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Ball Action

Ball Action for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by PONOS Corporation located at Nittochi Kyoto Bldg., 12-1 Tachiurihigashi-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto 600-8005 Japan. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Very Mediocre The game is enjoyable when I am extremely bored, but like many other mobile games the experience is lacking, and there is an Ad behind every corner. Very little sets this apart from the 3,000 other games with the same premises, and the only thing that does is that I downloaded this one first.
I dont like it when u die and after there is a ad like wuts the point if there is continue but u need to watch a add 1st
The extremely repetitive and seemingly highly frequent ads, coupled with the super simplistic gameplay tells me this game is just a cash grab. Not worth your time. Cute concept, but with how many advertisements were pushed in my face, one after every level, it ruins any immersion and spoils the fun.
Its cool. But if you leave a rude comment just because of ads, just focus on the game. Ads do not matter. Just imagine how hard people worked just for you to complain because of ads. The game is awesome. Thank you to the person who made the game!
Absolutely WAY too many ads!!! It's ridiculous!! Every screen!! Every retry!! The game is pretty fun. But I'm uninstalling!! YOU SHOULD NEVER HAVE TO SPEND AS MUCH TIME WATCHING ADS, AS GAME PLAY!!!
Great game but every single FREAKING time I beat a level there's the same add every time. Either get more sponsors or get rid of a lot of the adds
Okay sure this game might be glitchy and might be sometimes that ads and stuff but online it didn't have a lot of ads sometimes it will glitch out but the thing is is it's only does it once in a blue moon I give this is 5 cuz I had awesome gameplay on here in all these other people might think all there's too much at oh it keeps on kicking me out the kicking me out part is probably because your tablets doing it for some reason it's not the game
Cute and not many ads when you start if you start in December you get to have a little santa I just started and I'm already having fun I love this game I recomend people to play it cause there is a lot of games that once your done with the game you dont have to do ads as much as other games so I recommend it for anyone who doesn't like ads/about the game\so what you do is you have a ball and you have to get let's say a blue ball off of the little cylinder and you move on to the next level.!!!!!!
It's a pretty fun game, I always turn on airplane mode so I don't have to deal with ads and it's a lot of fun. But unfortunately, the game freezes after every couple of levels or so, so I have to restart the app. Other than that, it's a nice game.
When you lose, you have the option to watch an ad to continue or "no thanks". I try to choose the latter to avoid watching some of the ads but it always shows me an ad anyway. Why even give "no thanks" as an option if you have to watch an ad anyway. Besides that the game is cool
Too many adds, would be fun if there weren't any; ontop of that, i thought this game was like a pvp sort of game from the ads, but no... should have known that it was too good to be true, especially since its a mobile app, which are made by mindless monkeys in the firstplace.
I didnt enjoy it as much as i thought i would, due to the lack of actual gameplay and morw ads. Over all it was pretty fun.
***DONT PAY FOR AD-FREE*** Paid extra $ for Ad-free unfortunately, the game still has an overwhelming amount of Ads. Deceptive business practices. Google should be ashamed for allowing this on Play Store. You get to a point in the game that in order to advance to the next level you must watch hundreds of Ads. Feels like a carnival game and the odds are unfairly stacked against you. You can keep trying or pay the carnie $5 and he will give you the prize. Ponos Corp/Ball Action Developers = Carnie
OMG. thats all i hv to say. This game is AM A ZING!!! Its my first day of playing this, and unlike other games, THERE IS BARELY ANY ADS AT ALL!!!! it is also a fun and MAJOR time killer. Again, OMG. DOWNLOAD IT NOW!!!
What the heck When i first downloaded the game it was working well and It just stopped I exit the game and it was working again and it stopped again I was doing it OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!! This is just waste of data and space and TIME Trust Me Guys Dont Download this game Its just waste of TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!
This game is very basic in execution and concept and is not very fun to play. The ads for this game are better than the actual experience. There are more ads than gameplay. This game is 2019 mobile gaming in a nutshell. Don't play.
It's a good game but I need you to add online or a battle royale where we can test our skill I need more challenge 3 stars still a good game but I feel horrible about 3 but it's how I feel.
