or is i tf just me?
really relaxing and satisfying overall but there is a bug that occurs often. my game freezes whenever I'm about to get an ad at the end of of level, I would give this five stars if you could fix this type issues
The game is cancer. You literally have nothing to make progress towards, there is no challenge, no way to lose. On top of all this the ads come in every 30 seconds. It's too much 'chest comes up' need to watch an advert to open it. No skip option either unless you turn WiFi and mobile data off. It FORCES you to watch ads all the time.
very repetitive and boring after 2 mins of playing. WAY too many ads. Impossible to lose so it's not exciting, the only think to do is get balls by holding your finger on the screen.
When a new colour unlocked, a window popped up over top of my active game to give the option of a bonus if I watched an ad. I did not want the bonus but the “ok” button to close the window was unavailable. And no “x” in the corner. No way to close the window and get back to the game without watching the ad. I watched the ad till I could x out of it. And lose the reward. And it took me back to the same screen. So I HAVE to use the bonus and watch full ad to get it. I just want to play the game.
I can't wait to get to octillions in the iPad for balls control because I unlocked all the world's. There are lots of colours there is K M B T Q Q2 S S2 O N D U D2... and so on. World 1 is Balls. World 2 is Planet. And World 3 is Basketball. I moved onto tens, hundreds, thousands, millions, billions, trillions, quadrillion, quintillion, sextillion and septillion. And the next one is octillion in the iPad. Auto colours, Auto planets and Auto Basketball. Lots of everything. And the game is epic!!
I've only give your game 2* because although it's not a bad game there are way way too many ads, in fact I can't express how much there are too many ads. Get rid of some and I would play it for longer, at the moment I can only stand playing playing for about 3-4 minutes then I give up because so many ads
Way to many ads for this game. After each level ad it's so frustrating and you can't skip any of them. Game isn't as interesting to support as many ads as it does. More ads than actual gameplay. Rewards aren't even worth it because you have to watch an ad and you can't Skip and they're each 30 seconds long.
It's fun and simple game. Just extremely infuriating when an ad shows up every 10 seconds. Didn't even play 5 minutes and got too frustrated.
the ads are shoved down your throat every 30 seconds. if the ads were forced on you less it would be bearable, but with them forcing it then its just not worth it.
"Endless tapping idle game." The game description captures it perfectly. There's no challenge, no sense of achievement, no losing. It gets boring easily.
I LOVE THIS GAME! For some reason it is satisfying to see that I got more calls with higher numbers and amounts. I also love seeing when I get like 100,000 or higher. It is nice seeing that i have like 7 million. I recommend this to everyone who reads my review of the game. Well done developers.
It's initially fun and addictive, but after playing it for a few days the adverts get annoying, especially the ones interrupting the gameplay , and the bug when you switch to another app for a short time or don't close the advert at the end of the round you can't always collect the round reward.
Way too many ads. I get it, a free game needs some sort of revenue, but 30 second ads every 15 seconds gets very annoying. And to top that, the treasure chests pop up that you have to watch an ad for. And it doesn't even give you an option to click no for about 2 seconds, which doesn't sound like much until you are in the moment clicking your heart out
I liked it for a while and i was almost done with the first stage balls and when i tried planets i had to reopen it and ehen i went back i had gone back to level one and it took me a while to get to the point i was at When you fix this maybe i'll start playing again but until then i wont be playing this game
I tried to play this game but it's impossible to get involved in it because ads play in the middle of rounds as well as between rounds. So for every 15 seconds of game time there are 30 seconds or more of ads. Going to the trash can.
i uninstalled this game not even 10 minutes in. way too many ads. they have so many ads on this game that they give you a "special offer" to make a purchase for no more ads.
While I enjoyed the game as a time killer, I uninstalled the app because of the ads. I understand why they exist and they dont bother me too much, but when you have the option to "skip" watching the ad and forgo the bonus, yet you still get forced to watch an ad it's annoying.
Though a simple and fun game, I am only able to open 1 out of every 5 to 6 Blue\Gold chests as they are presented. All other chests are not an issue. The game does freeze too often. I am now having issues by not being able to access any chests. Not sure if this game is being uphraded or upkept, but have grown tired of too many issues. Letting this one go, sorry.
It's just the ad. A lot of games let you play a simplified version in an ad. This one it wasnt simplified. The game is that simple and unintuitive. It's bad and just one big excuse to shovel ads down your throat
Way too many ads. You have to watch ads to get rewards. Ok, that's normal. But some rewards are obligatory? You cannot choose whether to get the rewards (by watching ads) or just skip them (because, guess what? The rewards aren't even that tempting, so forgive me if I don't want to watch some long advertisements just to get unsatisfying rewards). The game itself is VERY monotonous. I've progressed past level 10 and nothing new in it. Just some new colours, that's all. Well, I guess this game is not for me. Sorry.
Decent for killing a little bit of time for a short while, gets boring pretty quickly. Far too many ads, you watch an ad after you finish a level and then have to watch another ad to open any bonus chests that games usually just give to you.
