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Balls? for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by DaniDevStuff. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Fun game, finished it, except I can't get to the second obstacle course and I'm confused as to how. I have every upgrade but there's no indication of how to go further.
Good no lag. Lots of gameplay upgrades and bosses very epic. Does glitch and I was able to go under the lava if I went down from the top really!!! Quick. Reason why 2 stars lots of glitches and I. General better graphics needed then just a shape like why not a realistic gamemode next this is rarely updated
One of the best games I've ever played. But there are some problems, first of I think there should be a little bit more spice to the bosses they are hard l, but there moves get bored after a while l, and they do get harder and harder but they also get annoying. Also when your just messing around the game gets kinda boring after awhile so mabey spice some things up there, also the obstacle courses are very hard and annoying so do something to spice that up. How about you just spice up the game
This was made by the norwegian milkman, that's not why this gets five stars. This is actually a good mobile game that i enjoy playing when waiting for something or someone, just for a quick game.
It's a really fun game and it is super well made for the limited amount of time it took to make, there is verry few ads which is definately a relief Love ur chanel :)
very fun I love these games he creates this is one of the more enjoyable ones I mean it's a full-fledged game with a lot to give you and it may not have the biggest go-to story but really once you play it you just can't stop it's that fun and that mystery that really drives you and the price is still leveling up are exceedingly good and if you want the ads are actually really worth especially at the later game you get lots of money for every ad very enjoyable and it's a must for anyone. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜ƒ
Amazing Game, all though it does get pretty boring once you get far in progress because how long it takes progress any more
This is a great game that is really fun. Its free and amazing. The ads are also completely optional and if you watch them you get rewards. Its great. Love the game.
Its a great game but can you make a larger game that has more than just 4 hours of game time and options to turn off or down the upgrades because ima fan lf the designs but for 'bad game' the bullet upgrade went a little bit to mad but im not really bothered about this games mechanics its awesome but im just asking if they'll be more packed games in the future and if your reading the reviews before installing it just go for it its an awesome time waster!
Its an addictive game dani and its quite frustrating i beat the boss then im just testing it well u made the game becuase of a challenge and i say the game looks kindi thick nah no jokings its quite empressive. Good job boner
Great game great content great everything this game isnt the most fun game but it is one game where you play it for a very long time not a one day experience i have one thing to say. Wow that was really cool
Good concept but the boss fights are practically unbeatable, pretty obvious ploy to try to artificially manufacture replay value and force you into watching hours of ads to level up your character. If you only want me to play the intro for free then make a free demo and charge a few bucks to unlock the rest of the game, dont act like Im too stupid to realize you have the game locked behind an advertising wall.
I would like the level 1000 what I mean is to add more levels to get cash because I am in level99 the max would you plz increase the levels I am sorry for asking but the game is pretty good but over time it gets boring can you add more features I am sorry for asking I know how hard it is to program all of that but if you do that I am sure the game well be better.
One helluva game hear. The beat is ssooo addictively annoying. little things big fun. More effects(air ripples/or water ripples? ) and/or abilities and a warning mark above the ground most importantly.
It's easy to get the controls dwon and the main reason I like this is because dani made this and it's a mobile game! And it's pretty good for a week long game.
It's pretty good but I found this bug where you can die by your own missile it happens to me a lot so fix it just make it to where if you hit your missile it just goes in the opposite direction DANI
At first it is one of the best games i have ever played, but then quickly it gets very repetitive. Level 99 is the highest you can go, meaning that your money intake will slow down a lot! The bosses are fairly fun to pass, but the "obstacle courses" are pure torture, and just frustrating. Items like "Love" which cost 10,000,000 have no description and are useless, just there to waste money. All in all, it is a great game, but please add more content and make the obstacle courses actually passab
I have enjoyed the game thus far. Its different. Its relaxing. No real goal other than to upgrade. The main (only) stage is fun to explore. The challenge stages though... I have played the first green challenge about 50 times and have not been able to pass it. I've seen other reviews about this stage being too difficult and it is. I've even lowered the difficulty, but that doesn't make a difference. Devs if you could please looks into this, that'd be great.
The game is very simple and fun to play. Along with adverts on a rare occasion (every 7th game I think?), this shows what a free game should play like. Correct monetization that doesn't ruin the game. My only gripe is that the game doesn't have great flow between the menus and gameplay.
It's a good game tbh. I really like the plus the creator. But,the thing is,that I think that the game should get some new game modes.Instead of just Balls u could probably add some characters which have specific moves. Ex: One guy has a gun and he can shot three to four balls at once. Another thing is that it would be cool if there was a new environment. It's kinda off when it's just a plain black background. Other than this the games really great.
