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Bag It!

Bag It! for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Hidden Variable Studios located at 1800 S. Brand Blvd., Unit 204 Glendale, CA 91204. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
When's the coming soon gonna come? I got an idea. It's like a sandbox mode where u can put any item u want into the bag, like open a menu to select an item and it appears, for example u can put tons of nachos into one bag.
Honestly love the game :) it was a big part of my childhood and is still a fun game to come back to every couple of years. The levels are challenging but very fun!! Honestly one of my favourite level-based games.
Love the game. I'm only giving it 4 stars because the sound is off every time I reopen the game. It's frustrating to have to keep turning it on.
It is very fun i do recommend it im also have lost this game when i was 6 and im Just turned 13. Also it is offline which is cool but if they took off their adds it would be so much better.
I love this game! I even used to have it! Just one problem is that it's a little hard. But it's still awesome.
Love this game so simple but fun! I used to play it when it came out. I do also love that I can swipe out of the ads so this is like heaven to me but anyways would recommend if you want a fun easy and simple game to play on the go.
people who 1 started are not smart enough to keep trying it sharpens your skills and it's a very good puzzle game
Had this game when I was 5-8 and forgot it existed but years later and its still as fun and weird as a I remember!
bag it real life go to the store get a bag put totally random stuff in it make sure none of it is crushed and then leave
Doesn't always use logic ( melons aren't normally bagged; 4 baguettes will break an egg carton). The concept is fun enough to overlook that. Rotating items is a pain and a half. You have to place one finger on the item and swipe with another finger, which causes the item to rotate randomly, often leaving it in the same position you started from. Would be nice to rotate items the other way also, such as turning a box sideways to allow more room.
I love the game so much. It is really addicting. It gets really hard but really fun. I would give it a100 out of five without thinking twice. Best game ever.
So Addictive!β™‘ This app SOOO deserves five stars. I honestly can't think about anything bad to say about it. I love the adorable human characteristics on the food. Good jobβ™‘
the game is really fun but it gets boring after a while and also frustrating lol i recomend it to u πŸ˜‚πŸ™‚πŸ˜€
I LOVE this game sooo much I used to have it when I was 5 to 7 And lost it and now im 10 and finaly reunited with it! Iv'e loved this game for years! Its just soo fun i love how it passes time, and I love the quality, and, The cute little faces on the items! I would reccomend this to everyone!
Great game! I really experience very few to no bugs or whatsoever! I do recommend this, no glitches and ads. And best of all....ITS FREE!
Deleted my progress because it went to a black screen when trying to show an add so I reloaded the game which I have done before and it completely ruined my progress and made me restart!
I love this game, its one of my favorite childhood games and im glad it remained the same really brings me back to when i was little.i would totaly recomend this game
a good for the night before you leave or not? I'm at home with you and Alain keener and sophia Hatfield and Alain keener and sophia y
Fun game but uninstalling due to amount of adds. I only have a few minutes at a time when I try to play a game on my phone, its annoying when all that time is taking up by adds.
Fun game but some of the puzzles are impossible and the levels that are timed, need longer times. You need strategies for these puzzles but it's hard to plan when you've only got like 10 or 15 seconds.
Really fun and addicting... I cant stop playing this game.. itll get you hooked worse than crack.... give it a try you wont be disappointed...becomes quite challenging as well.. trust me some of these levels are so insane it'll make you want to throw your phone...too fun
it sooo awesome, its just that its now 2019 and im still waiting for the chose asile, "comming soon". please dont tell me you gave up, this is such a creative game, it kinda tought me about logic lmao, hope you get this! baiiii
it is still downloading but it looks really fun but the graphics are OK the game seems like a lot of fun
the last update was in 2015! why is this game still available if the developer isn't keeping it fresh. Dumb.
I genuinely love this game. I've played it ever since I was small. Great graphics and soundtrack, fantastic tricky levels and overall a fantastic puzzle game. They don't make mobile games like they used to.
I played this as a small child and finding it again was a nostalgia trip it more additing then freaking crack it makes me wanna throw my phone........... and i like that
The reason I love this games it's because it's so fun and I love to play It's so fluffy I love it so much have three kids and they love it one of them is a nine one of them's 11 and one of them is 18
I like it, but I mainly prefer blitz. I think it would be nice if they made a version with blitz only because I have very limited storage space.
So amazing 😍 some levels are hard but I eventually get it πŸ™‚πŸ˜ƒ if you don't like it that's fine but.......I love it!!πŸ˜»πŸ˜ΈπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ I love the graphics there so cute and fun. If you download get ready for a bunch of FUN!!!
