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Bakery Story: Valentines Day

Bakery Story: Valentines Day for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by TeamLava Games located at 901 Mariners Island Blvd, Suite 300 San Mateo, CA 94404. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 2.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Ok game. Needs an update . Customer service not that great. The game has pop up goals. When you're trying to get your completed food. The pop ups happen and you mistakenly will purchase something with your saved gems. Not my intention. Email support, no-go. Fix those pop ups, the gift box option where all the tools and food gifts are, takes too long to get to the gifts cakes,etc. I had just bought gems so I could extend the shop. them damn pop ups. Not spending another dime on any of Teamlava *
Highly disappointed. I thought this would be a WHOLE DIFFERENT VERSION of the game! Like valentines day theme with different foods & decor! Instead it just takes you right back to "Bakery Story" version!! Not different in any way! There's no point in wasting space on your phone if you already have Bakery Story, as this is just ridiculous..
3rd time today had to uninstall and reinstall to avoid the old goals popping up and mistakenly taken my gems. Fix this problem and maybe get a 5 star rating
I use to love this game but asking friends for stove parts that you never get is just crazy nobody wants to keep missing goals food keep spoiling about to delete again and you can only get to level 99 smh
amazing minutes after sending an e-mail and posting on here the problem was sorted out....thanks for the prompt action....now receiving a well deserved 5 stars
Great, but sometimes loses track (esp when connection isn't great). Doesn't give me notifications for finished cooking, despite allowed. Too many ads though.
Suddenly unable to load. Tried 2 phones, same issue. Hated the popups which always made me accidentally spend my precious gems on unwanted rubbish !!! So many parts needed just to make 1 stove ! The goals will take forever to complete cos I need to cook so many times !
Great game but for some reason it stopped sending notifications. A little disappointed because I've not changed any settings but things keep ending up needing to be thrown out.
A great game why do you need 3 ovens to construct do not get much time and should be 1 oven .....please look at this.
Idk whats going but I haven't got any notifications.. I really love this game but I hate to stop playing please fix notifications.. Other then that its a good game
I will like it better when S8 Updates the games and fix the push notifications! And fix were we can make our own avatar! Black Rose wallpaper please!!!!
I have been playing a long time. I'm pretty disappointed that it takes a long time to collect 28 items to build a oven. that's ridiculous. that makes me not want to play. I enjoy the game but it takes forever to build
I thought this was a totally different version of Bakery Story but, it has installed the game i used to have !! Not Impressed 😑
not good cannot finish a task because the marshmallow chicks are not there anymore for the chicken hatchery oven
The new goals were invisible, so I cleared the cache and now my entire bakery is invisible! Please help!
Works great on my phone. Recently, tables, ovens, and counters will be invisible but still usable on my samsung galaxy tab a. Please fix glitch
Something is wrong..... lately I haven't been getting any notifications for this game or restaurant story I even went as far as to turn off my phone turning on and I've uninstalled it what is going on otherwise if it doesn't get fixed I have to get rid of the game and I really like it
It is nice that you have a lot of active goals however, pls lessen the number of parts needed to build a certain appliance because 40parts for a specific oven means 40 requests. There are a few players now. I myself was inactive for 1 to 2 years and started playing again. However, I noticed that I can never keep up with the goals especially when building parts because there are a lot of inactive players. Be realistic. You have to build 2 ovens with 40 parts each at the first goal. How can we cont
I love this game I truly do but I really wish they would update it I wish that the notifications work to let me know that my food is ready instead of having to throw it away
loved this game, and restaurant founders and fashion until i changed phones. games are not transferable. so all time and money are gone. up to developers....help me get my games or I'm deleting all and moving on.
the marshmallow chick has disappeared from the game, I just finished making one, went to start another and it is gone.
very addictive i love it it gets 5 stars from me except it goes out once in awhile but no big deal😊😊
I love this game!...I play daily. This game has been up and popular for years, I've been playing for at least 5 and purchased more than enough...Storm8 should change gifting permission, and change the controls to make searching easier..All games update!...Update Please...
opens the same bakery as the original bakery. only difference is the loading screen. very disappointed.