It's great the circle boss is quite easy the guys that say it's hard ๐Ÿค๐Ÿ‘Œshut shut it bc they have the same attack so yeah I love it its very addictive but can you add like you can get the third spick thing to break it's quite annoying ya know I bought this one's the green one and the cyan and purple circle inside pls add the other one plssss. I already wishlist karlson so yeah I love it
I love this game It's so fun all you have to do is on jump on read things to the vive and Jeff the touch on the other bothers to on get points and a shop and if you could please that thing if you complete the shop the whole shop you may be get a prize I don't know I haven't played this game yet I have saved in my game slot so I don't know what is clink of you if you want lock everything
This. Game. Is. EXQUISITE! It really is so simple, but so addictive. Dani must've created it in, what, a few days, a week? The animation is awesome, and the different "enemies" and secret levels are too! And don't forget Unity's Particle System!
Simple no overall story just sit down and find some balls at balls there is more content to unlock all the way through not going to spoil it but there are a lot of various extras that can't be unlocked by getting upgrades and going to certain places
BRUH please make a use out of the love upgrade, i bought it and everythings just hearts. it took a long time ffs. still a game with alot of content and is really fun however how do u unlock the extras?
Very good game. I enjoyed it very much, but it's kinda short and I hoped there would be more secrets. For example: once you defeat the pentagon and get back to his lair in his form, etc. Also, why would he drop a key and the form if you already have it? It is clear that this game was done very quickly as there are little details which seem illogical.
The game is pretty straightforward and gets boring after a few minutes, but mostly I only play this one when I have a few minutes to kill anyways. The controls are quite satisfying. I almost subtracted a star because my volume and music preferences don't save; I have to go into settings and turn them off again every time I open the game. It's still a fun little arcade game!
Make sure to drink your milk and be thicc! This game has hardly any ads and I have finished it all. There is a bug where you can't get past lv.100 though
This is a really fun game, and I really like the ad feature, it gets you a lot of money quickly, and is reeally worth watching the ad.
It's pretty fun as you could really easily open it up for a few minutes and play. It's oddly somewhat intense at times and the gameplay is fairly simple with cool upgrades that help you Along your point gathering way GFS gamers let's keep drinking some milk
Hey, Dani. Nice game! It's quick and let's you feel like a pro when you pull crazy things off. There's just two things. The green obstacle course feels too hard. I only managed to beat it today, which is where my second thing comes in. I beat it, then died soon aftewards to a special obstacle spike which were now existing outside of the obstacle course. Is this supposed to happen? Whatever the case, after I died and respawned, the blue course didn't unlock, (I assume it's suppose to...?).
Its very fun, but one of the things that annoy me the most is the fact the ball blows up in the level part, despite not even touching the walls it just assumes it going to and preemptively dies
I love this game because there's so many challenges you could give yourself and also the boss battles are just the best and hardest I suggest to download this game because this game has the most entertaining things I've ever seen I love this game so much thank you Dani very cool
I love this game, the controls are really fun and easy, once you play it its already very addicting, i wake up every morning and instantly play this game, again its really easy to play especially after buying most of the upgrades
Amazing. As a fan playing its great. Theres barely any ads and its very addictive. I just wish Dani would update it :(
4 1/2 stars! Great controls, graphics, and the sound design isn't super annoying! Absolutely check this game out whenever to8 get the chance. (SPOLIERS FROM HERE ON OUT!!!) However, apart from grinding to get some interesting power-ups, Once you beat both bosses, there isn't a lot to do with the game. Still check it out though. Awesome job, Dani!
Hey dani you are awesome this game was really amazing that really show how much creative you are. I already subscribed your you tube channel and I like to watch your videos. If any person is reading my comment so just go open your you tube and search Dani and subscribe it and hit the bell icon to get notification of latest videos uploaded by Dani and enjoy it. THANK YOU
Quite a solid and replayable game. The gameplay is a simple arcade type thing, but the upgrades work to make it feel more dynamic
I really like the concept but this game has one huge flaw with the controls. The ball moves in the opposite direction the hand pulls it in, which often resulted in my hand moving of my phone when trying to make a big jump. Other than that I really like this.