I really like the idea, But I would rate it higher if the same ad didn't play after every time you fall off or die, But if you turn off your WIFI them it's a good game in general. Controls could use a bit of work. And I almost forgot When The player ball hits the other ball/balls There is a delayed sound of the clinking. Anyways 3/5
Fun game but every time you play for 15 seconds you get a 30 second add. Some you can skip some you can't. You spend more time waiting through commercials than playing the game. Really fun but time waster because there are way way way way too many commercials
Great game but as you get far in it, it starts glitching and then you get bonus levels that wont end. Like you get the coins and then nothing happens and have to reset.
I like the game. But the main reason I came here was to share some recommendations. Maybe you could make us fight online with others. Or, you could just make the levels more difficult. The reason for 4 stars is the fact that it has so many lengthy ads.
Neat game, kool concept. Maybe real time PvP? AND NOT SO MANY ADS? Uninstalled..... Due to the ads, otherwise I'd still be playing it.
Inappropriate ads!! This game is rated E for everyone but the ads are for games for audiences 18+. Very inappropriate for a game that my 5 year old was playing
When I tried to buy it with no ads it won't accept my Google Play Family plan and required me to enter credit card. Also I have Google Rewards and it won't let me use those either. I've deleted the app, lost my progress and cleared cache. I cannot figure out why it is forcing me to manually enter payment unless the are stealing CC info.
I give this a 5-star review because it makes me calm when I'm mad and it's a relaxing game but one thing that's kind of four star review is that it has to have less ads. 👍👌💙
It's a really good game but I would give it a five star but there is way to many ads like after every round if you win or lose so I'm only going to give a 3 star but if you guys cut down on the ads like maybe after every 3 times you win or die if you do read this i hope you fix this thanks for reading if you did.
This game is epic because when you get to it you member when you were a baby and your mom and dad took care of you.good luck makeing more games please make more games like this ok please im a big fan of your games please please;)!!! Sorry thay i put!!! In just if you forget you can read it again ok i know this is long and so this goes out to you thers a maker that yeah. So please make a other game like this one please ok.
+1 star for controls +1 star for the fact that this game uses levels and not anything else -1 star for crashing every 15 seconds(hardly 1 easy stage) -1 star for losing coins restarting this game -1 star for the size of the game
I see potential in this game and I enjoy it except for the fact that there is constant ads when you finish a level and it grew on me for the next 13 levels but afterwards it just got really annoying and the ads aren't really that good. All in all is a fun game but I know you need ads for advertising but not every time when you complete a level.
Good fun. Enjoy it. The ads are a bit too long & too frequent for my liking. We players all get the need for ads but you game developers need to figure out how to balance the play time vs ad time better. More playing, shorter ads will equate to much happier, long term players.
Great game! But to many ads. When I finish a round I instantly get a ad. Also it's too easy like one round is harder than the round after but overall I'll give it 3 stars. I'm not going to play this game no more I'm deleting it but when you fix the stuff I typed I'll come back to it.
This game is cool but as are a huge downfall in the game.Plus, every time you finish you are recommended ads to upgrade or win.If you get this game note it will literally cover you in ads.The one thing they forgot to add in the pictures, is the amount of ads.
Its an awesome game that you should download. Is somewhere between a competition game and a game with levels and stages and maybe even a clicker game. 100 percent should get it. The makers are not greedy and do not ask for money much. And they have rewards for playing like some games do but the rewards are actually good like skins and coins.
Ok this app is really cool, don't get me wrong it's smooth and satisfying so I enjoy playing it, but after each round it's just ad after ad after ad!!!! It's really annoying. I uninstalled, Sorry but I couldn't stand it.
It was very fun and my daughter was laughing when she got everyone knocked off. Only problem is the ads. She wanted to play every day but the ads made her mad, but she's only 3, so don't blame the game. ♥️🥇 Great game!!
Too many stars wouldn't be believable enough, though it does deserve 5 stars, in my opinion, do not let this rating effect your desire for this app, but know, it is a 'decent' app 👌
I love it 😍 so cool you only have to push but I'm I'm in lv 4 I think ,😅🤣😂 so plz dolaod it plz so fun and my brother like to he's to be is just 4 years old and he has a phone but I'm using it so i can play games on it! So DOLAOD IT
This game is horrible. It would be fun, if there weren't SO MANY ADS! after every stage (every 10 seconds or so) they ask you if you want to watch an ad to double your points, which is fair and a nice option. BUT, even if you say no, they still show an ad ANYWAY!!!! WHAT'S THE POINT IN ASKING IF YOU'RE GONNA SHOW ONE ANYWAY?!!?? GAHHH
It's good but there's a little to much adds and I would love it if there was a multilayer mode where everybody spawns on one platform and last one standing wins.
