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Bakery Story: Donuts & Dragons

Bakery Story: Donuts & Dragons for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by TeamLava Games located at 901 Mariners Island Blvd, Suite 300 San Mateo, CA 94404. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 2.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I would have given it 5 stars if it wasn't for the glitches. I almost have 4 stars because of me visiting my neigbors daily. But every day the counter goes back a bit. That is the only annoying thing. Otherwise..just keep up with updates and it will run smoothly. I do love this after café world disappeared on facebook.
Absolutly love this game. However for the last few days ive not been able to load my game. I have internet but yet whwn i try and losd my game it says the game is an online game and i need a connection. due to this i have lost 3 days of play. And lost out on missions i was close to finishing. please get this fixed. Ill give more stars when it is an i can access the game again. Im propper gutted.
App hasnt been working for over a week now despite numerous attempts to install & reinstall..... Super annoying!!!!!
I'm having trouble staying in sync. Every time I come into the game it tells me my game is out of sync and my game had to be restarted. Not every now and then, but every single time. Please advise!
I like the game but every few days every single challenge I've completed or have not completed pops up in a message to say oh no you did not complete no matter how many times I say no thanks more and more pop up and you can't even play the game till you have gone through every single one. About to just delete the game it's so aggrrevating.
I have always loved this little game, cute art style. it's fun just to have, especially when your bored, or just want something to play with in free time. plus they always have new goals so there's always something new to do. through it'd be nice if you could delete your old bakery and start over. like manually do it and not in some funky way.
Opens the same bakery as the original bakery. Only difference is the loading screen. Very disappointed.
I like the game. I just think that there should be more goals to complete and also chances to buy all the ovens that are in the store that are locked and you should have a choice to pay diamonds for coins for them. Or reopen any goals that people missed so they have the opportunity to all east buy those ovens. And 1 last thing is that you should have the choice to how many ovens you want to have. There shouldn't be a certain number of ovens given that you are aloud to have. You should be able to have as many as you want. Other than that the game is alright.
For like the first 9 min of the game loading, don't plan on actually playing it. So many pop ups that mess with you it's making this game lose any value what so ever. I understand that you have to earn money but dang. And they are timed so that when you go to close one ad, another pops up and conveniently is placed so that instead of clicking "close" you tap on the ad and open another window. Seriously? How desperate do you have to be to rope ppl in that way? I will give it 2 days, then it's gone.
Every time I start the game it tells me I am out of sync with the server. Food I was preparing vanishes. Quests I have completed undo themselves. Things I have brought vanish. I don't want to spend gems in case the special item I buy vanishes as well.
in my new mobile ,i can't get the notification of this game again .. please help me .. when i open the game wants me checked new update but i install the newest version can't update anymore ..
Won't let me type my ID on my message board or on wanna be neighbours boards so I can't gain neighbours... boobops8 is not inappropriate apparently?? Also loads of glitches...screen flickers a couple of times each minute.. quite annoying. Nice game but please fix
After hit lvl99. Theres nth to do except wait for the event. Can complete it within 5 days.. wats the point getting after lvl99? my sugestion is give rewards at certain exp after reacing lvl99. At least tht will keep ppl playing to reach the reward
The only difference is a few dragon theme decorations. I downloaded it on my bf's phone to! This is his account. Oh and don't log out if u haven't made a password...u won't be able to get back in 😖
I like the game, but it randomly synchs to the server and resets your game play by as much as 24 hours. I thought it was a fluke, but it's happened every day....removing purchases, food items, revenues, level increases, etc.
I add food to my counters and the game takes my food away. Funny thing is my doors are closed and I do get the money for selling the food. So basically, im not losing money but I am not able to store up a load of food on my counters so my customers come to my bakery longer. Please fix thank you. Love this game.
Love this game but I would like to be able to buy an appliance that has a goal (even if I missed the timeframe that the goal was set in) and be able to work for that goal with the goal start time being when I purchased the appliance. That way I wouldn't miss out on the appliances that you can earn as part of the goal, or only get 1 item that you can make when you buy an appliance that has a goal that you missed the timeframe for.