Its a good game if you are bored, if you are this is a good time remover over here during quarantine, if bored download this really good app, I love it and I play it everyday, PS. There are not that many ads! ๐Ÿ˜„
Rating: 3.5 Reason: The game is really fun. I downloaded it and played for hours. Theres a grinding side to it and everything. Thing is, its a bit too grindy in my opinion. Just to beat the first boss you need a lot of stuff. I also hate how everytime you die to a boss you cant respawn at it, meaning kts hard to keep trying on one. Also, I keep randomly dying at the boss. This is probably a glitch but its an annoying one at that
This game is so cool I saw Danis bid about this and about all his other games and they are amazing I just think there should be more shapes and bosses
Fun, visceral, and captivating. Neither key works at unlocking the second and third challenges. The volume is too loud at minimum level and not loud enough at maximum.
Anway i like this game and i hope your still alive and get some sleep drink milk every night and day and also make games for me and my brother and what i really want is co-op mode so me and my brother could defeat bosses easily and learn more stuff and thanks to this game and i love you dani and lastly put a spike upgrade or maybe more phases for the boss attacks like boss split ok and thanks. - benz
This game is....... bro you need to make more mobile games because this game when i tried to play you wont believe i am so addicted to this game that i cant stop playing the game you made is easy and the coding is also easy but there is one particle i didnt under stand the movement of the ball thats what i didnt understand its usually easy to master it in computer but in phone you are a real game creator make a lot of mobile games that fits bettar tahst why i gave 5 starts. Awesome game๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
I played this and loved it so much that i put it in my top 5 best games list but besides on with the pros and cons Pros:there is no cons constent fun grinding that is play to win not pay to win the graphics are simple would give 15/10 definitely should play if u dont play it download it and play it
A adictive game needs more power ups like a ball that gives you a boost or strength to fight a boss and i hope you can add an ability that u can duplicate your self that will follow you and pretty much do nothing just to protect you
I like the game the bosses, exciting adventures, useless keys and all shape. I suggest putting a button that brings back all data that was reseted. That way when someone resets their data then regrets it they simply press the button. Boss speed run. To know if the player is a Chad gamer. That's pretty much it of the suggestions, onto the problem like whenever you use auto bounce while fighting a boss whenever it wears off and the boss hits you, you don't die, you just survive.
Very good game I would give a 5 star if this bug get fixed in the next update : I wanted to watch an ad but when i click at it nothing happens
Good but needs more at the end. I defeated the bosses at either end, got all keys and defeated the third hidden boss. Now I have done everything I can find but I'm still missing a shape and I feel like I'm done with everything else. I could work at grinding for the rest of the power ups but with no other boss to defeat, there's no reason
Great game! Only issue i have is there's no pause button. What if i need to scratch my back, or take a pee? Seeing how immersive the game can get, that's the only downside. I like the hidden features and the satisfaction i get after unlocking them because they're worth it. Once again, great game. EDIT: exit button needed too, i usually minimize then force stop. please fix.
Good game, but the challenges are crazy hard! Any tips? I havent even managed to clear the first one.. Edit: I managed to pass some of the challenges after a few more upgrades, and I must say it's super rewarding to be able to defeat the difficult bosses and to pass the insane "challenge courses"!!
This is by far one of the simplest yet Addictive games I've ever play, I have no complaints about this game, maybe some instructions on how to unlock the caged blackholes. I hope the developer continues to add more stuff to this game. It has a lot of potential! I'd recommend it to my coworkers
I love the game! The graphics are amazing and it is very fun to play. However, when i went through the green portal and completed the first secret level and it unlocked the blue one i died, and when i respawned i still couldnt go through the blue door. I went throigh the green stage again but there was no exit. Therefore I was unable to progress through the game, as i could still play it but i couldnt advance. So yeah, its kinda softlocked and i had a lot of progress, but i love the game!
Fantastic game, especially considering the amounts of time it took to create! Bosses aren't too difficult, the upgrades are creative and overall a great time killer
It is fun,but there are a few things that annoy me,for example I put a bunch of money into "Explosion" and "Explosive missiles" specifically for the bosses only to learn that the explosions don't work on them. But the most annoying thing is the "Love",it is the most expensive item and it doesn't say in the description what it does.I thought that since it's 10 million it might unlock something interesting.NOPE.It just turns everything into hearts.10 million for that?Really?
Hey Dani, just got to the 1st boss after getting the Square shape & I must say that it has been a lot of fun. But there are glitches like sometimes the Autobounce doesn't work like I click on it and nothing happens. Also, there are times that when I'm in the Autobounce state, the player ball just sticks to the walls of the entrance to the obstacle courses so you might want to check on it. And keep creating:) MILK GANG ROCKS!
Nice game,but there's some things needed to be added. Like the pause button(he always misses that haha) Overall,the game is good Good luck!
This game is amazing especially since it was made in like 24 hours this game dosent have that much content but its amazing and it also the stuff is very expensive, I'd really like if you could lower the prices and i would be happy.
