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Is a Casual game developed by SPACEOUT Inc. located at Swing Bldg. 2-14-1, Sakai, Musashino-shi, Tokyo, 180-0022, JAPAN. The game is suitable for Mature 17+ (Violence, Blood, Sexual Content) and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
My invitation code : suGdkv. This is a really awesome game. The idea is really unique. Also you need lesser stamina to complete missions than in other otome games, which is good. But I would like it if there is also a love story with the doctor. Anyone new starting the game can use my invitation code so that you can get free money in the game. Enjoy!!! ^_^
Please use my invite code RVFQFa for great prizes💞 This game is super awesome I would recommend to everyone who wants to get addicted one of the best otome games I've ever played, it has a good story line and beautiful art so I give full stars.😄👍
Am liking the game overall. Has a good speed to it, the use of story scrolls is acceptable for the amount of story you get. The characters have interesting personalities that keep you wanting to play. :3
Great game so far! Love the free once/day gacha, the possibility of spinning some gacha with in-game coins and exchanging origamis for items and avatars. Unlike many other otomes this one really tries to help the players instead of pushing for in-game purchases. UPDATE: Story-wise, I was pleasantly surprised after finishing one entire route: the beginning of the relationship is similar to other otomes, but there is an underlying storyline that goes on and is able to stand on its own.
wBMXRN <- INVITE CODE FOR FREE STUFF!! the game is overall fun. I love the art and gameplay as opposed to some other dating sims. This one takes my interest almost as must as SSS but definitely not as much. I'm addicted to SSS d:
I've found myself addicted to this game. I play Hijikata route and love the twist! Not like many others otome games, you can get a bunch if free avatars here (usually, you have to pay cute avatar in other game). And also, there's free event that allowed you to have special story, which is great! I also play SSS and Cinderella Contract, but this one is my favourite! ❤
Invite code:t6iMhj So far I am really liking the story, it has me wanting to read more. I find myself running out of story tickets and waiting untill 2 in the afternoon to read more. I recommend playing this game
sjNVVD code to use The more you play, the more charms (avatar items) you need to get. but the combination between low charm pt (5-30 pt/ avatar item) and restrictions on number of items in your warehouse / warerobe makes it hard to move forward for free riders. While story line is fairly interesting, sometimes it gets quite frustrating.
nEsuFK is my invite code, type it in and we will both get prizes ❤ - I havent gotten far into it, but so far so good! The typos are kinda funny, but the game is still understandable. And it's nice that you can still get great and cute outfits for your avatar for free, unlike other otome
Honestly not impressed. I just finished the Okita story and it was so boring. The charm requirements towards the end of the game are absolutely ridiculous. WAY too high. The translation is atrocious. No limited time event gachas/stories like other games have.
On the later chapters the charm points required are ridiculously high. After i used all my resources just to proceed, there comes another checkpoint. Very impossible to proceed without using real money. Ended up missing a day's worth of tickets.
I love this game! There are lots of chances to earn stuff you'd normally have to pay for. EDIT: I prefer this over other otome games because there are tons of fun opportunities to spiff up your avatar for free and advance in the storyline. The only issue I have is with some translation mistakes that could be so easily fixed. 2ND EDIT: it says Saito is out, but I don't see him.
I've just finished tutorial, but it looks like another interesting & wonderful story. Another thing I like ab dis game is 1st free gacha (for each character) while some games doesnt provide u any & also de many exchange fragments. Im looking forward to de story content. Pls input my code to get de gift ^_^
I think my favorite part of the game is the bad English translation. There are so many hilariously nonsensical lines that to keep me entertained. Some of them are great head-scratcher puzzles to figure out. I've been giggling the whole way through.
💞HIJIKATA TOSHIZO~💞 I just can't stop loving that guy! This is so interesting! I sleep late at night just to get the renewed tickets and finish the story before going to sleep. I guess I'm not going to remain beautiful for long as I'll get eyebags haha xD No offense, I love this game. I love the traditional Japanese period setting! The developers are very cooperative and helpful. I had a small error and they fixed it within 5hours! That's amazing! Thank you developers😁😁
Love this game! Here's my invitation code if you want to download it. You can get free stuff by using it. SZjMhf
Now don't get me wrong here.. I absolutely LOVE this game.. but I wonder if it's been forgotten? Last news we got was 2015.. and Hajime Saito is still not playable.. So will they update this game soon or will it just be as it is for eternity? ^^
Use this code and get free gifts.. I'm on Hijikata route and its addicting. But two main problem with this game. 1st, the charm point needed is too high and 2nd, you cannot change the login sheet if you didn't do purchases. This is what ruining the fun of this game...Will be waiting for Saito route to be available and hopefully new updates??? ♥♥Edit : done with Hijkata route.. He's a sweetie-merciless vice commander ;) proceed with Okita.. Edit 2 : done with Okita route, can't help to like this sweet-meanie guy ^3^ proceed with Kondo.. Edit 3 : done with Kondo.. he's adorably sweet.. 2nd round coming on...♡♡♡
So addicted to this game! I'm on the Kondo route, interesting so far. I find that other games I've played have been more generous in terms of login gifts etc. Still worth it, download this game! Please use my code --> x6JXzS <-- for cool gifts when you start playing xxxx
The grammar and spelling needs a bit of work and it doesn't properly work when I click something. But the story is good so far and I like the diversity of the characters' personalities.
