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Bad Piggies

Bad Piggies for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Rovio Entertainment Corporation located at Rovio Entertainment Corporation Keilaranta 7, FI-02150 ESPOO FINLAND. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's cool cuz you can build for the bad piggies from angry birds but add angry birds to it and make the king like like when it has a chunky belly
Please view this full screen ad before proceeding to review. I used to play this game all the time and it was tons of fun. Now it's aids-ridden like everything else.
This game is cool and people on YouTube like smankusors. He was a cool channel. Anyway the game. I'm giving it 9 out of 10. The ads sucked but they aren't there in the sandbox's. THIS IS THE BEST EXPERIENCE EVERπŸ˜† πŸŒšπŸŒ˜πŸŒ—πŸŒ–πŸŒ
My oh my have the mighty fallen. I used to play this game on my kindle years ago and loved it. I randomly thought about it recently and re installed it and it's just pain. It's just like what happened with pixel gun 3d where it is now ad infested and in app purchases are thrown all over the place. It is no longer what it was and I hope no more games go down this path.
This is a fun game I can still play it and build things is like in the HD version then I love this game I want to tell you I know you fix the bug my Slinky things got stretched out it was absolutely weird!
Dear Rovio, all your game are nice this I agree but I don't agree that You removed some of the games from playstore . I know that you are making bisness . So please put them back to it's place where it should be . All the children missed those games . Take example of the company OUTFiT7 .
The pigs faces are disappearing and my level does this thing were it says 329/329 and then I can't level up. And it has SO many ads but sometimes I don't mind but all these other people OMG. like just deal with it am I right but GREAT game overall once the bugs are fixed and an No Ads in game purchase you'll get a 5 star from me until then ⭐⭐⭐ I got this for you.
Great game. Still play and recommend even though it's been abandoned by the developers. Physics were changed and broke a few levels, so if a door is stuck in a wall, do what you can and move on
This used to be a great game and I'd happily pay for it, but there is no option to do so and it plays an ad every time you do almost anything. I made it through five levels before I searched the menus to find a payment option and ultimately uninstalled it when I discovered there wasn't one. Also, pretty creepy that it asks for photo access and permission to make calls every time I open it.
his game was good intill the company probley team up with ea sports. Now alnost everything cost money like the field of dreams it was free intill they ruin it it cost 4 dollars like come on and not only that it forces to buy something i miss this game
Good game but some levels but it can get hard and boring can you add more levels than I well rate it 5 stars
Amazing, funny, and nastalgic, I've found two bugs, one in the title, where the pig appears under over in-between and other weird layers, the things in the level select, and if you make a vehicle with two springs and a heavy front, the spring doesn't break and the wheel goes for ever
I had such a great experience until my game crashed and i couldn't load into the game anymore. I lost my account (even though I was signed in) even reinstalled the game and TRIED to log in again, but there's an error and it won't synchronize to my account. Therefore all my progress is lost and the support hasn't answered me yet so I'm rating this as a bad experience because I've wasted so much time playing this game.
I had this game a long time ago and uninstalled due to adds ! I downloaded yesterday hoping that it had changed ! Not a chance , fun game and I understand the need for adds but come on an add every time I finish one level !!! Ridiculous! Uninstall , if you like watching adds then this is the game for you
This game along with angry birds Go!, and angry birds transformers were the definition of my childhood. alot of peeps seem to be coming back for nostalgia so I decided to join in! Game is still as I remember it :D (plus a few new things I think but nothing too noticeable)
The game is very awsome. But,the things in the next update should be: 1)3D 2)the level up should be done offline. 3)There should be daily reward.. My suggesions are very difficult in the one update so we have to wait for too long. So download the game it is awsome. I have a hope for my wishes. Happy new year 2021
The game itselft is fun but the ads and microtransactions are insane pls at least remove the lootboxes
I really love this game dude you can create anything that you want. But for the next update can we like make custom maps and we can place buildings any where and limitless please make it free not PAY TO PLAY PLZZZZ
I love it and when I played it its going nice than bee craft because it keeps saying 'unfortnatly, bee Craft has stopped.'' i love Minecraft and bad piggies and custom items
Nice game, I have played this game since day one, on my mom's phone. It has left a profound impact on I and my brothers life. We play piggie toys because of this game and love it. Please, Rovio, release a piggy themed game. This one is in my opinion as good as the original angry birds game.
No ad removal option. This game was awesome when it was first released. Now you get bombarded with far too long, very annoying ads, with no option to purchase an ad-free verson. Rovio has become greedy sell-outs.
Superb game it gives activity to our mind but some levels are tuff. pls give us a clear idea in the idea book. No other glitches. Great game.