AMAZING GAME You have custom characters upgrade graphics and it soo fun i got into it for 5 hours i would play it at a bus stop and the best part is THERE IS BARLEY ANY ADS AT ALL It feels like your playing game with no ads amazing gameplay i love it
Well Aside from Dani Making this.... This Game Is Addictive As Hell Good gameplay Combined with good Controls with good Graphics With Fair Item Shop... Not Just That .... There is Not Pop-up ads so gameplay Will be Smooth.. with no Ads Popping Every Second... consider Trying this game it will Probably Make you Try Other DaniDev Games
I really like this. The only issue i have is that there isn't much to the game after you defeat the bosses, who i'd say are a fun challenge, but since they're all just more difficult versions of each other, i can't really say they're great, however since this game was made in a very short amount of time, i can't complain about that. And yes, i did just genuinely rate balls
I like the game subscribe to dani, oh and I think its ridiculous that the bosses repeat phases and with the pink phase if he is against a wall you cant do anything about it.
The game's awesome! I actually saw the development video yesterday, and when you brought up controls I made a comment about how there's two control methods. It sucks it's unavailable on iPhone, but at least I have devices on both ends of that whole thing.
Fun, visceral, and captivating. I got the first key and it didn't unlock the second challenge. The volume is too loud at minimum level and not loud enough at maximum.
This game is very addictive, I seriously can't stop playing this, I only suggest that if you could put a leaderboard of all the players when they connected their google play account to this game so that all players will never be bored and play to reach the top spot, that's all and thank you for creating this game.
This game is awesome, in fact I downloaded it both with my cousin and two friends and we like so much the game, we enjoy a lot the hype of competition and discovering Portals and bosses. The only other thing I could say is that we wish a multiplayer mode. But well, in play store it says "one player game", so whatever. P. D.: En realidad deberรญa haber escrito el comentario en espaรฑol (porque igual no aparece pero esta en inglรฉs) pero ya no lo edito โˆš(โ€ข - โ€ขโˆš)
I love it best arcade game ive played so far. Awsome graphics , easy controls , and a fun game to play Well done dani.
Really really great game...If there would be ten stars I would hv rated it.It is the best offline game that can help u improve ur concentration..And the graphics are next level...Great work by dani.. From dani's milk gang
Levels are Impossible. There are challenging games i've played. This one is stupid hard. The developer made the levels hard for a reason. He probably wants more money for advertisers.
I Really like this game but can you make it where when we die during a boss fight we can watch an ad to contine it because its hard trying to go all the way back over to the secret area, Or you can add a heath bar so we dont die so easily. But otherwise this game is really fun and addicting.
This is an amazing game and super fun, I came from your video about your game and I love it. Controls are splendid, graphics are good, and the gameplay is fun. Amazing game ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ‘Š
Very cool. Chill and challenging. I discovered a bit of tech in this game when choosing push direction shooting. You are able to bounce off of lava, but the other hazards are still challenging and keep it interesting. There are also unlockable challenge levels. I play this game when Im on the toilet with balls in my hands. 8======D~~~~(0o0)* game decs face. Woah!
Absolutely amazing, very fun game to play when offline, great time-killer. Would recommend to anyone looking for something to do offline or in their spare time. 9/10
Great game. Though i would report a clone of this game called "Smash! Ball" by "Game Wog" which also copied "Duck Season",A VR horror game. Also for the people complaining about the game it was made in 12 hours and about the ads,i didn't get any ads! Overall cool game dani
Honestly its a really good game, the dev has at least some sense of humor, and if you like grindy games, then you'd love this one. (SPOILERS) I do admit the bosses are both similar but i dont think that takes much away. The only real thing i dislike is the fact you cant change shapes after you have bought all 3. Overall, solid game. Recommended especially if you like to grind, or have lots of spare time.
I would have gave this game a 5 star coz I really love this game but I have a real problem that your karlson game is absolutely amazing. You really worked hard to make that game. But you didnt try that much to make a game for android. I dont have a pc so I couldnt try karlson. So please make a game for android by trying so hard.
The game is very well written and smooth. I have been following you for a long time on youtube, Great Job. #bugreport When red balls split into multiple balls some of those split balls acquire a property due to which we are unable to hit it and destroy it. Please fix the bug. Will keep on reporting the bugs to let you onow how to improve it๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š
Just out right amazing, very fun, fast paced game to pass the time, and the ads don't pop up every 2 seconds like in some other games, fantastic!
Great game. I love all of the upgrades, the music is great. I would highly recommend this game. The features of the game are amazing. Definitely one of the best games. You could enjoy!