Honestly I love the game but it can be so glitchy. You have options to watch ads to get rewards, but half the time after watching the stupid ad it won't let me claim the reward so I am forced to skip it and once I do the game freezes and doesn't let me do anything until I close it and open it up again. Once that is fixed I would absolutely give the game 5 stars.
Its a great game. People complaining avout ads: if the adverts are bad enough that you're not going to even play the game at all, just turn off mobile data and wifi. Boom. Problem solved. Developers, if you read this, sort out your ad system because people are avoiding your adverts either way.
Adds after adds, after adds with extra adds, and hidden adds.Long adds that trap you for 30seconds, others you can skip after 15 or 5 seconds but next page is still an add for same thing, adds for taking bonus, ADDS!!!!!! I've never played anything so ridiculous for shoveling advertising at you and some were not advertisements I would of been thrilled if my younder kid had been playing to watch. Sure that's how free games make money but this is ridiculous. Often game crashed after some longer adds and bam watching another again. It's not even a game, you need no strategies you always "win". Basically just sit with fingers in one or several places untill all the balls pull into place for increasing times and repeat forever. You can try pretending there is some level of skill to game by tapping and take twice as long but there is no skill needed and it's literally a time waste/ way to showing you advertise ments.
Too many ads. Within a minute of gameplay to learn the game, every 10 second stage had a minimum of 30 second ads, would present bonus chests if you watched more ads which weren't worth redeeming, and having spent 75% of my time in a game watching ads had the balls to offer to remove the ads for 2.99. I don't even know if I like the game yet. Not worth playing if I can't play the game.
I loved everything about this game until it reset itself just as I was about to unlock the last ball on the first level resetting my planets level and everything else too. I was was past the quintrillions with all my balls too. So frustrated. I deleted the app as Google play tracked all the progress but the app rest. So frustrated in deleted it.would reinstall if it would bring back my levels.... Maybe that's how you don't win the game... It resets once you make too much progress....
seems funny. BUTTTT !!!!! No logic, no result. There is not even a time limit; or there is no need to count the balls; not even a timing is required. YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO LOSE ANY LEVEL! so, no passion to continue this game after 10 minutes.
Wow. What an amazing game. Only one problem. When I get chests I watch the video but it doesn't always give me the rewards. Other than that. So fun and addictive. Best idle/tycoon game I've played mostly because it's simple and got an interesting play style unlike other games like this as they basically copy each other
Ads after every game (so about 30 seconds a game), that last for 30 seconds and cannot skip. Then you get another ad that you can't skip, because there's a chest, which you ha e to select, as skipping doesn't work. So far 60 seconds of ads, 30 seconds of game time.then you get popups asking to rate, or remove ads.
I really wanted to keep playing this game but the constant FORCED ads plus all the bonus ads was ruining the whole game. It felt like you were staring at ads more then actually playing the game.
This "game" is loaded with ads, anything you try to collect responds with an ad, leveling up gives you an ad, and random periodic interruptions from- you guessed it- more ads. Also pretty sure it is causing random ad popups outside of the game (in my private messages, while trying to make a phone call, etc.), which is something I never experienced until recently. Not worth downloading, and definitely not worth paying to have ads removed.
I really like this game but the only problem I have is the every single minute Adds that pops up for anything, Literally. I get there's supposed to be Adds in this game but not more than you play it just starts getting annoying and the only option to get rid of it is to spend money.
It's a good game or what ever but, there is way to many ads. After the level there is an ad , and then after that you have to watch another ad to get the chest.
Have to agree to personalised ads and share data to play game. don't mind ads, gives ideas for new games, but no option to play without ads being personalised like most other games. Uninstalling.
Boring Gameplay not much to the game if anything at all. What is fun about holding a circle for 10 seconds? Does this even classify as a game? The messages displayed on screen after completing a level are humorous. Outstanding! Magnificent! Unbelievable! The make the game sound as if it was almost impossible to complete or " Unbelievable! You made it 3 levels through and have not uninstralled the game! Don't waste your time or storage. You will delete the game within 5 minutes guaranteed.
THERE ARE TO MANY ADS! When ever you get into the game BOOM ad, you could finish clearing the balls out BOOM ad. No matter what you do there is always 50 ads ready to force you to watch there crappy game just like this one
it was so relaxing it comes me down I love this game so satisfying to see it. it's probably the best game for those people that are having trouble calming down. on the other hand it is very hard for me to control it when you aren't playing I have to get out of the game and go back in it very disturbing but it is great game.
There's way to many ads, and the fact you encourage more ads being watching for the rewards. There's way to many forced ads that you have no choice but to watch It because you can't cancel the ad. For such a simple game it would be better off if you just had a sign of ads instead of forced video ads.
Game is pretty fun don't get me wrong but you get a new ad after EVERY stage unless u buy a paid membership and im not spending money on a mobile game like this.