I love spending money on things and then not getting my purchase. I bought the field if dreams and I had it for a while but now its gone along with my 3 dollars
Used to play this game for years. Challenging but doable levels. Now I have to do long levels requirinf more brain power than I want to use after a long day of work on the train back home. Make the levels a nice challenge, not a bloody brain puzzle
I love this game so much! I played this game since i was a little kid, it's so much fun to just fly around and build your ride! And it's also very funny to see your pig just bump and fly around when your ride breaks! Thank you so much Rovio for making this game that could make anyone smile!
Alien items takes 8 years to get because you have to get every 1 star 2 star and 3 star item and when you roll for the alien items at takes 3000 scrap but other than that the game is good. And it's one of my favorite games
Its Not Really A Problem But Assets Of The Game (Pigs) Are Glitching, Like On The Ground Hog Day Logo The Pig Is Getting Glitched Behind The Kart... The Pigs Eyes & Nose Are Vanishing Then Apeiring Again, It Happens To All The Pigs In The Game, Exept The One That You Always Play With.
It's fun to play and there's a lot to do in sandbox but it gets boring at some point. I also recommend that you must have a back up of your save data just in case you want to uninstall but you want to keep your progress as well.
Like what many others say, but level 18 in 'the road to el porkado' is now impossable, once you get to moustache league in cake race the "guests" become virtually unbeatable with records not mechanically do-able ingame, whats with the excessive amount of skulls and statues and why dont't all of the skins have the special 'secret' skins and effects like the minority that does
BRO. NOSTALGIA. Came back from the FNF Vs pig mod. Epic. By the way stop complaining about ads. You can just turn of the wifi and data. Think.
The best game I know but the problem is the grid size and the amount of items in field of dreams. If they increase then the game would be more fun to play
The game is good but I wish you could swap the tires I mean like turn them the other way would that be something? Also I couldn't get to level four cuz I was stuck on level three just want to say tha lol
If you'll are reading this i wana say if there is too many ads turn off wifi or data so you can play the game the way iys supposed to be played with
i love the game, but for some reason my game suddenly crashed and i couldn't load it. when i reinstalled it, i couldn't log in with my FB account that has all my data on it, and now i have to restart. could you PLEASE fix this??
Great game love the races and the difficult levels are the best. One problem with the king pig though. It takes forever to feed him even when you don't have much food but when you let even 1 pile get over 50 or even 100 it will take almost half an hour to feed him. Maybe add a feed all button the feeds him all of the cake and cupcakes and stuff with the same rewards. All in all except for the king pig thing it is a great game and would 5 stars. Including the king pig thing maybe 4.6 stars.
Played this back when they first made the game and wanted to replay it now to relax with. Took three ads just to get to the first level and another to replay the level just to try and get the loot crate they shoehorned into the game. Didn't realize how bad this had gotten with Rovio.
I love you, but i want an area where you can share your creations in the world and also custom challenges and levels. Please
Horribly optimized. And my god, the ad spam is utterly ridiculous. Yet another half broken cash grab by a once good company
Great game but i found a glitch,When you make my glitch...It will shock you make a machine with all engines in race mode thing chosse a repetive umbrella with TNT at the back.1 turn on the machine.2 lauch the Umbrella and heres the glitch the umbrella sometimes go in the wall!!!...Pls fix it
I just came back to this game and lost all my progress, why is there no way to connect to google play games? They also updated the game to have to so many ads. AND the worst part is that you have to pay for the sandbox when it used to be free, the sandbox was a huge part of the game that they locked behind a pay wall which is such a shame. Uninstalling immediately after I just reinstalled it a few minutes ago.
Great game! Absolutely fantastic graphics and various levels, I have played and re downloaded this game multiple times, it's such fun, I recommend that you get it!
This game is amazing and I've been playing it for 3 years. This game could have some changes as it has not been updated for some time, my pig goes through the wall sometimes at some places, also, when playing the cake race you could only play with people on the same rank as you or at least 1 or 2 ranks higher because if someone is at least 5 ranks higher than you then the chances of you winning is low. Please also add more levels on "Tusk til' dawn". Anyways the game is outstanding.
It's amazing in all but there is a couple of bugs in the game I was play rise and swine didnt know the level sry :( while i was playing the level with the grappling hoke i used the glue because i didn't want the body parts to fly away but ...12 secends later or so i disapeared lol XD i had to restart the level loool but i did manage to get pass it πŸ‘Œ
This game is my childhood and I loved the field of dreams but now it cost money so that kinda ruined it for me
It really fun and challenging game. but there is a few bugs the piggy's faces are glitching PLEASE fix the bug!
Awsome Game Also if you wan't to disable adds, Turn off internet (It may work and may not) Field of dreams is worth it since it is so fun and since I needed to make a new account I still kept field of dreams since I bought it
Just fantastic game ever. Graphics are good, all the levels are well designed & planned. It was a great deal of playing.