I will like it better when S8 Updates the games and fix the push notifications! And fix were we can make our own avatar!
I enjoy the game. Fun to decorate and lots of options for treats but there are alot of glitches. Ill spend coins to start a recipe and come back and it will have vanished.
I downloaded this game to play it and when I click on the icon for the open it tells me that I do not have internet service which is BS because I can get on any other app and it will work
Very unhappy!! I have been playing this game for years & yesterday I found my gems missing. I contacted the company to see what was going ok. I received an email saying they couldn't help me & my ticket was closed. Thanks so much for being so loyal & help to your players!
Love the game but I dont think you should need help building every appliance. And some of the food takes way too long to cook. But the game reminds me of Cafe World and I absolutely love that game.
i remember this game but in my new device it wont let me play! D:! And I miss it x3 and i just don't know what to do! It says I have no connection but I always do! Any suggestions or tips? πŸ˜‚ Would be very appreciated thank u!!
I have played this game before and there is nothing but trouble. It always says something wrong with the internet when there is nothing wrong with it. There is something wrong with this company and they do nothing to help if you ask. Don't downloaded the app. I wish I can give no stars because this company deserves no rating at all
i wanted a bakery story but my brother had the iriginal one so I downloaded this and its like my brother has two of the same games i hate it...πŸ™„πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺ
Love the game love how we can decorate our restaurant. Only thing is it should be a way to get gems and if you can't finish your goal in time it should be an easy way to get parts for your goals and equipment such as your stoves. And your time do run out from finishing a goal you should be able to still make the foods on that stove.are buy dishes
Problems in game which takes the gems you've paid for but team lava won't reimburse. Disgraceful company.
I like it a lot, but every time I open it, it reads "Baker Story has closed. Report or Okay" so if they fix that bettwr, maybe they'll get a 5 star rating. The app works very well on my tablet, though!
Please update the game i have the latest version Bakery Story Valentines 2017 and i'm not receiving notifications i have my notifications on in the game and in my phone settings as well. I emailed Storm8 and their response was as follows: We have limited supporter services for Bakery Story and are unable to respond to individual requests. We apologize for the inconvenience. And closed my ticket. It wasn't the response i was looking for. Please correct these two problems thank you.
For the last three days when I try to start game the load circle just goes around and around until finally it stops and I see the notice: "Unfortunately Bakery Story has stopped". I am highly frustrated with this problem!
Doesn't actually function as a separate game unless you don't have the original Bakery Story. If you do, it installs itself as a separate icon but then both icons only load the original game.
I kinda disliked it, but mainly because my main account is suspended for swearing and spamming? -_- really that's so stupid reasons as there are no such thing "APPROPRIATE BEHAVIORS" in this game apart of the "tng" or sweet posts ya know, but I will get this game soon so I aint quitting for Nadia or YA AT ALL
constant crashes since introduction of new goals. to replenish 10 oven I need 15 restarts after crashes. useless
like this game but i m suffering from a problem with it cx i log on into another id..andnow bakery is not opening...want this game back..i dont wanna uninstall it..but dont know what to do..please help...
Uninstalling. My hard earned gems gone. Was browsing the the items and accidentally touch the selling item and it's directly deduct my gems. Happen to me few times alrdy. Developer should ask for confirmation before proceeds to deduct player's gems. It's hard to get free gems and buying is very expensive. I rather spend on other games.
I really like this game but please fix this game people walk out and not by anything. still can t play this game please fix. been about a month so disappointed
my game is missing vital components such as the sweet co. chair. No amount of reinstalling the game fixes it.
it is not a waste of your time it's all the same of bakery story it's not a brand new version just different expansions bakery, restaurant and fashion story are the best games you can make friends on here and decorate and design what you want and on your own time I love it ty for making these games :)
I do like the restaurant story and bakery story games but man there's LITERALLY only 1 freaking game of each! There's quite a few seemingly different variations but they're EXACTLY THE SAME! That's the one thing I really wish they'd address,the game is great BUT what's the point to have different names for the exact same thing?!?! I was so excited to try different places with new food and new decor but when it was just my same restaurant pop up I was like awww man,this sucks!