I actually loved this game; it was fun. I could listen to my music in the background and just relax. The only reason I gave it a 2 ☆ rating was because it played an ad after EVERY. SINGLE. LEVEL. It was so frustrating and annoying! I've downloaded this once before and there were NOT this many ads last time. I don't know what changed.
Too many advertisements. Other than that, the game is fun and addictive but I'm not 100%sure of what the main objective is to the game. There doesn't seem to be a point to it other than a fun way to waste time if you don't mind waiting for the constant adds.
The game is fun and I love idle games like this, but there is more ad time than game time. An unskipable video ad after each level (levels are like 30sec long), plus another one if that level gives a reward. You'll spend more time watching the video ads than actually playing the game.
Anything that has an ad after every level is an immediate uninstall for. At one point, this "game" played three in a row. Only had the game for maybe 5 minutes.
Overall a nice game, I would love to play it more, too bad the adds pop up almost every minute. I can't even peacefully play for even a minute without them. I understand that F2P games need adds, but really, that many? That's stupidly annoying and you can't even enjoy the game. I would consider changing that if you truly want people to enjoy your game. Still, I really like the game. Just not the adds.
The levels last under 30 seconds. They want you to pay for ad removal, since there are multiple ad offers every 30 seconds of game play. Too annoying. Cannot continue.
Way to many advertisements, and thats why i don't enjoy this game. I thought it would be a nice game to play but with the constant flow of advertisements it just ruins everything.
Too many ads. After each game there's an ad, during each game there's an ad. If you don't want to watch an ad to gain more points (chests), no worries it'll play one anyway and no way of skipping them either. I liked the game but 3 30sec ads per level (levels last 1-3 mins) is not right. I get you need ads but add a skip button or something. End up playing on airplane mode but then you miss out on bigger prizes. No winning in this game.
Way too many unskippable ads. If I want ads, I want them on my own term. I know you got bills to pay and so, and that it's a first world problem to complain about something free, it just got annoying that I couldn't skip an ad every time I start the app and continue where I left, or got to next level.
I just.. I dont get it. Really, what's the point in this? So many ads, permission to sell on my personal information and for what? Just hit some buttons while some balls vanish.. How you play doesnt change how the game goes, it's the most pointless game I've come across, and I'm a bired stay at home parent (so I've tried plenty of boring/pointless games) dont bother downloading, unless you just want your phone spammed with ads for nothing in return.. in that case, perfect!
it's an interesting game but I when I went to return to the app it wouldnt let me collect my offline amount. just froze. It's fun, but not worth the hassle.
Absolutely crammed full of ads. Even if you buy the "no ads" add on, you still get adds on half the buttons. Don't bother with this game.
I love this game but since today it's not allowing me to receive double on offline scores or level bonuses. I can watch the videos but then the game freezes and it won't collect rewards. I've uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times today but I'm still having the same problem. I hope you can sort the problem because otherwise I won't play this very addictive game anymore.
It's litterally unplayable, every 2 or 3 upgrades you do, the button chances to "watch an ad for a free upgrade!" It is really annoying, same thing when you complete a level, an other 30 to 45 second ad appears. Please, for the love of god atleast stop with the buttons changing every 2 to 3 upgrades. Other than that it's an OK game. EDIT: I just started the game up, I upgraded a color two times, TWO TIMES and what do you know, and an ad popped up. Please for the love of god stop this madness.
it's very fun and addicting, however there are way to many ads and it is very frustrating when you can not skip them
I love thisgame!!!!! but can you add more stuff cause theres only balls can you atlesed add skin balls and not normal colored balls like emoji balls or fruit balls like idle balls and can you add super balls like fireballs or laser balls like idle balls please!!!!!
Great game. levels 125 and above does not load next level automatically. I have to close the app and re-open to have levels load
If you like being able to choose with whom you'll be sharing your information, this up isn't for you. If you like to actually do something other than just click on circles that even a 5 months old can do, then this app isn't for you, and, also, ads are constantly popping without any 'x' sign to exit them, so, no matter if you want the reward or not, you'll have to sit through it.
so.. i might be missing out on points. i've unlock up to brass but for a while now (up to the last 3 colors or so) i've been getting chests after every level that have the collect GREYED OUT and UNSELECTABLE. i'm pretty upset that i can't advance with these point collections. so sad. i have to earn extra points through extra bohemoth points. *** it's not letting me collect the chest of points after each level. i can only skip it *** this was for 10 levels and counting. GIVLING sent me here.
This is a awsome, and relaxing game. Wonderful when you are bored. It is also,very fun, and very easy to play. I would highly recommend this game for everyone. It is highly enjoyable.
I thik this game can cause serious battery problems in future and I have no idea why this game developer need to know the location and device photo stuff? Although the game is addictive and time pass got next few minutes to hours. I get a good impression to play this game so 5 star. But in future if this game come in top 10 list than it can make this comment very serious to all.
This game is very addicting but the problem is you get an ad every after level which is like getting Ads every 1 minute. This ruins the Faliping Game!!! >:(((((