I dont like it because u just place milk eggs and try not to break the eggs like its like in real life but they just come to life so yaaaa.HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great Time Consuming Game! Organizing Items Inside Bag It! Game Seems Hopeless But By Way Of Some Trials And Errors Proof Attainable Goal And Challenging Enough To Want To Continue? Going To Finish All Levels!
There's literally nothing wrong with the game it does get a little hard but that's fine by me it's an amazing game I love the textures and the beautiful designs keep up the great work I know y'all can do this make more games like this please
I love the game! It's so fun to stack the little groceries together and crush them! But there is one problem. The last game mode says "coming soon", and it has said that for years now. Are you out of ideas? It can't hurt to ask for a little help. Maybe a mode where you have to put a bunch of groceries in a bag and then when the bagging starts you try to see how long you can go without breaking anything. That's the best I've got. Keep up the good work!
I originally played this when it first came out, on my first generation kindle. I'm so happy I've rediscover it! Normally I hate replaying things but not with this game.
Fix rotation controls. Very fustrating. I'm not the only one who has said the same thing. Please fix, thank you
Good game, but a lot of light problems that hurt my eyes, which have no disable option. The best example is the flashing red in Udder Mayhem level 11. I can't even finish the level properly due to the red flashing. An option to disable this would be nice. Edit: This game is rather terrible. Ads are everywhere, and the levels can be difficult, with no hints whatsoever. 1 star for you.
this is a game that my sisters would play when i was really little and i love this game not because its fun no no because its a memory
This game is the worst on level 3 you cant fit the last item in I've been trying different ways for an hour fix your game NOW!!!
i use to play this on my old tablet when i was about 5 or 6 years old but then my tablet broke then 7 years later i got this tablet and tried to find this game forever but i couldn't. and today i finnaly found it again! thank you for making this amazing game! keep making this better and make games great quality this one
game overall is fun. the controls when rotating items is ridiculous & makes you crush everything cuz it refuses to spin the way you want it. uninstalling, super annoying.
I remember playing this as a kid and I'm so happy to see its still here! It's challenging, fun and the groceries are super cute!
Great game! A fun game to to play offline. It's also easy to understand the rules. I am also being threatened our friendship for this rating 😁.
I hope there's another update about fruits and stuff that you need like milk and different stuff and like when they're like fly to you and then you have to snack them like fizzy and Boomer and melon which is the yellow melon oh my God
Honestly. This game is Awesome! Its kind of addictive. My favorite mode is udder mayhem because i get to crush everything!
I love this game! Came across it by accident and decided to give it a try! Glad I did! DOWNLOAD IT NOW! you won't regret it! I hope the creators male more games!
This game sucks ass cheek fungus the moving aspect of the game is a rip off I wish I could rate it negative.
even thought this game is free, you don't want to buy it. I think it is the kind of game where the people who made it just want you go get stuck on a level and just keep playing so their game gets more popular. it will waist your mb. and you will have a hard time getting past levels. especially lv. 15. all though besides that it is ok.
Superb game! It actually tests your IQ & that's what I loved about this game. No pay to play/win concept. Yeah, you can buy the "Remove Ads" pack so you can support the developers other than that there's no other pay wall, I think. Hoping more games (No Play To Win/Play/Progress) from you. This is a fantastic game!
By far one of the more creative mobile games you'll find that isn't inflated with currencies and in-app purchases. I was more than happy to pay to remove adds and support the app, they deserve it.
i really love this because i really like how you can stack the groceries and not to smash them and i really loved it while growing up with it and im very obsessed with it
I thought this would be a little kid game, but it's so much fun! It's challenging, the different game modes are awesome, overall a really great game so far.
This game is definitely no joke with the difficulty, but that's what makes it so exciting to play. I can't really give a detailed review unfortunately.
Honestly, love the game. Not too many ads I remember, awesome graphics, and easy-ish to learn. Some of the levels are just impossible though!! But overall, good job.
After the new update the game feels very slow the FPS is so low, and idk how to get the customer survey achievement i rated the game idk if there's some hidden buttons to take u to here to rate it so u could actually get the achievement but i have all of them except for that one and I think i found a bug since i every time i try to connect my game to FB it crashes and i when i restart it i still find it unconnected
The game is so easy and fun at first, then at level 15 it becomes completely impossible to pass. Don't download this
Love the game so much no bugs no ads I love love love have fun and work hard with love, isabella β™₯️
Very Awesome!! Needle for space for shopping bag how much it to work from space!! Really very awesome.. I like that.. πŸ‘πŸ˜‰
The game is awesome, and not many adds, its funny and imaginative but i probably wont play long...really how does bread break cereal? πŸ™„πŸ€£
i loved this game until i got a new phone and downloaded it and it doesnt even link to the google play like i could never get my progress back or what?