I think the game need to upgrade. I believe after reaching level 99, you should not need others for part..i have been playing this game for some time now.and i use it as a stress relief.but at time the game take my diamond and could never get it back..
Love how easy it is to personalize my bakery. Very relaxing... not overloaded with tons of useless tasks. Good support and communication with other players. Game allows us to gift all our neighbors, unlike some other games. A low stress game that doesn't take a lot of time or effort.
I gave you all 5 stars. now I am removing my stars. I had 19 diamonds. I was saving up for my Christmas decorations and now it's down to 10!!! and no I have not used them for any decorations or to recover my rotten food. this is ridiculous. from 19 to 10? smh.
Addictive but a waste of time. A few glitches - sometimes you have to decline challenges you have already done but the system asks you in case you accidentally press the wrong button and use your gems.
I love everything about this game. But it is slightly disappointing. I got this game, expecting to have a cool dragon-themed bakery game! Sadly, it seems as if it's just normal Bakery Story. I'm not far into the game, can someone tell me if dragons are more involved later? Or is it just talking about the Dragon Story advertisements. Very disappointing.
The game is fun, but the pop ups will cost you gems when you hit them as you are tapping on food ovens. Really blows! It would also be great if you could sell or trade out parts you don't need for ones you do.
I have yet to play this game a single day without a glitch. Sometimes it spams me with completed quests but most recently it restarted quests I had completed, costing me gems and coins, not to mention time. Their customer support is doing NOTHING about it.
I bought 6 quaint ovens and then I put them in storage waiting to get whisks from friends but when I tried to put them back in my shop again, I only got two of them out!!! Now it wants me to buy another!!! I want my quaint ovens back. Please give them back :(
Goal s are hard to do and a whole lot of time. Making it harder not just to build one appliance but three.😒
Goals no longer worth the hassle as they only offer money and experience points. What good are experience points after you hit level 99?! EVERYTHING NOW COSTS TOO MANY GEMS. GIVE AWAY MORE GEMS, INSTEAD OF COINS AND USELESS STARS TO LVL. 99ers. And stop thinking any cute new item is worth more than 25-30 gems. I mean,really TEAM LAVA....GET OVER YOURSELF!!
Thks for bringing the reindeer back from previous editions just wish i had enough gems to get them all before they disappear. I'll keep trying but plz keep bringing them bk so I can get the whole set.
yall need to update this game I have a galaxy 8 Samsung phone and it requires a update but I can't play it
This game is cute! great time user if you have it to spare... does require dayly play in addition to checking frequently... can be difficult to keep up with... can also glitch quite a bit and needs wifi very good wifi! Interactive with other players which you have to visit dayly and leave tips and gift! If you don't have this sort of time to put into a game this wouldn't be the best match for you! But it can be fun as well!
I LOVE this game but I'm so extremely disappointed in this Halloween bisness this year, because we're faithful & have been playing for 3+ yrs, let's just recycle everything they've already got!! How boring!! HALLOWEEN is my favorite & I save my gems all yr for this..WHATEVER!! This is absolutely the weakest $hit EVER!!! HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED!!!!
the game is cute and fun but the thing that makes me want to delete this app is the amount of ads (i'd opt into paying a $ to download the same app with no ads) and the inability to opt in or out of goals. i don't want to download monopoly bingo and get to level 7, and i should be able to delete that goal so i can get to the goals i'm actually working on. worst part of these is that they're 'timed' so these goals (ads for other storm8 games) won't disappear for 240 days! that's insane!
I enjoy the game but stop asking if I want to spend gems on very old challenges. These notification pop up while I'm putting food on resulting in my tapping "buy" which I had no intention of doing. After this happens there's no confirmation or way to undo. It also effectively stops you from playing the game until the 50 odd notices are cleared. Remove this it does nothing but frustrate and anger players.