The graphics are simplistic, but the game play is just so good it feels great and not many issus were found. So good game? (This has no bias toward dani so yeah honest rating)
I have mixed feelings about this game. The gameplay is great, the upgrades are very creative and the music is a nice addition to it. There are a couple of issues which I think could be easily fixed. First, there isn't a pause button. Second, the boss battles seem way too hard. Even on easy mode, I still can't even take out a quarter of the boss health. The main reason for this is because the attacks are fast and unpredictable. Overall, despite those two issues, the game is still fantastic.
If your Android doesn't have this game your not a true gamer. IOS people be missing out. This game is a Fast paced action 2D Platformer and is a super fun game to let time pass by, especially since your first couple minutes/hours. You also don't get spammed with ADS every game like every other mobile game, instead its a ratio of ADS like every 5-10 games wich i think is enough for the game to be playable and the Developer to get paid, you can also do choice rewarded ADS. Great Job Dani =D
Amazing game. I downloaded it because it looked interesting, completed the game and came back to rate it. Not realizing Dani made it, I was shocked to see one of my favorite devtubers made this game. Love your devlogs and I hope you enjoyed making all those great games for us to play.
Super fun, super addictive, barely ANY ads whatsoever, the art and stile of this bouncy game is incredibly fun to mess with, I love the slow-motion and there are SO many upgrades that can be made, just the right amount of fun and challenging game I'm looking for, go subscribe to dani's YouTube channel, and wishlist Karlsson on steam now gamers!!! Just remember to drink your milk, YUUSH!!!
Great game. It is hard, and makes you keep on playing the game. Only bad thing is that I do not know if they have something else after you defeat the boss?! I got a key and thats all.
My experience was really fun and i was amaze by this game. Because i watched the youtuber who made this game and when he released it i downloaded it immediately. So, I really love this game and i won't stop playing it until i get bored of it so, yeah that's my experience thank you, dani. For making this game for you're fans and we gladly loved it. :)
This game Is so fun! I found a place that looks like a boss battle (inside the green tube's black hole) and I can't be able to get past it. It's challenging and I love it.
Amazing game it may look terrivle but once you get a feel for what you are doing its so amazing and good and super addictive would 100% play this game and id give this game a milk out of milk so play it if you want something fun but i do have an issue it needs more content beating bosses and your high score gets boring after awhile aside from that amazing
Nice seeing u've finally made this for android (sad that it aint for ios tho โ˜น๏ธ). 3 gripes tho. 1, its really easy to finish the game so maybe add an online part of the game. 2, can you add a seperate menu to change the character cause i got the square and i cant switch back to circle or buy triangle. 3, theres a glitch where if i touch the celing or border walls i regen my juice even tho im in the air. I hope more stuff comes out for this soon. ๐Ÿ˜
Game by Dani, sure good enough to be rated 5 stars. Game is addictive and easy to play. Has upgrades, customisation options and many more. Play it and rate it and WISHLIST KARLSON ON STEAM!!!
Balls, particle effects, easy to learn but hard to master controls? That and many more things that gives me the overall thumbs up. Perftect game pass the time with, but only missing the ball when it comes to simply post game content. Sure the "active" game is during and before the secret encounters i will not disclose on as to not spoil things. However it lacks reward, you would expect a few new rnadom things to happen like new possible enemies. But neveetheless fun as is!
AMAZING GAME You have custom characters and upgrades and its soo fun i got into it for 5 hours i would play it at a bus stop and the best part is THERE IS BARLEY ANY ADS AT ALL It feels like your playing game with no ads amazing gameplay i love it
It's overall a good game and really easy mechanics, but some of the boss fights and secret rooms are too hard, so four stars.
Awesome game, really love it but you've done a big oopsie. You've either messed up the code and now you get way to many points per ball smashed or you did that intentionally to test that you can go beyond 1 billion score and you forgot to remove that before releasing the update. Anyway I still love the game and I'm now addicted to smashing balls.
5 stars. Best game. No one else has made me into liking games that required grinding but this game. I just need to grind more and I can finally beat the ball boss. Then grind again to get the SQUARE boss with a TRIGON(Triangle) boi
This game is so fun! It feels great when you buy something getting a highscore is awesome and the controls do great there very few ads i give it a 10/10
I loved it I came to know about this game with the YouTube video of urs where u took a challenge to develop this game in a week and just to see whether u seriously developed it or it was a click bait ... But bro u did a great job ... Where other developers made game with loads of push ads and in app purchases "real purchases" Ur game is entertaining and secure too didn't asked for any permission or other useless stuffs ... Keep up the good work and tc