I've had so many memories of playing this game on my mom's phone. It's a very well made game and I've found no glitches while I'm playing. instead of doing the obvious I'll usually mix up how I build my machine and makes it really fun. I wish there were better same boxes for when pigs fly and flight in the night.
I love your game i want to give it five stars but i think theres in glitch or bug because when i was level 4 and i see im full of the blue thing and i press it then nothing happend but i still love your game πŸ˜ƒ
Why the hell is everyone saying ''THIS GAME IS FULL OF ADS'' I literally dont get ads. I think your all bots trying to get the game shut down or something. Also this game is the best!! Thanks for this masterpiece Rovio!
It took Β½ an hour to download but that's fine it's not the game. My little brother has it on his phone and I thought it looks fun and my brother is like 6! I'm Older than him and I like stuff like this lol I do enjoy it though!
I REALLY like this game! Only thing is though... There is a glitch where more times than not, the bolts I receive from already owned parts gives me no bolts insted of 30, 55, or 110 like it should... Please Rovio fix this glitch... 🐷πŸ’₯πŸ°πŸ†
I love this game, the only reason it's at 4 star only because I used to have sandbox but I accidentally deleted it and lost it, its my fault but still sad
I spend much of my free time play this game. I get a kick out of the head bouncing around when i hi the targets. It's a fun game!
I remember playing this game when I was young, but revisiting it years later it made me realize it wasn't as great as I thought it was. In the game, you have to make vehicles that the piggy travels in to get to the finish line. On later levels, you gain parts that vary in what they do and can be activated at the push of a button. The problem is that in a lot of levels you have to be an absolute god at timing to even get to the finish line, let alone getting all three stars.
Great game! This game will only get three stars until it is possible to do the same on level 1-31, which is impossible to finish without your machine breaking.
This game is really good!! But theres a couple of bugs, and the game dose need a update, maybe another map or somthing, AND there's quite a bit of ads after each level. But apart of all of the negative things this game is really fun!!🐷 P.S Bring back the old games please
I loved the game but I accidentally deleted it so I redownload it. I the ads are a bit annoying but I will have to give it a 5 star.
Very fun game for rides or just boredom. Would recommend. I love that it has a puzzle and physics style game while keeping it fun and silly for all ages.
On Level 6-18 The Starbox Wont Move And I Tried Many Times With Using Glue Then Then The Starbox Moved And The Starbox Fall On My Vehicle. Please Bring Back Old Psychics From 2012 They Are Much Better. Also 6-III Is Impossible. I Gave It A 2 Star Review Because I Got A Free Gold Crate Because I Downloaded It Until Bad Piggies Was Removed.
Its a excellent game Its just the same except better But what happened to the sandbox? That was my most favourite thing about bad piggies Now its gone What happened to it? Please put back
make the golden crate and silver crate pig coins and make field of dreams free and make the parts easy to get like the alien parts easy to get ok and bring back your old games please bring back 2012 please.
I've been playing this game for years but now the game won't start so I redownload the game now the game won't even try to get my progress back it says "Sorry. Login failed this time please try connecting later" it's been saying this for a month. Rovio please fix this I've emailed you many times and all I get is an automatic response.
the amount of nostalgia is the only reason i can't rate it one star back in the days of 2012-2014 i was addicted to this game and it was glorious, a major part of my childhood now it's like any other mobile game, ads everywhere and loads of in app purchases rest in peace, bad piggies
Why did you discontinue this awesome game! I loved growing up and playing it and getting the best updates ever. I loved that you can change the design of the items. Please start making more updates, and I will happily bring this to a five-star.
Not a bad game, It was a good experience but a few bugs and glitches to list out; Pig's faces keep disappearing, blocks and objects go through the wall, and when I click the plunger thingy everything disappeared. But the game was still fun, a few ads but that's fine. #PigsRule #BugBlast
Bad pigges was fun bakc then now this version is filled with ads and micotrasactions the gameplay is great but this game was good without all this coin stuff just powerups that you get out of queen pig but if thay ever change back then ill give more stars insted of 3 and 1 is just cuz of nostalgia
This game is awesome but I have a bunch of ideas 1. Water levels 2. Triangle shaped frames 3. A new frame like titanium 4. A cushion so when you fall you don't break 5. A cannon that when anything falls into it, it shoots it in the direction its facing 6. Escort levels where there's two normal pigs 7. A gamemode where you have to build a base to defend against the angry birds 8. A sandbox mode where you get to build the terrain as well as the contraption and post it online where other peopleplay
Whats the difference between HD and this one? Rating 5 star because it is very fun to play, but it has turned into one of those dumb mobile games with loads of ads and in-app purchases. Moment of silence for bad piggies.