Would have given it a 5 star but there is way way way too many ads. Really fun game but there is literally an ad after every level and it takes me like 10 seconds to pass a level so it's almost like an ad after every 20 seconds
WAYYYY TOO MANY ADS. And I'm not kidding. The second you join the game: AD. While you are playing: AD. After finishing a level: two AD. Before moving onto a new level: AD!! This is really unacceptable :/
it's a fun simple game. unfortunately you spend more time watching ads than actually playing. it has ads after every single level. even after you watch an ad to get to a bonus level. you get to the level. and have to watch another ad. and when you go back to the non bonus level. for which you have already watched its ad. you have to watch yet another ad.
Dreadful number of ads. Frustrating for any child. "Free" should not mean no chance of enjoying the game because every level and every mistake is punished with a pervasive ad. Look at bubble breaker. Side ads and 5 second ads after the game is over. That is a pleasure to play. Make a new standard re ads please.
It's a really fun game but there are WAY TO MANY ADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and every single time you die there is a ad.I would love to give it a five star review but there are WAY TO MANY ADS!!!!!!!!!! Uninstalling NOW!!!!!!! thank you for your time 😊.
Its ok but i only give it 4 stars becuase my younder sister loves it and she plays it a lot! It one of thos games that a 3 almost 4 year old loves sooo if ya have a younger sibling or kid have them play this!
The game is ok and gets boring pretty fast. If it was an arena where there's multiple balls going up against each other with real people then it'll be crazy fun.
Well I saw an ad and it said hader than you think but it doesn't look that hard so I downloaded it the controls looked pretty good I liked it so MUCH!! but then something bad happened so many stupid ads!! just pop out of my face every time I finished A level an ad pops out of no were waiting for me the next morning the ads didn't come so WIFI so that's why no should come so WIFI is the clue to let the ads dont come
Pretty okay game. Controlling the nall is a bif difficult at times but otherwise okay. The problem I have is the ads that pop up after you beat a single level. It's like, "Congratulations! You beat a level! Have an AD in your face to take you away from playing our game to get you to play another game for 30 seconds!" Fix the ad problem (and not with a 'buy this to get no ads' option) and maybe I may download it again
See the game is very entertaining and fun. But theres a couple problems. Problem 1: the arena is to slippery. You can easily fall of from one wrong move which should be fixed. I'm not trying to complain, but it is a big problem mostly with bigger balls like basketball can easily get you off from the slipperiness. Problem 2: the arena is to small. If I try to get a ball of the arena, I always fall of due to lack of space. Theres not that much space. Make it like 2x bigger. Update these Ill give 5
Fun unique idea for a game on your mobile phone. Only problem is every round played which can take a few seconds you are watching a 30 second ad. For this as a free to play game, I'd keep it downloaded andsay that it would be worth the ads if you got 3-4 levels before you get an ad. As it is, I personally feel there are too many.
The game is a fun an entertaining game to play when you are bored. However they placed an ad every single level. A single level lasts 15 seconds on average. This means that you see an ad every 15-20 seconds. I have played other games with ads but this takes the cake. There are more ads than there is game time
Game isn't bad but an add between every stage change is too frequent. And no, this is not an add to get a bonus reward. Every stage change you get an advertisement.
I like this game it's just that every time you lose it says watch an ad or no thank you whenever I press no thank you I still have to watch an ad and I can't get out of it until the ad is done and its very fun though
Way to many ads is the problem. Its half gameplay half advertisements. It's very annoying and even if you say no to an ad when it asked to multiply your winning cash, still gives you an ad just without and prize. If you ask me, the game is perfect for watching and downloading other stuff with a low amount of gameplay. I do NOT reccomend this advertisment-filled game.
It's a fun game but there's too many ads. After literally a n y t h i n g you do there's an ad, including the ad that's always at the bottom. When I'm offline, the game just freezes. Again, the game is really fun but the experience is ruined by all the ads.
This game is so much fun I don't know a lot about the game but I'm on level 7 or 8 and it's really fun but in the beginning it's easy I'm hoping that they will change it