Invite code: gCs3Aq You can get free gifts etc. This game is very nice, the art, the storyline. Free gachas and presents. I recommend it! Please add my code.
It's a fun game so far, my only grievance is you only get 5 tickets a day, and each segment is very short! Aside from that I like it
Love Hijikata story line. However,right now I think the servers are down. My game will not load properly, just getting a black screen. Please fix!
WL6wEp Please input my invitation code.. So we can get goodies. Just scroll down toward the bottom and click input invitation code ;) This game is amazing and fun to play. And the avatar is very cute compared to others.
This game would be ok if it didnt have so many charm challenges every 7 stoires in with almost impossible numbers to reach that required useing avatars space that you dont really have to begin with. Please change that. Edit. Wow i finally got done with one charm challenge and used one story ticket and this game hits me with an other charm challenge. Saying i need 103 more. That is just not right. It is to much for a story like this. You cant really enjoy it this way
Only just started, but very original, with a slight historical fiction twist! Intriguing! And btw, if you do download it, which I highly recommend doing, use my invite code TxTSBD and you and I will both get free stuff. Free stuff is always good, right? Win/win! :)
I've been waiting for ever for the other routes I seriously want to play the doctor guy lol could you please (not to be rude) can you hurry it up 😁😗
The avatars are really cute and the art is great as well. I sometimes have a hard time understanding the story at some points though. One reason why I prefer this over the other mobile otome games is that there's so more more you can do as a no-pay user. In other games I've played, you need to actually buy the closet upgrades, etc. with real money. Here, all you need is to exchange the origami that you obtain while playing.
While there are some major translation issues with the stories, it's pretty easy to get through things without spending money. Just be patient. I finished Soji's story, which was alright. Hoping that Kondo's story will be better.
Invitation Code for free stuff: HVvuJG I just started last week and I can say the game went pretty well, I'm playing Hijikata route and he's damn hot 😂😂 The story is really good and i'm just glad I can buy a lot of things only with gold and nice stuff with fragments! until now 10/10
The art is nice.. Just started but am having fun already :) if you're interested please use this invitation code to get presents-- Bx2vBG
This game is verryyyy good i loveddd muchh.., i play kondo route OMG so HOT, please invite my code tKAfrU . I will invite you back.. ;), arigatou ghozaimasu...
it's been 2 days since i did open the game. i can't open the app anymore. i did tried to install this to another device, but i can't still open the game. it keeps on loading, but the background was black. please fix this, i really like this game. also the 7hotties all my husband, can't open the app like bakumatsu shinsengumi. i still gave this 5 stars cause i really love this game. but if you guys don't fix it soon, sorry to say but i will uninstall this. that's all thank you.
Never heard of this game before but another game gave me items for installation, and I'm glad i did. Use my code WN3Ez8. You will get some items and so will I. Update after getting quite far in the game I have come to what seems like an impossible hurdle to clear without making a purchase. I hate games like that. Like seriously I need a hundred and twenty more charm points to get past even after earning everything from the gotchas and trading out all of my low-level items and trying to get duplicates of higher-level items from the gotchas. It's like they're holding the game hostage until I pay I will be deleting this game.
Use this code to receive cool stuff that will help in the progression of the game. I'm super happy I discovered this app, because I've always been a fan of historical romances!!😘😘😘
To be honest I am in love with game, u can see that who ever made it put a lot of thought into it because u get experience all the main aspects of these kind of games without having to spend money and even more if u do. Overall this is my number 1 optum game and I want some more like this one but with different themes. I would definitely recommend this game. If it had sound for the fighting parts that will be sooo cool😏
Invite Code: Z86PNg I've only started this but I'm really enjoying it. It would need a little patience to those who dont want spend money, but the game give a lot of freebies.
This game is exceptional. The graphics are good and the characters amazing. It's not a PTW service, so you can get over the challenges without any trouble, differently from other otome games that require coins and stuff. The story is well written and the MC is pretty good too! I loved the game!
I've been playing several Shinsengumi otome game, this one is enjoyable and has cute art. Worth a try! Pleaseee use my Invite Code for free currency usable ingame :*
This game is so fun and addictive. They give you many different outfit choices so you can make your Avatar extra cute and unique. Also you don't have to pay money to succeed, just keep playing the gatcha ,training, and make friends.