OMG I love this game , I love the little faces I the food, and I like how it show you a heads-up for when the food is about to get smashed, so I this is such a cute game, I have not seen ANY ADD'S which is great. You may think I'm a scam comment because I like this so much be I just think this a so adorable.!
Best game ever I have had this game like five times. I love the content and it is cute, too. Very kid friendly and relaxing. I love that there are multiple games, but I wish the classic had more levels. Download it, you won't regret it.
It overall a really fun and challenging game and I love it. I can just sit here and play it for hours. I live it a lot.
It is great game, but one thing that i don't like is that it keeps on stopping and then when your rotationg and moving an item, it takes forever to move them. Kindly please fix it thank you! More powerπŸ‘
It's 2012; I had just gotten an iPod Touch for a religious holiday, I'm searching through the app store to find cool games I can play to pass time, I find a simple game about bagging groceries, it's a fun game and it passes the time like I'd hoped, life was simpler then. A lot as happened.
I used to play this game all the time, but now it crashes before I can even get in. It says there's an update but everything I check, there isnt.
It's a fun puzzle game. What kills it is the ads. There is an ad when you open it, there is an ad when you open the level menu, an ad every time you beat a level. I know the devs have to make money too but damn.
This game is fun...in a way its kind of hard at the same time.The reaseon i gave it a three is because they give you way too many groceries to put in the bag and something's always getting crushedπŸ˜’You should give a little less groceries for harder levels.
I had this game before yes it's fun but it's super challenging and sometimes up right boring so that why I deleted it I'd recommend the game to people who like challenges but to others not so much. If it changed then I will change the review.
This game is incredible.. This definitely brings back my childhood and the controls are amazing.. Definitely one of my favorite games to play as a kid.. ❀❀
This app is very fun. Unlike other apps you actually see an end to the game. It is a challenging, but not impossible game. I have been looking for a fun game to have on my phone, and this app was it. I strongly suggest downloading this app. And yes it does have adds but the adds are bot that bad, unlike other apps! Bag it is the best!
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I am giving the game baguette a three-star review because it was a fun game but what is it one of those games has just want to play all the time it's one of those games that you just play occasionally you can't get addicted to it it was a fun game good the play good graphics so I'm leaving it a three out of five star review I recommend it nothing wrong the game
Best game ever. It is really low in ads . And really easy to use thank for creating this awesome app;-);-):-):-):-)
this game is very fun and addicting. I love the little expressions they make when they are flipped and about to crush. I really like the app! My only concern is what I said with all games, which is customization. I wish you could choose backgrounds, and bag designs. Thats all!!
This game is so fun it will always take your mind of things and make you happy.It's so nice to play. I would give this a 5 star out of 5 stars without I second thought.I'M LOVIN IT! # Best game I,ve ever had
i played this game all day when i was little now i can play it again although it makes me sad that they updated this on 2015 I STILL LOVE BAG IT so much thank you for making one of my favorite games(◍‒ᴗ‒◍)❀
Pretty damn decent. Any cashier would love this game. Could use some more levels though maybe more items but generally pretty good
I had this game a long time ago its a great game to play..n i finally found it yyyyaayy finna play it alllllll nightπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‡πŸ™Š
I suppose i love the graphics of the game. The hard levels areπŸ‘Œ. I love this game you should get it. Or maybe the no ads version. And how they animated the game was THE BEST.
Bag It is a simple puzzle game about bagging groceries. Despite its simplistic nature, there's a quite a bit to think about: the weight and orientation of the foods as well as the spacing and planning of the bag. There are also other game modes to keep the game interesting: timing-based, destruction-based, and endless variation of these modes. All of this alongside the difficult challenges to collect stars and medals. Overall, its a fantastic game with appealing aesthetics and fun gameplay. 5/5.
Absolutely amazing I remember playing this game when I was little and when I was browsing the Play store I found this game and I decided that I wanted to take a trip down memory lane and boy was that a good idea I really recommend this game
Fun and addictive, but uninstalled it because it was too stressful. Not enough time to re-arrange and the littlest things will make you die. If you have patience, sure get this..
I LOVE THIS GAME I've Had It Sience I Was 4 And I Lost It I Miss It So Much Now That I Found It I'm Really Excited
Love this fun puzzle game. It has lots of modes. It's easy to just finish but it's challenging to 3 star everything and meet all achievements! Really enjoyed it a lot!